The First Fruits of the Protocols

Apologists for the Armenia-Turkey protocols denied all the warnings that there would be negative effects on the Armenian Genocide recognition process, while I, alongwith many others, foresaw that negative consequences would manifest themselves even in those countries that have already recognized the Armenian Genocide. Unfortunately, that turned out to be the case.
Canada is one of those few countries where both the parliament (in 2002 and 2004), as well as the cabinet (in 2006) have recognized the Armenian Genocide. Consequently, since 2004, no self-respecting member of the media would ever publish or broadcast any article or program denying the Armenian Genocide. Moreover, when, in February of 2006, as a reaction to my mentioning the Armenian Genocide as part of a farewell interview to the influential Embassy magazine, the ambassadors of Turkey and Azerbaijan complained, the editor of that periodical responded, without any intervention on my part, that, “the fact of the genocide cannot be disputed, as it is not subject to any doubts”. Clear and precise.
And what do we have now? Only ten days after signing the protocols, the very same Embassy magazine (on the 21st of October, 2009) published an article by Gwynne Dyer, where it is said that, “the Armenians back home have made a deal … [which] create a joint historical commission to determine what actually happened in 1915”. The author’s concluding remarks of the article state that, “It was not a genocide…”. And this in Canada, which has recognised the Armenian Genocide. As people on the streets say, we have messed with Canada, and she will not forgive us. People don’t forgive those who mess around with them, even in international relations.
And now for yet another prediction. After the protocols get ratified (God forbid), it would mean legally doubting the Armenian Genocide (please save your arguments for the Canadian courts), upon which the Canadian courts will be filled with applications against the prior governmental declarations for having “insulted honour and dignity”, seeing as we have insulted the Turkish state – and, of course, Canadian citizens of Turkish descent – in a yet-to-be-proven crime (genocide), subject to discussion by some sub-commission.
Since the Canadian court system provides for monetary compensation with regards to moral damages, I would therefore like to call for an extra line in next year’s state budget of the Republic of Armenia, of a few hundred million dollars (nothing less), to pay for moral damages. Ultimately, we are the ones who are going to billed for these complaints.


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  1. rubina said:

    many government officials take steps against proven facts or go back on their word and twist the situation as it severs them or they are forced into by master manipulators to accept a false and detrimental agreement as is in this case. there will always be opportunists of some sort or other and degenerates to contend with. that don’t read or investigate before they open their mouths. are short sighted and quick to jump into conclusions, that find a way to cast doubt, take your pick. unfortunately the pailful situation keeps perpetuating but we have come so far and we will prevail in the courts of respected and dignified Canada and its people, we have all the historical facts and documents and survivors that have been examined by international scholars.

  2. Seervart said:

    I agree with Rubina above. Whether Sargsyan and Nalbandyan signed the demeaning and disastrous protocols or not; the Canadian government agreed and accepted the Armenian Genocide based on numerous said facts that the Genocide indeed was a legally accepted fact and indeed it did happen, there is no doubt or dispute on the systematic murders of 1915 of the 1.5 Million Armenians who parished in the hands of the murderous young turks (Talaat, Jemal and Enver pashas). It is obvious that both Sargsyan and Nalbandyan are forced to agree most unfortunately by today’s powerful nations who have put all the moral and the ethical aspects of the thruthfulness of the Genocide on a backburner to please and appease the denyalist Genocidal Turkey to call all the shots and push Armenia’s government to sign the protocols under duress. But anybody or any nation after knowing the facts and tries to doubt it afterwards for politikal reasons, must abstain from it as they too become immoral and unethical siding with the denyalist murderous Turkish nation. It was Raphael Lemkin when he coined the word Genocide for the first time, he had in mind the perished more than 1.5 Million Armenians in the hands of the then Turkish officials. After all the 1.5 Million Armenians were not suddenly one day taken away by mars but they were systematically annihilated by the Turkish government of 1915. Any moral and ethically driven government such as the Canadian government should stand with the truth and not against it.