Hovannesian Warns of Dangers in EU Resolution

YEREVAN (Yerkir)—Armenian Revolutionary Federation parliamentary faction president Vahan Hovannesian pointed to further dangers in a European Union resolution calling for the immediate “the withdrawal of Armenian forces from all occupied territories of Azerbaijan.”

Hovanessian, who had called a press briefing on his recent trip to Sofia, where he attended a European Partnership for Peace conference, also said that international pressure on Armenia over the Karabakh conflict resolution and relations with Turkey was rising stemming from foreign interests in the region and detrimental to Armenia’s national interests.

By highlighting two other articles in the aforementioned resolution on the South Caucasus, Hovannesian warned that efforts were underway to alter the balance of the OSCE Minsk Group, which has been mediating the Karabakh conflict resolution process.

“This should be prevented. France’s mandate in the Minsk Group should not be turned over to the European Union,” said Hovannesian who explained that resolution was seeking a broader mediating role for Europe by proposing a possible rotating European representation in the Minsk Group.

Another article of the resolution called for the creation of a Black Sea Union, with Russia and Turkey as its key actors. He warned of clear dangers to Armenia’s national interests should such a union be formed and detrimental consequences if Armenia joins this proposed entity pointing to historical examples of consequences of a Russian-Turkish partnership.

Hovannesian criticized the Armenian authorities for making and enforcing controversial decisions, with reckless disregard for public opinion as the impetus for the increased pressure on Armenia by international community, which he said, believed that they can impose any solutions of Armenians.

“Our authorities have failed to realize that they can have a strong position in the international arena only if they have a strong backbone, which is, a society trusting in the authorities. We don’t have such a society today and that is also evident abroad,” explained Hovannesian.

Hovannesian said that the Armenian authorities must be resolute in their approaches to regional and foreign issues and proposed that Armenia withdraw its signature from the Armenia-Turkey protocols to ensure a more equitable approach to the issue.

“Our authorities must realize that they have to listen to the voice of the opposition … that not listening to the opposition leads to deadlock,” he said, adding that by “opposition” he means the ARF.

He added that the ARF will continue to be vigilant and point out and correct the mistakes of the authorities, but warned that if blunders continue there will have to be a change in the leadership of the country.


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  1. Abbe said:

    It must be a change, bacause what I see now is not in ARmenian intressts. Not Artsakh and not even The Genocide “give back land” thing. The leadership is very weak !!

  2. Avetis said:

    Talk is cheep. Instead of blurting out empty rhetoric can Mr. Hovannesian explain to us all why would the proposed Black Sea Union be so dangerous to Armenia? And by the way, what nations, other than CIA backed banana republics, have their opposition politicians running around the world holding press briefings simply to discredit the ruling authorities? Sometimes I feel as if every single ARF member is either an idiot or on a CIA pay role…

  3. Nairian said:

    Well dear Mr. Hovannesian, what are yourselves, I mean the A.R.F. heads are doing about it? We can support you from Diaspora, but you need to act in the Motherland and NOW. The Armenian saying goes; «արդուկը տաք կը ծեծեն». A coup d’etat is in order if our government will not show backbone to outside pressures from the European Union and to Russia-Turkish alliances. We have been for long two years now sitting on eggs in the Diaspora in terms of belligerent pressures from outside entities and countries who are putting pressures on our Representatives against Armenia’s and Artsakh’s safety and sovereignty, I am talking about the horrible protocols. How can we help from Diaspora? It’s important that the A.R.F. and other parties aligned with ARF within Armenia to do the right thing and replace today’s government with ones that have the backbone and above all; enough intelligence and patriotism. Thank you.


  4. Avetis said:

    Freedom of speech in Armenia is dead? Have any of you morons been listening worthless opposition’s insults, attacks and threats on the authorities in Armenia for the past few years? The type of speech allowed in Armenia would not even be tolerated in the US. Bunch of self-destructive idiots!

    Armenia needs a coup d’etat? Are you people freaking retarded or just simply screwed up? You people here are worst than Turks. Seriously Nairian, how old are you?

    The upper echelons of the ARF know very well what is going on. They also know that they would be totally powerless had they been in power. That is why self-serving airbags in the ARF resort to criticizing without providing any answers…

    I’m still waiting. When are you yahoos going to explain to me why the Black Sea Union is a danger to Armenia? And don’t give me a lame answer like – Hovannisian said so.

  5. Vacheh said:

    Mr. Avetis,

    Every-time that you show up on this website insult the Armenians of Diaspora and the ARF, calling us idiots, retarded, morons, yahoos, etc. You then praise the current government of Armenia as the best and ideal.

    You claim that nobody in diaspora knows anything about the Republic of Armenia or about the people living there, and you are the only person who knows the heart of the matters. If you are so clever and knowledgeable, how do you justify that 700,000 Armenians (nearly a quarter of the population) have left Armenia ever since independence. I was in Armenia and I know people who have sold their shops to pay 7000 Euro bribe to mafia and some foreign embassy crooked people to get a visa to move to Germany, France, Netherlands, Spain, etc. for good. When was the last time that you visited Armenia? Are you aware that most of the young educated people in Yerevan consider the situation hopeless and are willing to marry foreign nationals in order to migrate out. Let alone the 30-40% unemployment rate among the young male people and the sub-human conditions that the villagers are living in. Are these signs of a very competent government?

