Turkey to Assume UN Security Council Presidency in June

ANKARA (PanArmenian.net)—Turkey is set to take over the rotating presidency of the United Nations Security Council in June 2010, the country’s permanent representative to the UN, Baki Ilkin, said Thursday.

According to the Journal of Turkish Weekly, Ilkin will preside over all low-level Security Council meetings while Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu will chair high-level sessions.

Turkey became a non-permanent member of the 20-member Security Council in 2009 and its term expires this year.

The Security Council President is responsible for setting the agenda of meetings, presiding over meetings and overseeing any crisis. The President is also authorized to issue both presidential statements and notes, which are used to make declarations of intent that the full Security Council can then pursue. The Presidency rotates monthly in alphabetical order of the Security Council member nations’ names in English.


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  2. manooshag said:

    Hye, I read that Turkey is being discriminated against entry into the EU due to its religion, the Muslim religion.  Another Ploy by the Turkish leaderships…
    The truths of the issue is not the Muslim religion which is at fault.  The reality is that the nation of the Turks is a nation which has committed the Genocides including of the Christian Armenian nation, Ottoman style,  and Turkish leaders deny the Genocides were ever perpetrated.  The world (except for Turkey and it [highly paid Lobbyists from the USA) is fully aware of the guilt of the Turks, from the 1890s to 2010.  Now,Turkey is declaring a war against the Kurds (this is a another Turkish ploy)  to avoid labelling this as another Genocide perpetrated by Turks – which has been ongoing today of the Kurdish citizens of Turkey!
    Who would choose to have as a neighbor, or as an affiliate,  the Turks?  Sudan, maybe…  Genociders both.  Both have not admitted their guilt. Thus Genocides continue, unending…
    Genocides gain the despots what they desire.  Genocides/slaughters eliminate humans who, it appears are  as dispensible, disposable, as a Kleenex tissue!  Civilized humanity has failed.
    Millions upon millions terrorized, slaughtered in the vilest human actions against humans, rapes, kidnapping, and to this day – in Turkey all the non-Muslim religions have been abused and prepard to eventually dissolve.  Too,  their education of their youth  continues in this vein – sad.
    Turkey needs to have their government totally replaced, the military brought under control,
    as were the Nazis of Germany at the end of WW2.  Turkey’s foreign relations are a convulted
    mess – alliances/broken, agreements/unsigned, agreements changed midstream  (to favor the
    Turk, of course).  Turkey cannot be one with the civilized nations of the world – Turkey is still in the Ottomania mode.

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  4. Genocide denierInvestigator said:

    Manooshag, yes absolutely! thank you, the criminal wants to get away with his crime so he turns it around on the people who are calling him on it and says its his religion. they make all Muslims look bad, they are the most irresponsible country much much worse than Sudan, but what is even worse than that is that the US is their partner at this moment, i mean the current administration is, because we don’t have to go back to blame when the current one is doing it at this moment, and because at anytime you don’t take a full stand against a criminal then you are a silent partner of the criminal, you stand by, you are actually worse than the criminal cause the criminal is insane, but what about you, then you are the criminal. even though Eli Wizel said that Genocide Daniel is the final stage of genocide and he would definitely know, i believe denial is then the continuation of Genocide,  just a play on words is all, final stage or continuation of genocide same. of course every Armenian knows this from direct experience, and the ones that don’t well they just gave up cause they could not stand the pain any longer is all. how can any civilized country at the united nation and the world accept this hideous creepy criminal nation of genocide deniers at the table, they need to ask themselves this question. and the united nation has voted them as guilty of genocide some 40 years ago, so how can they be on the table someone help me understand seriously please!