Azerbaijan Increases Military Budget 471% Since 2000

STOCKHOLM (Combined Sources)–Worldwide military spending increased in 2009 at the fastest pace since 2003, a new report from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) says, noting a more than 400 percent increase in military spending in Azerbaijan since 2000.

According to the report, Azerbaijan increased its military budget 471 percent from 2000 to 2009; in that same period, Chad increased its military budget 663 percent and Kazakhstan increased 360 percent. Worldwide military spending jumped 5.9% in 2009 to $1.5 trillion, despite a recession that shrunk the global economy 2.2%.

As the world’s military spending increased nearly 50% over the past decade, the biggest military budget increases were seen in small, oil-rich countries flooded with new wealth, the Christian Science Monitor reported.

Azerbaijan, the Monitor said, used oil revenues to beef up forces along its border with Armenia, which has traditionally had a stronger army and enjoys strategic terrain advantages. The International Crisis Group said in a report last year that Azerbaijan’s stronger military could put the fragile truce with Armenia under threat.’

“Azerbaijan has been playing catch-up with Armenia,” Sam Perlo-Freeman, one of the report’s authors and the head of SIPRI’s military expenditure project, told the Christian Science Monitor.


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  1. Arman said:

    Few days ago some one was complaining about the spending of Armenia for its arm forces which was 25% of its GDP. I hope Armenian oligarchs will protect us. Hopefully the oligarchs will remain in Armenia in a case of war. :(

  2. Zareh said:

    Yep, we’ll have to deal with it. We gotta face it, it’s all for us. Can we outsmart them, all that military material? The Israeli-Egypt 6 day war scenario is a comfort, and the fact that we’re backed by Russia. But be gotta have a plan, I leave it to our generals., they sure have work.

  3. Christo said:

    With what soldiers and population are we going to fight another war>?????? The Azeri’s are having babies faster than rodents. The population of Artsakh? They are all living in mainland RoA. Who is willing to fight? The opposition or the Yerlis of RoA????? I doubt the diaspora will be sending any of their sons and daughters , yeah right, most of them were shot in the back of their heads after they won major battles. Yeah, maybe the oligarch will stick around in order for them to sell their turkish products in the RoA.

  4. Zareh said:

    Is it true they got shot in the back of their head????????????????????
    I heard Monte Melkonian was shot from behind, not by the enemy. I wanter if it’s true.
    Well they say we still got one of the strongest armies in the world soooo. And wars are not won by pure numbers, the better strategy wins, brains gotta work.

  5. Christo said:

    I know Zareh, I’m being sarcastic. But, most of the martyrs were shot, by mysterious circumstances. You actually believe that Monte was shot by an amature 17 year old Azeri?? He was shot and killed, cause when Armenians were telling him that Levon had cut electricity and people were dying, he made a comment that didn’t go well with Levon he said quote ” as soon as I’m done here, I will roll my tanks to Yerevan and take care of business…”, plus he was totally against growing contraband and had this utopian idea of Armenia, but the irony was that most of those Armenians from Armenia were already used to dealings under the table.

  6. Zareh said:

    Christo that kind of staff kills all hope. Its so sad, I heard some staff like that from my dad, like they killed Monte and other big heroes so that they could manipulate the power as they wished, but I don’t know much details. I was just a kid back then…

  7. manooshag said:

    Hye, in both the 1918 success of the Armenians, and the Artsakh success as well, were not only won due to armaments… both were won by determined patriots… their skills, intelligence, and dedication.

  8. Norin Radd said:

    Christo and Zareh, it’s better for both of you to shut your mouths and stop talking about things you know nothing about nor comprehend. Zareh’s dad was neither in Martuni, Shahumian, nor the Arstakh war, nor was he there when Commander Melkonian was killed.

    Christo, if you actually knew Commander Melkonian or perhaps even bothered to read a little bit about his views on various topics here , then you would not be mouthing off about Commander Melkonian “Running over Levon’s forces in tanks” after he was done in Artsakh.

    The last thing someone like Monte would do is use his new found military command to steam roll into Yerevan and initiate a military coup detat on his own country or his own countrymen after a 3 year struggle for self determination in Artsakh trenches. Just implying that notion is insulting to his memory and legacy, shut both your mouths and keep you speculative gypsy rumors in the Armenian rumor mills next to the wives and noontime coffee. Read more, educate yourselves, and talk less, a lesson many Armenians could benefit from these days.

    And yes, you’re right about one thing, the Azeris are stockpiling for an imminent attack. While war is never a good thing, our next one with the Azeris will force all the big talkers to put their money where their mouth is including the multitude of political groups (ARF, Hunchak, Ramkavars, Justice and Peace, Arevelahyes, Arevmedahyes, Hyastancis, Parskahyes, LipanaHyes, SuriaHyes, MoronaHyes, Imbecilahyes, blah blah blah hyes).

    We shall see who the actual Armenian patriots are and who is full of hot air when the artillery is blasting and the bullets are whizzing. I hope some of the AGBU, ARF, Hunchaks, Ramkavars, and the rest of the political clowns are ready to put down their lattes in order to send some of their sons and daughters to defend the homeland this time around instead of arming villagers while hiding in the Diaspora.

  9. Christo said:

    This is what I can’t stand Shish Kebabs sitting in the diaspora with their Americanized names and surnames, lecturing us. Norin Radd, Were you sitting in your comfortable suburb while the liberation war was going on? Where were you, I never ran into you, nor were you in the trenches next to me! stop reading your bs, and whatever web site you have posted. What I say is a fact, I was there, where were you????? Eating donuts and drinking drip coffee, you shish Kebab! Your idiotic comment questioning if AGBU or a Ramkavar would defend the homeland is comical! You’re an idiot! Go back to your sunday paper!

  10. Name said:

    Don’t worry, that money is not going anywhere. Funding the military budget aka Aliyev’s pocket is just another route for the corrupt Azeri government to launder money.

    Armenia has one of the best air defense systems in the world, this is fact. Azerbaijan would be going on a suicide mission if they decide to launch an air attack. All those drones they’ve been buying will be shot down before they reach anywhere near the border.