    Before continuously insulting others, you better buy an airline ticket and fly to Armenia and see the situations with your eyes.

  6. Avetis said:


    I’m pretty sure that the evil minds of the current Armenian administration were behind the oil rig explosion in the Mexican Gulf as well, not to mention global warming and the world economic crisis…

    Please reread the nonsense you just wrote. If you don’t find it to be pointless and senseless you need to see a professional. What does any of what you wrote (which were the direct results of the sudden Soviet collaspe and the following chaos caused by Levon Petrosian’s treasonous policies) have anything to do with what’s being discussed? Weren’t we discussing Armenian-Turkish-Russian-Western geopolitics? Didn’t I ask you brainiacs to explain to me why the Black See Union is supposed to be a danger to Armenia?

    Although it’s none of your damn business, let me tell you I have spent more time in the fatherland than probably all your “enkers” put together. Yeghav yavrik?

    Besides making stupid comments and patting each other on the shoulders for insulting and threatening the Armenian president, can you people for once act like responsible grownups? Guess what folks? Serjik is the best president we have yet had, yet he is the most hated. Go figure. And you tell me Armenians are not self-destructive?

    Put aside your utter ignorance, your petty interests, your genocide obsessions and your ARF fairytales and get behind the president. He needs our help. Leading a nation of Armenians must be the most difficult and the most thankless job in the world – and doing it in a tiny, poor and landlocked nation surrounded by enemies in the Caucasus is superhuman.

    You peasants are repeating the same mistakes your pathetic forefather did for hundreds of years…

  7. Raffi said:

    Avetis I’m 100% agree with you..

    Armenia is poor, landlocked, and surended by enemies and even super hero can’t do much.

    The more we complain about how bad the situation is, more we are making Mr. Aliev and Erdogan happy.

    and our help of 15 million telethon money is only a pocket change for a country.

  8. hovo said:

    I definitely agree with Avetis. First of all you don’t forget that Sargsyan is a national hero, he was one of them who won the war. Secon who is levon crropt politician. During his presidency mafia was charge, and wher is Vano? Many countries have faced migration including armenia. I left too now I am helping family back home. Hayer don’t forget that your survival depends on your unity.

  9. A.z. said:

    @ Avetis: I pretty much agree with all that you’ve been saying. I’ve really had it with all those in the diaspora just repeating what they’ve been hearing from their “superiors” without actually assessing the situation themselves (I’ve gotten into soooo many arguments with those in my country that I sort of gave up hope at the fact that there are some ARF youth who are willing to listen and think and arent brainwashed yet). I definitely think that Serzh and Nalbandian are by far the best two we’ve had so far. The problem is that people are just talking without taking or keeping the geopolitical limitations of a country like Armenia into consideration. We are surrounded by a regional power (Turkey) that not only is militarily superior to us, but is also a key NATO member, and one of the most strategic allies of the West. They should Keep that in mind before criticizing every single step the government takes, or before calling for a coup d’etat (it doesnt really surprise me though that such rhetoric is becoming popular now, after all some months ago, the ARF published this 3 stepped approach to overthrowing the government, I think it was published here as well). Also, I think you’ve said it best when you pointed out that most of what they do is criticize without actually proposing any REALISTIC alternatives. And NO! Considering the previous treaties with Turkey as VOID and reclaiming the Western Armenian Lands, are NOT realistic. Look around you and look at the world you’re living in now. Look at the country that you’re dealing with. What kind of fairytale story are these people living in?
    Finally, If im not mistaken I think the reason Hovannesian is advocating against the Black Sea Union is because for them, no good can come whenever Turkey and Russia agree and begin to cooperate. I am guessing, (and im not sure here) but I think the point was that if there is a Black Sea Union created that is headed by Russia and Turkey, then that will definitely improve their bilateral relations and cooperation and could push them to making decisions that do not serve the Armenian interests – as was the case with the Kars Treaty. This is ofcourse what I think they are trying to say. A justification that I strongly disagree with!!

    @ Vacheh: Ofcourse there are people who want to leave the country. Its a known fact that the Armenian economy has not really “recovered” since the breakup of the Soviet Union (although there’s been consecutive years of GDP growth). But this has been the case for almost 15 years now. How is that the current administration’s fault? On top of dealing with the already existent problems of the economy this administration had also to deal with the global financial crisis, etc…One of the main reasons for your current economic malaise is your closed border with Turkey, and the war with Azerbaijan that is forcing your country to spend up to 25% of its GDP on defense every year rather than on development and investment. In order to fix your economy you need to first fix your relations with your neighbors, and every single time the current administration attempts to do that you people oppose, revolt, cuss, swear and call him a “traitor” (among many other things). So please before you start citing examples and situations, just take a moment and think about it. Stop repeating what your ARF heads have told you to say, and just think on your own. (I am a diasporan by the way, and Ive been visiting Armenia regularly ever since 1996, and just so you’d know I do not belong to any Armenian political parties but I am a staunch supporter of the current administration as I believe they’re doing the best they possibly can under the current circumstances (with the limited resources and “tools of leverage” that a country like Armenia has)).

