President Serzh Sarkisian’s New Year Address

YEREVAN–Armenian President Serzh Sarkisian issued an annual New Year’s address to the nation on December 31, 2009. Below is the translated text of his written speech.

Dear Fellow Citizens,

I congratulate you on the occasion of New Year and Christmas!

2009 becomes history—with its achievements and losses, with happy occasions as well as disappointments.”

We enter 2010 with new hopes and new plans. They will become reality through our joint efforts, and I have no doubt that we will succeed.

The passing year, I believe, was momentous with a new stance in conducting foreign policy, which is defined by coming up with new initiatives rather than acting in the wake of others’ steps—initiatives, which are aimed at propelling our country to a new international height, and opening new horizons.

Today, peace and stability in our region are more steady than one year ago. Components of that stability are numerous and in each of them Armenia has its significant and indispensable part. For us the most important among those components is the maturing Armenian Army which is safeguarding the Motherland day and night, including this festive moment, the Army which was built by our immortal martyrs, who brought our people a victorious peace.

The passing year was also a very important period of engaged discussions on the issues that concern the entire Armenian nation, issues regarding the country and the nation. As a result, the world realized that the Armenian nation is unified around its objectives and is strong with its sons and daughters.

We should also admit that year 2009 was a real trial for our economy. We were not able to avoid the dire repercussions of the global economic and financial crisis, as was not almost any country which is a part of the world economy. However, we were able to mitigate possible social upshots of the crisis. The state has fulfilled and will fulfill next year as well all its social obligations. Armenia’s image as a reliable partner, who pays her dues on time, allowed us to receive loans from different international sources. However, we all understand and we must be the first to build our country, we must solve our own problems. Be assured that 2010 will become a year of overcoming the crisis and a new start for economic advancement.

In 2009, in Armenia marriages and births were on the rise. This is very precious for me and it projects into the future. It testifies to the fact that our young people have trust in our country, that they see theirs and their children’s lives here, in Armenia. It speaks about confidence toward future. States and peoples grow stronger by this confidence.

Dear Compatriots,
I join in all good wishes and toasts that are being spoken now and will be spoken in the coming days around our festive tables. Let year 2010 become a year of success for you and your families.

Let our elderly be healthy, happy with the achievements of their children and grandchildren, enjoy love and respect and well-earned rest.

Let children and young people make their parents proud with their successful studies and good behavior and also by their healthy lifestyle.

Let 2010 be a year of scientific, artistic and work inspiration, a year of prosperity.

Let there be peace and security in Armenia and around us.

Let our military men, who proudly and unshakably guard our borders, serve our Motherland with honor and come home unharmed.

Let 2010 become a year of triumphant implementation of the All-Armenian projects for our countrymen and our compatriots abroad and a year of significant steps forward toward the implementation of our national agenda.

Happy New Year and Christmas!


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  1. Areg Mansuryan said:

    The Armenians have trust in Armenia;however, no trust in Serj Sargsyan. Serj Sargsyan has betrayed Armenia. All these nice words he expresses is in fooling the Armenian public. I have said and will say over and over again that this man is an imposter and must resign and be kicked out of Armenia with his band of gangsters.

  2. Mihran said:

    Sarkisian has proved to Armenians across the globe that he cannot be trusted. He and his administration have very clearly demonstrated their shameless ignorance and diplomatic naivety. His new years address would have been much more appropriate with his resignation.

  3. Kiazer Souze said:

    Sarkisian spoke like a typical Rabiz with a long protracted toast of vodka in one hand. We Armenians should send Hillary (for the protocols) and Bill (for squandering American resources to save a few thousand Turks in Bosnia) a box of Cuban cigars in gratitude. Although Bill says he has never  inhaled,  he will know what to do with them or Hillary will show him.

  4. Armen said:

    Just ignore what this man says.  His speech is shallow and does not deserve a comment.