Turkish Activists Ask Prosecutors to Arrest Israeli Defense Chief on Genocide

The complaint by Mazlum-Der accused Ehud Barak of genocide and crimes against humanity

ISTANBUL (AFP)–Turkish human rights activists Friday asked a prosecutor to order the arrest of Israel’s defense minister for genocide over the Gaza war when he visits this weekend, the Anatolia news agency reported.

The complaint by Mazlum-Der, an Islamist-leaning rights group, accused Ehud Barak of genocide and crimes against humanity during the Jewish state’s three-week offensive in Gaza, which was launched in December 2008.

If the prosecutor sees fit, he will launch an investigation to see whether the complaint merits charges. If not, he will dismiss Mazlum-Der’s initiative.

A similar complaint by the associations against several Israeli officials, including Barak, in February last year was thrown out by prosecutors.

The complaint comes ahead of a one-day visit by Barak to Turkey on Sunday for talks with his counterpart Vecdi Gonul and Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu in a bid to patch up ties poisoned over the Gaza offensive.

The Islamist-rooted government in Ankara has kept up an almost daily barrage of criticism against Israel over the humanitarian situation in Gaza, leading to a cooling of ties that flourished under a 1996 military deal.

In the latest spat between the two countries, Israel had to issue a formal apology Wednesday after Turkey threatened to withdraw its ambassador over Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon’s public dressing down of the envoy over a television series portraying Mossad agents as child snatchers.


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  1. Varooj Baboomian said:

    Turkish hypocrisy and arrogance apparently has no limits and this one is the master piece. Mr. Mazlum-Der, who seems is not mazlum at all, before accusing anybody with genocide, as a human rights activist, first speak up to your corrupt statmens’ face and tell them the TURKS AND ONLY TURKS ARE WHO COMMIT GENOCIDE. Armenian Genocide was committed by your for fathers Mr. Mazlum-Der and not by any other nation. Your entire history is full of shame and inhumanity. Therefore, for God sake stop this alaturka hypocrisy because nobody is buying it. Be quiet my son, be quiet.

  2. Norin Radd said:

    How absolutely characteristic of Turkish thinking and Turkish governmental tactics. Being the leeches of the Earth that they are, the Turks courted Israel for weapons technology through the 90s and early 2000s via a produce/manufacturing GDP. Now that they have gathered their “stores for the winter” like the little rat faced chipmunks that they are, they are pulling the plug on their “goodwill to all Jews” campaign while simultaneously courting Iran which is on the verge of attaining Nuclear weapons potential.
    Jews and Israelites everywhere must feel pretty snubbed considered that for the past 25 years, they traded their hard learned Holocaust values and the memories of those at Auschwitz for Turkish political capitol by helping the Turks dismiss and block Armenian Genocide recognition at every turn. In return, the Turks are delivering their own definition of “loyalty” for all the years of brown nosing the Jews performed as Turkey’s genocide denial campaign’s “silent partner”.
    Somehow the phrase “here’s mud in your eye” doesn’t quite do justice in describing the situation, it’s a lot more unpleasant than that. Ehud Barak in that picture looks like he is passing a stone the size of basketball, though given this scenario, it’s probably not a stone, but a rather large piece of “Turkish Delight”.  Right now he is probably thinking, “I can’t believe we helped backed these cretins for 20+ years politically”. Believe it clowns, believe it, Real Politik sure has a poetic justice mannerism sort of way of coming back to bite you in the rear, doesn’t it? This is only the beginning, Turkey’s talk right now will be a little chirp compared to the roar of criticism the Turks will spew when Iran goes Nuclear.

  3. Nairian said:

    This joke of a man Mazlum-Der complains to the Israelis about Gaza, yet their ultra-nationalistic fascist Genocide denialist government has been denying their turkey’s more than 1.5 million Armenian atrocious killings.  You Mazlum-Der and your turkish government are a joke.  At least the Israeli government apologized for their wrongdoings.  What did your Genocidal turkish government do for the past 95 years for the killings of 1.5 million Armenians?  DENIAL… DENIAL…. DENIAL.

  4. Grigor Manayan said:

    Arrest the top turkish leadership for denying the turkish crime of the Armenian Genocide, or simply said” The Genocide”. After all turkey is the author of the word Genocide.

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