  10. Katia K. said:

    This is really disheartening! We finally have a free Republic again, and it seems that once again we find ourselves without any viable political structure/vision or power. We are busy building expensive churches and “aratchnortarans” in the Diaspora, entrenching us further in other people’s countries,… It would have been fine if our national funds were overflowing… whose responsibility is it to take care of the homeland? While all the other players know exactly where they are going to be five or ten years from now, we have yet to come up with a national vision that involves Armenia, the Diaspora and Artsakh so that we are all moving forward together towards our defined national goals. How can we do that when we all behave as if we are strangers to each other? Strangers competing to prove each other wrong, and competing to build the next better structures on foreign soils (I don’t want to sin again and say better churches. Oops I guess I did). Have we been apart for so long that we do not know how to form one nationality? Are we becoming the “nomads” that we accused the Turks of being? This is the time to put our “pieces” back together by calling for an emergency conference which will involve the representatives of all the major parties in Diaspora, Armenia and Artsakh. Actually we need an Armenia, Diaspora and Artsakh Union, yes much like the Black Sea Union discussed above. An official Union that will be internationally recognized and will give us the political tools to advance our worldwide interests in an internet driven modern fashion. A Union that will define our national vision, goal and direction. Come on, we helped design the Constitution of an entire Ottoman Empire. We can do this. We cannot sit around and wait for the next international summit or treaty between Turkey, Europe and Russia to “react” to. How can anyone take us seriously when our policies are not uniformly centralized, our message has different versions, our priorities are not defined, our homeland is run by oligarchs and our people cannot get themselves to resettle in their homeland like the Jews did? How can the homeland grow strong, when it seems that our focus is more on our individual successes, whether we live in our homeland or in the Diaspora. No homeland without personal sacrifice. No homeland without a healthy democratic political/economic structure. No homeland without leaders with clear visions to guide the masses. No power without unity.
    Will joining the Black Sea Union mean that we will need to forego our demands for our lands in Turkey and Justice for the Genocide? Or will it be an opportunity to be a little more political in a very aggressive and hostile area? Can’t we be part of Unions, but make it clear that our policy is to get justice for the Genocide also? Can we be political enough to manage both? We need to learn from Turkey on how to be everyone’s ally. Turkey helped the US against the Soviet Union during the Cold War, and as soon as the Cold War was done, the Turks had no problem (no face also) to go and make deals with the Russians, while still being the United States top ally.
    After all this time, we are still hanging on to a “toukhteh sherep”. We don’t have oil, fine. We need to push for advancements in technology, agriculture etc in our homeland… We need to at least push for a sound political structure inclusive of the Diaspora, Artshakh and Armenia, … think outside the box and be a little more political. We need to learn how to adapt to changing times.

  11. Arman said:

    Stop your retarded ideas on this page. I was thinking that you have at least some brains but I am sorry to say this, you don’t. Yes your oligarchic government is responsible for everything bad happens in Armenia today. You must be one of the relatives of Armenian oligarchic government or an agent whose purpose is to defend his owners. Common man, what is your purpose on this site? Go do something for your country. You start boring now.

  12. Armenyan said:

    “He needs our help” —he-he!
    How can a man came to power on blood has any hope that people will help him!
    The problem is: We are poor and weak until we have a criminal olygarchic system consisted of several of olygarchs(Vahan Hovhannisyan is not out of that list(maybe not so powerful one as others)). If we are week in the state our position will be weak outside too.

  13. Edward said:

    Citizen Haidarag Russahai Eshuzavag avedis own up and do something you`ve never done – sober up.Before you start puking yer half-witted kgb-inspired cheap self-made vodka on ARF web-sites , please,avedis,learn the bloody CIA english language -we all know how you were sexually abused & molested by all yer camel fathers, but that`s not reason enough to vomit half-assed red stalinist pigswill on those who don`t `think like thou.Why don`t you piss yer pigswill on the pravda@red faggot.com.mail.ru ,tovarish svoloch???

  14. Zareh said:

    I read the earlier comments of Avetis and I was really wandering if he was Armenian, because Avetis is an Armenian name true, but many of the things he was saying were lines that I already came across in azarbajani press. I’m not sure he’s 100% armenian.

  15. john papazian said:

    Avetis you spent time in the fatherland? I knew it you really a German.And maybe you do have point about the post Soviet diaspora,leaving one earthquake zone for another.Theres also a terrible lack of knowledge on the part of most Armenians in America as many just don’t see how mainsteam,or better yet mainstreet America sees us.Oh yeah I for got,what was this article about?

  16. Avetis said:

    John papazian – please, pull you head out of your ass and tell me what the translation is to the Armenian term Hayrenik.

    Zareh – even my toe jam has more Armenian character than you. Please, tell me, which one of my ideas/words are being echoed in the Azeri press.

    Arman – regardless of your service to the Armenian nation I now see you as an enemy of the state. Well meaning nationalists like you are more dangerous to the health and well being of our state than any enemy. You may be decent and brave but you are a total idiot when it comes to understanding the political world you live in.

