More Than 60,000 Protest Protocols in Yerevan

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YEREVAN (Yerkir Media)—Chanting “No,” “No Compromise to the Turks,” and “Mr. President do not Compromise,” more than 60,000 protesters took to the streets of the capital and began marching from Republic Square at the center of the city to the Presidential Palace in a protest against the Turkey-Armenia protocols.

At the presidential palace, an statement from the protesters and signed by 12 political parties and 60 organizations was delivered to the presidential staff.

From there, the protesters, whose number was growing as the procession walked by different streets and neighborhoods around Yerevan, headed to the Dzidzernagapert Memorial Monument, where a political rally is expected to take place.

The protest is organized by the Armenian Revolutionary Federation and is joined by other political parties, including the Heritage Party.

Asbarez will provide continuous coverage as events unfold in Yerevan, a day before the foreign ministers of Armenia and Turkey are expected to sign the protocols in Zurich. Attending the ceremony will be Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner and European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana.


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  1. Ghazaros said:

    Limerick for a Traitor:

    There once was a gremlin named Serge,

    who thought Turkey and Armenia should merge.

    But he underestimated his people,

    who impaled him on a steeple.

    Now, six feet under, no one sings him a dirge.

  2. Serge said:

    It is about time. Where were these people? Why didn’t they show up few days ago or last week? That’s what we need protest inside the country. common let’s go.

  3. gayane said:

    I got chills when I saw the picture of our countrymen and read the article..

    I hope to God that all this will make our president to halt.. but why is it that in my bones i feel he is going to ignor this as well…


  4. Aram said:

    Voila…if Mr. Sarkissian does not care about the Diaspora, what he has to say to more than 60.000 protesters !! If this protocol was so nice why than Diaspora and armenians in Armenia are vehemently rejecting it? Please answer Mr. Sarkissian……

  5. Mihran Keheyian said:

    Sadly, we have a bunch of corrupt crooks and traitors who have been sold out to foreign interests.
    We need more Vartan’s,Dro’s,and not VASAKS like we have now, they should be put on trial for treason, anything less will not do, as for the diaspora ministry and Hranoush Hakopian she is a non entity put their in order to fight the ARF through stooges in the diaspora like AAA, knights of Vartan,leadership of AGBU and the religious leaders, she should be blanked out until we have someone who genuinely knows the diaspora and becomes a bridging factor.

  6. Aram said:

    Asking the President “Don’t be a traitor” is idiotic. The President is not “elected” to be stopped from betraying. The Presidents are elected to lead to new victories. In our case all these actions to convince the President not to sell our painful history is brainwash organized by those who helped him to take the post. Unfortunately.

  7. gayane said:

    Great poem.. Great post.. Thank you

    TO: Serge
    I definitely agree with you.. however, our poor people in Armenia are sooo numbed by govt threats and insincerety that they thought fighting for what may never be a victory is no man’s fight.. However, they realized that if they don’t do this, they may lose their nation forever… No matter how much they know their president will not take their actions, voices and cries under consideration, they want to do the last thing they have not had a chance or were afraid to do..

    I solute those people.. GOD BLESS YOU and DIASPORA.. we need all the blessings we can now that we have a day before these devil protocols are signed by the devils themselves..


  8. Daron said:

    to all the armenians throughout the world good job we need to unite as one armenians must stick together. Turkey wants armenians to split to make a weak armenian nation . the whole world including most of yerevan is against him shame on u serge if he sighns this expect him to be overthrown . he cant sighn these protocols we are all against this

  9. satenik said:

    I thought more than 60,000 would protest against this fiasco! This is high treason after all!

  10. Arax said:

    I wish Armenians in Armenia had protested earlier than today. Unfortunately, the president will do whatever he has decided, not listening to all these protests. Now, let’s start thinking what would we do to control the damage which will be coming in a few months. We have suffered enough of Turks – we don’t need them in our country.

  11. Jennifer Balakian said:

    I thought only the Diaspora was against the protocols? The Whole Armenian Race is against the protocols and one stupid Armenian President will sign it for money and power, what a disgrace.


    with HELLry there she will push for the highest bider. TURKEY. 12 parties in ARMENIA???? we have only 2 or 3 in USA. look at the mess we are getting into. MAYBE the problem they are having is because sooo of many voices. Get together. One this ONE cause.

  13. Garo said:

    Bravo to the people in Armenia. When they were enlightened about the reality behind the protocols, with sufficient information, (as government controls the media), they stood up in union with Diaspora.
    The problem we have is that all this will not be enough to stop this government and its president from signing it tomorrow. Then the next problem will follow and the people in Armenia will rise justifiably against the dictatorship, and with popular demand bring the country to a standstill until this government resigns and the president resigns. That will lead to new government and nullification of the protocol.
    Too bad it had to come to the difficult and sad route.

  14. Perouz said:

    Thank God for the ARF – a voice of sanity in a time of complete madness and betrayal.

  15. Stephen T. Dulgarian said:

    President Serz Sarkisian & his Parliment should resign on these shameless protocols they have brought forward with these shrewd Turks whom have outfoxed the world. Without Genocide recognition, recognition of the valid Sevres Treaty & reparations to the Armenian Nation there cannot be any reconciliation.

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