Hackers Attack Agos Newspaper, Foundation Sites

ISTANBUL (Hurriyet)–The Web site of Turkey’s leading Armenian newspaper was hacked in the early hours on Friday. Hackers also attacked the Web sites of two Turkey-based foundations.

Hackers identifying themselves as “AK Hacker” overtook the Agos Web site and put up an image of Ogun Samast, the alleged murderer of the former editor in chief of the daily, Hrant Dink. The image was accompanied by a text that criticized opposition to the ruling party and stated the act of hacking was “an action that will go on to spread like poison to others who oppose the current powers.”

The International Hrant Dink Foundation and the Art for Peace Foundation were also hacked around the same time. An official from the Hrant Dink foundation told the Hurriyet Daily News that they were uncertain if the site was attacked by the same hackers.

An attempt to view the Art for Peace Web site led to an error page bearing the same redirect address as the Agos Web site.

The note on the Agos site also made a chilling threat given the murder of Hrant Dink: “If you do not fix your reporting in the way we see fit, there will be new Ogun Samasts and new Hrant Dinks.”

We provide a translation of the complete text on the hacked site:

“You either love or you leave it. Or like the traitor Hrant, you die and disappear. You are you. You know yourself as much as we know you. You lived through what you deserved and it will continue as such. This act was taken on behalf of the Turkish flag, which is not on your Web site, and in the name of the Turkish Republic, will continue to spread like poison to others who oppose the current powers and everyone who opposes will be affected as such. If you do not change your articles and your words and your actions along the lines that we see fit, then there will be new Ogun Samasts and new Hrant Dinks. Thinking you’re smart is your biggest ignorance. Just as the traitors who have given up their Turkishness will one day be expelled from the borders of this country, Turkey will be cleansed thanks to the current powers in Turkey and all slander campaigns will be unsuccessful and inconclusive from now on. GAME OVER!;”Who are we?; Hate, loathsome, Mco, Mr. Bond ; Do you remember? ; Ak Hackers”


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  1. John Karasarkissian said:

    A turk will always be a turk (lower case T intentional), destructive, disrespectful of others. No one, even God can change that…

  2. Kiazer Souze said:

    Of course there would be some naive people, including Asbarez, that would recomend that we treat these barbarians with respect and not curse them to Jahenem. I’m not one of those people and do wish that they and their ilk go to Jahenem and quickly. They can take Richard Hollbrooke with them as well.

  3. Jay said:

    After reading the last paragraph, I felt like I was going through the same experience as my ancestors did back in April,24th 1915. I can hardly ‘WAIT’ the opening of the borders. I am firm believer of the ARF’s motto,” Miyayn Zenkov gah Hye-yotz pergutyun.” Thank you TASHNAGDZUTYUN.

  4. Norin Radd said:

    It is obvious here who the coward was. Ogun Samasts like a sniveling rat which he is, murdered Mr. Dink in cold blood in an ambush, a more cowardly act is unimaginable. Whoever these clowns are that hacked the website, they are ten times the coward Ogun Samasts was. If they are such “brave warriors”, let them have the courage to be signatories to their own empty threats, then Armenians will teach them exactly who will be the next “victim”.

    It doesn’t take much courage to pull the trigger on a gun like a scared rat in the night the way Ogun Samasts did. If these “Turkish patriots” are so brave, let them show only HALF the courage Hrant Dink did by barking their threats and empty bravado in open public, maybe then they can talk about “bravery” and “courage”, in the meanwhile, they remain anonymous cowards, JUST LIKE OGUN SAMASTS!