Sarkisian Rules Out Turkish Role In Karabakh Talks

YEREVAN (Combined Sources)–Armenia plans no further fence-mending negotiations with Turkey and will continue to oppose any Turkish involvement in the ongoing international efforts to resolve the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, President Serzh Sarkisian said on Wednesday, reported RFE/RL.

Visiting the southern Russian city of Rostov-on-Don, Sarkisian again blamed Turkey for the effective collapse of the Turkish-Armenian agreements to normalize bilateral ties. He defended his decision in late April to freeze Armenian parliamentary ratification of the two “protocols.”

“The main reason for that is very simple: Turkey is today not prepared to ratify the protocols,” he told leaders of the local Armenian community. “In order to justify the collapse [of the normalization process,] it is setting more and more preconditions. Furthermore, it is trying to intrude a sphere — I mean the process of resolving the Artsakh (Karabakh) issue — where it obviously has nothing to do.”

“At the moment, we have nothing to discuss with an unreliable and untrustworthy partner which periodically breaches preliminary understandings,” Sarkisian said in remarks posted on his website.

The Armenian leader similarly accused Turkey of wasting its “stock of confidence as a partner in negotiations” during a visit to Brussels last week. He referred to the Turkish linkage between protocol ratification and a Karabakh settlement acceptable to Azerbaijan. Yerevan argues that neither protocol makes any reference to the Armenian-Azerbaijani dispute.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has claimed, however, that Karabakh peace is an implicit requirement of the Turkish-Armenian agreements signed in October. Accordingly, Erdogan and other Turkish officials have pressed the U.S., Russian and French mediators to step up their peace efforts.

Ankara has also signaled its desire to gain a role in the Karabakh negotiating process. Armenian leaders have ruled that out, saying that the Turks can not act like honest brokers because of their close ties with and unwavering support for Azerbaijan.

Sarkisian on Wednesday again excluded any peaceful settlement that would lead to the return of liberated Karabakh territory to Azerbaijani rule. “We are not going to haggle over the Artsakh people’s right to self-determination,” said the president.

While freezing the Turkish-Armenian deal, Sarkisian was careful not to formally rescind it, a stance that has earned him praise from the United States and the European Union. Like official Yerevan, the Western powers say Armenia and Turkey should establish diplomatic relations and open their border without any preconditions.

During his visit to the south Russian region, Sarkisian traveled to the local Armenian church and a museum dedicated to the memory of Armenian soldiers from the Myasnikyan region killed during World War II. The Armenian leader also met with Rostov’s municipal leadership and members of the area’s Armenian community.


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  1. John Ahmaranian said:

    Un-honorable Mr Erdogan,
    Mind your own business! You have nothing to do with Karabagh.
    If you want to reach Karabagh, open your border with Armenia without any precondition.
    After doing so, you may visit Kharabagh as a tourrist. The conflict over there is between Armenia and
    Azarbayjian. Do not put your fingers in every pie !
    You already have many problems. Stick to them.

  2. Daniel said:

    If Armenia does not settle the Karabagh conflict soon, they will be forced to do it at worse terms in 10 years from now with an ever stronger Turkey. Armenia should seize the moment and settle for a mutually compromisory agreement.

  3. Harut said:

    I dont want to call erdogan mr becuase he does not deserve it as a politcian i will call him double faced
    moron that is facing internal and external problems as we speak, so what you need to do is very very simple
    mind your own problems and get ready to answer what was in the mavi marmara ship with the turkish flag
    on it going to gaza , this is the big question that i like to ask.

  4. Harut said:

    Bravo Paron Sarkisian asesik inch vor petk er ev ayo aysor turke inke tex chuni ev chi unena voch Xarabaxum ev vochel vorevise harsum vor ka mer Xarabaxi xntire, de arten bolores el gitenk menk azatagrelov Xarabaxe da mer hoxernen ev klinen hur havityanes, ev arten ayl ujere tesnum en te
    inchpese aliyeve sharunakum ir paylevanutyune tatroni dashtum bays chi stasvum.