    Don’t be intimidated. While Azerbaijan is boasting about their might do you think Armenia is sleeping? We just don’t publish press releases every time we buy a new tank. Its best to keep our military numbers a secret. Let the world think Armenia’s army is collapsing (as the Azeri media claims). Under estimation will be on our side.

  11. Norin Radd said:

    Sure you were Christo, the age old adage goes “those that do and have done don’t speak of it”, you’re a perfect example. I’m not interested to hear about your boasting about what you allegedly “did for the homeland”, one thing is clear, what you’ve written about Monte or what he supposedly was going to do with tanks is sheer stupidity and the circumstances of his death in your previous post sound a lot like the many wives tales being told in the Diaspora today about a great many things.

    Stop using speculative explanation riddled in rumors that lack any facts to describe the death of the greatest Armenian hero of last quarter of the 20th century. Neither I nor you or 1000 like you will ever be half the man he was and pretending is not going to win us any points, your infantile theories only demean him and his legacy not to mention being insensitive toward his family.

    Incidentally, that link is for a book reference, not a website, the part about me suggesting more reading/ gathering facts before jumping to conclusions, well I guess I rest my case on that issue.

  12. hovo said:

    I heard many conspiracy theories from our enemies ( because they were trying to divide us irenc sadranqnerov) unfortunately, now I heard it from opposition. This is sick, very sick. Monte, Arabo, etc.., they all were killed by our enemies. Than: Armenia was in the middle of Soviet Union collapse, the earthquake in the city of Spitak, kirovakan, leninakan, claimed 25000 lives (unofficial figure is 60000 lives), no armies, no weapons, no food, but Armenia won the war. We lost only 5000 soldiers, while azeries lost 25000 soldiers. Now: last year azeri spent 2.7 billion dollar for its military, while armenia spent arount 350 million. Azeri bought fancy weapons with retail price, while armenia bought weapons with discount rate. Few days ago armenian president told his colleagues in Brussel that Armenia has weapons that 10_20 times bigger countries would dream of. Go figure! If the war restart, this time ther will be no telling how much azeris are going to lose. So if you believe in you national identity, your children’s future, than there is nothing can stop us to struggle together, otherwise if armenia fall, we all fall.

  13. Norin Radd said:

    Apres Hovo, that’s exactly the type of spirit and mentality this generation needs.

  14. Hovannes said:

    Let’s get things straight. Monte Melkonian was NOT shot by his allies. As a matter of fact he was not shot at all. He died from shrapnel wounds to the back of his head from an explosion caused by a tank shell which struck the wall behind him. Zareh and Christo please stop talking non-sense. As someone who has ties to Mr. Melkonian, Karo Qarkedjian, and other freedom fighters, I personally take offense to this careless remarks. Norin Radd is correct when he says these amount to coffee tabe rumors. Such careless and truthless remarks demean and tarnish the legacy of not just Commander Melkonian, but also that of the entire Armenian freedom fighters who participated in the war. And Christo, as to your doubts that the Armenian diaspora will not send their son’s our daughters to protect the motherland, you are WRONG my dear friend, because personally, I know that I will fight. I know that my brothers will fight. My parents will encourage me to serve. Here is an old adage you should remember: “At times of peace, children shall mourn their parents, but at times of war, parents shall mourn their children.” With that being said, every person shall instill in their child, sister, brother etc. the necessity of protecting our country.

  15. Vacheh said:

    Back in 1994 when Armenian forces were on the roll to capture Gandsak (Kirovabad), Levon TerPetrosian order a halt and a ceasefire was declared. If the Armenian forces had captured Gandsak, Heydar Aliyev would have been forced to sign a treaty to recognize the independence of Karabagh, where we could have kept Kelbajar and Lachin easily. Levon TerPetrosian’s action created a major political and military problem for future generations to come. Robert Kocharian, Serj Sargsian, future presidents, and the entire Armenian nation will have to deal with this with great cost and great worry. Even worse, we seem to be losing the battle on the political front.

    As far as the Azeries are concerned, they will resume the fire mostly for saving the political face of Ilham Aliyev. Aliyev and his donkey-head defense minister are continuously speaking of taking Karabagh back by force. They can not spread the rhetoric forever and then do nothing. If the Azeries restart the fight, they stand to lose a large number of their soldiers’ lives, and most likely they will focus on capturing Aghdam first. This time, hopefully the matter will be closed forever to our favor. As our famous song said 100-120 years ago.

    Verjabes menk oonink kriv,
    Zenkerov pid makrenk hashiv,
    Mer Hayrenyats parkn oo badiv,,
    Serob Pashan siroghe togh ga.

  16. Zareh said:

    Gooood job guys and thanks for teaching us (me & Christo) a good lesson. We deserved it well. That’s not exactly the kind of morals we need. Although Norinn, you don’t know where my father was or wasn’t and what connections he had, so you should be more careful there.

    But Christo is right when he observes that azeris are multipling like rabbits. Like the turks did. Gee, if I’m not mistaken they were a bit over 10 million around 1914. 27 million 30years later… Now about 80mil.

    Last time I met an azeri guy, I asked him about his country and so on, He said they were 8million now.
    So I thought to myself, gee that’s more than two times our population. What’s wrong with us, our numbers don’t seem to grow much. It was around 3million 10 years ago and now it’s not much better.

    What’s up? Do our people don’t make LOVE?! Yes indeed, it’s time we guys stop all that bicker and beef and make love every once and while. In fact, I think the government should organize and sponsor orgies, we gotta catch up!!!

    Has anybody got a sister to introduce to me?

  17. Christo said:

    Norin ,I never suggest that Monte was on his way to roll his tanks and initiate a coup, that’s what you inferred by my comment. it just shows that you’re another Levonakan. Your opinion of Monte, please keep it to yourself, elevating him to be the greatest Armenian hero of the last quarter of the 20th century! cut back on your kool aid.

