Baku Expects New Karabakh Proposals From Mediators, Says Mammadyarov

BAKU (RFE/RL)–The U.S., French and Russian co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group could again modify their basic principles of resolving the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov indicated over the weekend.

“The co-chairs have to relay our existing position to the Armenian side,” he told journalists, according to the Azerbaijani APA news agency. “The co-chairs will then discuss the overall situation and may well come up with new proposals.”

Armenia declined to comment on this. The Armenian Foreign Ministry only rejected Mammadyarov’s renewed claims that Yerevan is to blame for the lack of further progress in the process.

Mammadyarov made the comments in Venice the day after meeting the mediating troika to discuss the current status of Armenian-Azerbaijani peace talks. In a joint statement issued on Friday, the mediators said they “assessed next steps in the near future to restore momentum to the peace process.” The statement gave no details.

“No breakthrough agreement was reached, but the meeting was very useful,” the Russian co-chair, Igor Popov, was quoted by APA as saying. He said the mediators plan to pay yet another visit to the conflict zone by the end of this month.

Mammadyarov again claimed that Armenia is refusing to accept the proposed framework agreement on Karabakh which was modified by the mediating powers late last year. He insisted that the document is acceptable to Azerbaijan “with the exception of certain points.”

Mammadyarov also renewed Azerbaijani allegations that Yerevan is stalling for time in the negotiating process. Baku will agree to hold more talks with Armenian leaders only if they display “a sincere desire to achieve progress,” he said.

In a written statement issued later on Monday, Armenian Foreign Ministry spokesman Tigran Balayan rejected these claims, saying Baku itself is preventing a breakthrough in the protracted peace talks by “fruitlessly distorting the essence of the conflict and the content of the negotiating process.”

Armenian officials repeatedly stated earlier that the “exceptions” cited by the Azerbaijanis are quite significant.


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  1. eddy said:

    Authorities are still looking for new ways to fool NKR and Armenia….

    Aim of Azerbaijan is to move “Azerbaijanis” to NKR and in first opportunity to start creating a situation like Sarajevo (civil war etc)… I do believe NKR in NO WAY should accept (half way) solutions which could be a threat to the security of NKR ….If Azerbaijan is going make Azerbaijanis believe NKR will be part of Azerbaijan and if rulers in Baku are going to approve the anti Armenian anti NKR military doctrine in this case Baku is going to close the door for a fair compromise solution biased on the right of people for Self-determination (already doen!)- in this case independent of NKR or reunification with Armenia (no more no less)- After passage of anti NKR military doctrine of Azerbaijan, it would make no sense for RoA to hold takes with Baku on behalf of NKR!!! Azerbaijani military doctrine is the “Azerbaijani interpretation of so called “Madrid principles”( currently no worth paper written on it) .. . Baku is blackmailing and likes to force a pro Azerbaijani solution and make its people believe NKR will be returned to “Azerbaijan”!
    Passage of Azerbaijani military doctrine by Azerbaijani Parliament and theNAZI like propaganda war against NKR shouldn’t be ignored! …..In this case RoA Parliament should not miss the opportunity to recognize NKR in current borders. By referring to the history of NK, international law, the fight of NKR for foredoom and the existence of Anti- Armenian and anti NKR military doctrine of Azerbaijan. RoA should ask NKR to negotiate and solve its border/ territorial issues directly with Azerbaijan at the same time RA parliament should/could offer NKR the fallowing alternatives:
    1- to join Armenia a having a “Republic status” within RoA
    2- To build a confederation with RA
    3- Or just to remain an independent …

  2. Krikor said:

    YES Eddy. NKR should join Armenia in the form of confederation or independent republic. Armenians under AZERI RULE MEANS ANIHILATION OF THE ARMENIANS

  3. VEREZHson said:

    yes krikor; without Artsakh there would be no armenia ,1000000% positive….thats all.

  4. Harut said:

    First of all Baku should forget about NKR being part of azerbejan since it is not a historic land of baku and never was and never will be, and if baku thinks they can invade NKR by force they are making a big mistake
    and they will pay for it dearly i mean dearly we all know that the azeri army soldiers are bunch of p…….s t obegin with and second they know that they are fighting for alievs bullshit prpaganda that will never work
    solet them try and they will see what will happen to them this time it will be 10 times harsh and the loss will be on bakus teritory. i rest my case

  5. Harut said:

    Xarabax should join Armenia asap and put an end this so called back and forth negotiations, negotiate over what we dont need to negotiate any thing Xarabax is Armenia and Armenia is Xarabax.

  6. edic said:

    Draft Azerbaijan’s military doctrine regards Republic of Armenia as “Azerbaijani” land !

  7. Abbe said:

    They are just talkink bullshit to make EU and the other parts think deiifenet about ARmenia. But they and Eu and the others know that Armenia win’t give back any land. So I think this bullshit procces should end now because it will not lead anywhere and especially not to giving back land to Azerbaijan. LOL

  8. Christo said:

    The mistake was the cease fire of 1994. We didn’t fight the azeri’s duing the karabagh war. We fought, the united states mereinaries and mercenaries from throughout the world, mujahedeens, taliban, Islamist extremists, the turkish army and turkish special forces. If the azeri’s want to go to war, LET the war begin already enough of the talk. We should have gone all the way to Baku, reclaim our ancestral oil fields and danced on Elichbey’s head!!!!!!!!!!!
    This time around Ilham! We will eradicate this fabricated country called azerbaijan and reclaim it as Atropane the historic Armenian khanate!!

  9. Tigran said:

    Armenia should stop negotiations. We should state that as long as military option is not ruled out and azeries are constantly making war statements we are not negotiating. and when time passes and azeries come back to negotiate on our terms we should tell them to negotiate with NKR. Armania being a security guarantor. Azeries have no options to play, they will not risk a war, that’s out of question. they know they may lose a lot. so what the hell are we negotiating, returning 2 regions. after 900 years once we have the cards in our hand and we have to compromise. F-them