  5. Ishkhan Babajanian MD said:

    As Armenian realize even with the free and democratic election of Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) Neither US Nor European Union or big brother Russian recognized the Karabakh people’s rights. Armenian as well as our president should know that nobody cares about Armenia or Artsakh people. Praising Mr. Sargsyan for “freezing” instead of withdrawal from the Turkish- Armenian Protocols deal, is just a deception.
    This Protocols is not and will not be on our national interests. Soon or later they are going to try different tactics and politics to gain more from this “freezing protocols” …….. Therefore it’s in Armenian national interests to Withdraw from this harmful Protocols as soon as possible .
    As Armenian’s say (Cheka Charik Arants Bariki )

  6. Alex Postallian said:

    ITS ABOUT TIME!!!!! Say goodbye to YELLOW STAIN turkey.

  7. Nairian said:

    Yes Alex Postallian; it’s about time and we expected to demonstrate much more manliness from Sarkisian and his cronies. That ugly bad Turk, the president of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe should have been sent back where he came from immediately when he refused to visit to pay homeage to our 1.5 Million Martyrs at Dsidsernagapert. Sarkisian, instead of freezing he should have long put the darn protocols in the incinerator-garbage. Sarkisian or Kocharian, should have raised hell in the world when our 3,000 Khatchkars were demolished by the “azeri” soldiers in Julfa, Nakhichevan. Because Sarkisian is delaying by completely getting rid of the degenerate protocols, the European Union have the odesity to put hard demands towards our Artsakh’s self determination possibilites by being completely and on the side of our enemy, the “azeri” vermins. The world powers; such as the U.S. and Russia, they should both be put in their place and Sarkisian should show some manliness and fight for our sovereinty, both for Armenia and for Artsakh’s existence. None of the liberated lands must be returned to the man-eating vicious animals the “azeris”. Further, Sarkisian should see to it that the oligarchs and them do not reign Armenia singlehandedly; but make room to breath freely for the 3 Million Armenian people living in Armenia so that they will not leave but be able to make ends meet for their families and stay. He should put an end to corruption and the oligarchs. Democracy should reign in Armenia. All of these things and more. I am sure if he will try to be taking the high road into more legitimacy and patriotism in Armenia, things will start getting better, both on the homefront and to put a stop from unwanted and dangerous pressures from the world powers. (U.S. and Russia).

  8. Sarkis said:

    Thanks Mr. President but no thanks.

    First, I don’t think he was very careful not to rescind the protocols. He was told to so by the US and Europe when he attended the Nuclear Safety Conference, as a face saving measure for all those who instigated them.

    Second, Turkey got in the protocols everything it always wanted. Genocide on the back burner, borders recognized, no more land claims, territorial integrity without self-determination clause. But they still wanted more. They want Karabagh returned too, they want Armenia completely annihilated, eliminated from the map.

    Sorry Mr. President, but if Turkey had signed the protocols, you would gone ahead and signed it too, as you claimed Armenia was ready to do so, given your majority in parliament. That wouldn’t have been victory for Armenia as you would have proudly claimed it. It would have been self-perpetrated genocide of the Armenian people by its own government.

  9. john papazian said:

    Is this a sign of actual independence? Eventually the Azeris are going to let go any way,I’m sure they don’t want an Armenian wellfare state in Azerbiajan.Maybe in the short term we can make some progress with the Turks scince they have thier hands full with Isreal and the Kurds.

  10. Avetis said:


    If Turkey “got everything it wanted” in the protocols, why have they then not ratified it? Could it be that Ankara sees the protocol as serving Armenia’s interests and not theirs? Why are you self-destructive peasants so mindless? Although it’s not saying much, Serj is the best president we have yet had. At the very least, under his watch, Armenia and Artsakh have never been stronger and Yerevan has been sitting at the table with the regional powers as a major player. If you boneheads call yourselves nationalists then get behind the man and help him make our case in front of the world community.

    Now watch, some bonehead is going to bring up “corruption” and “oligarchs” in Armenia…

  11. john papazian said:

    Alright Avetis,”major player” are you kidding? Major pain in HiCs’ foreign policy is more like it. Stronger than ever you say,compared to what? I’m just another f_&%#$@g observer right? Write a check at church then live cushy American life right? Patriotism only works in the country your in. Americas intrests are not tied to Armenia and niether are the Russians. Would I go to the homeland,yeah sure as a tourist.As for corruption,name one government,country,or state without it.

