Armenia Needs New Approach to Protocols

The tacit rebuke by foreign minister Eduard Nalbandian of the forceful comments made by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan during his visit to Washington signals official Yerevan’s ambivalence to the political goings on around it and further reinforces the need for a new approach to diplomacy by Armenia.

In remarks Wednesday, Nalbandian, once again reiterated his tired line that there are no preconditions guiding the Armenia-Turkey relations and cited President Obama’s similar statement as the reason why Turkey may be out of line in continuously pressing for such prerequisites.

Reports after the Erdogan-Obama meeting indicate that the Turkish Prime Minister has privately and publicly pressed his country’s unequivocal insistence on a resolution to the Karabakh conflict before the ratification of the protocols. Similarly, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutolglu, while in Washington, also echoed the same sentiments.

Another report, attributed to the Hurriyet newspaper, asserts that the US pledged to secure “withdrawal from occupied territories,” by April, with Obama promising to personally push the OSCE Minsk Group to accelerate the peace process.

The Turkish and Azeri authorities have mounted a full-frontal diplomatic and propaganda attack on Armenia, whose authorities’ reaction seems more like dodging bullets than asserting its position on a singularly critical matter that has far reaching ramifications beyond the technicalities of the ratification process.

It is quite obvious to all observers and laymen alike that in this dubious process, Armenia has been forced to make concessions and take steps that satisfy the Turkish, the US or Russian agendas. At every such juncture, Armenian reaction has been to assert that they have acted without outside pressures and in the interest of the Armenian nation.

We have seen this process unfold in front of our eyes. The disastrous “roadmap” announcement led to the protocol signing in Zurich, which has led to unprecedented pressure on Armenia to resolve the Karabakh conflict to the benefit of Azerbaijan. Yet, official Yerevan’s line has not changed.

What has happened since then is that the effort to garner international recognition for the Genocide has reverted to where it was 25 years ago, with media, political circles and the Turkish authorities using the same language of denial that was rampant in the late 70s and early 80s. At the same time, Azerbaijan has mounted a campaign to paint Armenia as an aggressor.

Armenia needs a new approach. With continuing declarations of preconditions and unabashed—and unpunished—military threats abound, Armenia should stand firm and set its own preconditions: recognition of the Genocide; a solution to the real refugee problem that arose as a result of vicious Azeri pogroms of Armenians in Sumgait, Kirovabad, Shahumian and Baku, not to mention the legal ramifications of perpetrating those acts; and finally, the right to self-determination of the Armenians of Karabakh as expressed democratically through referenda.

Nalbandian’s reserved logic that preconditions create a vicious cycle to which Armenia does not want to be a party has clearly proven illogical in the face of the ground being gained by Turkey and Azerbaijan in the international community. Armenia’s adversaries are not preserving any moral high ground in this process.

The Armenian government must show its teeth or step aside before the entire Armenian nation—its past, present and future—is compromised due to its inept governance and skewed understanding of diplomacy.

Enough is enough!

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  1. Barkev Asadourian said:

    To Day is better then Tomoro have them to ignore or canceled
    that stupid PROTOCOLS cooked by TRAITORS(sarkisian-nalbandian)
    I am sure that they might not to do alone they do need DIASPORA
    ARMENIAN help have them.

    • KRIKOR said:

      yes barkev, the protocole will die hopefully very soon, but for sure its not been cooked by them only, you know we can cook anyway, American, French, Russian and others cusine cook better then us.   

  2. Arman said:

    Like someone else said it here previously, Nalbandian has the mind of a fish. Javier Solana squeezed his round head like a schoolboy in Zurich as he was putting him and all of Armenia in its place. Nalbandian walked away looking down like a dog.

  3. Kisul said:

    i am wondering, why major news sites stay silent about erdogan’s visit and talking in oval office? can armenian journalists shed a light on that, instead of repeting over-and-over what is clear-clear? or, american and international media is clocked by sold-out souls? how much of transparency is in our communication, guys?

    • KRIKOR said:

      kisul the international and American media in particular is bies and sold out souls media long time ago! dont u know that yet ?  there is no such things called free and transparecy media in this world almost.  

  4. Andrew said:

    Here’s a new effective approach worth adopting…place the “protocols” in the shredder. Voila!

  5. Lusik said:

    Arman, Solano would do a great favor if putting Armenia in its place. Because that place is big – tsovits-tsov. As to the nalbandian-fish allegory, do you know that his people drive erdogan-esh line? So, in politics, it is o’k. On the other hand, we better stay away from that spoiled language!