    Katia and Raffi – It seems to me that you two are of the few here that can actually think. Raffi, what’s more alarming than these low-lives making our enemies happy is that they are creating serious divisions between Armenia and the diaspora by their obsessions, irrationality and hysteria. They feed off of each like demented vermin.

    Efendi Eward – stop acting like a retarded mountain goat.

    You people need to put aside your utter ignorance, put aside your petty interests, put aside your genocide obsessions and your ARF fairytales and get behind our president. He needs our help. Leading a nation of Armenians must be the most difficult and the most thankless job in the world – and doing it in a tiny, poor and landlocked nation surrounded by enemies in the Caucasus requires superhuman strength.

    You peasants are repeating the same mistakes of your pathetic forefathers.

  17. john papazian said:

    Thought that would piss you off Avetis,if thats your real name,you post Soviet types think you can come over here and start up your own little enclave,bitch about the genocide and try to act like Americans.

  18. Vrej said:


    You are VERY VERY VERY right! You spoke from my heart. Bravo!

  19. Zareh said:

    Well avetis aga, quite frankly I shouldn’t even lower myself into talking to you, you really aren’t worth it. But for instance it was an article in azerbajani press saying that if Moscou say jusp Armenia will jump. Same words, same mindset as the azeri. You are not armenian you’re a traitor, goodbye and don’t talk to me, don’t adress me, you’re not to be considered.

  20. Vacheh said:

    Mr. Avetis,

    Your comments look like the comments of a Turkish fellow named Ahmet (or seljuk Ahmet) who shows up from time to time in this web site and insults Armenians of Diaspora and ARF. The only difference that you have with him is that you see everything black and white and your only ideology is to worship Russians. In your narrow vision whoever does not worship Russians must be a CIA agent. People like you are the major contributors for keeping our homeland 50 years back in time. You are not even willing to think about alternate solutions short of kissing Russian hands.

    If you have so much hatred and energy to insult us, why don’t you visit Turkish or Azeri websites and insult them with the same enthusiasm. Leave this web site to people like Arman who have done service to our country or to others who have better and constructive ideas to share with us in a respectful manner. What a hopeless person you are?

  21. Avetis said:

    Turks will be Turks, I rather insult self-destructive vermin like you because you are more of the threat to Armenia’s future than any vile Turk. In final analysis, our problem is not the Turk, it’s our ignorant shortsighted and hysterical people.

  22. Avetis said:

    I just noticed the posts by “Hovo” and “Az”. Bravo comrades, thank you for your thoughtful words. We Armenians need to stay above the self-destructive garbage that seems to be permeating our society these crucial days. There tectonic shifts occurring in this world currently, and we still a majority of Armenians stuck in outdated mindsets. I fear us sinking into oblivion again because of our people’s ignorance and hysteria. Armenia’s only hope is the homeland’s golden core of self-less and farsighted intellectuals.

  23. Avetis said:

    Enker Vrej, unlike these so-called nationalists, not only do I speak for the heart I also speak from the mind. Thank you for your support. I am glad that more-and-more individuals are now coming out here to voice their dismay at the so-called opposition’s self-destructive and hysterical politics…

  24. vahe said:

    Hi everyone, after your done commenting on the avetis vs. edward fight 😛 please go to the link and read about the ‘history of azerbaijan’ and please send a link to everyone you know ASAP. This is essential reading for everybody who wants info on karabakh/azerbaijan, especilly essential for every armenian. Instead of pointlessly spewing derogatory words at other armenians, read this and expose it as many people as you can. God bless all of you, including efendi edward and angry avetis 😛

  25. Avetis said:

    Vahe, what’s “essential” is for individuals like you to get behind our president and work on our problems as a united force instead of pursuing childish endeavors. Stop wasting our time with rhetorical gymnastics and feel-good essays. The fact of the matter is, it may be fake (like many other nation in this world) but Azerbaijan exists nonetheless! And the reality of the matter is that we need to deal with its existence.

  26. Arman said:

    The only person who is dividing Armenians here is you. A couple of times I told you not to, but you continue your pathetic approach. You are not an Armenian. Be an Armenian means think as an Armenian. You don’t think as an Armenian. I have seen people like you in 90’s; they were selling cigarettes, candies and other stuff on the streets of Armenia in a time of war. These people didn’t care about Armenia. These were “dakhlchis” if you remember. You have the same low level morals and thinking as these people.
    Today we have Artsakh thanks to those brave people (the nationalists as you like to call) who gave their lives for it. Our nation got nothing from people like you who constantly try to divide them between bad and good. What can I say to a pathetic existence as you? You don’t deserve even to this message.

    Your arguments are very weak. You need to answer one question though, what keeps back the Armenian government from getting rid of oligarchs? Does this have anything to do with world’s economic crisis? We are not in war now Mr. A.z. Every country spends money for their defense. What kind of retarded thing is to say that Armenia spends 25% of its GDP on defense? Of course Armenia should in a case when azeris do much more. You bring war and blockade as an excuse but these are not real causes. Armenia has two other neighbors whose borders are open, Georgia and Iran.
    Finally, we don’t need a government who bring excuses for their impotence. We don’t need a government who fails in all counts (foreign, social and economical). If they can’t do their job well, (as you stated, there are too many problems) than they have to step down and let the people who can fix the problems step in. This is a common thing in the civilized world Mr. A.z.
    By the way, 80% of the people in Armenia disagree with the current administration, this means that they disagree with your ideas. Open your eyes. You are not fooling anyone here.

