Israeli Students to Send Flotilla to Aid Turkey’s Oppressed Kurds, Armenians

TEL AVIV (A.W.)–Israeli students are planning a “peace flotilla” to Turkey with humanitarian aid for two nations that have suffered under Turkish imperialism—Kurds and Armenians. The initiative comes in response to the world’s sharp criticism of Israel’s lethal raid on the Gaza flotilla, which left nine activists dead and many wounded, reported

The organizers are currently seeking a suitable vessel and are trying to recruit other students to the cause. No date has yet been set, but a skipper has been found: Arik Ofir, a member of the navy veteran’s union and owner of a private business. They have also obtained medical supplies, and hope that by the end of the week they will be able to set out.

“The whole world saw the flotilla and thought Israel is a terrible state, which comes to shoot people who call themselves peace activists,” said chairman of the National Students Union Boaz Torporovsky, who is also involved. “It’s absurd that they always put the Israeli occupation in the headlines and don’t talk about extreme Islamic terror. There’s a lot of hypocrisy in the world.

“Turkey, which leads the campaign against Israel and makes all sorts of threats, is the same Turkey that carried out a holocaust and murdered an entire nation of Armenians, and oppresses a minority larger than the Palestinians—the Kurds—who deserve a state, who have demanded a state for longer than the state of Israel has existed.”

“For this reason,” he continued, “we have decided to help that minority and show up the hypocrisy of the Turkish government. We are sure that they won’t care if we send humanitarian aid. It’ll be a peace flotilla without the knives or stones that hurt IDF soldiers, without violence, which is intended for all those oppressed by the Turkish government.”

“If [Prime Minister Recep Tayyip] Erdogan’s heart is where his mouth is, which we all know isn’t so, he has no reason to prevent the flotilla from arriving.”

And what about the practicalities? “For the flotilla to work, we need three elements: money, logistics and balls,” he said. “We’re bringing the balls and some of the logistics, but we need lots of money.”


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  1. Edward said:

    Dear Israeli brothers & sisters, if Erdogan had a heart it would be in his a_ _,but then nobody knows where his a_ _ is as even he cant find it with both his hands-it constantly changes his place.As for the money needed why not ask oil-rich russia`s prez. gaz-putin send a million or two if he hasnt already obliged.He has already given PKK a few million in arms and vodka and now maybe he will give the armenians as well.

  2. Christo said:

    I LOVE THIS. I’m willing to make monetary contribution, WOOO HOOO! This is the same nation that helped us during the civil war, 2 bad the arab governments didn’t let us fulfill our own Christian state in the Levant. To Arik Ofir GOD BLESS YOU.

  3. Aram Martirosyan said:

    The last thing Armenia and Armenians needs is help from Jews. The Jews are the main reason Genocide is not recognized in America. If they really want to help us, tell them to stop their attach on Genocide resolutions in Congress.

  4. Aram Martirosyan said:

    The last thing Armenia and Armenians needs is help from Jews. The Jews are the main reason Genocide is not recognized in America. If they really want to help us, tell them to stop their attack on Genocide resolutions in Congress.

  5. Mike said:

    Im sorry but these Israeli’s can go to hell. All this time they NEVER bring up the issue of Armenians or the genocide. They even fight against genocide resolutions in the congress. And once they need to advance their political ambitions they are going to use Armenians as tools? Hell No! No self respecting person will let themselves be used. Go deal with your problems on your own, don’t use my people.

  6. sebouh from australia said:

    Why didnt these dirty filthy parasites protest when there president denied the Armenian Genocide a few years ago? Armenians are too smart to be used as a political football !!!Dont fall for there tricks fellow Armenians

  7. Christo said:

    Regardless, why can’t we learn from them? Why is it that we have to carry our burden on ourselves,this is how idiotic and self defeatists some Armenians are. The only Armenians that have any brains and have understood diplomacy and politics on this planet are the Armenians from Lebanon. The country is so fractionalized that we have been able to declare enemies, and the next day become friends. Throughout the war the main Armenian parties declared that we were neutral, however, we including our great Catholicoses were able preserve our identity and our culture, and negotiate very delicate truces. This defeatist mentality is wrong. why can’t we piggyback and once we achieve our goals, we could thank them, and go on our merry way. There were Armenians in the PLO, there were Armenian militiamen in every Christian factions, even though we fought one another, but we survived and thrived. Who cares if America recognizes the Armenian Genocide, it’s only going to be lip service, in reality American has recognized the genocide and according to TARC II, there is no “RETROACTIVE COMPENSATION” Do you guys remember that BS????? NO RETROACTIVE COMPENSATION!!!!! WHAT A JOKE. I look at this as many empires have come and gone since our existence, we need to learn to fight our own battles and wars, and sometimes be creative and seek help, even though it’s from our own enemy.