  6. Gaidzag Shahbazian said:

    Armenians in Diaspora know the Turkish sick mentality and their unjust tricks more than the Armenians in Armenia, that’s why the Armenian authorities should consult with the Armenian in Diaspora when the issue related to homeland security and the Armenia Genocide.  

  7. Lusik said:

    Gaidzag, I agree. Listen to this joke: one Artsakhian asks another Artsakhian, Do you now who is our enemy. The other answers – Aghdamian turk.

  8. John Karasarkissian said:

    The deed has been done. Turkey is well on its way to accomplish what they set out to do 94 years ago, this time with assistance from ROA illegitimate government. Armenia has nothing to give to big powers for their support. This government has no teeth to show and won’t be allowed to step aside by its benefactors either. Voghbam z’qez Hayastan …
    So all of you, get over it…

  9. Harout Akhverdian said:

    Wha we need to do is very simple these so called protocols are just another game for the turks to play and our own government should just back away from it instead of trying prove to the world that hey we tried but turkey keeps playing the same old game what we need to do is just back away from the protocols and since this was the only excuse for Obama to recognise the Armenian Genocide, with the protocols gone what is his Obamas next excuse than we will go forward with our own plans Protocols are just to buy time.

  10. Harout Akhverdian said:

    When Obama mentioned to the turks that he will persoanlly talk with OSCE to return the lands to azerbejan i strongly beleive that he should lookk at darfur and try to help the Darfurs people to get their lifes back and Obama should also adress to the turks baout the Sumgait massacres of the Armenians
    im verchin xoske na e vor menk piti misht patrast linenk real depkeri dimas zinenk mer ujere aveli barsr astijani ev astvas hajoxutyun ta mer Dashnak expayrnerin vor sharunaken irens gorse mer Azgi dimas
    arek chemoranank vor mer Dashnak expayrnernern en ov ayskan tari var en pahe spyurkum hayos harse ev hayos sexaspanutyan harse long live our Dashnak brothers all over the world and the day will come were Dashnaksutyune kef kkazmakerpi mer hayos hoxeri vra western Armenia and GArnik will perform.

    • KRIKOR said:

      harut there is nothing in darfur to take,  what is the benefit? America interfere wherever  is oil, money or interest, other then that you are well mistaken. and darfur doesnt exist in their  dictionary. 

  11. Tony said:

    It’s time to mail  the Protocols back to Turkey, so that Mr. Erdogan may have it for  lunch with Turkish Arak.  Sahtain salafan.

  12. Armen said:

    The answer is : step aside as quickly as possible.
    Be replaced by people who do not suffer of such low Armenian self-esteem.

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    • Araxi said:

      My Question to the editor in Chief of ASBAREZ:  What is the meaning of this kind of advertising? It is all about Turkey. Whose line are you towing?

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  16. Harout Akhverdian said:

    Ay txa nalbandian inches nste pisiki nman es b….i txerki xoskeri tak parum ches karum mi hat helnes u ases zer maman yes voch mi hat protocol vochel xarabaxi hars ete hars unek arek razmadashti vra xosank nalbandian chem imanum duk ureyik en jamank erp mer axpernere razmadashtum krvum eyin u et ko levonike mer dashnak axperneri bert nstesres u ase ste dashnaksutyune piti herana hayastanis bays et jamank levoni txen urer karas eti aes ay txa kezi mi kich ujex pahi ha inches psiki nman kezi pahum es b….i txerki mot mi kich kezi hayi nman pahi ha ches imanum vor haye misht duxe texin amen inchi el viza dnum ira azgi hamar

  17. Rich said:

    The Armenian Government has revolked it’s legitimacy once they started considering the “propotcals”. After they signed it, it became clear they do not have the interests of Armenia anymore. Armenia is us under rogue leadership, the future of it’s existence is under attack from within and must be changed.

  18. Dave said:

    I hate to say it but Armenia’s leaders are beggars.   So are their supporters: AAA, AGBU, and KOV. They say there are no preconditions in the protocols and keep repeating it like they have ADS (attention deficit disease).