  27. Nairian said:

    Dears Vacheh, Arman, Zareh, Edward and John Papazian; you men are gentlemen and thank you.

    Dear Katia, what you put out above would be ideal only if we could materialize it in the near future. I am quoting what you said above that Armenia, Artsakh, Diaspora should come together and form same as the Black Sea Union. Frankly we are very intelligent people; but we have to unite and put all our heads together. It’s a great thought if only it could materialize and in the very near future. Very good points Katia jan, of course I am with you. Our organizations have come together in Diaspora in regards to the protocols; but we must be more actively involved and do much better now. Enough is enough of giving in to outside very negative and harmful pressures, such as the European Union, the Turkish and Russian alliances, USA’s stand with the Turks and the “azeris” and the US now sending Bryza to “azerbaijan” who is himself married to a Turkish political woman very much against our cause and wishing the demise of both Armenia and Artsakh. You made me chuckle but also with pride when you remembered that we helped design the Constitution of the Turkish empire; it was our beloved intelligent Krikor Zohrab who did it and then the Turks had him killed in 1915. That was the Turkish way of saying thank you to our genious Mr. Zohrab. In short, oh yes it would be great if soon we could form such an alliance with the trios (Armenia, Artsakh and Diaspora) united we’ll be stronger and better to stand against Russian, USA’s, Turkey’s, “azerbaijan’s” and the European Union’s harmful pressures against the continuation of our sovereignty as well as Artsakh’s.

  28. Avetis said:

    Ընկեր Արման, ամոթ է: Սկսել էս քամի փչել, վերջ տուր:

    Stop mixing apples and oranges. You people have no valid arguments regarding politics, so like cowards you resort to the same old crap about “oligarchs” and corruption. Well, guess what? Oligarchs actually exist in all nations, as well as nations of the West. Having said that, I understand that Armenia has a problem with its Levon era businessmen. These self-serving people are actually not much less powerful than the sitting president. Yes, this has to change but although there are some signs that the current administration is finally beginning to address this problem, president Sargasyan can’t do it alone (his brother is also a problem). Nonetheless, Armenia’s problem with corruption is a reflection of its people, not the government per se. I have said this a million times already, I’ll say it again since most of you are dense. Governments are an accurate reflection of the people they rule over. In other words, every people deserves the government it has. Serj Sargsyan, even if he tried, would not be able to cure a sickness that permeates throughout Armenian society today, in and out of the diaspora.

    Nevertheless, what does any of this have anything to do with the brilliant diplomatic work being carried on by Sargsyan and his administration. Why don’t you self-destructive peasants pick and chose your battles wisely. Why don’t you support our president on the international stage? At the very least, shut the hell up and give our enemies the impression of unity as you continue your crusade against “corruption” in the nation.

    Act like grown ups! Or is that too much to ask you you “nationalists”?

  29. Edward said:

    Ha ha ha ,bravo ,mashalla hishalla evalla ,glorious avedis djan – this is ten out of ten you outdid yerself this time comrade avedis.You ordred the ignorant peasants from the `hopelessly americanized` diaspora to jump like circus monkeys in front of your mother and father russia and we were just about to do that,assuming you would cast the whip, but now you shine like a clown-`the brilliant diplomatic work carried on / it should read out/ by seriga sergay &his aadministration`Quite brilliant – one year of udel hmel drdig nedel & abushutiun hosel about the protocols – and where are we now a year after – back where we were before or even further back?It`s also nice to see a bright mind like you to tell the armenians to SHUT UP!!!Ha ha ha, AVEDIS DJAN ORDERING THE ARMENIANS TO SHUT UP!!!This is not the sick red man`s /pardon,camel`s/ joke of the century ,its the joke of the new millenium.Molodets, azis avedis,ochen horosho, zasluжil sebya vodku,/you earned your vodka/ Now dear compatriots, I,peasant Edward solemnly join our present day Uncle Joe-that is wise tchenghiz avedis to SHUT UP,or else-it`s Siberia for you.Arman,do we have labor camps in Alaska?If not, we`ll have to turn it back to mother russia &she / I mean the she-camel avedis/will do what is necessary.

