Blood Money—This Oughta Get You Moving!

garen_mainThis week, we’re back to the local level with a Turkish twist.

A group parading under the moniker of Pax Turcica has engaged in an effort to support, at least financially, Christine Essel, Paul Krekorian’s opponent in the December 8th Runoff Election LA’s 2nd District City Council seat.

Of course you notice the oxymoron, the utterly incompatible, internally contradictory essence of the term “pax turcica”—Turkish peace.  It must be a reference to the growing Al-Qaeda participation by Turks from various countries reported by the LATimes on October 17; Azeri massacres of Armenians as the USSR broke up; the now almost century long persecution, massacre, and forced relocation Kurds in Mustapha Kemal Ataturk’s so-called republic; Turkey’s brutal invasion and ongoing occupation of Cyprus (with 30,000 “disappeared” still unaccounted for); Azeri policies of the Soviet era that denuded Nakhichevan of its then remaining Armenian population; the sacking of Shushi and other massacres by Azeris (then called Tatars) during and immediately after WWI; massacres of Assyrians by the Turks in the dying days of the Ottoman Empire; of course the Armenian Genocide; countless massacres and all kinds of persecution of various minorities, of all religions, living under the Turkish yoke of the Ottoman era; and heck, why don’t we throw in the original Turk, Tamerlane.  Yup, it must be this kind of “peace” that “Pax Turcica” supports.  Your belly should be aching from the laughter this absurdity engenders.

But now, get over your riant hysteria and get to work.  Essel should be contacted by everyone and urged to return the blood money she’s taken.  The two pieces found at Here and Here don’t mention how much was raised at an October 17 fundraiser for Essel.  But, we do learn that she attended.  So she can’t deny knowing that she got the blood money, the way Ohio Cong. Jean Schmidt can’t “remember” the Turkish dollars she’s received.  I have to wonder what’s going on: Is it the same kind of Turkish (and in this case Azeri, too) governmental money laundering that is at the heart of the issue leading Schmidt to slimily sue her opponent, David Krikorian (more on him in a few weeks), for revealing these truths supported by Sibel Edmonds’ (the former FBI Turkish translator) explosive revelations?

Maybe we should even give her the opportunity to come clean and return whatever funds she’s gotten.  But meanwhile, contact all her supporters telling them what she’s done and asking them to withdraw their endorsements.  Check out the listing at and focus on the electeds (get contact info from their websites), but most of all, write or call the LATimes which has endorsed her (, 800/548-4637 ext. 74511) calling on them to withdraw their endorsement.  This should be couched in the language of consistency with their own policies which now properly refer to the Genocide as such.  The Turkic groups involved are Genocide deniers.  Ask anyone you contact if they’re OK with candidates accepting blood money.

Most importantly, get out and support Paul Krekorian.  Those living close by should make it a point to go in as often as possible to help with canvassing and phone banking, i.e. contacting voters to get their support.  Those who can’t should at least donate.  You can contact the campaign through the website or at 818/849-5200.  In particular, the campaign is targeting November 7th for a huge drive, “2009 in 2009”, with the goal of reaching 2009 voters that day.  Go for it, you’ll be surprised at how much you enjoy the work if you haven’t tried it yet.

This will be a VERY low turnout election.  People will be at holiday parties, gift shopping, or home— understandably nursing their globalization-and-Wall-Street-inflicted financial wounds.  Every vote turned out for Paul matters, and that’s where each and every person’s efforts matter.  The last time this seat was seriously contested, the difference between winner and loser was only 225 votes.

As I’ve implied before, Paul’s election is a crucial test of our community’s political growth.  Let’s do it!



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  1. mackie mccleod said:

    I contacted David Krikorian a couple of months agoo to share with him my concerns
    about the FBI engaging in organized voter fraud. We brought Cincinnati Bell telephone Supervisor
    Leonard Gates to speak at our local college after he blew the whistle on voter fraud he was committing for
    local FBI agents. He told the audience it was going on nationally. To find out more about Gates and the
    FBI committing voter fraud google leonard gates fbi voter fraud.
    to view a partial list of crimes committed by FBI agents over 1500 pages long see

    to view a partial list of FBI agents arrested for pedophilia see

  2. Pat said:

    Ask and ye shall receive Garen . . .

    To: LA Times Editor in Chief and Staff

    It is unfathomable to think in this day and age the support by the LA times of any candidate that attended brunches amongst groups dedicated to the denial of the Holocaust of 6 million Jews, Polish citizens, and other minority groups during World War II .

    Yet, it has become apparent that Christine Essel, a candidate for Los Angeles city counsel, is being endorsed by your newspaper while she vehemently wines and dines her way through campaign funds provided by groups which regularly aid, participate in, or promote the denial of the massacre of more than 1.5 million ethnic Armenians during the murderous siege conducted by the Turkish Government (Much like the Nazis of WW II) during what is now collectively known as the Armenian Genocide, the first genocide of the 20th century.

    If someone is going to seek a office of leadership in a city as large as Los Angeles, it is my belief and I’m sure the belief of many Angelenos, that they conduct themselves with the utmost of moral fiber in mind. Attending brunches and accepting support from any joe that waves some dollars is no leader this city is interested in.

    Furthermore, by officially endorsing Christine Essel, the LA Times is aligning its own journalistic
    morality with a candidate that has had a critical lapse in judgement with regards to what sources she accepts campaign funds from. The prudent and morally sound step by the LA Times would be to withdraw your endorsement of Christine Essel and start acting like a respected newspaper agency.

    The LA Times would not dare endorse any candidate that sat and drank tea with those that deny the killings of Jews during WW II, and on a similar moral obligatory note, the LA times should not endorse any candidate that sits and drinks with groups or individuals that regularly participate in the denial of the murders conducted during the Armenian Genocide;

    In case the editors and staff at the LA Times have not yet figured it out, the lives of Armenian men, women, and children, are worth just as much as those of Jewish men, women, and children that died without reason during shameful times in humanities history.

    Shame on the LA Times, its editors, and its staff!

    Los Angeles Resident