  18. Norin Radd said:

    On the point of increasing population, Zareh is right, that should be the main focus of Armenians everywhere. Why is there stagnation? It all goes back to the multi-generational idea that is constantly being propagated to the next generation, which is “let’s let other foreign great powers fix things for us”.

    Also, there exists rampant corruption that was never “dealt with” by the people as well as a lack of a strong work ethic due to the Soviet mentality of “the Government should do everything”.Let’s also not forget the fact that every Armenian in Armenia and even in the Diaspora want to be the rooster and no one wants to play the role of the hen in society.

    Immediately after independence in the 90s, a good number of Diasporans, especially from Iran and Lebanon tried immigrating to the homeland with ambitions of setting up small businesses or trades and making a living while simultaneously creating jobs. The Armenians of Armenia greeted them with strong arm tactics in the form of “business protection” and bled these Diasporans dry in the form of collecting bribes just to allow them to keep their shops open. They did this to the point until the businesses went under, and the Diasporans that had arrived said “that’s we’re outta here” and left. Each diasporan business that opened brought with it a prospect of 2 or 3 new jobs, but when the community you’re trying to help and be a part of is out to rob you, steal from you, milk you for protection racket, and a host of other things, it become impossible to continue.

    The community and people’s mentality at that time and to a great deal until now has not changed, it is the Hayastancis of Armenia that initially empowered the local gangsters to seize pivotal areas of power and become “government officials” or monoplizing “oligarchs”. In the end, this corruption became so extreme nearly bordering of fiefdoms and even the local Hayaztancis could not take it anymore, they had already driven out the diasporans that tried to settle in Armenia, and now they themselves started leaving for better conditions. Since the 90s 700,000 of them have left as a result. Now they come to places like the US and whine about “there is too much corruption in Armenia, blah blah blah” but in fact it was their own doing and complicity that sparked continue corruption and prevented stable growth.

    Only when Armenians as a whole people are willing to bite to bullet and decide to fix the corruption in Armenia by pen or by force and build a stable environment where a local can attempt to make a living without worrying about being ripped off by the regional warlord or gangster, only then will populations grow and more Diasporans move back to Armenia. The trouble is, Armenians have become so accustomed to their comfortable life abroad that no one wants to be “that guy” that started a movement to rid the country of its corrupt oligarchs, establish the rule of law, and build a safe environment for ordinary hyes to start families and make a living.

  19. Christo said:

    That’s the beauty of being Armenian, we don’t have to agree with one another, but against a common enemy we will unite. Hey Norin, lay off the Kool Aid, with your baseless facts and figures. If it wasn’t for the section 8, SSI, Welfare or SNAP, most of those “tourists” wouldn’t bribe officials at the US embassy in Armenia, who are more than willing to give anyone a tourist visa to end up in the States.

  20. Norin Radd said:

    Typical haykakan response as soon as any given Armenian tries to rationalize the issues concerning us, the new generation today, there is always some spiteful, mindless, and cynical nimrod vying for attention with delusions of heroic grandeur about how he/she struggled in the trenches of Artsakh while breaking bread and wine with other heroes of the war.

    If those figures were baseless the 3.1 million population of Armenia would not be tittering on 2.5 million today. My Kool Aid is fine on a hot summer day, but what have you been smoking lately Christo jan? Please don’t use SSI, Welfare, or Section 8 to scapegoat the decision of Armenians to emigrate out from Armenia or avoid settling in Armenia. It’s time Armenians started taking responsibility for their own lack of initiative and indifference both in Armenia and the Diaspora in pulling in the reigns of their own country and the present state of affairs.

    The problem is not the benefits that exist outside of Armenia in other countries, the problem is the unemployment, corruption, and cast system that exists today in Armenia BECAUSE a small group of corrupt, self serving, and unmakartak gangsters call themselves “mayor”, “Governor”, “deputy”, and other official titles.

    They use their rank to monopolize the local business markets to their own advantage and if anyone tries to conduct honest business they ask for monthly NALOKS (Bribes) in order to allow someone to conduct business in “their territory” or if it does not suite them, they either MURDER them or kick them out of the country. And THAT is the reason why so many Armenians are leaving the country and applying for visas/passports, because there exists NO LAWS, NO JUSTICE, and NO honest livelihood for the average Armenian. A small group of Elites is squeezing the people dry and there is no middle class to sustain anything.

    FACT Armenians are looking to emigrate en masse from Armenia as they have been for the past 10 years to Russia, France, and US due to corruption and lawlessness.

    FACT Diasporans are more and more only visiting Armenia as “tourists” rather than making serious considerations to move back because of the same reasons mentioned above.

    FACT, 100 years of Diasporan existence is slowly beginning to yield to forces of assimilation.

    FACT, the issue of the Armenian Genocide has not made any serious progress in the past 25 years outside of the usual “paikar paikar minchev verch” and that “verch” does not seem to be happening anytime soon to resolve the issue.

    FACT the new generation is turning its back on its culture, heritage, and identity because they are tired of the age old status quo from the same old elites/oligarchs in Armenia propagating corruption and in the Diaspora AGBU, ARF, ARS, and other groups only speaking about Genocide recognition and Western Armenia while the Armenia that we do have is dwindling away under the strain of emigration and indifference.

    As a young 29 year old Hye, I cannot wait until the baby boomer generation is dead and gone, since 90% of them are “pass the buck, I want a high standard of living” nobodies that today are left clueless as to what to present to the new generation in terms of cultural values, identity, a homeland, and a future. Instead their useless selves are content with their home equities, their 401Ks, and their retirements. At least if all of you old basturma eating hacks are out of the way both in the Diaspora and in Armenia those of us that have not already become jaded and poisoned by all of the past backward mentality can begin a worldwide discourse of all young Armenians in trying to forge something new for our future and our homeland.

    In the meanwhile, please don’t respond with anymore one liners to what I say on these boards with simple petty insults. If you don’t agree that’s fine, time will tell who is right. Given the current circumstance of things, reality and the current state of affairs favors my facts, you and those like you can continue being in denial and keep smoking what you’ve been smoking.