  12. manooshag said:

    Hye, Serge/Edward – your days in office should be limited, as you well know by now… have the ‘guts’ to end the Protocols… Your intentions for Haiastan has been to benefit yourselves first, then please other nations,
    and Haiastan is last on your list. Haiastan deserves leaderships that are for Haiastan first, last and always –
    patriots who are of the caliber of our leaders of the Armenian nation of the 1918-1920, dedicated/selfless in all their efforts for our Armenian people. Fledgling Armenia today has need of such patriots who seek to advance the needs of all Haiastan – not just the ‘oligarchs’ enriched and entrenched in Yerevan – taking from
    the nation instead of giving to advance the young nation – Armenia.
    Serge/Edward you have done your ‘”est” – now move out – and allow patriots dedicated to pursue Haiastan for all Haiastansis – for all the Armenians in all the nations where the Survivors’ fled and their families
    still are in pursuit of ‘angagh Haiastan’… free from the Turkish yoke – together. Aysor.

  13. manooshag said:

    Hye, in reply to Avetis,
    To quote you “some bonehead you said is going to bring up ‘corruption and oligarchs’ in Armenia. Well, I am proud to be a bonehead who takes issue with you – a non-bonehead?
    Where do you suggest we should “bury” corruption and oligarchs – in Armenia. OR, shall oligarchs and corruption by the accepted way of life in Yerevan, et al..?
    Obviously, Serge and Edward have done their ‘best’ – pockets full – to leave Haiastan whilst they are ahead. Haiastan, rising from the ‘hells’ of the loss of lands, Genocide, and more deserves the finest and the best of our Armenian patriots to lead our Haiastansis – not a Serge/Edward, wrong people in the wrong place at the wrong time. Their resignations would be the best ‘gift’ for azad Haiastan.

  14. Avetis said:

    Johny, the simply fact that a Turkish politician had to swallow his ride and travel to Armenia 2008 to start the negotiation process should be enough to show the self-destructive peasants here that Armenia today is a major political player in the south Caucasus. Instead of your self-hate and hysteria see if you can read some of the geopolitical analytical pieces being produced in various different nations that address this matter.

    Reading the utter nonsense produced by these “manooshag” characters, I’m simply amazed at how low the intellectual caliber is on these boards and Armenian society in general.

  15. Christo said:

    Your are right Mr. Usurper, it’s interesting that most of the time you wear a red tie. Is it to remind you for the blood that was shed in order for your to proclaim yourself the president of Armenia, or is it your subconscious letting us know that deep down ur a turk!
    Yeah your right, there is a new set of protocols being negotiated, but then again you think that we are fools!

  16. Nairian said:

    Dear Manooshag jan, please don’t even pay mind to that dirty mouth, dirty minded low life Avetis and how he continuously sinks low real low. Just don’t pay mind and he’ll go away.

  17. Arman said:

    Mr. Serjogly,

    You are the reason that turkey tries to put its nose in to Artsakh conflict. Specifically your football diplomacy. Many Armenian organizations tried to warn you about this but as we saw you were more stupid than we could think of you.
    Until now you keep the Armenian signature on the protocols. What is the reason Mr. serjogly? If you can see the turkey’s bad intention, than what is the reason that you don’t recall the Armenian signature?

    This puppet and his oligarch government have to step down. Nothing will change in my mind about a person who thinks Agdam is not our land in the case where Tigranakert’s ruins are found in there.
    He must go!

  18. Avetis said:

    You self-destructive peasants are proof that we Armenians can’t have democracy anytime in the foreseeable future. God forbid policy making decisions are put in the hands of you obsessive, hysterical and clueless peasants. What our troublesome sheeple need is a iron handed ruler to mercilessly crush them and anybody else within the nation that dares to sabotage national policy or get in the way of progress, including the filthy businessmen in the country that are almost as powerful as the current president. Unfortunately, Serj Sargsyan, as capable as he is in foreign affairs, is not fully capable of eliminating the powerful “nakharars” and the troublesome peasantry in his country.

    Seeing the ineffectiveness of Armenia’s Republican party in domestic affairs, seeing the vile hypocrisy and shallowness of Armenia’s so-called opposition and seeing the utter stupidity of the Armenian masses in and out of the homeland, I will simply resort to praying… praying for a president like Vladimir Putin.

  19. Raffi said:

    Protocol was so close to destroy Armenia.

    Turkey by caring to much for Armenians decided not ratify it… lol

  20. Alex Postallian said:

    Its about time Armenia and YELLOW STAIN turkey sit down, and try to correct their differencesArmenia be demanding,not mealy mouth and scared eyes. Yellow Stain turkey admit your faults,and quit trying to make a fool worldwide.ITs called DIALOGUE.The only problem with the YELLOW STAIN turkies they been lying,so, they dont know the truth Lastly,let the rest of the countries,stay out of the negogiations,they only screw everything up, with their insincere help.Too much talking,not enough DOING.

