ARF Unveils Roadmap to Regime Change in Armenia

ARF Supreme Council of Armenia Chairman Armen Rustamian

ARF Supreme Council of Armenia Chairman Armen Rustamian

YEREVAN—The Armenian Revolutionary Federation unveiled on Friday a detailed plan, which it called a “roadmap to regime change”, saying that for Armenia to persevere and survive, fundamental changes are needed to its socio-economic, political, and governmental structures to ensure the pursuit of a national agenda.

Speaking at a press conference on Friday, ARF Supreme Council of Armenia chairman Armen Rustamian introduced the plan, which provides guidelines of dealing with issues as varied as the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, Genocide recognition and reforms in social, electoral and economic structures.

“We are preparing for regime change,” declared Rustamian. “Regime change has a broader meaning than a resignation demand. The country has deviated from its course and everything must be changed: the president, the National Assembly, the government and all those who deal with the Turkish-Armenian protocols.”

Taking into consideration the imperative to confront the foreign and domestic challenges and dangers that have arisen as a result of the current situation, the ARF Supreme Council of
Armenia has come forth with this blueprint as priorities for its political agenda.

The plan addresses reforms and fundamental changes in the three realms: national, socio-economic and political.

National Priorities

In the national realm, the party is emphasizing the importance of strategic principles aimed at resolving several issues of pan-national importance. They are: the Karabakh issue, Armenia-Turkey relations, Javakhk’s plight, Diaspora relations, and the general demands and guidelines for the realization of Armenia’s foreign policy.

It is the ARF’s belief that the approach to the conflict with Armenia should be based on the following principles:

1. Compromises by the Armenian side (Armenia-Karabakh) cannot retreat from the will of the people of Karabakh as expressed in the declaration of independence in 1991 and the 2006 Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Constitutional referendum.

2. Karabakh, as the main and sole party to the conflict, must be recognized as an equal party to the negotiations, while Armenia must be recognized and be viewed as the guarantor of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic’s independence and national security.

3. Strengthen and pursue the international recognition of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic within the foreign policy agenda.

The prerequisites for normalizing relations with Turkey should be based on its willingness to recognize the Armenian Genocide and make reparations for the crime. The only compromise should be the start of negotiations without any preconditions.

1. The end to the land blockade and the establishment of diplomatic relations based international norms and law, without preconditions, should be accepted as a natural starting point for negotiations. Armenia’s foreign policy should exercise imperative mechanisms to oppose the Turkish-Azeri anti-Armenian policies.

2. The ARF’s Armenia body finds completely justified the aspirations of the Armenian population of Javakhk to press for their rights constituted by international requirements accepted by Georgia, all the way to calling for autonomy.

Armenia, Artsakh and the Diaspora are a collective organism of a united Armenian nation. Thus, advantageous conditions should be created for the realization of dual citizenship, repatriation and programs for resettlement of Karabakh. One of the priorities of the party is the development of a foreign policy doctrine based on strengthening the security and self-government of Armenians.

Socio-Economic Priorities

The ARF’s conviction is domestic stability is based on social justice and freedom. As such, the government’s role as an initiator and administrator must be reorganized through the establishment of a social government, which guarantees the creation and just distribution of wealth. The following are the main targets:

1. Taking responsibility for and executing the government’s social requirements based on relevant international agreements; especially:

  • Elimination of poverty
  • Creation of a public housing fund
  • Establishment of structures to ensure and promote continuous childbirth
  • Radical reforms in healthcare
  • Guarantee public education based on national values and international standards
  • Creation of a market economy based on average European standards

2. Establishing economic structure based on security, enhancement of local production, trade incentives and competition.

Political-Societal Priorities

The main objectives for the elimination of plutocracy—oligarchy—in the country and stabilizing democracy are:

Structural and constitutional-legal reforms; advantageous climate for democratization; and the creation of a political and electoral infrastructure that guarantees the active participation of opposition.

The ARF of Armenia will base all of its activities on the aforementioned program


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  1. Vazgen H said:

    When will the ARF develop a “roadmap for reparations”????

  2. Katia K. said:

    Finally, music to my ears. All of our focus as Armenians should go into promoting these vital changes to our homeland and our people as a whole.

