Sarkisian Makes Last-Minute Plea on Protocols

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YEREVAN (ArmRadio)—Armenian President Serzh Sarkisian addressed the nation Saturday on the occasion of signing of the protocols between Armenia and Turkey. Below are excerpts from the speech as reported by Armenia’s State Radio: “Dear compatriots, Over the past few weeks the attention of Armenia and all Armenians has been focused on the current process of normalization of the Armenian-Turkish relations and the two pre-signed protocols. All parts and layers of the Armenian nation responded to the call to publicly discuss the documents and got involved in the debates. Today we are trying to normalize relations with a country, which carried out a policy of annihilation of our nation during the Ottoman rule. The wounds of genocide do not cicatrize. The memories of the victims and the future of our generations demand that we have a stable and strong statehood, a powerful and prospering country, a motherland of our dreams. We consider that one of the most important steps on this way is the establishment of normal ties with all neighbors, including Turkey. Independence demands will and resoluteness to take important decisions, requires realism and a consistent work. This is the path I have chosen. I have chosen it with a deep feeling of responsibility and a great faith in the future of our people. There is no alternative to the establishment of relations with Turkey without preconditions. It is the imperative of time. It’s not this necessity that has given way to a variety of opinions. The concerns of separate individuals and political forces are connected with different comments on some provisions of the protocols to be signed and the historical mistrust in Turkey. Having realistically assessed this factor, and being confident in the necessity and correctness of the steps taken, I reiterate that: 1. Any relation with Turkey cannot call into question the fact of the genocide of the Armenian people. This is a well-known fact, which should be recognized and condemned by all humanity. The corresponding sub-commission of the intergovernmental commission is not a commission of historians. 2. The issue of borders between Armenia and Turkey is a question to be solved in line with international law. The protocols do not provide for more than this. 3. These relations are in no way connected and cannot be connected with the settlement of the Karabakh issue, which is an independent and separate process. Armenia does not view the issues of territorial integrity and inviolability of borders as a remark connected with the Karabakh issue. 4. The delay of the ratification of the protocols by Turkey or the possible suggestion of new conditions of ratification will face a corresponding attitude of the Armenian side. Armenia does not assume any unilateral commitment under these protocols. Armenia signs these protocols with a view of establishing normal relations between the two countries. Therefore, if Turkey fails to ratify the protocols within reasonable timeframe or to accomplish its provisions in due time, Armenia will undertake corresponding measures in accordance with international law. Following the signing of the protocols, we’ll enter the stages of their ratification and implementation. All the concerns and possible risks that were brought about during the discussions will be necessarily taken into consideration, and we must be able to prevent any development countering the national objectives. I’m more than confident today that we’ll be able to do that. We’ll do it together. Today we are not the same as a few months ago. This is already a fact. I believe in the wisdom of our people. I believe that together we’ll inherit a thriving and peaceful motherland to our generations. I’m sure this is going to be the case. God bless us!”


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  1. edward demiraiakian said:

    The second class cityzens status of the Armenian population in Turkey, precludes any negociations with Turkey. Are these commissions to study and purge the Turkish legal system of archaic anti minority laws?
    Will Armenians of Ottoman descent be able to go back to Turkey? To visit? To Settle? Many more questions need to be answered.

  2. ed said:

    Armenia is run by oligarcs.Serj Sarkisian, Edward Nalbandian and Dikran Sarkisian have Humuliated the entire armenian nation and people. Only turks could cause as such a big damage.In my opinion those three traitors are even worse than turks

  3. Areg Mansuryan said:

    Serzh Sargsyan along Eduard Nalbandyan must resign. These two traitor imposters are a threat to Armenian Nation and Armenia.

  4. Syrvart said:

    I agree with ed that it’s a disgrace that Armenia is run by oligarcs, namely Serje Sarksyan, Edward Nalbandian and Dikran Sarkisian who have acted as traitors of the Armenian people. The turks have been our number one enemy for a thousand year and they are still trying to do a great deal of damage to Armenia and Armenians all over the world by going after their impossible dream of pan-turkism. They simply want Armenia and Artsakh off the world’d map; but Armenians around the world will not allow it to happen. Today’s Armenia’s government who are traitors must step down to let real patriotic Armenian government to take over. Armenians will fight till the end.