  30. A.z. said:

    @ Arman: I think Avetis said it best when he used the term “dense” to describe most of those commenting here. 1. You mention that 80% of the population in Armenia are against the protocols. First of all, Im not sure where you got your figures from. I mean even the most “fanatic” ARF people are saying 60% (Which is of course very very exaggerated as well). Secondly, the fact that 80% are against a certain policy, doesn’t mean that that policy is particularly bad. Let’s take the case of Egypt for example: When the former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat signed a peace treaty with Israel, he acted against almost 100% of the public opinion in his country. Now, almost 30 years later, Egypt is developing while the others who missed the chance, aren’t. What I’m trying to say is that public opinion is not necessarily an indicator of how good or bad a certain policy is. This becomes particularly true is our case, as not only do we have a controversial issue, but there also is an opposition party that is quite good at brainwashing (as history has proven) and through propagating incorrect information and instilling unreal fears in the hearts and minds of the “masses”( who are relatively easily misguided), taken advantage of the situation to expand its popular base. Just so you’d know, the Turkish Armenian negotiations began almost 5-6 years ago, when Kocharyan was in power, why wasn’t the ARF complaining then? Why weren’t you people bringing up the whole “oligarch” and “corruption” issues then? These problems and issues aren’t created overnight. They didn’t appear after Sarkissian’s rise to power. These were problems that were there ever since day 1. At least the current administration is attempting to do something about it, and attempting to address the issue.
    Now, regarding the earlier points. Honestly, it took me some time to understand what you’re trying to say. I mean you did in more than one way contradict yourself twice in just one paragraph. So ill try and reply to what I think you said and hope that i get it right. First of all, if you think that Armenia spending 25% of its (already small) GDP on defense yearly, is a retarded thing, well I really think you need to go back to uni and enroll in one of those intro to political science classes, maybe then you’d understand why its not a retarded thing. Armenia is only spending 25% on defense because it is still at a state of war with Azerbaijan. YES, we are at war. The Cease-fire that is in place doesn’t mean that we’re not at war. And as long as you are at war, you are bound to spend on your defense and military. Now Azerbaijan can afford to do that as a result of the revenues its making from all the oil, at the same time YOU can not afford to be dragged into an arms race with Azerbaijan because you do not have the capacities and resources to compete. In order for a country like Armenia to prosper and become more “democratic” and get rid of corruption, it first needs to end the war and hostilities with both its neighbors, in order to be able to concentrate on domestic issues.
    You suggested to use the other 2 borders instead. Let me just tell you that Armenia’s southern border accounted for only 5% of all trade during 2005-2006. So now you got 1 border left. With the instabilities and high freight prices that Georgia applies due to its monopolistic situation, you’re always at a disadvantage.

    Finally, just a small lesson in history. When you say “Every country spends money for their defense. What kind of retarded thing is to say that Armenia spends 25% of its GDP on defense?”, I expect you to continue and rebuttal my point. You can’t just call it “retarded” and stop there. I mean I expect you to explain to me why my point is retarded and not you. Ok, so back to our history lesson. There is no doubt that “every” country spends a certain % of their budget on defense. But the difference is that there are countries that can afford to do that and there are countries that can not. You see, the arms race and the increased defense budgets of the former USSR is one of the main reasons behind its fall. Go ask your history professor. In Armenia’s case you are forced to spend because you’re at a state of war, and your opposition IS spending, so you have to match that. That automatically means that your already-limited resources and budget is being diverted, while there are many different developmental programs and issues to build on. So unless you’re able to end the war and open your borders, you will not be able to develop and grow and deal with the problems that you’ve identified.
    So please instead of just whining, cussing and opposing, tell your masters who have brainwashed you, what do they propose to do? Start a military campaign and invade Azerbaijan? Cut all ties with Turkey, and claim sovereignty over the Eastern Turkish lands? or maybe we should all wear ARF headbands and run and invade Turkey!! Please tell me because up until now, all ive heard from you people is whining whining whining but no real alternatives (other than of course carrying out a coup d’etat) .

  31. Nairian said:

    Hye, whoever or whomever posted above. First off Egypt can never be compared with today’s newly formed and fragile Armenia. Egypt is a country very well established, in its own place for thousands of years without having to have lost her people, her lands nor her sovereignty. We cannot compare a huge elephant with a small animal. Armenia has been robbed of her sovereignty under soviet regime for over 70 years. Armenia lost most of her population during the 1915 through 1923 years in Western Armenia and there were a mere 800,000 population left in the Republic of Armenia then. Armenia today is a very tiny country, newly formed after the soviet collapse and vehemently fighting for her survival, thanks to the demise of the protocols and Levon Der Bedrossian’s belligerent unpatriotic behaviours to form an alliance with the enemy Turks and even wishing to give away our Artsakh (after we won the war) and not demanding to sign a peace declaration with the “azeris” right after winning the war in Artsakh. True, Kocharian continued the bad trend of corruption and he should have gone to war against the “azeris” right after the Julfa incident (some would argue that it was or was not possible) but he should have acted more manly about it and throughout the world, as the cultural elements that were destroyed belonged to the world as well as to the Armenians. However, Kocharian did not agree to a degradable and very dangerous protocols with Turkey. Sarkisian did and he is still not completely getting rid of it. That’s why ARF heads are raising awareness both in our Motherland and in Diaspora, during and after Armenia’s signatures with our enemy the Turks on the protocols, when Turkey blockaded us, committed the first Genocide of the 20th century and continues vehemently to deny it all over the world, and he is always siding with the “azeris” vermins against our Artsakh’s right for her complete independence that she surely deserves and to be united with Armenia proper. Sarkisian with his cronies and his oligarchs is reigning Armenia with an iron fist. He kept it a secret for a long while, the matter of the protocols and clauses in it. He didn’t even let his people rally on the streets to put an end to it; because obviously they were very dangerous to the existence of Armenia’s sovereignty. And because of the protocols, the US and Russia are constantly pressing Sarkisian to give in to their whims and playing football with Armenia and Artsakh. If Sarkisian didn’t forge his presidency, all these things should not have happened and he wouldn’t be cornered today from world powers. Huge corruption still exists in Armenia and the people are suffering. Most of the 3 Million people in Armenia are not living well, but they are poor, desolate and in destitute. There is a certain radius around Yerevan that the rich oligarchs are living in tip top shape; but most of the population in Armenia are in need to make ends meet. These are some of the things that we are rightfully putting them on the table against the Sarkisian regime.

