Karabakh Mediators ‘Update’ Peace Plan

YEREVAN (RFE/RL)–International mediators said on Friday that they have modified their existing plan to resolve the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and presented it to the Armenian and Azerbaijani presidents ahead of their fresh face-to-face negotiations scheduled for Monday.

The U.S., Russian and French diplomats co-chairing the OSCE Minsk Group announced unspecified changes in their “basic principles” of a Karabakh settlement after ending yet another tour of the conflict zone earlier this week.

A joint statement issued by the troika read, “As instructed by their presidents in L’Aquila in July 2009, the Co-Chairs delivered to President [Serzh] Sarkisian, just as they had to President Ilham Aliyev during their visit to Baku in December 2009, an updated version of the Madrid Document of November 2007, containing the Co-Chairs’ latest articulation of the Basic Principles.”

“On January 21, the Co-Chairs met President Aliyev in Baku, Azerbaijan. In their discussions with the Co-Chairs, each president expressed their commitment to continue to pursue a peaceful settlement to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and reaffirmed the seriousness of their side in the negotiations,” the statement said.

The mediators already prepared what they called an “updated version” of the proposed framework agreement when they met in Krakow, Poland in July. Their latest statement did not specify whether the document underwent further changes in the following months.

The so-called Madrid principles provide for the return of seven districts linking Armenia and Karabakh liberated from Azeri occupation during the 1991-1994 Karabakh liberation struggle. They also envisage a future referendum on self-determination in Karabakh that could presumably lead to international recognition of its independence from Soviet Azerbaijan in 1991.

According to sources familiar with the negotiating process, the remaining disagreements between the conflicting parties center on practical modalities of the referendum and time frames for Armenian withdrawal from Kelbajar and Lachin, the districts sandwiched between Karabakh and Armenia. The parties are also understood to disagree on the status of a land corridor that would connect the two Armenian entities.

Aliyev and Sarkisian will again try to overcome these sticking points when they hold a trilateral meeting with Russia’s President Dmitry Medvedev in the Russian Black Sea city of Sochi on Monday. According to the Regnum news agency, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov expressed hope on Friday that the two leaders will continue their “intensive dialogue.” Lavrov was careful not to predict a breakthrough in the talks.

Lavrov’s Armenian counterpart, Edward Nalbandian, likewise cautioned against great expectations from the Sochi meeting. He said the peace talks will yield a tangible result only if Azerbaijan takes “a more constructive approach.” “I wouldn’t say that some breakthrough can be expected soon,” Nalbandian told a news conference.

But a senior aide to Aliyev, Norvuz Mammadov, insisted that the onus is on the Armenian side to act more “constructively” and facilitate a peaceful settlement. The APA news agency also quoted him as saying that no documents are due to be signed in Sochi.


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  1. Harout said:

    I don’t see any conflict!!!  gharapagh?? NO “ARTSAKH” let’s clear this firsthand!
    I don’t see Artsakh in conflict!  Artsakh is in peace.  Leave Artsakh alone!!  They got their Historic Land Back!! and it’s done! A land that Stalin stole like it’s his and illegally gave to Azeris.   Let Russian Government open those documents and show them to the world.

  2. Harout said:

    Artsakh historically was even greater territory!!  what are these clowns talking about??!!

    • Harout said:

      Artsakh historically was even greater territory!!  what are these clowns talking about??!!
      In fact I believe ON THE CONTRARY we should DEMAND  for OUR REMAINING TERRITORY!!

  3. Kiazer Souze said:

    Let me get this right, we liberate our territories from the mongols, we lose human life and treasure, mothers who sacrificed their sons, all to give it back to the mongolians?

    I think it would be in the EU’s best interest to keep the lands liberated from mongolian hands and dictatorship.