  21. Avetis said:

    Raffi jan, isn’t it just hilarious? The dreaded “protocols” is so dangerous for Armenia that even Turks don’t want it for us. I never realized how humanitarian Ankara has become these days. Well, all this would have been funny had it not been so dangerous for the future of our homeland. However, did you ever in your life thought Armenians could be this destructive, this irrational or this mindless? To tell you the truth, I didn’t. I was just as gung-ho about our collective ability as any self-respecting Armenian…

    My rude awakening was March 2008, when I saw a significant portion of the Armenian population get into a self-destructive frenzy like a bunch of primitive sub-Saharan Africans; and my second rude awakening was watching how our people, especially in our diaspora, descend into this absurd, mindless, obsessive hysteria just because our president was wise enough/courageous enough to risk pursuing a matter of vital strategic importance to the Armenian nation.

    Nevertheless, these frenzied peasants are far removed from reality. I don’t take seriously the “people” of any given nation, I rather blame the treasonous political leaders that are leading the sheeple against the Armenian state at a such a critical moment in world history. Left to the devices of these morons the Armenian sate will again disappear overnight, as it has so many times throughout our history. Like I said, these ARF representatives are either screwed-up, self-serving idiots or simply on CIA payroll. Knowing the ARF well, I would say they are both…

  22. Armanen said:


    Thank you for shedding some light on the geopolitical situation Armenia finds itself in as well as some domestic issues which face Armenia.

    God bless Armenia!

  23. Edward said:

    Yes, avedis pray for president Putkin,meanwhile while you pray you can go to Gory to lick his master`s ass -althogh rotten it will taste very sweet for masochist camel goats like you.Avedis, helkebagas, do you know that you have to believe in God, not in Stalin in order to pray?And are you so half-witted that you cannot think of another name than A.Z.,abush avedis-did you clone your pitiful self or you just screwed your red goat`s ass to give premature birth to an idiot bigger than you-if that is possible?I guess its a cloning because you were born dickless like all your CP mothers & fathers.

  24. Raffi said:

    Avetis its not only us Armenians, Here in United States Republicans think Democrats destroying America and vise versa. When you listen to Fox news is not much different from A1plus. Armenia is in much better situation then it was 10 or twenty years ago when Levon was in charge and another 10 years we all moving there.

  25. Armanen said:

    ed, I’d like to see you speak the way you do to a self respecting Armenian like Avetis in person. Wouldn’t happen would it? Is is because you would get your ass handed to you on a platter?

  26. Avetis said:

    Efendi Edward is a good example of what the Armenian “opposition” is these days… Thank you for making a utter fool of your self in public.

    Since you self-destructive peasants cannot argue a single political issue, let alone express solutions to our numerous political problems in the Caucasus (who was it here that thought Armenia’s problems would be solved if we invited the Chinese into Armenia?! LOL!), I am asking the board staff, or any high ranking ARF “enker” that may be reading this, to come in here are debate me.

  27. Raffi said:

    I would also Advise ARF to first start winning elections in Glendale where 50% population is Armenian then we can talk about situation in Armenia…

  28. Edward said:

    Armanen, would you like to see avepiss speak the way he does personally to the mindless diasporans, retarded mountain goats brainless morons foreign paid CIA agents.Your stalinist friend has called those who dont think like him every name in the book,and he behaves like an orderly in a labour camp which he or his mothers probably were.He may also be a boxing champion with a corresponding brain and I see you`re a seir-a catch spectacle lover-you would like to see me on a plate,yes? You are a big democrat and a true christian Armanen djan,that is if you exist at all and aren`t just avepiss writing under another name.Now Armanen ,avepiss had an offer from the ARF morons to tell his real name show himself and talk to them in Glendale ,but he diplomatically shut his mouth on the subject,i guess because he can speak to people only as an orderly in a labour camp or in a police station.Another thing ,Armanen, stay away from the breath of avepiss – he`s punch- vodka drunk and will put you into a stupor.

  29. Avetis said:

    Raffi jan,

    This is not about the ARF per se. I respect the ARF’s ideological platform, I respect much of its history. The ARF played a pivotal role in Armenia’s modern historiography. I supported the ARF throughout Levon’s destructive/treasonous reign. I was an AYF/ARF when I was younger.