  3. Haro Mherian, PhD Mathematics said:

    Great, let’s get on with it…
    We have no time to lose. Let’s clean this corrupt government from top to bottom, and once the Armenian people everywhere have the trust of their government in Armenia, then money will pour in like water, and we will build our country like ancient Armenians have done for centuries before us.
    I am sure the income flow from Diaspora to Armenia can easily come to more than 20 BILLION annually (and not just millions raised by handouts in telethons).

  4. Mihran Keheyian said:

    The sooner the better, as these lot are a bunch of crooks and traitors serving foreign interests, they must be put on trial,as anything less will not do.

  5. Dino Ajemian said:

    I’m impressed. I could not have written it better myself. If the ARF can pull off regime change and follow thru on all the above, we will be well on our road to liberating turkish occupied Armenia. Armenia will have a noble and proud future ahead of it. The sick barbarians to the east and west of us want to eventually wipe us of the map. Only the ARF has the Armenian ethos in hand, heart and mind. I am not a member of the ARF. I can only say may God bless their efforts which are noble and dignified. Those individuals who are able create this fundimental change to Armenian society will join the pantheon of Armenian heroes.

  6. Ishkhan Babajanian Md said:

    Second ARF should try to gain trust of Armenian ordinary people in Armenia Since 70 years of Soviet propaganda and some of her mistakes ARF has no any strong basis in Amenia We heard recently some of ARF members are joining to the Oligarchs If it’s righ? it’s very sad Third ARF without reservation should admit any healthy criticism from ordinary Armenians and without discrimination between Armenians Publish their opinions (This is how democracy works) National interests should supersede Party -Political interests.

    Thank you and Good luck
    Sirov Dr babajanian (independent Armenia who loves his homelands and his nation)
    USA OCt. 24,2009

  7. Arman said:

    I am all yours ARF, need volunteers let me know I am ready to do everithing I can in my power, like starting a road map for reperation I will work for free.

  8. MARINA B said:

    I salute all those in any camp that do not renounce under any pressure from within or abroad’ the historic, polithical, legal and socio-economic rights of our NATION’. Tyranny and Deceite has been the name of the game for over a 100yrs and not only RE 1915. Our so called western cousins have all had thier share of responsiblity using the qualities of certain barberians for thier fruitfull ends. This or any other road-map must irrevocably deal with those issues too & cut the ‘tongues of such democrats’ & bearers of ‘Democratic International Pressures’ to an allready strangled Armenia – until we endanger thier ‘comfortable democratic cocoons’ they without any ‘impunity’ will continue to sell us ’empty and false promisses and directives, sometimes with carrots but mostly with sticks’. Yes such are the ‘learned behaviour of our western and closer eastern christian cousins. Don’t foreget that the barberians are only ‘khertvillaq’ in the hand of thier ‘masters’-can we do it then lets get on with is today. I must say at the end that I saw ‘dispair & sadness’ on Nalbandian’s face that he had to sign such a sell-out document. Armenia may be, has a week and lost government, but ‘the Big Boys havn’t left it much chance’-we should be very critical but also polithically and nationaly suportive to ‘all good elements even if they are Not Perfect’, in conjunction with being ‘systhematically active & vocal for those Democracies that have so many contradictory-VALUES and faces- up to us to shed light on such elements and thier approaches regularly and thru legal & media channels- wherever we find them and whoever they might be. I think one will NOT advance without the other.
    God Bless our Nation

  9. john said:

    Please let us know what we in the diaspora can do to help this regime change. Sarkysian, in an ironic way, made it clear to all Armenians that we must get involved in the affairs of Armenia proper as turning a blind eye to corrupt, self-serving, phony elected thugs is not an option any more. Our survival depends on it!

  10. Areg Mansuryan said:

    Serzh Sargsyan must resign and we need a complete regime change. Long live Armenia.

  11. Barkev Asadourian said:


  12. Matthew A. said:

    Armenia foreign policy, Karabagh issues, genocide by Turks, The border opening, etc. will be decided by the armenian people and not by crooks and cowards like Sarkisian and Nalbandian .

  13. anonymous said:

    Wasn’t the ARF the political ally of Serj and his camp of oligarchs in the election of Serj to the Armenian presidency? And now they’re crying wolf! You are chameleons and political jockeys!