Kurds Challenge Turkey In European Court

ANKARA (UPI)–Members of a former pro-Kurdish political party in Turkey filed a case with the European Court of Human Rights, saying the party was shut down illegally by the government.

The petition filed to the European court in Strasbourg by Hasip Kaplan, the former head of the Democratic Society Party and now the head of the Peace and Democracy Party, said the Republic of Turkey’s Constitutional Court cannot be impartial, as it was established by the military junta that overran the government on Sept. 12, 1980, Today’s Zaman reported Thursday.

The Constitutional Court said on Dec. 11 the DTP was guilty of ethnic separatist action and of having connections to the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party. The court closed down the party and banned 37 members from further political activity, Zaman reported.

The 78-page petition alleges the Constitutional Court violated rights such as freedom of expression, organization and assembly, as well as Kurds’ rights to freedom from discrimination, and the right to free elections.

Historically, the Strasbourg court has ruled against Turkey’s party closures and has ruled that the right to organize was violated, Zaman reported.


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  1. Ferhat said:

    Turkey guilty of:
    _ The Armenian Genocide, 2-3 million plus massacred
    _ The Greek massacres, 200,000 massacred
    _ The Arab massacres, 300,000 massacred
    _ The Albanian massacres, 600,000 massacred
    _ The Serbian massacres, 400,000 massacred
    _ European deaths due to sultan suleiman, 4 million Austrians, Hungarians, Bulgarians and Romanians
    _ The cyprus massacres (1970s) about 20,000 ethnic Greeks massacred
    _ The Armenian masscres in Azerbaijan, 47,000 murdered by turks in azerbaijan
    _ The Kurdish(my own Kurdish people) massacres (about 80,000 and rising)
    The list is too long..Blood dripping from their red blood flag..

    And the whole world pays homage to the genocidal Turk.
    Sad and strange

    • Papken Hartunian said:

      Mr. Ferhat, only individual like you will bring Reds to justice. The world need security in the region, however not justice, in order to transport energy from East to West. Armenians and Kurds have only one card to play that is causing instability in the region until justice served.  Only Free and independent Kurdistan and Artsakh will grant long last security to the region.

    • Harout said:

      Then why don’t Kurdish Governing bodies add their testimonies, documents, evidences to strengthen the Armenian Genocide case?
      If or when doing so I would strongly recommend to provide them to a “TRUSTWORTHY & RELIABLE” Organization which obviously is “ARF” Armenian Revolutionary Federation.   Present Armenian government is corrupt as you know.  Accordingly as you have seen Armenian people are on the rise in being betraid by their corrupt government.

      • Papken Hartunian said:

        Unfortunately, there is no entity in the world seriously to pursue the genocide committed by Ottoman Empire and Azerbaijan against Armenian people. However, according the Declaration of Independence of Republic of Armenia, the Armenian government is responsible to resolve this issue. If the current government is not interested in doing so because they are nesting within Turkey’s pocket. We have to organize and unite and demand from the administration to followup the issue of genocide.

      • Ferhat said:

        Harout, I am with you 100%. Having said that, Kurds, not having an “independent” country, and having different loyalties(Iraq, turkey and Iran) are in no way to produce any documents. We have, however, through our Kurdish parliament in exile, proclaimed that the Genocide is not up to debate. It happened, so debating about it is CRIMINAL.  Document-wise, mustafa kemal horded all documents, destroyed most that dealt with the Armenian Genocide, and left some non-incriminating documents, which the turks are happy to produce, since the incriminating documents are all DESTROYED. That’s why turks are happy to challenge the Armenians about opening respective archives. How can you have a fair say, when the genocidal turk has destroyed(some say millions of incriminating documents were ordered burned on mustafa kemals orders) all the damning archives? Don’t fall into the turkish trap..again.
        All I can askfrom  the Armenians is to:
        Build friendship bridges with Kurdish organizations. You cannot go alone in the sea of 70 million violently viceous and blood thirsty turks. There absolutely no way that Armenia will survive a massive turkish onslaught. We need to be united. Wehave the numbers, but not one courageous Kurd. You don’t have the numbers, but Armenians more or less are united. We need each other. You need to expose the beauty of Armenian culture, history and language. I have spent 3 years of my life learning your Armenian language. Why not start connecting with Kurds? Websites, organisations and even political parties? When an Israeli Knesset member was asked, who supports the Armenian Genocide resolution, if Armenians were in contact with him, his answer? Not one single Armenian sent an e-mail to this said member. If you need results, you have to do your homework. You are leaving a void, that the turk is gladly filling it, and with a smirk on its face.
        Look, erdogan time and again betrayed Israel, right? But then, as a sly turk, he turned back and kissed Israels you know where….
        Greetings from turkish occupied Kurdistan

  2. Kiazer Souze said:


    There will be a day of reconing. It believes in the old British modus operandi of “Divide, then conquore.” Turkey is desperate to join the EU to get money from tourism. It wants to do so before Armenia to avoid a veto. It cannot however do so with out first cleaning up the blood under its Turkish rug. The public gets outraged when we see the brutality against the Kurds. However, Kurdistan has a lot of oil revenue that is going to be coming in via pipe line. Kurds shouldn’t give an excuse for Turks to invade Iraq. That money should be spent on political action committees, lobbies, attorneys, news papers in Iraq and America, etc..etc…to overide the Turkish bull.