    This is about the self-destructive “oppostion” (including the ARF) in Armenia and in the diaspora. This is about the average Armenian’s utter ignorance in politics and world affairs. The nation’s opposition is not a legitimate force; they are, simply put – “Serjik” haters. In Armenia, this hate stems from the Levon years when anti-Artsakhi rhetoric was sown within the Armenian public. Now all the shit that Levon set in place, we blame it on Serj. And in the diaspora, the hate comes indirectly from our unhealthy obsessions about the genocide. It’s so clinical these days that we rather Armenia flirt with annihilation than give up our Hay Dat fantasies.

    Everything the president does, regardless of how good or effective, these morons find something to attack, something to undermine. Simply put, the opposition leads their sheeple for self-interests, hate and spite – not for the long term interest of the Armenian state. A nation, especially an embattled nation in the Caucasus, cannot indefinitely function like this.

    Given a chance these troublesome peasants will burn Armenia down to save it. Forget about them understanding geopolitical nuances, these vermin don’t even have any idea about what a true democracy or true freedom of press means. These vermin think calling for a coup or the president’s assassination is freedom of press! Just image what would happen if anyone in America, or any other developed nation for that matter, would do such a thing. Now the opposition is crying like a bunch of street bitches because the authorities won’t allow them to protest – anytime and anywhere they please! Just think of it. And these peasants say there is no freedom of press in Armenia!?!?!?

    These peasants also fall for the machinations of every single CIA funded “journalism” agency or “human rights” group in existence. These absurdities are enough to drive any rational person observing Armenian politics today totally mad, and enough to help one see why we have not been good at nation building for the past one thousand years. It just that it pains me watching them act self-destructive like their forefathers. Armenians can’t seem to see past their noses.

  30. Sarkis said:

    I guess if there is a real human being behind this avetis cyber person, he is either on the bottle, or his intention is to prove that he can be vulgar, and add no value to the discussion.

    We once had an Asbarez moderator who would ghost-bust those creatures. Can we pls get him back, to bring back civility to the discussion here.

  31. Armanen said:


    you can ask someone at asbarez to check my isp and that of Avetis if you really think we are the same person.


    Avetis is less vulgar than ed and makes a hell of a lot more sense too. He is correct on many points especially in that many of the readers and commenters here don’t give Serj and co credit when it is due but prefer to bitch and moan. Talk is cheap, if people want change they should invest their time and resources in Armenia, not in Glendale or Watertown or wherever they may be in the Diaspora. Armenia is our home and we should add to it, not take. Furthermore the Diaspora will not be around for much longer 100-150 max, especially in the so called ‘west’, while I have faith that Armenia wil endure as a nation state for much longer. Therefore any true Armenian must make plans to return to the Homeland or if they can not, then they must work endlessly to better our country.

  32. Avetis said:

    Arman & Sarkis:

    What happened to “freedom of speech”? You people want “freedom of speech” when you are calling for the assassination of the Armenian president or calling for a bloody coup in Armenia, yet you want to silence me because I’m am calling you self-destructive peasants?

  33. john papazian said:

    Avetis you are the most conservitive socialist I’ve read.How is it that Armenians only rally around the genocide and very little else?Sure I’ld like to see a strong and independent Armenia but the fact remains,making demands and turning a blind eye to how we are seen in the eyes of the world is not going to help at all.How is it that Armenia is rich in gold but one of the poorest nations on earth?How is it that a nation with a population less than most American states be so utterly disorganized?You call me a “self-destructive peasent,fine what does that make you? Patriotism only works in the country your in.Freedom of speech is a double edge sword,letting people vent like here in America is used to keep control but in Armenia where pride can easly drown out reason free speech can lead to riots,assonations,and other forms of blood lust.If your the Armenian patriot you make youself out to be then ask your self,Why is Armenia in the position it is in now?

  34. Armanen said:


    Armenia has gold but it is hardly rich in ‘gold’, and it is not one of the poorest nations on earth. Don’t compare Armenia with the u.s. it is not a fair or accurate comparison to attempt to make.

    As for your last point, isn’t that what Avetis has been hinting at all along?