    • krikor said:

      I still don’t understand AGBU involvement in this? AGBU isn’t a political party anyway and their involvment was limited and more neutralduring their history, the leadership of this great organisation today is a bit different than it used to be, and should not drag the organisation into conflicts such as the protocols, may have good point and vision but the Armenian government doing lot of mistakes, this whole protocols thing is not clear enough to us, I am personally for normalization with turkey based on stratjic and realty views and points, but I disagree with the way we are approaching it and doing it. sometimes I fell they are playing a game, sometimes not, sometimes they are doing it under pressures, sometimes don’t know what they are doing, its a mess

    • Araxi said:

      Dave, not only beggars, but ‘Carpet Baggers’. This book makes better reading that the infamous “Protocols’.
      Serge Sargsian’s presidency should be annuled because he is not working for Armenia and the Armenian people. He and his cronies not only have ADD but also Down Syndrome.

  19. roni said:

    Armenian government need to Visit Dier Al zor,  Margada ,  Ras Alen and  all the Syrian Desert where their ancestors were buried alive and killed ruthlessly to feel the the horrible mistake they have done by signing the protocols .

    • KRIKOR said:

      I hade the chance to be there twice! different feelings, some areas are really interesting when you dig the ground bones come out!!!!! shaddade  and markada near Iraqi borders, the local native Arabs will tell you their stories, we owe them our lifes for saving us, something that my parents and grand parents asked and demanded not to ignore and forget this fact, yes those Arab muslims while the whole western and so called christian and civilised nations left us for $, just to let you know this,  Armenian churches and monasteries dont pay any tax or utility bills in syria!!!!   

  20. Grish Begian said:

    Dear Dave,
    Some young childern get ADD  disease, and disappeared when they get older..unfortunately   irreversibility of ADD can not be seen in brainless Armenia’s leaders..

  21. manooshag said:

    Hye, the Turkish Genocide of the Armenian nation continues, still… 1915-2009!
    Turkish leaderships, all still in the Ottoman mode, continue to pursue the Armenians into today.
    Turkish leaderships, educate their young of their own Turkish history to reflect the
    Armenians as the ‘enemy of the Turk’… Whereas, in truth, they should be educated of the Turkish Genocide of the Armenian nation..
     But, when does the Turkish leadership stop lying to their own  Turkish citizens of  Turkey?  
     In  Ottoman style leaderships liars, deceit, distractions, ploys, and more. But, no GUTS to tell
    truths to their own Turkish citizens …  Turkey is a all glitter on the outside to the world, but, inside, decay, decaying and decayed…
    As for the Turks’ Muslim religion – the misuse and misdirection of their religion is dishonesty.
    Also, when the Ottomans who planned the ‘elimination’ of the Armenian nation are revered as heroes of the Turkish nation this says much for the Turkish leaderships.  How many nations of the world today revere the misdirected leaderships of their nations?  Hitler, Stalin, and more…

  22. Turkish Citizen said:

    I read all comments. As far as I have seen no one wants those protocols to be ratified? So what do you want Sir? Turkey will recognise genocide and educate new generations about it? Also wou will receive billions of dollars in compensation for massacres!!  Excuse me but are you nuts? Look at your population and geographical position, then think about your power. You are actually in no position to bargain with Turkey. Don’t hope that USA will recognise genocide, it will not. Without Turkey USA cannot move a muscle in the Middle East, everyone knows that, those protocols are at your benefit as well as ours. Armenia will be forced to sign , even though citizens dont want it. Armenia has to withdraw from Karabakh and Turkey will open the border. This is a win-win situation. It will satisfy Turkey and Azerbaijan, also help impoverished Armenia flourish. World powers want safe energy corridors and Armenia alone cannot prevent this, Armenia will abide by orders, sooner or later.

    • KRIKOR said:

      could be true but no withdrawal from Artsakh, no way, I take conccesions on the genocide front but I will never take on Artsakh front!!!

    • Grish Begian said:

      Dear Turkish citizen,
      If I were you I wouldn’t worry about Genocide. Turkey is facing a big threat from within Turkey, Kurds will get their land back and your beloved Turkey will be in half in the next 20 years. In the meanwhile Genocide will stay with us for ever. Remember, Genocide is not something that money can buy!! Genocide is a crime against humanity, this is what some Turks like you “do not have that yet” to understand…..
      Nothing can be hide when there is no cloud…

  23. Barkev Asadourian said:

    Are ei  kidoutyoun  mer tavajaneroun,
    aha te inch ahavor ahazank badjaretsin
    Hye Azkin kelkhoon,turke turk ae haverzh