  8. Aramu said:

    Not all Israelis are bad.There are nice people within them.The persons who are blocking in the US senete the Armenian Genocide recognition, is becauuse they are dictated to do so, for political or economical gains.I congratulate these young Israelis for their brilliant initiative to give Turkey the same medicine that they deserve, and to bring to light the hipocracy of the turks.God bless Israel and God bless Armenia.

  9. Mazod said:

    I say send 500 flotillas! Take pictures! Write newspaper articles! Post it on websites! Shame the fascist and hypocritical Turks and make them eat their words. Everyone uses everyone else to advance their cause. Aram Martirosyan and Mike, Armenians have used the Kurds against the Turks. I see this as a win-win situation. If the Jews want to use Armenians and recognize the Genocide to punish the Turks, GO FOR IT!

  10. David Keoseyan said:

    It is unbelievable what the Israeli students are trying to do. Even the Israelis are trying to use the Armenia as a pawn. I don’t trust the Israeli government, and if they had the decency, they would recognize the Armenian genocide, would not arm the Azerbaijan, and would not use their influence in United States to block the passage of recognition of Armenian Genocide.

    Please let some one inform those Israelis that Armenia does not have any petroleum, and we don’t have money to buy their guns. We don’t have a sugar daddy country like United States of America to give us $3,000,000,000.00 to $5,000,000,000.00 each year. Let Israelis go back kissing the Azerbaijani behind for their petroleum, and kissing the Turkish behind for buying the Israeli guns.

    We have enough problems in Armenia; don’t draw us in your war.

  11. Hamo said:

    I would suggest them to send a convoy to Armenia through Turkey as it is blockading Armenia for almost two decades now, let’s see what will happen!

  12. Harry said:

    Israel has an obligation to approve the genocide of Armenians no matter what the cost because of their own past dark times. Their inability to even discuss it in Knesset should tell you something. They don’t care about anything especially Armenians. Their genocide is the real genocide and everything else are tragic events in their opinions. Hypocrisy is unbearable. The 30,000 thousand Armenians don’t need Israelis help. It’s even worse when they talk about the Armenian genocide to sort of put leverage on the Turks. Utterly, disgusting mentality of Jews.

  13. Grish Begian said:

    It is time for all Armenians to use the head not the heart…Turkey is not dead, and Israelis know how to manipulate Turks and control them…we don’t want to be involved with their politics..

    we are only 3 millions in Armenia and we have no access to sea either.. nobody will danger their lives for us…please you people don’t get so excited…best to be quiet..President Wilson draw a “new Armenia” for us.. do you people think Obama cares??Armenian government like Israelis are quiet and that is a good sign of maturity..

  14. alex said:

    sorry guys but,me personaly knew someday turkey will go down,and the day had came and now we dont want it,this was our only chance,USA,ISRAIEL,pull there hand off turkey,how u guys were planing to take revenge,from turkey,this is politic,and at he end of the road if it continues like this WE ARE THE EINNER

  15. hovo said:

    In this world some people are wise, and some people are otherwise!

  16. Rita said:

    Shame shame shame. How dare these people try to exploit the Armenians and the Armenian suffering to cover up their own crimes! This disgusts me. I’m Armenian-Palestinian from Bethlehem. What our Armenian ancestors went through is what we are going through as Palestinians today. The cleansing of our population and of our towns and villages is identitical with what Israel has done to the Palestinians. Since when do Jews care about Armenians? They are the ones stopping the USA from recognizing the Armenian Genocide, as they do not want the Jews to step out of the spotlight as victims. They are the ones who are confinscating our property in the Old City. They are the ones who deport our priests and shoot our monks in the Nativity. They are the ones that expelled Armenian-Palestinians to make room for European Jews.

    How dare they try to exploit us. Israels leaders as well as American Jewish leaders have continuously denied the Armenian Genocide. Israel is also committing ethnic cleansing on Palestinians and all non-Jews as Turkey did on the Armenians.

    Every Armenian should be outraged.

  17. Fransahay said:

    I would advise all those who have feelings against Israel to join demonstrations in the Arab world and don’t forget to hold Turkish flags… Arabs love Turkey and Erdogan… Open your eyes, the world has changed. Which side are you on ?

    In France, we have friendly relations with the Jews and we actively cooperate against genocide denial.
    Chief Rabbi of Israel acknowledged the Armenian Genocide during his visit to Armenia five years ago.

    The Israeli state has not recognized the Armenian Genocide yet but the Israeli people knows what happened to the Armenians and does support our cause.

  18. john papazian said:

    The world,according to FOX News,Turkey is a trusted ally in the war on terror and it’s Obamas fualt that the Turks are turning away from the west.Even the anti-deffemation league wimped out over the genocide resolution.I would not ask a Jew muchless a Turk for the time of day.Remember around 1950 when all Armenian assets were seized in Jerusalum?

