Turkey Confident that Genocide Bill Won’t Come Up

Turkish Ambassador to the US Namik Tan

WASHINGTON–The newly-appointed Turkish Ambassador to the US, Namik Tan, called the pending Genocide resolution in Congress “baseless” and expressed confidence during a speech Tuesday that his country did not expect any adverse steps from “our ally, the US.”

Tan, who was speaking on US-Turkey relations at a conference organized by the Turkish Democracy Foundation in Ankara, warned that the discussion and passage of a Genocide resolution by Congress would lead to what he described as unwanted strains in US-Turkey relations.

“Turkey took a historic step and signed the protocols with Armenia,” said Tan, stressing that Turkey did not set any precondition for the signing protocols.

“We do not anticipate any adverse steps from our ally, the US, this year or anytime in the future,” said Tan. “Taking such a step, especially when cooperation between the two countries is very comprehensive, would deal a serious blow to the process and efforts toward establishing peace in the Caucasus.

Commenting on Tan’s statement Wednesday, Armenian National Committee of America Executive Director Aram Hamparian said: “It’s truly telling that Ambassador Tan’s first public comments came in the form of an angry admission of frustration that his government’s Protocol project has failed to achieve Ankara’s central aim of derailing the growing momentum, in America and internationally, toward universal condemnation and commemoration of the Armenian Genocide.”

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for “Turkey Confident that Genocide Bill Won’t Come Up”

  1. Araxi says:

    Turkey is playing  a hard to get immoral game with the US. I wonder how much longer the US will put up with this kind of immorality.  ENOUGH is ENOUGH.

  2. Lusik says:

    Americans became marionettes of Turks?
    It becomes now simply intriguing – Turks challenge the world (pay and buy offices) to say white to black and black to white. Whose money are in flow? American taxpayers. Some of high-ranked Americans’ travel is also payed to come in person to Armenia and shake the finger “you better behave”.

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