  4. Lusik said:

    Madrid is a good city. However, look what a trash is offered to become a “legal end” of Artsakhians’ fight for basic right of non-being-under-enemy-boots. Madrid principles PROVIDE (very certain) for the return of seven districts linking Armenia and Karabakh …. They ALSO ENVISION (very blurred) a future (1 month? 100 yeas? never?) referendum on self-determination in Karabakh that COULD PRESUMABLY (most likely will not happen!) lead to international recognition of its independence from Soviet Azerbaijan in 1991.
    Enough is enough.
    A) We have to know names of these badly educated “writers” of international treaties. And put on internet the names of the universities attended, under rubric “AVOID APPLYING”.
    B) Does any Artsakhian official ever visited Madrid? Participated in any of these negotiations. The answer is NO! So, the answer will be NO to Madrid, or Barcelona (another good city), or … Protocol. Pardon, principles.

  5. Nairian said:

    Not even an inch of land must be given back to the azeri pogroms back.  If any land like the important Lachin and Kelbajar is given back to the azeri pogroms who NEVER owned those said lands before 10o years when Russia’s Stalin as if it was his, he gave it away to appease the turks.  Artsakh was even greater and bigger than what we have it now.  NOT EVEN IN INCH OF LAND MUST BE GIVEN BACK TO THE AZERI KILLERS ANNIHILATORS, OTHERWISE OUR PEOPLE IN ARTSAKH WILL BE IN HARMS WAY!!!!!!!

  6. Norin Radd said:

    Unless the Armenians of Arstakh agree unanimously on such a treaty, nothing will ever be returned, and nothing should be returned. Those lands neither belonged to the Azeris in the past nor the present, nor did they have any significant population of Azeris living on them. Arbitrarily being “gifted” a chunk of land by a greater regional power does not entitle any government or state to true ownership of such lands, which is exactly what happened with Arstakh during Soviet times, it was “gifted” to the Azeris illegitimately.
    The majority, more than 90% of the population was Armenian both at the time that Arstakh was “gifted” to the Azeris and also at the time when the Azeris decided to declare war and attack the people of Arstakh during the people’s war for independence, which the Armenians of Artsakh won despite being outnumbered and outgunned.
    Most importantly, the illegitimate “gifting” of Artsakh to the Azeris was made under the stipulation that should the Soviet Union ever become dissolved, the land would become an annexed portion of either Azerbaijan or Armenian based on the population demographic majority inhabiting Arstakh at the time of Soviet de-solution.
    When the Soviet Union collapsed, again the demographic of Arstakh was in fact 90% Armenians that staunchly demanded reunion with their motherland, namely Armenia, and rightfully so since it was part of the stipulation made long ago when the land was arbitrarily gifted to the Azeris.
    Despite all this, the Madrid principles ignore all of these issues and yet again, those that would benefit from the Madrid principles being implemented, are trying to decide for the people of Armenia, the people of Artsakh, and Armenians of the Diaspora while simultaneously sanctimoniously speaking about “rights to self-determination of peoples” in a ploy to lure, trick, and violate the basic tenets of actual self-determination from the people of Armenia, the people of Arstakh, and the Armenian Diaspora.
    We have suffered a Genocide which the world ignored and we still await proper reparations. Our ancestral land was gifted away and we fought to gain it back. Now, again, there are attempts to swindle the Armenian people through fancy deceitful treaties named after fancy European cities that would be the only ones benefiting from such treaties.
    Arstakh belongs Armenians and to the Armenians of Arstakh. The Azeris, the EU, the US, and Russia, should come to terms with that rather than try to implement one sided treaties that violate the rights of the Armenian people to self-determination. 10 million Armenians in the Armenian Diaspora, Arstakh, and Armenia are ready to defend and protect every single last inch of land which belongs to no one else than Armenians. Armenians were tricked, swindled, and murdered in the 20th century from their lands and their human rights violated, this will NEVER EVER happen again, and 10 million Armenians stand united to make sure of that for the 21st century. Artsakh is ours, will ALWAYS be ours, and no power on Earth will take it away again with impunity.

    • Kevork Chavush said:

      The clowns photographed above remind me of Larry, Curly and Moe – the 3 Stooges. Let them continue pontificating.

  7. grigor minasyan said:

    Armenians must ask for liberation of Nakhichevan from azeri rule. Not an inch of  liberated Artsakh lands to azeri-turks. Remember always that turks always remain a turk!

