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Israel screwed up in its response to the ships attempting to break its blockade of Gaza.  Anything it might have gained by preventing the entry of material it chooses to exclude from Gaza is far outweighed by the international opprobrium it has garnered.  But this is not at issue except by extreme spinners of pro-Israel policy.  What’s more interesting for Armenians is Turkey’s role and position in all this, and what doors are open to us as a result.

Certainly, no one doubts that Turkey’s, and its ruling AK Party’s, involvement in all this is nothing but a cynical, Machiavellian, realpolitik ploy in its devilishly competent Foreign Minister’s bag of tricks to expand the genocidal state’s international stature, and particularly among the peoples and states of the Arab and Moslem worlds.  The Turkish group cooperating with the efforts may also have connections to unsavory outfits, but more on this if and when I can get details.  I’m told it was very well organized, funded, and delivered the biggest ship in the relief flotilla, which suggests the possibility of state involvement.  It was also the ship on which the violence occurred.

Erdogan’s and Davutoglu’s statements have received wide coverage.  Clearly, this is part of their neo-Ottomanist efforts to become a player in the Islamic world, much of which shuns Turkey for the brutality and misrule heaped upon fellow Moslems under Ottoman rule and Kemalism’s anti-Islamic bent.  Official Ankara seems to be making the calculation that there’s more to be gained by clashing with Israel than further developing a decades-long positive relationship.

Among the fruits of the positive relationship has been help in the halls of U.S. power, fighting passage of the Genocide resolution, and other anti-Armenian efforts emanating from Azerbaijan and Turkey.  The question is, after the last few incidents, are those Jewish-lobby elements in the U.S. that have worked against us (and even against their more right-minded and conscience driven colleagues) ready to come around?  Do they see yet that there’s no long term benefit to supporting a genocide-denying state?  Are they irate enough to downgrade or sever the relationship?  It seems to me this is a very opportune moment for our efforts in the U.S.  it’s time for some renewed outreach.

Simultaneously, our colleagues in the Middle East should be conveying to their governments how untrustworthy, back-stabbing, and cynical Turkey’s recent ploys demonstrate it to be.  On the non-Diaspora front, Armenia’s government should be playing up similar themes with their negotiating partners, whether the issue is economics, Artzakh, or actual relations with Turkey.

But this is all short term gain.  If Turkey’s efforts bear fruit, then we will have serious problems in the long term.  Remember where Armenia is situated.  If Turkey pulls Iran into its orbit, it’s a problem.  If the Arab countries become enamored of Turkey’s pseudo-heroics, our community’s in there may become constrained.  They may even get some traction in Europe with their faux-humanitarianism.  It is imperative and timely to publicize the irony (and the underlying temerity) of Turkish comments about occupation (think Armenia and Kurdistan) and human rights abuses (think coddling Darfur’s butcher, abuse of its own minorities, massacres, etc.

We have to play very hard.  For the last three centuries, the Ottoman Empire/Turkey has survived through very skillful diplomacy, playing off against one another powers far greater than it, using Asia Minor’s pivotal geography.  They’re using our lands to our, and the world’s, detriment.  Since we’ve been deprived of statehood for all but the last century or so (and a very shaky, mostly Soviet-subservient statehood at that) we don’t have the same depth of diplomatic/political history, experience, skills, and culture to draw on.  But this is a perfect time to learn by doing and pushing to the edge.  There’s not much to be lost, but tremendous potential for gain.

I hope we, the Diaspora and Armenia’s government (especially after the protocols fiasco), are up to the challenge.  Let’s expose Turkey for the fraud that it is!


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  1. Armen said:

    Garen jan, an article of yours which I agree with 99.8%, a new world record. I must say though that the Islamization of Turkey will hopefully result in its splintering into 3 distinct states, Turkish, Kurdish and Armenian. I can see this resulting from a confrontation from the west once the west realizes that a pro-Western Kurdistan (should efforts be made now by the powers that be with the Kurds) and a revitalized Armenia are of greater importance to the west than a Turkey as it is now constituted.

  2. Christo said:

    Armen’s post makes sense,,hopefully it will be a reality. Out of the Ottoman empire 22 states were carved except 2 Armenia and Kurdistan a quote by Dilip Hiro a pro turk/Islamist pakistani lecturer in UK.

  3. ermeni said:

    well, Armen. i can say it’s a miracle also. i agree with Garen on this one 99.9%.
    it’s a first for me.
    Good points Garen!

  4. Haro Mherian, PhD Mathematics/HySpell said:

    Thanks Garen, you have touched the depth of the problem.
    Unfortunately, the current elites of our Republic of Armenian are nothing but anti-national puppets. It is ironic that in Armenia we are fighting against our government to preserve our Armenian language, as well as other national centered vital issues.
    The scenario of Turkey playing the “humanitarian hero” is not isolated to the Palestine-Israel case, if you recall prior to that, Erdoghan had similar game with the north-western China. These incidents clearly point that such scenarios are deliberately orchestrated by the Turkish government itself. In other words, they are not ad hoc or accidental incidents, they were all planned. Of the six ships only one had such violence, and that one was sponsored by the Turks. The picture is clear. For the Chinese incident, it is obvious that Gray Wolf Turkish terrorist organization had the right-hand to that violence as well.