  32. Avetis said:

    A.z. Barvo comrade, an excellent commentary and a very lucid/objective take on matters. But don’t hold your breath, it’s going to go right over their empty heads. Studying the histories of people like Armenians, Greeks, Georgians and Russians one learns that self-destructive peasants don’t calm down until they have utterly destroyed the house they live in…

    Nairian, you still haven’t told me how old you are. I’m guessing, 16. Am I close? If so, at least be smart enough to understand that you need to live some more before things in this world make more sense to you.

  33. john papazian said:

    So what are the ansewrs Avetis? You say the diaspora are clueless,right? You bailed on the homeland,excuse me,”fatherland”,it seems to me you missed your calling. Why not take up the cause at home where ever that is? Post genocide diaspora are pretty much Americanized,where as post Soviet diaspora are still learning that in America some people are more equel than others.All this talk is just that and none of it makes a damn bit of f_&%$#g difference.You say Armenian Pride,well thats just great,take arms against the Azeris,thats great to. Acknowledging the situation and realizing,yeah we can go to war for land,and even win,but it will cost more than its worth.

  34. Avetis said:

    Johny, the “answers” are found in the several previous posts. God gave you a brain to process what you are seeing, reading and hearing. Use it.

  35. A.z. said:

    @Avetis: Thanks for the comments Avetis. I have to say you’re doing a pretty good job yourself :). I truly believe that the problem with most of those here is simply the fact that they’ve stopped using reason and logic a looooooong time ago, and just gave themselves up to being politically brainwashed by the political parties, such as ARF, whose main target is simply to oppose ANY decision that the current administration makes, and attempting at broadening their popular base by simply reiterating a nationalist and extremist agenda that is usually appealing to those with no political background or awareness of the balances of power, and geopolitics involved. Reading their comments makes me sometimes feel we’re talking about a different country: one that could military defeat any country in the world if it wanted to. I really think they all need to go back to uni or just attend some Polisci 101 classes, before commenting.

    Anyway, great work, and its great to know that there are still some sensible ppl out there who arent easily brainwashed by the ARF propaganda machine.

    @ Nairian: Your comments about Egypt couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, Egypt is a very good example to be compared with Armenia back when it signed the peace treaty (1979). Im not sure if you’re aware of these facts or not, but Egypt only became truly independent in 1952 – after the coup d’etat. Before that it was colonized by the French and later the British. And although Wikipedia (Im guessing from your comments that you’re the kind of person that uses wikipedia) might tell you something different, the fact of the matter is that it was the British and not the Egyptian who made the decisions and ran the country up until the 1952 revolution. And so yes, it was similar (not exactly similar) to the situation in Armenia. Moreover, the country couldn’t have been more chaotic when the negotiations for signing the treaty was taking place. Since 1952, Egypt was undergoing a process of nationalization, it participated in 4 wars (1948, 1956, 1967, 1973), there were a lot of uprisings, and the rulers weren’t democratically elected. YET, the leader of the country, realized that the best course of action was to resort to peace with Israel, and when the rest of the Arab countries didn’t join the peace effort, it went ahead on its own and against the popular will. Today Egypt has flourished and become more developed while countries like Syria are still backward (relatively speaking). So there are many similarities and such a comparison is valid. The moral of the story is that public opinion is not necessarily the RIGHT option, especially in our case where most of the public is brainwashed, and whether intentionally or unintentionally, is propagating and furthering the political agenda of the party that has brainwashed them – the ARF.

    The language of your message really indicates and is an example of everything that is wrong with our people. The ARF isn’t raising awareness just for the sake of it, or for the country’s “good”, but rather to further its own political agenda – namely, to become more popular and to come to power, a situation that would only lead to more blood being shed and more catastrophes. That is what we can not afford. The whole world is developing while people like you are still talking about going to war with Azerbaijan. Do you even know the kind and magnitude of losses/casualties/damages that such an act could lead to. Do you have any clue what you’re talking about. Do you know that you’re dealing with a country that has improved its military arsenal extensively during the past 15 years, and is just waiting for a single mistake from the other side to unleash all that it has compiled. Even IF Armenia ends up victorious in such a case, do you have any idea the kind of damage and devastation the country will witness? Trust me even your Telethon money that you collect will not be enough to fix a portion of what has been destructed. Stop being short sighted, and stop encouraging such politically immature decisions. NOT everything is fixed by wars and battles – im sure that’s not what you’ve heard from all your ARF leaders. What have thy told you? that Armenia would easily defeat Azerbaijan, and hold off Turkey, and the global community, and live happily ever after?? well darling, that’s certainly not the case.