  21. Christo said:

    Hey Norin, whatever armenian name that is. Get a pedestal stand on it and lecture the pigeons. You’ve been insolent from your first post. That’s doesn’t change anything the FACT is you’re still a MORON. LAY OFF THE KOOL AID, at least change the flavor! Your emotional outbursts and so called “facts” are baseless. Just another Levonakan, Serjoglu crap, blame your problems on yourself take responsability. You’re that liberal disease that has infested our community. Find yourself another venue to vent your frustrations. GET A LIFE. MOVE ON! DISAPPEAR. By the way as far as your Monte just another average CIA/MIT agent, don’t patronize him for someone he is not!

  22. vahe said:

    Monte was a cia/mit agent…no i can’t believe i’m reading this right. Jesus Christ, if there was ONE man in this world who was not a cia agent it was monte. This man died without a bank account, or any prized possession you ignorant scumbag !! What nerve you have to say such things about the ONE man who led an army to victory, who was BORN AND RAISED IN CALIFORNIA !!! Let’s see how many california armenians or armenians of ANY armenian diaspora go and fight in round 2 of karabakh war. This man had no knowledge of his armenian roots until his teens, and look what he did. It really is unbelievable…but not to the point that you claim he was a cia agent. We owe our victory of karabakh to the brave soldiers who fought for our ancestral lands, who were guided by monte melkonian ! So sad to see armenians saying things like this, when you have done NOTHING for our culture, much less our country. To talk down on a man who was so humble he did’nt have a house, cars, expensive clothes, etc, that saved our land from animals who were thirsty for more blood, is truly deplorable. Shame on you christo, i wonder if your kids will give a f**k less about being armenian, and will do 1% of what monte did for armenians. My uncle was one of his closest friends for a very very long time, and i can assure every single armenian on this planet, that monte is THE reason why we have todays karabakh. It doesnt matter who killed him, i mean armenians have had traitors since forever, so the thought of armenians setting him up doesnt really shock anybody. But NEVER allow yourself to speak down on this man or ANY armenian man who has contributed to armenias security or prosperity, ESPECIALLY when you have done NOTHING !!!!! I sincerely hope christo one day you meet people who personally knew monte, so you can wallow in shame knowing this man did more for armenia and that you NEVER will be able to do ANYTHING for our country, because your a jealous loser !!!

  23. zohrab boyadjian said:

    lets not argue amongst ourselves be united one hand one force one spirit we together can crush them keep that in mind so long as we are one

  24. Christo said:

    My kids will give more than you, your family, norin’s and all these “losers” that have fled a country after a war was won, you that you call collect your SSI and Section* and your medical scams.To call me a loser for not even knowing who, what I’ve done for your sorry ass piece of land, shows how shallow you are. His did have a very active life prior to the Karabakh war, so by his deeds in Karabakh. Just because you were raised in a country that fabricated history, don’t create an illusion.

  25. MihranK said:

    Armenian media: Russian President will take liberation plan of Azerbaijan’s three regions to Yerevan

    05 June 2010 [14:16] – Today.Az

    Russian President Dmitry Medvedev will take the final version of the treaty on resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict to Yerevan during his trip, which is to take place in August this year, Armenia’s Haykakan Zhamanak newspaper reports citing diplomatic sources.

    The newspaper reports that it has been reached to deploy peacekeeping contingent in the conflict zone. Kalbajar, Fuzuli and Agdam will be freed at the first stage. According to the newspaper, last week Armenia’s ex-President Robert Kocharian visited Moscow to persuade the Kremlin leadership that this decision may cause problems in the country. However, he was told that Sargsyan has already given his consent to the plan.

    /Armenia Today/


  26. Nairian said:

    Այո Վաչէ ճան, զէնքերով պիտի մաքրենք հաշիւ, մեր հայրենեաց բարքն ու պատիւ, եւ ազատենք մեր հայրենիք:

    Մարդասպան վայրի քազաններուն հետ ուրիշ ո’չ մի ելք կայ:


  27. Nairian said:

    Parev Christo, If you said you did go and fought for our liberation in Artsakh, I believe you, unlike others in here. There is no old adage here in question; when anyone is attacked by words that him or his father didn’t go to war and yet they did, of course they will come out and say that they did when they did. I believe you Christo and in my eyes you are a hero. Unfortunately for myself, when the war happened, I was newly pregnant when I heard that our young guys from France and other places were going to fight. Woman or not, I was happy that I was pregnant, but at the same time I wished to go to war and fight for my country very much that I was almost in tears that I couldn’t because of my pregnancy. It’s true and it happened with me. So yeah, I believe you and I thank you for it. God bless you patriotic man.

  28. Nairian said:

    However Christo Monte is a hero in my eyes that I don’t think you got your records right about him. He is one man that like Vache said, he was totally balanced, extremely patriotic, very kindhearted, a real real hero, not only with the way he handled his army unselfishly, going to the frontline same as his army and not thinking about himself, just his dreams of an Armenia from sea to sea. He is one man a FEDAYI that we should all praise him beyond our death. I don’t believe what you have heard about him is true. His greatness cannot be measured even by yourself.

  29. Berge Jololian said:

    Israel has been training, arming and supplying weaponry (no less than 2 billion per year) to Azerbiajan for the past ten years.

  30. Arman said:


    I don’t trust azeri sources they often lie. I tried to find the article in Zhamanak newspaper on line and couldn’t find anything about it.
    Regardless what serjogly will decide to do we and Artsakh are not going to let it happen. Believe me, serjogly will be out if he tries anything crazy like this.

  31. Arman said:

    Dear Nairian,

    It will be shame on us Armenian men to let our sisters go to fight and protect our homeland. We appreciate what you do by having and raising Armenian children as Armenians. I am proud of you and all Armenian women. Thank you very much for keeping the Armenian spirit in our children. Protecting our homeland is our job Armenian men and we shall not fail.