  35. Grish Begian said:

    Dear Avetis, when your house basement has a weak foundation, no matter what kinds of castle you built on top, eventually everything will collapse..I like to see all those peasent in Armenia have a healthy and happy life.. I like to see all those poor Armenians stand up on their feet and feed their children properly..I like to see a huge improvement in Armenia’s health care system..I like to see all those corruption goes away..and I like to see parliamentary democracy rule Armenia’s society, then we can sit down and talk about political parties…

  36. Arman said:


    No one calls for the assassination of the Armenian president or for a bloody coup in Armenia. We simply want that today’s government steps down, that is all. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean spamming. We heard your opinion about the matter and respect it but that doesn’t mean we need to agree with you. They are many questions you haven’t addressed which make us to believe that your arguments are false. Trying to protect today’s government for any coast is not the solution. We do see what happens when illegitimate government is in power; the international society puts enormous pressure on Armenia and tries to push its interests in the region disregarding the Armenian interests.

    One of the questions that you need to explain us is why the Armenian government is pushing the law of foreign language schools? There is no country in the world that finances foreign language schools in their countries, they are private. Have you seen Armenian school in the USA that is financed by the government? Armenia is the only country who finances schools for ethnic minorities. Isn’t this enough? Why Armenians should learn subjects not in their mother tongue? We feel proud when we speak about Mesrop Mashtots who created the Armenian letters because it helped us to keep our language and stay Armenian. Today our government is trying to complete the unsuccessful attempt of Persians and turks. Is this something I should support for? I don’t think so!

    Or another question is why there are so many injustices in Armenia. People are forced from their homes without any legal base. Or the question of oligarchs, why we have still oligarchs? A country which is land locked by two its enemy neighbors who needs free export and import to strengthen the economy. A country which can get in to a war anytime. Instead of cleaning oligarchs serj wants to make an enemy country to open its borders in the cost of genocide and Armenian territories that are occupied illegally. This is unacceptable for me. Turkey closed its border solidarity to azeris and will not open it until the Artsakh problem is not resolved at azeris conditions. Therefore Armenia got to use its maximum abilities to improve the economy and this means no oligarchs at all, even 0.000001%.

    Finally, why Armenia’s signature is not recalled in the case where even serj thinks that there turkey is not trustworthy?
    You know why? Because serj and today’s government is not legitimate and he needs to do and keep the things as they are so he can still be in power. Note all this is done disregarding the Armenia’s interests and dangers Armenia’s and Artsakh’s existence. The only solution is; he and his government steps down that is all.

  37. Avetis said:

    Johny, I fully agree with the spirit of what you wrote. I just think your approach to Armenian “political” matters is devoid of a healthy understanding of geopolitics and a historical context. Compare Armenia to a nation more-or-less within her category – and not to a centuries old empire like the United States that became immensely wealthy and powerful as a result of wars of conquest, genocide and slavery. And please don’t bring up “Israel” like many ignorant Armenians do in these types of conversations. The centuries old organized Jewry is one of the wealthiest/most powerful entities on earth.

    Arman, regardless of what a well meaning but naive person like you thinks, your high ranking ARF representatives know very well what’s going on within international political circles. They are simply using these complex political situations for their self-serving benefit, without realizing that they are hurting the Armenian state. I suggest you pay close attention to what the “opposition” has been shouting from public podiums in Armenia for the past several years. Had you people done in America a fraction of what you do in Armenia you would never see the light of day. Also, your paranoia about “foreign language schools” in Armenia is pointless. First, it’s not the ruling administration (the Republican party) that wants this program. Second, it may be a foolish idea but the intention of the program is meant to be good. Those who foresee such school are ones that think they are making Armenia competitive on the global stage. Nevertheless, it won’t happen. So, stop panicking – “Serik” is not out to destroy Armenia like many of you self-destructive peasants think.

    Grish, none of what you say will happen by burning the house down. Armenia is the way it is today because of its bad geographic location; because of Bolshevik/communist rule; because of several years of utterly destructive Levon’s rule. Thus, the problem is well above and well beyond “Serjik” – whom everyone wants to kill today because he has been courageous enough to engage in the current political process, one that is extremely crucial to the long term survivability of the Armenian state. I’m simply suggesting you all a health understanding of geopolitics and history, as well as a lot of patience. Rome wasn’t built in a single day.

  38. Avetis said:

    Instead of resorting to getting my information from CIA funded operations like Radio Liberty (headed by an ARF-er), I am getting my information from local Armenian sources. The “revised” bill has some support in the Republican party but the bill was not proposed by Republicans. Nevertheless, I am not totally against the bill. Stop panicking your village won’t burn down as a result of this bill. I suggest you pick a better issue to crusade.