    Anyway, Im still waiting for someone to tell me some alternatives/suggestions that ARF leaders have proposed so far. Other than whining and coup d’etats, is there anything out there that you’ve proposed?

  36. Edward said:

    Dear A.Z.-egyptian lover &avedis bedfellow,can you tell me how many armenians were there in Egypt before its `flourish` and how many are there now and why?Why dont you ask an armenian refugee from Egypt to tell you how corruption rules in this beautiful land.The country I live in is full of egyptian immigrants and they tell of a very desperate situation.It is true Egypt`s leaders don`t care about public opinion – they care about their money in Swiss banks – this is how they signed their `protocols` with the jews -they were bought with bribes – just like unger Seriga Sergay who should go preach to his brother just as you should go have a vodka with yer stalinist bedfellow red avedis.Red fascists like you & yer president are going to end the way the egyptian president who signed the `protocols` with the arabs did.R.I.P.

  37. Edward said:

    Dearest A.Z. where are you waiting to hear the suggestions of ARF leaders – in your local KGB vodka parlour ? they have made them on their web sites, in their papers, magazines radio&tv stations – the only people who whine,insult and puke their half-witted stalinist pigswill are you &avedis,but you probably are one person writing in 2 guises.If you & yer clone avedis are deaf dumb &blind others are not like you – and thats not a reason to insult their intelligence tovarish A.Z.

  38. Nairian said:

    Edward jan, you made good points and thank you. Israel vs. Egypt and Turkey vs. Armenia are very different from one another. For beginners, Israel did not annihilate more than 1.5 Million Egyptians and sat on Egyptian soil. Egypt was always pretty much on her own for thousands of years nor was she blockaded by Israel because Egypt was landlocked. Yes the British and in Napolean times they pretty much controlled Egypt, as the Brits have always done it, especially in Africa. But Gamal Abdel Nasser in 1952 when he became president, slowly but surely worked on freeing Egypt from outside sources and Europeans. First, he got rid of the Akhwans and put them in prisons, then he deliberately worked to make his people very patriotic Egyptians as he himself was. Yes, he nationalized the businesses and a great many wealthy and business owners had heart attacks, left the country as did more than 25,000 Armenians who lived in Egypt, some going away to North America and others to Australia, but also because Nasser aligned himself with the Soviet Union and the Bolsheviks; although the radical muslims would never become Bolsheviks; but a great many Europeans as well as the Bashas and the rich who’s businesses were confiscated, left Egypt because of it. However, Nasser was a very patriotic Egyptian, and he was loved by his people until he died. Anwar Sadat wasn’t looked upon by his people to be patriotic like Nasser. The Arabs felt deceived by him because he aligned himself with the United States and they hated him for that and then they killed him. Yes, there is a huge difference between Israel/Egypt vs. Turkey/”azerbaijan and Armenia. We are landlocked, very newly formed and very tiny. Plus we are sandwiched between two number one enemies; Turkey and “azerbaijan”. Ours is a heck of a lot fragile situation than Egypt, as Israel didn’t lie in their protocols to the Egyptians; but Turkey cannot be relied upon as we can see and hear from the news. I wish we were in the same predicament as Egypt was, but we aren’t.

    I support A.R.F. because ARF has vision and patriotism. Two very important elements to rule a country, any country. For the record, I don’t support to create a war with the “azeri” vermins. I believe that our Representatives must drop the protocols altogether, so that “azeri” gay friends of the heads of the EU wouldn’t dare to demand Armenia to pull out of our lands surrounding Artsakh and make dangerous demands to Armenia. After all, if Sarkisian didn’t rig his presidency votes, he wouldn’t have to go through the dangerous protocols to begin with. He should start showing his manliness to the world powers and their dangerous demands must be stopped for the sake of our sovereignty and for Artsakh.

  39. Katia K. said:

    Thanks Nairian for liking my idea of an Armenian Diaspora Artsakh Union… You are absolutely right, we need one to be put together right away… Is anyone hearing this?
    We Armenians have been through so much that unfortunately we tend to all have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder that makes us each cling to our ways which is causing a paralysis that is stopping us from evolving to fit in the 21st century. We need to take our old ways, change them if they don’t work fine-tune and evolve them to fit the changing times. If Oligarchy is killing Armenia, it has to stop, if Democracy and healthy economy are nonexistent than we need to work towards those goals, if we are not diplomatic enough we need to forge closer alliances with other countries, if we do not have good communication with each other than we need to spend time and get to know each other better instead of just shouting at each other… If we do not adapt to the changing times, at the same time fighting for justice for the Genocide, our voice is once again going to drawn in an ever changing, fast paced world.

  40. Nairian said:

    You are welcomed Katia jan, and I thank you for coming up with good thoughts. Instead of fighting with one another, wouldn’t it be better if we differ with having broad shoulders and stop attacking one another, like some people have demonstrated in here; and start thinking and working always having in mind our goal, and what is our goal? A united Armenia, Artsakh and Diaspora, and then having our Wilsonian Armenia to be returned to us as was mentioned in the Wilson Arbitration Award (a legal document), having Armenia to prosper both economically and socially. I know it’s a dream, but we have to see to it that our dreams will materialize, at least while we are still alive. We have to put our heads together and work diligently towards our sacred cause.