  32. Hye-phenated said:

    Don’t worry about Azeri numbers – their army is weak and full of Talysh and Lezgi minorities who are not going to fight for the Great New Turkish Empire interests. The weapons they buy are stolen before they are even manufactured – fat lousy generals who remember well how fast they had to run in the last war will not risk another chance to be killed. About the 8 million Azeri Turks… there are lies, big lies, and Azeri statistics:

    Here is one more good article about the Azeri War and Peace dilemma:

  33. Nairian said:

    Dear Arman jan,

    I truly appreciate your manliness and your gentleman nature; but trust me there are a great many women who are just as patriotic as any man and wouldn’t mind giving their life I am sure for a great cause as defending one’s country. If we can and are willing to fight next to our men, why not? If the need be, we must all fight for a great cause “for the sake of our sweet sweet lands”.

  34. frank said:

    Lets just say a very good friend of mine from Lebanon was a volunteer in the last war, never again will he put his life at risk for the Profit Driven oligarchs that were directly responsible for over 50 assassinations of Fedayis that they feared. Some even while fighting were also hiding from assassins sent from Hayastan because they interrupted the Business activities of some of the blood suckers in Yerevan.

    Get rid of the blood suckers before most of diaspora gives up.

  35. Nairian said:

    Frank jan, If what you say is true, then I am appaled by those as you say, “blood sucker oligarchs”. Thanks to the Armenian Genocide, I am born and raised and live in the Diaspora and think so very highly of our homeland and our lands. Then I am suddenly told by yourself that 50 assassinations were made to very high minded Fedayis who were willing to giver their sweet life going from Diaspora to fight against the enemy for our lands, then some disgusting low life oligarchs “tavajans” simply kill as many as 50 Fedayis for their profit or the lack of it. I am simply disgusted and appaled by this news. I am now speechless.

  36. Arman said:


    Please let not exaggerate things. Let not say things that are from second or third person. Was there assassinations? Yes, for a fact the assassination of NKR Supreme Council Arthur Mkrtchyan (from ARF).

    Was there any others? I don’t now maybe, I don’t have facts to support them. If there were assassinations, than they were political not business related. In Artsakh there were no businesses and a true feday had nothing to do in Yerevan interrupting business activity. They all were in Artsakh. I am not sure but it sounds you are talking about some Mafiosi groups.

  37. Nairian said:

    Yeah Arman jan, it sounds like far fetched to me too for them to do assasinations towards some grand Fedayis who came from abroad to give Artsakhtsis a hand by putting their own life on the line to free Artsakh.

  38. hovo said:

    Well done, you all reached your objectives. If “all” of you want to give up Armenia, I will tell you go for? Make our enemies happy! Turks killed 1.5 million armenians, we gave azeris 1 million refugees, we didn’t kill them because we are human being. We are in the right side of the history. I know, you know, and we all know that oligarches and their sons are bossi txeq en. I am sick of them. 50,000 troops they won the war, some sacrificed more than others, some of them lost their lives, some of them lost their love-ones. We live in unjust world. Some were lucky, they took power and became oligarch, they forgot their fellow heroes, while others didn’t get rewarded. Theybecame so emotionally disturbed and alienated that created some exaggerated stories. There is no perfect system in the world. Equality and liberty are conflicting objectives. As a new born republic, armenia has been facing gangsters, bloodsuckers, you name it.( By the way if you want to see their sons, go YSUn faculty of law, the way they talk, the way they act it makes you sick). The simple armenians have no where to go unlike us. Don’t worry you all losers they fight for them. I always thought that my armenians from diaspora are more nationalistic, better and good quality, from other armenians, but it took me only two days to doubt it in my mid 20s… Good luck to all of you. Good_bye!

  39. Nairian said:

    Hello Hovo, What’s the matter? What are you thinking the way you do? We are discussing on this commentary forum and wondering what’s happened? Do we not have the right of way to ask and inquire, lest we’ll be called not patriotic enough because we ask questions when some are speaking from hearsay but not the real facts?

  40. hovo said:

    Barev Nairian jan, I have to response, specially that I know that you are an armenian. I do apologise if I hurt your feelings. You have all the rights and freedom of speech. We write in this forum, but we are not the only ones who read. The world is watching us. So my statements aren’t written against you. We all know that there was always political assassinations in that region. Ex; shvarnade in Georgia, Sargsian and Demirjian in armenia (1997). But my armenians let’s don’t make statements or wrong assumptions about our heros (Monte, Arabo, Armen…) Without any factual evidence. You can find all kinds of information in the internet, but are they reliable or reliablen and let’s don’t “thanks to the armenian genocide” that’s all matter…

  41. Vacheh said:

    Dear Nairian and Arman,

    Thank you for your very nice comments and sharing of very constructive and patriotic ideas. I always read your articles and enjoy it a lot. Thank you.

    The issue of oligarchs or ‘blood suckers” was raised. It is a valid and very sad reality. I have seen how each oligarch enjoys his life at the expense of 10,000 to 50,000 hard working Armenians in homeland. If Zoravar Andranik’s Jokats (Sassontsi Dgherk) or if Zoravar Dro’s battalion solders were alive today, they would have eliminated these parasites in no time. Please read this article.

    The fellow in this article has taken the ownership of mines in Hrazdan and his brother has taken the mines of Lori and Syunik. These are the main supporters of failed protocoles. The mines in a country belong to the government and the entire nation. Any income from these mines should be spent in building hospitals, clinics, or schools.

    Let me share with you a story that I heard from an Armenian historian last year. When Zoravar Dro was getting ready to move to Bash-Aparan in May of 1918, he had a mid-level commander (a true Dashnaktsakan) who goes to see Zoravar Dro. He takes to Zoravar his younger brother and the twin sons of his younger brother (i.e. 4 from the same family). They all go to Bash-Aparan with Zoraver Dro and all 4 of them get killed a few days later in the defense of Bash-Aparan. We had this type of Armenians and today we also have oligarchs, who are the primary contributors to exodus of 700,000 Armenians during the past 18 years. Monte lost his life and Vardan Ayvazyians are taking food out of the mouth of our innocent children and orphans in Armenia. How shall we handle these “blood suckers”?