  8. Samuel said:

    Madrid    Principle   is   the    greatest      concpiracy      perpetureted      against     survival    of 
    Armenia,     Artsakh       &       entire      Armenian       nation.     The     accord    suggests   7   region
    of  Artsakh    trnsferd  to  Azarbaijan,because  of   Armenias   weak  leaders    to  address  Armenia
    historical  &   existing   evidence,  to   ownership   of  the   lands,  in  response    to   fallacy    of   Azari   long   nose    leader  Alieve,  who   falsly    claims,  his   country   has    history    Mr   Alieve
    trying    hard   to   hide    Azarbaijan   name  is   stolen  by   tatar    nomads   less  than   100   years
    ago  from   old  Iranian    province   Azarbaijan   Mr  Alieve   confused,   doesnt    uderstand    in   which    brand   of   alphabet    write,   his  name ,   &   his   country   name, his   brain  is   most  of  the  time   boiling  inside  the   skul,  may  be  in  the   future   he   will  require   cooling   radiator  for   his   overheating    brain,    as  far  as he  has   oil, oil  men   love   him   they  will   do   every
     thing    to   attract   his    attention,   Armenians      must  be   careful    of    every  kind   of  concpiracy.
    1-If     Armenia      signsMadrid   Accord,    then    must     handover  Artsakhs    7  region   to
    Azarbaijan,   it    will   cause    encirclment,   of    Armenia  &   Artsakh,    for   which   Azarbaijan
    were   praying    long  time   ego.    Armenias   defence    capabilities    will  be  reduced   but   Azari
    positions     multiple   time    become    stronger.  together    Armenias    political     values     will
    drop    significantly,  nobody    should      cmmit    this    grave     mistake.
    2-After   complition   1st   stage  of  land    transfer,    the    mediatores    will   ask    for   refrandom 
    that   means    fulfilment  of   madrid    principle,  open    Artsakhs   gates   &  let   Azari    people  rush    to   Artsakh    for   vote,    this  is   what   Alieve   dreaming    long  time   ego,   Armenias   SS 
    Troghan    Horse    posibly   will  play,  to   pretend    to   stop    Azari    influx,   this   will    be   concidered     accord    violation   &  Azarbaijan   will    attack  Artsakh   &   Armenia,   the    plan  will  be   completed   by  occupying    Artsakh    &    some    parts   of   Armenia.The    other   choice   for   SS  Trojan  Horse   will  be,   to  let   Azaris    flood  Artsakh,    with    overwhelming
       majority,    after    mission    accomplished,   &  plantiing   white   flag,  will  return    home. 
    As  i   mentioned   under  cover  of  refrondom,  in  madrid  accord    it   will   legitimize    Azaris
    settle   in   Artakh.   NO     words   for    those    peaceful     Armenians  around    Azarbaijani   cities
    butchered,terrorized  &  deported,   think   abut    extend    of     concpiracy   &    how    Armenian  
    leaders    handling      them.   After   20   years    oilmen     wants   fixArtsakh    issue    with  their
    brand   refrandom,     without    cocideration  for      justice   &  fairness   exept    for  their    petrol
    agenda,     20   years     ago  Artsakh    people    asked    for   refrandom.but   Azaris   responded
    with   bomb    &    destruction,   killing     peaceful   citizens,  even    attaking  cimetris     smashing
    grave  stones,   Artsakh    people     succsided   to   restore     freedom  &     democracy,    now     
    Azarbaijan    is      in    preparation   of     disturbance     back   again,   Armenian    people   every
    where      will   stand  with      Artsakh    peoplle    &  will    support    them.                 

  9. harutiunyan said:

    When Archbishop (see picture on this site with Pargev Martirosyan, Prelate of the Artsakh Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church) is donating blood, you better think what is the scale of agression prepared by international offices. These three well groomed old men discuss small vessel into which they plan to seal in the spirit of Artsakhian men and women and children. What a waste of time and taxpayers money!!! Why we do not ring the IRS bell?!