‘If the People Oppose it, What Right do We have to Sign,’ Says Markarian

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YEREVAN (ARF Press Office)—When the people express their firm opposition to the protocols then how dare the leadership sign them? This question was posed Thursday by Armenian Revolutionary Federation Bureau chairman Hrant Markarian at a conference addressing the Armenia-Turkey protocols and relations between the two countries.

Markarian sent a terse warning to those who are opting to divide—create a schism—between Armenia and the Diaspora.

“The Diaspora is the continuation of our homeland—they are us! We cannot, even in our minds, fathom dividing our nation,” said Markarian, who was referring to the vocal opposition expressed by the Diaspora during President Serzh Sarkisian’s so-called “pan-Armenian tour,” and the manner in which the president has decided to ignore the concerns expressed during his visits to Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Beirut and Rostov-on-Don.

Markarian went on to illustrate that from the onset it was clear that the protocol-mandated public discussion period was nothing more than a formality, since it was announced that there was no room to amend the documents. There was fierce reaction to the government’s “There’s no discussion, we are going to sign,” formulation.

“The Genocide issue is an open wound. Do not attempt to touch that nerve, because the reaction will be unpredictable,” said Markarian.

The ARF leader pledged that while his party is going to fight against the protocols and the entire process, nevertheless, it is willing to work with the authorities to find a way out. However, he said, if the appropriate response is not given by the authorities “We will go to the end—we will seek regime change.”

He explained: “Regime change is not self-serving and we are not seeking to change the bad with worse. It is finally time that our people knowledgably and in an organized manner, bring such a regime to power, which it will not want to change immediately,” explained Markarian.

“We are advocating for the same thing everywhere: The ARF is opposed to these protocols. We are stating this based on our experience and our struggle, seeing clear and present dangers. Those who view the ARF as one of 60 parties working in Armenia are very mistaken,” said Markarian.


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  1. Sebouh Akharjalian said:

    I can only convey a simple message to the Armenian people let us all unite and remove our Traitor President Sarkisian and his corrupt government.

    This is the time to react and bring back the honor to the Armenian cause.

    The diaspora adamantly opposed these so called Protocols and if Sarkisian insists on signing them without any adjustments in favor of the Armenian cause then we must all unite and remove this bastard.

    We have no choice we either surrender or revolt. I leave this choice to our strong Armenian comrades in the diaspora and inside Armenia.

  2. ermeni said:

    has anyone neutral polled the citizens of Armenia???
    are they in favor of it or against it.
    i feel it is not for armenians living outside to decide such an issue.
    it would be akin to italian americans being involved in italy’s political affairs.

  3. David Keoseyan said:

    The Armenians in diaspora put great efforts for many decades to educate the world about the Armenian Genocide. Even Armenian youths in diaspora sacrificed their lives to publicize the genocide issue. How dare the Armenian government, just to have a passage to Turkey, uses the Armenian Genocide as a political pawn. The financial benefits derived from Turkey, as the result of the opening of the borders, is blood money. Go ahead Armenia, sign the protocol, and enjoy the blood money. SHAME!

  4. Vrej Andranikian said:

    Anyone signing these protocols is signing their own death warrant. Armenian dignity can not be trampled on by an illegitimate government and think they can get away with it. We should, as a nation, consider creation of a fouth republic to wash the hands of our fatherland from the stench of traitors who have collaborated with the barbarian heathens that have in the past, and in the present hideously murdered our kinfolk and wish in the future to have the entire Armenian people exterminated.

  5. Lilit M. said:

    All these speeches could have an influence on someone who still has a little patriotism, morals or dignity and who cares about Armenia and the Armenians …I’m sure, that they had no influence on the president , as the words patriotism, Armenia, Hayrenik are so far from him. How can you expect him to say NO to the protocols, if the only mission of this MARIONET-PUPPET was to sign those protocols (or do you really thikn that this desicion has been made only weeks ago?) and that is the only reason why this person so illegally is still the “president” of Armenia? I’m so sorry that Spyurk only now understands what bunch of betrayers and cynics rule over the country. They have grabbed the country and the people , they own all the factories, buildings, lands, the 99% of the sums that come from
    Spyurk and the International organizations are in their private accounts abroad, their relatives terrorize the people… They spit upon what we all think about their actions …They only laugh at our hopes, that it’s still not late to refuse to sign those protocols…Isnt it time to unite, as this time they mock not only at the armenians in Armenia, but at the armenians all over the world and they deface the memory of millions of Armenians who were massacred in Turkey, and they deface the efforts of so many people – Armenian heroes, who didnt spare their lives, time, money for convincing the world of our truth. Is it really possible, that we will allow a person – of unknown nationality and origin, to give up for lost on so many efforts, personal and national sacrifices??? Isnt it really impossible to stop them until it’s too late??? Are we really going to allow one person to decide the fate of the whole nation?

    Yerevan, Armemia