  42. Nairian said:

    Hovo jan, when I said thanks to the Armenian Genocide I was born in Egypt and soon after I was raised in Canada then here in the US. Don’t you think I was saying it very sadly and sarcastically? Of course that’s what I meant by it. I thought anyone would understand it. Are you kidding me? More than 90% of my entire family and my Armenian race was annihilated by the most criminal nation in the world the bloody Turks. How could I say it in any other shape and form? of course not my Hovo. We have been going to rallye and march here in the US against the recent protocols and have always rallyed for the Genocide denier Turks for years now. I have also been supporting ANCA for years as well, the Hay Thad. So yeah I am Armenian and grass root Armenian my friend.

  43. Nairian said:

    Hovo jan, Monte, Arabo, Serop Aghpur, Karekin Nejteh, Armen and Dro are my heroes as well as most Armenians’ heroes. They were precious bunch of super heroes and we have to kneel to their beloved memories, this goes without saying.

    Vacheh jan, thank you and I have the same respect towards you as well. I know only too well about the destructive oligarchs in Armenia, the “tavajans”. I don’t know what to say, except our beautiful hero Monte died just recently in the Artsakh war and these jerks are carrying on without any shame or any love for their countrymen and their country. They don’t deserve to be called Armenians and they sure don’t deserve to take the seats where Monte and the likes of him created those seats for them. Those precious seats of being in control of the country should be deserving to the likes of people like Monte and Serop Aghpur, Karekin Nejteh and Dro Ganayan; but not undeserving low life “tavajans” like those oligarchs or the likes of Levon Der Bedrossian who wished to give back Artsakh to the enemy and did great deal of mistakes, purposely against our sacred cause. He is also responsible for 700,000 Armenians who left the country, the exodus. I am aware of that, but he should have been kicked out of the country a long time ago. We have Sarkisian now and he made some blunders as well. I just wish that ARF will take their seats and try to create a better Armenia, without oligarchs, without corruption and without the creation of non-Armenian schools in our homeland. Armenia must be free of all these destructive elements. Our people around the world, as well as in Armenia proper and Artsakh must put their heads together and work for all the things that I have mentioned now. Do you hear me dear ARF Bureau members, as well as Ramgavars, Henchagyans, ANCA, and sane patriotic Armenians and Artsakhtsis?


  44. Zareh said:

    I tell you my opinion. This is what the back seat driver thinks:

    What needs to happen is a revolution, a smart revolution, a perestroika. Fundamental changes must take place, the whole systhem has to be PURGED and cleaned. And then an iron man should controll the situation. A patriotic dictator, who has absolute power and can eliminate anyone who doesn’t comply. Like Putin.
    This is a huge task. Special forces should be created for this purpose, abroad. Diaspora should impose this, I don’t think something like this can spurt out of Armenia. Once again, this is a huge enterprise, if we want to see a viable Armenia in our lifetime, there will be chaos and disorder but that is a necessary stage. It will be so hard that sometimes I think that indeed, it would be easier to start a new Armenia somewhere else.

    How would I like to see Armenia’s future. Armenia is in the middle of great powers, while it has dangers, it also might have advantages if smart politics are applied. So it could also be a meeting point for all these big powers around. Like the Brussels of EU or more. Cultural/political events might be organized and Iran, Turkey, Russian az… could come around and meet and share festivals, food, culture and much more, There where they once came to fight against each other, they could now come and share and meet with each other, a bridge between civilizations, something like Brussels or Switserland. It may be possible, but real leadership is needed.

    Right now, the biggest priority must be the genocide. This issue is on already for 25-30 year. and it’s not normal. It should be done in a year or two. So Armenia, should focuse all her energy here.
    Drop the protocols, and forget the turkey-armenia borders for a while, It’s not that vital. You have access to big markets like Iran, CHINA, Russia. We can survive without turkey, although of course it’s ultimately better if the borders get opened, solve the genocide issue in order to move forward, cuz it makes me sick already.

    You know guys, my favorite armenian movie is Saroyan Brothers. I’m not sure I understand all the political game in it rightly, but that movie illustrates so much realities.

    Everyone have a good week 😉

  45. hovo said:

    Hey Nairian jan when I read your surneme, I remember this poem: “mer NAIRIAN axjikneri lusapsak jarn em sirum”, but I don’t remember the name of the poet and the rest of the poem. Anyway, “thanks to” means result (good or bad), so my interpretation of that metaphor was incorrect, since English is my fourth language. OK, let move on. I know , as one of many armenians, you also have your unique biography. You can talk anything and everything you want, everything is fair game, but let’s don’t start to talk about conspiracy theories such as some stars can have babies. So we don’t need you to be speechless!

  46. Nairian said:


    Ես իմ անոյշ Հայաստանի արեւահամ բառն եմ սիրում,
    Մեր հին սազի ողբանուագ լացակումաց լարն եմ սիրում,
    Առնանման ծաղիկների ու վարդերի բոյրը վառման,
    Ու Նայիրեան աղչիկների հեզաճկուն պարն եմ սիրում:

    Իմ կարօտած սրտի համար ոչ մի ուրիշ հէքեաթ չկայ,
    Նարեկացու Քուչակի պէս լուսապսակ ճակատ չկայ,
    Աշխարհ անցիր Արարատի նման ճերմակ ճակատ չկայ,
    Ինչպէս անհաս բարքի ճամբայ ես իմ ՄԱՍԻՍ սարն եմ սիրում:

    Եղիշէ Չարենց

    Հրամմէ Հովոյ ճան ահա քեզ մեր սիրասուն ու անմահական Չարենցը:


  47. Arman said:

    Dear Vacheh thank you, I also have the same respect toward you and to everyone who cares about Armenia and Armenians.

