Turks, Azeris Embrace Paul Krekorian Opponent

Christine Essel (L) and Paul Krekorian (R)

Christine Essel (L) and Paul Krekorian (R)

LOS ANGELES—Representatives of the Turkish and Azeri communities in California hosted a fund-raiser Saturday for LA City Council candidate Christine Essel, who is in a runoff race with Paul Krekorian, organized by a group calling itself Pax Turcica.

Held at the Beverly Hills home of Mehmet and Demeter Mustafoglu, the event featured Pax Turcica founder Javid Huseynov and President of the Azerbaijani-American Council Ismail Rustamov.

In addressing the crowd, Essel thanked the Turkish and Azeri community members for their support of her campaign.

In his remarks, Huseynov praised the Essel for her service, adding that unlike her opponents, Essel does not put ethnic interests ahead of community ones, an ironic statement since throughout the event Krekorian was blamed for his efforts to bloc an initiative to recognize what the Turks and Azeris call the “Khoyalou Massacres.”

Pax Turcica is a grouping of organizations that includes, Assembly of Turkish American Associations, the Azerbaijani-American Council, the Turkish Coalition of America, the American Sephardi Federation and the International Charity Fund of Mountain Jews (STMEGI) among others.

The host, LA-based millionaire Mehmet Mustafoglu has chaired the ATAA of Southern California and co-chairs the American Friends of Israel and Turkey. He is also named the Honorary Consul General of Northern Cyprus to Los Angeles.


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  1. gayane said:

    Oh wow.. yet another tactic by the bastard Turks and Azeris to throw Armenians out of a race..

    You know what strikes me blind is that EVERY rich Azeri and Turk will put his money out to support one of his yet no rich ARmenian will put money to support their own.. I am just shocked to see that our wealthy community members do not want to use their money for something so important such as electing one of our own in the govt offices.. yet we expect our interests to be protected and fought for..

    I just wish I had money.. I just WISH.. Most of my money would have gone for things like this to make sure that we have enough representatives in the local, and federal govt..

    Without the financial support, we may never get to where we want to get.. Especially to throw out those that support the Turks and Azeris..

    Pax Turcica sounds like a dirty word.. well it is perfect representation of dirty countries..


  2. RayHart said:

    respond to gayane

    “yet no rich ARmenian will put money to support their own?? Where have you been? Enough to complain and do little bit yourself!!!! You do not need to be rich to help!!?

    Those Armenians who keep complaining are the worst kind and they do not do anything. There are many Armenians ( rich or not) supporting Paul. paul had a fund raising few months ago.

  3. Gayane said:

    To RayHart: Out of respect for you and your views, I will not reject what you have said.

    HOWEVER, my dear fellow Armenian…I just want to get the record straight. I personally was not complaining.. I was merely calling those who HAVE great deal of money to step it up and give as much as possible. for events such as this when all it matters to get the office is MONEY.. if you read this article, the opponent has the back up of organizations and individuals who are swimming in money…. we all know money talks.. we need people who have strong financial background.. people like myself have nothing; but I still do something…this is not to put my laundry out there but I want you to know that even people with no money but with BIG HEARTS try to help as much as possible.. including myself..so that you don’t think I just talk..i also walk the talk.. few things that i do for my community and country..(again I don’t have much but I give as much as I can)

    1. I donate EVERY SINGLE year to ANCA
    2. I Donate EVERY SINGLE year to the annual telethone (and hopefully I will be selected to voluteer at this year’s telethon)
    3. Donate to every single Armenian runner up for any office (as long as I get e-mails from ANCA.. ican’t keep up who is running and when and where without being notified by ANCA or any source that I receive e-mails from)
    4. I help my family (my dad’s entire family lives in Armenia) every year..
    5. I e-mail and urge my friends, Armenians and NON-Armenians on my list (100+ people) to send webfaxes, announcements and any urgent matters that need attention..
    6. I volunteer as much as I can to help out with whatever I can
    7. I take a day off EVERY YEAR to march on April 24th..both in Hollywood and in front of the Turkish govt.

    the list goes on.. what do you do to help out? hopefully as much and if not more than what I do. Wth only two people working in the family of 4 is not and can’t be enough to do anything extra.. that is the unfortunate part ..however, with the little i do is far more than some in our community who don’t even lift a finger.. So please don’t tell me to stop complaining and start doing something myself..because I do..

    And if our wealthy Armenians donate and support (as you said.. and many do and I thank them for it.. can’t say we don’t have great individuals) our strong, educated, and willing individuals to succeed and win over our opponents and take office, then more power to them.. lets see if we can get Paul to be elected.. ..


  4. manooshag said:

    Hye, your actions, together, on this page of the internet is great! Find and read Theodore Roosevelt’s writings of
    IN THE ARENA (library) which will encourage what you are endeavoring to accomplish. It will show you what it means to be a participant in Hai Tad – to be involved, in the arena… Hachogh-oo-tiun. Manooshag