  39. Arman said:


    If you are in politics just recently, I am in it already 20 years. You do not even understand what the politics is for. It is a tool to fight for a place under the sun. It is a war of interests and if you don’t represent your interests well you get eaten by your opponent. This is exactly where the Armenian government stands now; they get eaten by turkey and whoever already two years. This is no one’s fault but serj’s and the government. Politics is used for national interests not backwards. When are you going to realize this?

    Yeah, you still are going to write about how smart you are and geopolitics (a politics that we have been having for centuries). We know the results of it, don’t we? But you know what? I don’t care what you think now; it is obvious for me that you are not the one with who I should argue. Take a look back on your writings, you have not even once agreed with any valid argument we have presented. This tells me how objective you are.

  40. Armanen said:


    How is Armenia in a worse position today, geopolitically speaking, than it was 2 or 3 years ago? I for one think it is better off, especially since the war in georgia in summer of ’08 and the Protocols which made Armenia look like a reliable state and turkey like a sore loser.

  41. Arman said:


    I think turkey is not a loser her but Armenia. Today turkey can loudly speak about Artsakh and try to put its nose int the process, take this article. Mr. Armanen, this article is a very good example of the worse politics of serj. How about European parliament resolution that was passed recently? Common Mr. Armanen, open your eyes 😉

  42. Armanen said:


    You do realize turkey has been trying to stick its nose in Artsakh since the war broke out? You do realize turkey is a member of the Minsk Group? So far, all of their efforts for the past 16 years have come to nill, and Armenian diplomacy did and does have a role to play in stopping turkish pressures to get into the Co Chair group.

    As far as the eu parliament resolution, I’d like to ask why everyone is focusing on the article that states Armenia should return territories around Artsakh but not the other article which would lift prohibition against EU officials from going to Artsakh or giving aid? Sure, the resolution wasn’t a victory for Armenia but it’s not a huge loss either. As long as azerbaijan has oil/gas to offer the europeans, they will pay attention to them, but what happens when that runs out? In western diplomatic circles azerbaijan and official baku are considered in the same class as many central asian and african nations, that is authoritarian, backwards, and tool to be discarded once the oil rigs are dry.

  43. Ishkhan Babajanian MD said:

    To all my above dear Compatriot Armenians, We understand that you have right to criticize fellow Armenians or Armenian authorities, but you have no right to insult each other. You must remember we all are fighting for a common goal prosperity for Armenian and independence for Artsakh. By spending your time and energy against each other instead of our enemies is harmful to our cause As you know we all share a common goal, prosperity for Armenian and Independent for Artsakh.
    Dear Compatriots most of your argument are unproductive . In this critical time of our history Armenians need only Unity… As Charents said,

    Dr. Babajanian

  44. Avetis said:

    Doktor jan,

    As long as there are amongst us significant numbers of self-destructive peasantry that are ready to burn their village down to save it from imaginary monsters, we do not stand a chance against the larger, more powerful and better organized enemy. A significant portion of our people today suffer from hysteria, paranoia, obsessions and an inability to properly process information, especially if its political. If Armenia is to progress, it first needs to get its house in order, it first needs to ‘remedy’ its troublesome peasantry. If we Armenians are to stand a chance against our numerous enemies, we need to better understand our strengths and weaknesses, we need to better understand the political world we live in, we need to better assess, rationalize and approach our political matters. Nevertheless, as long as we continue tolerating the self-destructive peasantry amongst us, simply because “they are Armenian”, we as a nation will always remain on the edge of annihilation. A significant portion of our society is more dangerous to the long-term well-being of Armenia than any Turk.

  45. Ishkhan Babajanian MD said:

    Dear Compatriot Parun Avetis I couldn’t agree with you more. With all my heart I feel your concern But this is what it is….. Armenian people always must struggle double or more to succeed ( also our Ego is a little bigger than normal ) Anyhow
    Dear Avetis long , long time ago I remember when I was just 4 and my sister was 7 years old During occasional arguments of our parents (as most parent do) We always started to cry since they both loved us they stopped argument. Now we ordinary Armenian are crying If Armenian authorities, Armenian parties or any concern Armenian really love their homelands they should put stop on their harmful policy and destructive behavior.
    But let be somewhat optimistic
    Remembering from our History, on critical times How people united with “Ashot Yerkat” “Vartan in Avarair’ and “Khentern in Sardarabad.”…….
    Dr. Babajanian