    I have read that article before and that is the reality in Armenia. What can be done? I think the ARF in homeland should be more vocal. Couple of years from now will start the parliamentary election in Armenia so ARF should be ready to win the election. Otherwise the hope of changing anything in the country will die. Unfortunately today I hear some ARF leaders’ comments about this administration that doesn’t make sense to me. For example, many times I hear from Vahan Hovanisian that it is unacceptable to call some oligarchs and politicians unpatriotic or davajan. Why not if all they do is davajanutun? Why shouldn’t we call the things by their names?
    These kinds of comments are what today’s oligarchs and corrupted politicians want. Now they are certain that whatever they do ARF is not going to do anything serious about it. In other words (Դաշնակցության ատամները հաշվել են) in Armenia. They call ARF in Armenia healthy opposition and the same time push the protocols or other davajan policies. How long enough is enough?

    I recently was in Armenia and the situation is not good. Armenia empties day by day basis. People have no hope that anything is going to change. Yes, people need some education to get rid of the old bolshevik thinking but the education haven’t started already 20 years and there is no hope that it will start soon seeing this davajan administration on power. They are trying to do the most to keep the people from standing for their rights. This means keeping them from education. There for the most popular way of spreading news in Armenia are still rumors. A very small group of people have access to internet and the ones who have can’t really do anything with very slow connection.
    Believe me I heard things from the people that are totally unacceptable, but this people say this things because they have no hope whatsoever.
    ARF needs to act and act fast; otherwise we may end up with a war and people who think independence is not a good thing taking in to consideration of the past 20 years. We need to act and hit hard!

  48. Christo said:

    Hi Frank, I lost (assasinated) two of my fedayi friends during the war. Thank you and Nairian, for being the patriots that you are. These individuals who think they speak for Armenia/Armenians seem to fantasize what happened 15-20 years ago, when their own parents fled because they were the cowards, who wouldn’t bear arms but flee a country in dire need of fighters. These ingrate, ungrateful,cowards, who crawl out of their caves/holes, who seem to know and insult our sacrifices and the blood we shed. the could keep that piece of our ancestral lands. They are no and the same as the azeri turks who they lived side by side in the heart of Yerevan, not to mention married them. Their love of everything turkish is mind boggling, but then again, they were one nation called the homosovieticus. They have disenfarnchised many in the diaspora with their self hatred and their hatred towards the diaspora. Let them speak, when their “turkish/azeri” culture takes over their piece of land that they themselves won’t fight for, and emigrate by the masses by being captivated by the social services offered by the west. It will take a few generations living in the west before they would even have an incling of what the diaspora Armenians notion of Armenian nationalism is.
    By the way, thank you again Nairian, for your intellectual response.
    To Norin, don’t worry you and your kind will never be allowed to call yourselves ATAARMENS, Never as long as we in the diaspora are alive, we will allow you to take over the helm of our path, we will eradicate your kind from our communities with conviction and passion.

  49. Nairian said:

    Dear Christo,

    I thank you for thanking me and you are welcomed; but any man when he fights for his country, dead or alive is a hero in my eyes, and you are one indeed. I truly understand where you are coming from when you say that a great number of the so called cowards as you mentioned have left the country in ’92 through ’96 and then they speak in volumes against some of the people in our homeland and against the ones in Diaspora. Unfortunately I have personally met some of the offsprings of these cowards and they are not “pretty” people, in terms of their character. How right you are again when you said that they don’t at all understand the Diasporans’ upbringing and their true patriotism, how they have put up a fight every day of their lives against assymilation. If I tell you my life story and how I fought within myself to marry solely an Armenian, you would be proud of me. But it doesn’t stay there, we constantly fought within our communities to stay alive as Armenians. To keep our culture, our language and our Armenian way of life alive, plus to draw the masses to stay Armenian as well, not to assymilate. You heroically fought against our real enemy, my hat’s off to you and I wish I was in your shoes right now; yet we fought here in the Diaspora another war, and we call it “djermag chart” against assymilation, against losing our identity as Armenians in a cosmopolitan world. It’s not easy and I wished and hoped that 90% of Armenians were brought up the way I was brought up and thought and worked against assymilation thinking Armenian and working for Armenianness as I have done it. I am not trying to praise myself, but quite unfortunately even when I go to our center and Church, I see few who feel exactly the way I feel. There are some great ones, but most to a lesser degree. Well if it wasn’t for the A.R.F. in Diaspora, their lecturings, Camp Hayastan, the Saturday schools and the Church, the A.R.S. and the A.Y.F. most of the Diasporans wouldn’t even be around that call themselves Armenian today. Trust me Christo, I know. But never mind about us, I just want our country now to be cleared from the Oligarchs and the wrong people on the higher seats. I am appaled that our senate in RA have agreed to open up “odar” schools. We were all appaled and angry in here against the dangerous protocols. There must be a clean up over there, as you put it, so that more and more people wouldn’t leave the country and empty it from the rest of our population in our homeland. Arman, Vacheh and Zareh also brought up some good points; however it must be done very soon or else.

  50. Christo said:

    Parev Nairian,
    My grandfather used to tell me, the turks asked one favor from the west, “Get these Armenians on the other side of the Atlantic, away from my borders.” and the west has complied. Watch and see, how many of these bird brains are about to ask me to prove to them. It’s a FICTIONAL ANECDOTE OK!! Every person has a role in our battles, be it your fighting White Genocide, or someone else contributing their time or money to our cause. You can’t just have soldiers, but an entire army of supporters that help that army achieve it’s goals.
    Being from Lebanon, I never fought for the ARF, however, fought during the civil war on the side of the Phalangist, and then switched to an organization that is today on the burner, thus I won’t elaborate on this panel.
    The difference between diasporan Armenians, and Armenians from Armenia is that we in the diaspora fully understand and grasp nationalism we are AZKASER, however, Armenians from Armenia are YERGRASER.
    By the way know the Maralian’s or the Tadros family?