    The Kurdish diaspora in the world needs to speak freely as to what happened to the Armenians no matter how painful it may be for them. Don’t forget, that some of the Kurdish tribes took an active role in the Genocide while others helped fight and protect Armenians.

  3. manooshag said:

    Hye Ferhat, Kurds are still at the mercy of the Turkish Ottoman mentality of eliminating their
    non-Turk citizens via their pursuit of Genocides.   Your compilation of the millions upon millions slaughtered, raped, kidnapped, burned alive,  decapitated – inhumanly eliminated by the Ottomans and all subsequent Turk leaderships via Genocides unrepented, denied,  are the truths…  Sadly, with no end to the cycle of Genocides by leaderships in the civilized nations.
    Imagine! Turkey seeks to have a leadership standing amongst the civilized peoples of the world?
    Shall Turks been brought to justice for the Turkish Genocide of the Armenian nation all the
    Genocides that followed from the 20th century and now, into the 21st century, may well never
    happened!  All those slaughtered and worse, and the Survivors whose lives became a living hell,
    shall not have been allowed by the example of the Turks’ who had to pay their reparations and more to the Armenian nation.  Hence, despots knew not to pursue Genocides – mans inhumanity
    to humans… Manooshag

  4. Harout said:

    I understand you are mentioning Armenian Genocide 2-3 million instead of 1.5 million…. because 1.5 million are documented.   Not to mention During Red Sultan Hamid’s 20,000+40,000+300,000 massacres, beside other major massacres like Adana.
    Not to mention Turks massacred about 250,00 Assyrians during 1918.

    • Ferhat said:

      Harout, yes, sultan hamid massacred 300,000 defenseless Armenians  in Adana alone. It is possible that the massacred Armenian numbers exceeds even the low 3 million. Millions died secretly by hamids killing machines’
      As for the 4 million Europeans massacred on sultan suleimans murderous marauding of europe (strangely enough, these same Europeans call this murderer “magnificent”), a Hungarian Historian, by the name of Istvan Bokod, if I’m not mistaken, made that announcement. Some say butchered European numbers go as high as 5-6 million. Yes, sultan suleiman is “Magnificient Murderer.”

  5. Robert said:

    Hey Ferhat,

    Excuse me, but even Henry Durmanian thinks you’re not who you say you are. Also, exactly just how long have been delusional? Get the much needed help which you desperately require…fast! Living in a fantasy dream world can’t be any fun, or healthy, for you!!

    • Ferhat said:

      I don’t care what Henry thinks about me.
      I want you and your Genocidal turkish troops out of Diyarbekir and surrounding Kurdish lands..that’s all I care for now.
      And why don’t you pack yourself and erdogan and head to your mentors, hekmetyars, country of Afghanistan?
      Dirtbag, that’s what you are, a murdering and backstabbing dirtback.
      I am proud of my Kurdish ancestery, I have never been ashamed of it.
      I wished Armenians will allow me to be an Armenian, it will be an honor if they call me an Armenian.
      I rather fight like a man, than hide behind feminine skirts, you filthy Genocidal turks do.
      Only Kurds can teach your islamist terrorists a lesson, and it is getting closer and closer my friend..
      If, one day I catch you, I will tatoo the word GENOCIDE all over your body, and still some other places too.

    • Ferhat said:

      It is funny and interesting to see terrorists like this so called “robert,” who is hiding behind a Western name, is walking free, alongside erdogan. Interpol must arrest these criminal killers of innocent Armenians and Kurds. erdogan had enough time to free his neck, becoming prime minister and escaping the long arm of Interpol.
      Show the whole world your true colors, and give your real turkish name..murderer.
      Armenian Weekly, STOP patronizing killers of women and children to post anti-Armenian garbage here on this website.
      turks are shocked and surprised that some Kurds are finally realizing their dirty games. We are organizing and when we see the time is ripe, we will stand and demand freedom. They are shocked  that after years of indoctrinating and brainwashing  20 million of us  to have bore no results.
      little kemal, tell your Al Qaeda leader, erdogan, to change his tactics when dealing with us. 
      PS: And when are you going to pay reparations for 33,000 murdered Kurds?

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