  5. Rich said:

    Write to your local papers on Turkey’s hypocracy!

    Thanks Garen~

  6. Alex Postallian said:

    The Arab World is very skeptical,and does not trust YELLOW STAIN turkey.turkey is muslim, but they been playing both sides of the street,henceforth,YOU CANNOT TRUST THEM.The Arabs know this,but they are not as vocal.

  7. israeli said:

    hello to everyone,

    there is one thing i would like to emphasize about the armenian genocide and Israel. ON THE STREET LEVEL in Israel, there is no doubt that Israel should for once and for all recognize the armenian genocide. Turkey, for the past 50 years, has basically been threatenening israel that if you “even dare”, we wil join your enemies..and Israel has enough enemies…it was cinister real politik at its worst israel had no choice but to play along…there were numerous attempts over the years to raise the issue but it was immediately thwarted but the turks. even when israel’s official public TV wanted to screen a movie on it Turkey started threatening…most famous for his attmepts at the issue was former Education minister Yossi sarid (just google him with armenia).

    but now finally, the chains are coming off and I finally hope the goverments can get over its fear of Turkey and finaly do the moral right thing – recognize the Armenian genocide.

  8. Shahe said:

    I was actually “looking” for this article elsewhere on the web while Turkey was parlaying their propaganda to the fullest and their bloody flags were proudly being displayed on the Arab streets. Sadly, only a few articles on the web/blogs were on top of things like Garen’s. Looking forward to the English transcripts after AbuKhalil’s interviews on Arab TV:

  9. bart@israel said:

    turkey is acting according to the situation-now its much more comfortable for them to tie warmer relations with israel neighbors. but the behavior of obama in this situation is really strange and now its clear that israel can not hope for support from usa..

  10. phillip said:

    Armenia should use this as good reason whay the NABUCO pipline should not run through Turkey, Europe
    should realize that If Turkey is the off loading point, Turkey can turn off the spickett as easily as Russia, can
    Raise Prices ect. Think

  11. Alex Postallian said:

    To all the Israrelis;turkey has threaten everbody. Dont fear,they intimadate, and do a lot of bluffing.A little background on YELLOW STAIN turkey.In WW1 they were a part of the Axis,viz,Germany/Austria.After being soundly beaten by a equal force of Allies,they turned YELLOW and joined the Allies.Their M.O. is unarmed women,children,and old people:thats their in the Armenian Genocide.So they have been trying to shake the YELLOW STAIN image,without avail.The ace in the hole.They are afraid of the U.S.

  12. sebouh from australia said:

    Dear Israeli,

    Not one word of disagreement was expressed, anywhere in Israel, when Shimon Perez engaged in the despicable , low-life outrageuos act of denying the Armenian Genocide some years ago!!!!Dont come to us now with open arms expressing regret….and as for “chains”, you have one of the most powerful armies in the world, so how can their be chains on it????? As for the Arabs, they provided my parents with a home when the Turks killed us in 1915…….we are not a “namkoor” race(ungrateful race) so why would I, as an honourable Armenian, turn on them by siding with Israel??? Dont get me wrong, I am not an anti-semite and am mature enough to realise there are many decent , moral Jews, but your Government stinks!!!!

  13. Iren from US said:

    Dear Sebuh from Australia, I completely agree with all you say. Unfortunately our Armenian brothers appear to be mostly blinded on the issue. Instead of getting sucked into the intricate political calculations at the expense of justice, just recognize the truth, which by the way will bring only polital benefits to Armenia. Muslims and the Arab world has never been Armenia’s enemy, and yes they provided refuge to Armenians escaping from the genocide. It would be stupid and ungrateful to forget that.

    The fact is that the humanitarian flotilla was attacked in neutral waters and innocent people have been killed. This atrocity is widely recognized around the world, both by governments and grassroot people simply because that’s the TRUTH. And there is no point for Armenia to side with those who deny it. Is this also the time when Armenia’s blokade by Turkey should be brought up? Absolutely Yes. This is what Armenians all over the world should do right now.

  14. Rita said:


    As a Palestinian Armenian we have felt genocide TWICE once at the hands of the filthy Turks and once at the hands of the filthy Zionists.

    When your Zionist scum collabarated with the Turks (including Turkish Jews) to massacre my ancestors and deport us, the Palestinian Arabs opened their country to us and helped us to rebuild our lives, not ever taking ONE CENT from us. Lets not forget what the Zionist did to the Armenian Palestinians as well as all Palestinians when they stole Palestine and Jerusalem fell. The deportations of thousands of Armenian-Palestinians, the theft of our church property, the massacres in our villages.

    No self respecting Armenian would EVER turn their backs on the Palestinian people, who have faced the same thing that we have. The ethnic cleansing, massacres, renaming of villages, erasing of our history. I dont care about the politics! You do not sell out yourself and your values if you are a righteous true Armenian!

  15. sebouh from australia said:

    Thankyou Iren from US and Rita!!!

    Its refreshing to know that there were other decent parents ,such as yours, that taught and instilled in their Armenian children true, honourable, Armenian principles…..I hope our community leaders also had such good parents so they dont get sucked into this filthy political game…..Armenians are not political whores….let the whole world know this