Michael Coren Calls Out Turkey’s Hypocrisy

Alert Congress to Turkey’s Hypocrisy

Michael Coren hosts a very popular daily TV discussion panel on Canada’s CTS network. Here he comments on Turkey’s human rights record of genocide and aggression against neighboring countries and its own minorities.

Erdogan’s Self-Righteous Lectures Ring Hollow in the Face of Turkey’s Century of Genocide and Human Rights Abuses.

Take a moment to alert your Senators and Representatives to Turkey’s shameless attempts to take the moral high ground despite its record of non-stop abuse at home and violence abroad:

1)  Turkey aggressively denies the Armenian Genocide, pressuring America to remain silent on this crime, and prosecuting its own citizens who speak truthfully about this atrocity.

2)  Turkey has been illegally blockading landlocked Armenia since 1994.

3)  Turkey invaded Cyprus in 1974 and continues to occupy over a third of this nation.

4)  Turkey has destroyed thousands of Kurdish villages, uprooting millions of Kurds, and denying tens of millions of its own Kurdish citizens of their basic human rights.

5)  Turkey denies the Sudan Genocide and provides arms to the Sudanese government, led by Omar al-Bashir, who has been indicted for war crimes.

6)  Turkey continues to impose official restrictions and unofficial pressure on the Armenian, Greek, Assyrian churches and on other minority religious groups.

7)  Turkey’s leaders foster domestic political support by taking anti-U.S. and anti-Israel stands:  Among the best selling books in Turkey is Hitler’s Mein Kampf; one of their most popular films, Valley of the Wolves, features a Turkish nuclear attack on Washington.

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  1. Mark said:

    Quite frankly, who is Turkey to involve itself in Gaza? Gaza is none of Turkey’s business.

    Speaking of blockades, Turkey blockades Armenia. Can you imagine if activists tried to run that blockade and cross the border into Armenia? Turkey would shoot every last one of them dead, and no one anywhere would have much criticism for Turkey, which is nothing but a loud mouthed bully.

    The truth? Not to defend Israel – no – but Turkey has been provoking Israel needlessly for the last few years and especially the last year or two. Let Turkey take care of its own horrible human rights record.

    Turkey’s provocations led Israel to strike back, and the fact is that Turkey deliberately put its people in harm’s way. Turks got their answer, and it was not pretty. Was Israel totally right? Maybe not, but Turkey was totally wrong.

    As far as Turkey’s threats to send a warship to accompany the next ship to Gaza: Israel would deliver a stinging message to Turks that they would remember forever. Israel is one of the few countries in the world that would call Turkey’s bluff. The US and Obama are afraid one of Turks. And so are European countries.
    Personally, I would love to see Turkey challenge Israel and get the living daylights kicked out of it, and I suspect many of you agree with me even if you won’t say so.

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  3. Robert said:

    Unfortunately, as usual, this individual neglects the known facts as he panders to the dashnaks on hi show! I’m no fan of Erdougan, but hypocrisy is the LAST word that should be uttered by any dashnak Armenian! The flotila was an NGO and not officiall sponsored by Turkey. The flotila was attacked 20 miles beyond Israel’s blockade zone (far in international waters). Maritime Law states that any boarding or attempted seisure of a vessel in international waters is known as piracy! The 1974 liberation was completely legal, as Turkey acted within her rights to protect the Turkish-Cypriots who were being massacred in Cyprus since 1960 by the Greeks and their EOKA-B, yet no Christian nation lifted a finger to help them (the West ONLY got the Greeks version of their story)…SOUND FAMILIAR!! Check out the Tri-Lateral Protectrate Treaty signed by Greece, Turkey and Britian, allowing any one of the three countries to act unilaterally to protect citizens at risk or undergoig harm, attack or death! Anyone trying to cross over the border illeagally from Turkey into Armenian would NOT be killed as one of the ignorant commenters writes. They would be detained and/or arressted, depending on the circumstances. They would NOT be killed on sight (unless they were fired at first). The commentator of the show hasn’t a clue as to what really happened back during WWI. That why real and neutral historians (not Armenian bought) should be allowed, via an historical commission, to review ALL archives materials in the world, and force Armenia to open their archive doors in Yerevan and Boston. This was a totally worthless story!