  51. hovo said:

    Hi everyone, we all know that the diaspora is more nationalistic than other armenians. You don’t have to proof it. Without the diaspora Armenia can’t survive economically and politically. Why are you more nationalistic than others? A week ago I asked the same question to my sister who lives in ROA. She brought this theory: it is not the consciousness of man that determines their social, but on contrary their social being that determines their consciousness. She was hoplessly wrong with her theory. The answer is in our DNA. Let us don’t call each other cowards, some people left Armenia because they have family to support, that’s why remittance to armenia is over 2 billion. So every armenian contributes to our nation in one way or another…

  52. john papazian said:

    Patriotism only works in the country your in.When the “Armenian issue” comes up every April,I’m told that I’m unAmerican because Turkey is a trusted ally and Americas security ia at risk.Find a country that will benifit from acknowledging the Armenian genocide and they will,there is no such benifit to America.If the Azeris want to starve so they can afford an army,let them just like North Korea.

  53. Norin Radd said:

    The Diaspora cannot exist outside of Armenia indefinitely, ultimately, all the fancy talk about “what should be done” and the “oligarchs” simply has one answer. Armenians worldwide need to reign in and cleanse the corruption, one way or another. In order to do that, there needs to be a large body of Armenians in the country that starts demanding changes for the betterment of the country. It’s difficult to fathom that any group of oligarchs could supress 5 million Diasporans that start trickling back into the country over a period of 10 or 20 years. You can beat, maim, or murder a few dozen, but you cannot bully around 5 million Armenians standing together.

    The trouble is there are a great many Hyes that have already invested a great deal into living abroad, can anyone here make suggestions as to how such individuals can be convinced to “move to Armenia” if there exist a system that constantly is tainted with powerful corrupt individuals that ruin the system for everyone else?

    And Christo, if you’ve done everything you claim to have done, then that’s great, we thank you. However, insulting me is not going to make your points stand out as more correct, so put a cork in it bud. Also, for such a great patriot, you’re really eager to “cleanse” and “purge” your fellow Armenian as you stated earlier. I think it’s safe to say that as fellow Armenians we can disagree on certain points while not wanting the erradication of those Armenians that do not agree with us. Overall it’s a safe bet that we all want a successful and prosperous Armenia free of the corrupt elements. Though for a newly independant nation, it’s doing pretty good, better than Israel was in 67’!

    And let’s put this “Monte was CIA” BS to rest, that man was a hero and deserves better than the rumors being spread about him.

  54. Dino Ajemian said:

    The next war will not be a war of attrition on the central portion of the line of contact(LoC)-Agdam as some suggest. The next war will be a war of maneuver by the Azeris. The Artsakh-Azeri LoC is Armenia’s Maginot Line. Hardly a shot will be fired from that front. Azeris will cut the Republic of Armenia in half by controlling choke points in Vayoys Dzor and eastern Lake Sevan and proceed eastward. A simple encirclement strategy of Artsakh. The Azeris would easily defend their control of eastern lake Sevan and have control of the pass between Zangezur and the Ararat valley. 40% of Azeri forces are in Nakhichevan and will use them to divest Vayots Dzor and Syuinik from Armenia. Turks have been training Azeris in Air Assault in the mountains of turkish occupied Cyprus. Long range missiles provided by Israel will hit supply depots in and around Yerevan. Anti radiation UAV’s bought from Israel will destroy the S-300 antiaircraft battery system of Armenia. It amazes me that one would think that the turks would attempt a frontal assault and not attack the soft underbelly of Armenia. Worst case scenario Sergik and Nalbandyan sign away Armenian soverignty of Lake Sevan and Zangezur. Best case scenario Armenian gets Lake Sevan and Zangezur back but loses all of Artsakh AND Megri for a corridor linking Nakhichevan to the rest of Azerbaijan. The only way to avoid this disaster is to invade Nakhichevan in the next war since the bulk of azeri attacks will derive from that area. There are cheap and smart ways of annililating the Azeris in the next war but that requires an Army command that thinks outside the box. The azeri dream is wiping out Armenia within 20 years before their oil money and politcal wealth derived from oil/gas transportation runs out. Our counter dream is taking back Nakhichevan (which techincally is ours by default of the illegal treaties of Kars and Moscow) and reaching our natural borders the right bank of the Kura and the left bank of the Arax.

  55. Norin Radd said:

    Interesting points you make Dino, if you’re considernig the Nakhichevan front, is it being fortified by RoA currently?

  56. Dino Ajemian said:

    Norin Radd: I have to say that I am more than impressed with your analysis on Armenian issues. You have a keen sense of history, politics and issues of national security. You are the kind of Armenian Armenia needs in a position of power. As for the Nakhichevan front, the azeris have spent considerable resources to understand strengths and weakness’ in the Vayots Dzor and Syuinik provinces. They have even sent Americans with previous military backgrounds to do humanitarian work with legitimate groups in the border regions to determine troop deployment patterns and other issues from the Armenian side of the border. Specifically the village of Khindzorud in Vayots Dzor which leads to the Mardiros pass and down to the town of Vaik which the azeris will cut off Vayots Dzor from Syuinik. Within the context of the turkish general staff planing this complex operation Armenian military thinking is not up to the challenge and will be reduced to pockets of resistence from the Vedi river to Goris. The Armenian Army in the region expects a repeat of the Azeri doctrine of 1988-1993. Through pinpoint accuracy and orchestration chaos and panic would reign in Zangezur. Zangezur is like a castle once there is a hole in the wall and enemy assailants position themselves in key areas there is no stopping the castle from being taken. Armenian doctrine is defensive attrition. Armenian doctrine doses not expect a thousand azeri spetnatz troops to be all around them. Armenian reinforcements from Yerevan could not get to Artsakh or even the town of Ararat. The Armenian doctrine for keeping Zangezur out of the hands of the enemy is to take the pain and deal with the problem as it develops. The only way to prevent this catastrophe is an invasion strategy of Nakhichevan before Azeris launch their attack. I dont believe our Armenian leadership has that in mind. They expect Russian and international intercession before the door closes shut on Zangezur. It will happen oh so quickly and that door will be shut before outside help arrives. Other than calling up reserves in the area the ultimate fate of Zangezur is in the hands of Russia and the West not in Armenian hands.

  57. Artabaranian said:

    Armenia`s days are numbered! Armenians will loose Karabakh and Zangezur province, which will put Armenians again in poverty.