ANC-PAC: November 2nd An Armenian American Referendum on Obama

GLENDALE, CA–The Armenian National Committee – Political Action Committee  issued an announcement late last week on the upcoming mid-term Congressional elections, slated for November 2, describing it as an Armenian-American referendum on President Barack Obama’s broken pledge to recognize the Armenian Genocide. We present the complete text of the statement below.

May 27, 2010

As we approach what promises to be among the most competitive mid-term Congressional elections in recent memory, it’s increasingly clear to the Armenian National Committee PAC (ANC-PAC) and all Armenian American leadership groups that voters of Armenian heritage see November 2nd, first and foremost, as a referendum on President Obama’s broken pledge to recognize the Armenian Genocide.

There is today, among Armenian Americans at the leadership and grassroots levels, a growing sense of anger at having been lied to by the President and, fairly or unfairly, an equally strong feeling of frustration with a Democratic Congress whose leadership has failed to deliver the results it has been promising to our community for decades.

As a result, Armenian Americans are eager – perhaps more so than any other single ethnic constituency – to hold the President accountable, not only for breaking his promises or for actively opposing foreign policy issues of special concern to Armenian Americans, but also for demonstrating an open disregard for the civic participation of the very same Armenian American community that he courted so aggressively as a candidate.

Even as we encourage Armenian Americans to vote based on the actual track records of each individual candidate – Democratic or Republican – we are today operating within a strongly anti-incumbent U.S. political environment and a grassroots Armenian American constituency that is powerfully motivated to send a very direct message to Washington this November.

November 2nd will clearly be an Armenian American referendum on President Obama. How that referendum turns out – and its impact on the Congressional election – will depend on whether President Obama, in the weeks leading up to Election Day, decides to revisit his broken pledge and honor his commitments to Armenian American voters. The choice is his. We, and the community we represent, will be watching.

The ANC-PAC is a non-partisan federally registered political action committee established to support campaign committees for Members of Congress who share the values of the Armenian American community. The ANC-PAC is at the forefront of efforts to ensure that the voice of the Armenian American community is clearly heard in our nation’s capital. The ANC-PAC continues a century old tradition of Armenian American engagement on the public policy issues facing national political leaders, both in the U.S. Congress and the White House. For more information, you may logon to


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  1. Alex Postallian said:

    A picture of two denialists.You never trust a politician on his word present or future.

  2. john papazian said:

    Looks like HiC and the 50/50 bar failed live up to thier own promises,again.Will Armenian American voters be courted by Republicans?Tarkanian ran as a Republican,Dukemagians’ a Republican so are we all ready to swing to the right and get lied to by the Christian right the same way we got lied to by the liberal left.

  3. Svetlana Swanson said:

    Those who lack the honor to keep their promise, should be voted out, regardless of their party affiliation.

  4. manooshag said:

    Hye, the inaction of Obama re stepping forth and recognizing the Turkish Genocide of the Armenians
    obviously, is a stumbling block in the efforts to end the cycle of Genocides – forever. Obama’s position shows that he is not cognizant of the issue – Genocides – ending the cycle of Genocides -forever!
    When a Turkey has been committing Genocides for the last three centuries – 19th, 20th, 21st centuries and has “gotten away with murders” and more – scott free – encourages despots to pursue Genocides – now Sudanese with their IN YOUR FACE DENIALS to the world (copying Turkish denials) now denies the Darfurian Genocide! Too, now Turkey is perpetrating Genocide (festering for years) by labelling Kurds as ‘terrorists’ (easier for Turks to appear ‘in the right’ in committing just another Genocide).
    Obama, you missed the boat… you shall have garnered like-minded nations and joined them to end the cycle of Genocides. Hence, your inaction equals reaction – encourages Genocides yet to come.
    For had the Turks been brought to face justice in early 20th century – paid their reparations due and owing the Armenian nation – ALL the Genocides since shall never been perpetrated by depots with their convoluted goals gained via Genocides. No wars, simpler Genocides – eliminate/slaughter violate peoples!
    Turkish deceit, ploys and more were appllied – and now Turkey continues Genocides into 2010.
    Obama, you should be aware too, by recognizing the Turkish Genocide of the Armenian nation you are also facing the real issue which is GENOCIDES – for if only you’d realized the obvious issue – to end the cycle of Genocides. Which, as president, obviously, you and your advisors failed to acknowledge. Turkey the Genocider the winner, Genocide victims the losers… too, the world still continues to suffer Genocides… and too, by your inaction – sadly, who shall be the next Genocide victims?

  5. Christo said:

    I wonder if this is the same PAC that left a message on my answering machine asking me to vote for Obama in Armenian, during the primaries. Yeah, back then I felt I was voting for the right choice, little did I realize that most of these volunteers need a crash course in diplomacy or politics. Can’t believe, just because a muslim smiled at them, they asked their community to vote for him. I can’t believe that these people “Armenians for Obama” are still around. This exclusive condescending club of democrats have hijacked this organization.

  6. manooshag said:

    Hye, Christo, so would you have voted for McCain and Palin? Actually,Republican McCain was not interested in anything to do with the Turkish Genocide of the Armenians – probably Palin too. So, shall you have voted the Republican ticket? Hope springs eternal in the human breast. Hoping that Obama was going to be ‘the president’ whose promise was to speak iup for the Armenians… he lied, or the Turks got to him, or his aides etc. convinced Obama against what he’d promised. So,can’t you just chalk it up to another politician seeking votes lied, again… I was really afraid that if anything happened to McCain whilst he was in office – actually terrifiied – that Palin would be president…And yes, we are still around, and
    so are you.
    P.S. Actually, others now too wish they’d not voted for Obama – not only Armenians.

  7. Christo said:

    Manooshag, I don’t know what’s up with HYE, is that your korean nickname or ur korean way of greeting? It’s very annoying,
    Regardless, It would have been better for us not to be duped and voted for non of the above. At least with any politician who makes the statement I will not recognize the Armenian genocide, is more upfront, than a lying politician who is willing to sell his soul to win votes. A politician who doesn’t want to recognize the genocide, gives us the opportunity to try as hard as we can in order to either change his mind or educated him or her in regards to their views, however, a politician who shares his “supposed” deep feeling towards our cause or genocide , gets the red carpet from our community, builds up his coffers with money then decides to turn his back like Biden, Gephardt, even W. (his best friend from college was an Armenian who was his first contributor to his presidency $400,000) among others. Take a few minutes and reflect back on April 22, 2009?Were you devastated, or elated? How did you feel about his first trip overseas when he decided to pay his respects to RoT? Of all places why RoT, there are 195 plus countries on this planet, that should have been an insight into his intentions.
    By typing the statement, yes we’re still around, then you carry that blame on your shoulders for deceiving this community, because your partisan politics “democrat” is above any Armenian national goals.

  8. Christo said:

    Oh by the way Manooshag, being such a gun ho American, at the end of the day when you meet a WASP, he will still refer to you as a raghead, or a camel jokey, no matter how proficient and Americanized you are. Try to learn and be like an American Jew, no matter what party you are affiliated with, your mail goal is to provide every and any assistance to the state of Israel, and defend Israel and Jewish causes to the tooth and nail, even though deep down you disagree with the issue. Don’t be so partisan, you are only going to be used for their own benefit. HYE

  9. Christo said:

    Manooshag, to make the excuse that the turks go to Obama, or his aids is such a cope out. Please, get real. He needed the votes and he deceived us, I guess he learned a lot in Indonesia. I’m sure you know that it’s not a sin to deceive or lie to a non believer.