ANCA Statement On The Signing Of The Turkey-Armenia Protocols

ancalogoWASHINGTON—ANCA Chairman Ken Hachikian made the following statement following the signing of the Turkey-Armenia protocols earlier today.


“The success of Turkey in pressuring Armenia into accepting these humiliating, one-sided protocols proves, sadly, that genocide pays.”


“President Obama, rather than honoring his pledge to recognize the Armenian Genocide, went in exactly the opposite direction, applying the full force of our nation’s diplomacy to twist the arm of a landlocked and blockaded Armenia – a nation still struggling with the brutal legacy of its near-destruction – into accepting a dangerous set of protocols that call into question this very crime against humanity.”


“The ANCA and all Armenian Americans will continue our efforts to restore morality to our nation’s response to the Armenian Genocide, and, more broadly, to the cause of genocide prevention.  We will also work to prevent Turkey from using this agreement to further its genocide denial campaign, to undermine the rights of the Armenian nation, or to threaten the freedom of Nagorno Karabakh.”


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  1. Van Zakarean said:

    Bravo Ken Kachigian.

    Turkey must pay for the Armenian genocide.
    turkey will pay.

    Genocide with no repercussions for the perpetrators,
    reparations, restitution and return of lands for the few offspring of the survivors
    is unacceptable.

    turkey is nothing more than a sham nation built upon illegal abductions,
    kidnappings, forced conversions to Islam of ever Armenian
    from my grandparetn’s immediate family members to Armenian
    women and boys from 9 centuries ago.

    When is the commission to study 900 years of Turkish brutality
    culminating in the 30 year massacre and expulsion
    of 5 million Christians,
    Armenians, greeks and Assyrians — more than 75% of whom died
    and 12.5% of whom were converted to another religion
    and ethnic group — GENOCIDE
    by U.N. definition?

    Shame on Armenia’s government..

    Embarasment and humiliation upon the children and grandchildren
    of Armenia–too impotent and few to overcome
    the power of the Genocidal nation known as
    illegal Turkiye.


    Armenian blood on her hands,
    Armenian blood in her veins,
    Armenian blood on her teeth,
    Armenian blood on her mind.

    That is Turkey!

  2. Katia K. said:

    Our incongruity has been our weak link, and the one thing that our enemies have used consistently to break our backs.
    Legal and Civic ties between the Diaspora and Armenia, such as dual citizenship, SHOULD BECOME THE NAME OF THE GAME FROM THIS POINT ON. All Armenians should partake in Armenia’s international and foreign affairs and have the right to vote on them. Not a penny should go to the campaigns of ANY US presidential candidate. The stance of the American State Department vis a vis our cause is loud and clear. Guess what, it has been the same for the last 94 years. Instead, regular income should go to Armenia in the form of a “national tax” that every Armenian should pay yearly to our homeland. That way, we can all claim a legal stake in the political health of our homeland.
    Our unity is now our only chance to survive as a people.
    These protocols are aimed to take care of the obvious, but also serve to demoralize the Diaspora because they serve to take away the only glue, Hye Tadh, that kept us together. It is high time that we all take upon ourselves the responsibility of being dully engaged in our homeland.. To be politically viable, we all have to be on the same page. How do we expect anyone to take us seriously if one hand does not know what the other is up to?
    The first and most important politicians that we should LOBBY should be the politicians in Armenia. All others have made ping pong balls out of us, while they cut deals with Turkey. We will always take their “promises “with a grain of salt. Regular conferences and talks should be organized between the Diapsora and Armenia. WE BELONG TO ARMENIA AND TO ARMENIA ALONE.

  3. Diane Piranian said:

    Turkish soil — soaked with Armenian Blood. It is not over!
    Ahmot. Ahmot. Ahmot. Armenia and its people were sold by
    a bunch of mediocre rogue politicians.

    God Bless Armenia!

  4. Barkev Asadourian said: