Hayastan All-Armenian Fund Rebuilds Communities in Armenia’s Lori Region

YEREVAN–The Hayastan All-Armenian Fund continues to carry out major development projects in Armenia’s Lori Region. The latest is the reconstruction of the community center of Artsni Village, a newly launched initiative financed by the fund’s Montreal affiliate.

Another project in Artsni, now under way through the sponsorship of the Indian government, is the reconstruction of the village school.

The Artsni community center, which was built 40 years ago, is in dire need of refurbishment. When renovations are completed, the two-story building will include spacious offices for the Artsni Municipality as well as an events hall and a medical clinic. The latter two facilities will also serve the residents of neighboring Apaven Village.

Commenting on the reconstruction projects being implemented in Artsni, Mayor Khenko Khachanesyan said: “For the first time in the history of our village, two community institutions are being renovated simultaneously. Moreover, these projects have provided temporary jobs to some dozen local residents.”

“I hope these far-reaching initiatives will help convince villagers who have left Artsni to return to their hometown,” the mayor said and added, speaking on behalf of his community: “Now if only our village were provided with gas service as well, our lives would improve considerably.”

The majority of Artsni’s 350 residents are refugees from Getashen. Cattle-breeding is the mainstay of the local economy. Formerly known as Kiziltagh, Artsni was given its present name in 1991.

“There are still many issues facing the community, but we hope that our development projects will help turn things around and encourage residents to continue to live and work in their village,” said Ara Vardanyan, executive director of the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund.

The third project currently being implemented in the Lori Region is the construction of a gymnasium for Spitak’s No. 2 School, slated for completion in June 2010.


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  1. Armanen said:

    Good to hear. More needs to be done though, and this is where the Diaspora can be the most effective for Armenia.

  2. Norin Radd said:

    Correction my deat Watson! The Diaspora can be most important and effective by LIVING IN ARMENIA, DEMANDING CHANGE, and INCREASING the country’s MAKARTAK (not to mention population) that way it can be governed by civilized Armenians rather than money worshipping buffoons that only want to collect “NALOKS (ie: bribes)”.

    Making offshoot “good job” comments while a foreign government (ie: India) acts as a sponsor for the development of infrastructure of our homeland is downright embarrasing. When will this useless and selfish previous generation die off so we can get some fresh new blood into our culture. The Lebanese Armenians are Arabophiles, the Parskahyes are Iranophiles, and the Hayastanzis are Russiaphiles, it would be nice to get a whole new generation of Hyes that are Armenophiles rather than odar worshipping pathetic maggots.

    The baby boomer and immediate previous generation that is now in their 40s-60s are all busted failures that decided to “pass the buck” to the next generation rather than build, organize, and put together the homeland they whined about wanting to have for an entire century. Once they got “ankax yev azat hayastan” the gangsters became politicians and municipality leaders, while the “intelligensia” ran off to foreign soils to earn those “100K” incomes while their kids marry odars to complete the Genocide.

    Apres Hyutyoon! Nor seroondi hamar shat ahavor huyser ek estexztel, himar esher. Go bury all your collective heads in the sand, Hovanes Shiraz is turning over in his grave right next to poor Monte Melkonian, both of which wasted their efforts on all of you weak, indifferent, corrupt imbeciles.

  3. john papazian said:

    The difference between post genocide and post Soveit diaspora never ceases to amaze me.Do you really think that I,2nd generation born American,owes some debt to Armenia?Sure I’d like to visit and maybe even retire to the homeland but lets face it even the most recent arrivals to America learn quick,write a check at church and move on.Thats where many post Soviet diaspora get confused,they feel overwhelmed because they don’t know the America that I know,how Americans view us,the lack of understanding Americas “enlightned self intrest”,what this country does to Armenians,like Kim Kardashian,that kid on the cop show Why they ran,the Armenian mafia from the cop show The Shield,and many more examples of we are looked down on.Rebuilding infrastructure should not be a matter of politics,eastern investments maybe the only way to get some of the things needed done. Armenia should develope relations with India and China,before waiting on support from the west

  4. Avetis said:

    Johnny and Norin, I know you don’t want my endorsement but I fully agree with what you have written. I also agree with Armenen: the diaspora, as long as it chooses to remain in the diaspora, should not get involved in Armenian politics and just stick to nation building. What I don’t agree with is hysterical/obsessive attitudes and destructive criticism of our embattled and fledgling homeland, which is what I often see in Armenia and in the diaspora.

  5. joe said:


    Is this some kind of sickness going around with people like Norin and john that do absolutely nothing but whine, and as you put it, carry on with their hysterical/obsessive attitudes and destructive criticism. you people should simply STOP this nonsense and get to work if you have the balls. if not then you should just shut up and do not pollute the air.

  6. Norin Radd said:

    If hearing the raw truth and reality about various topics is too much for you, then just go back to sleep joe, but don’t come on to Armenian news sites and tell folks to shut up. You don’t know John nor me and you certainly don’t know what we have or have not “done”. Being Armenian is enough reason for anyone to post their thoughts and comments here, nobody needs your permission Joe. If you don’t agree that’s fine, go back to sleep in your idealized world of all things Armenian and leave reality to the rest of us “unworthy Hyes”. You worry about your own balls, and I will worry about mine.