  19. sebouh from australia said:

    I am disgusted at the Jews BUt I am even more disgusted at having fellow Armenians dumb enough to support them!!!I I thought we were a smart , wise race of people- how wrong was I??But then again, every house has a toilet!!!There truly are suckers born everyday-next thing you know, we may even have Armenians believing President’s election pledges re recognising the Armenian Genocide!!!!!Ha Ha Ha

  20. hovo said:

    Quiz: Our enemies are Turkey (because of land and genocide) and Israel (because of arming azeris). Let’s assume Turkey and Israel became enemies (unlikely, but possible), and we know that MY ENEMY’S ENEMy IS MY FRIEND. Question: Who is our friend? Answers: A. Israel, B. Turkey, C. None of the above. Correct answer is C. None of the above.

  21. Mazod said:

    It is funny how some of you who are against Jews using Armenians to punish Turkey are the same fools who use and support the Kurds to punish Turkey.

    Let me remind you that KURDS MASSACRED ARMENIANS during the Genocide.

    Why should Armenians support or care about the people who massacred them? Because it is politically advantageous to Armenians. Sebouh and the rest of you, I am sure, are the same people who fly PKK flags while crying about “not being used”. Your hypocrisy is laughable.

    Get a brain and start playing the political game.

  22. Rita said:

    Oh please Mazod. Some of us have self respect unlike you. I dont care what is politically advantageous, I care what is RIGHT and what is WRONG. Israel is WRONG Turkey is WRONG the Kurds are WRONG. If you allow people to use you and your suffering for their own political gain then you should not call yourself a righteous Armenian. Just as Turkey ethnically cleansed and massacred us in Armenia, the Zionists are doing the same thing to us in Palestine. Maybe you cannot understand that many of us Palestinian Armenians have gone through genocide TWICE. Have some self respect for your people and their suffering.

  23. John Ahmaranian said:

    Bravo Israelites! But one thing went wrong!

    Instead of taking food and medicine to help the Armenians in Turkey, your boat must have taken
    back some Armenians from Mussa Dagh and told the Turkish Authorities that “We are helping the Armenians to go back to their ancestral lands”.

    Bravo Israelites! Go to Turkey and tell Erdogan ” We, the Jews, we have a city called Auchwitz, but now we want to visit the ancient Armenian lands you converted it into a million time bigger than Auchwitz”.

  24. sebouh from australia said:

    Mazod, you sum up the Israeli mentality that we are so against.The Turks gave us an option to become Muslims to avoid genocide but we did not compromise our honour and identity and chose genocide.Armenian women chose death rather than going into aTurkish harems.Ara the Great , our ancient King,went to war rather than leave his wife for a non Armenian queen.His exact words were:
    “I would not exchange a strand of hair from my wife’s head for a non Armenian lady”

    Armenians have honour-unlike you and your Israeli lot, we do not sell our soul to the highest bidder-and the Kurds repented their wrong, re being exploited by the Turks to engage in the massacre many, many, many years ago-as Christians we forgive them.

    Go back to selling your soul to the highest bidder low-life!!!!!!

  25. Satenik said:

    Politicians are prostitute of tongues. Armenians have not preserved their dignity, honour and national identity to “sell” them now. We are not a new nation. We are an ancient race who have gone virtually through the many enemy swords over and over again throughout our tragic history. This is no time to play cheap.Armenian women have preferred an honourable death than a dishonourable life with the enemy. This trends still continue almost unchanged. I know because as an Armenian woman, I have lived my life as I think becomes an Armenian, even now I could change my life to a much materially enriched one if I change my moral values but I have decided otherwise because I would consider myself as a traitor to my nation’s cause. Those who have forgotten our tormented history should perhaps read Paruyr Sevak’s “anlreli Zangagadun” over and over again or “Looys Aravoti” by Vahagn Davtian, just to mention two gems from our rich literature. I agree with Sebouh .

  26. Fransahay said:

    Some of you have feelings against Israel but tell me which Arab country recognized the Armenian Genocide (except Lebanon) ???

    In the Israeli Parliament, deputies representing Arab parties declined to participate in the vote on the Armenian Genocide issue. Why ? Because turks are muslim and they don’t want to “blame” them !

    The AGBU’s Middle East Young Professionals Forum was supposed to take place in Amman, Jordan from June 3-6. However, the meeting was canceled by the Jordanian authorities just the night before….Why ? Because Jordan signed an agreement with turkey !

    Last month, the broadcast of a video clip by an Armenian pop singer was banned from Lebanese TV. Why ? Because it was about the Armenian Genocide.

    Now the aim is to silence the Armenian communities who live in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan….

    Why do you still support them ?

  27. Rita said:

    @ Fransahay Oh please.. it was the Arab and anti Zionist Jewish leftist peace party that brought up the resolution, and the ZIONISTS who threw it under the table. THERE WAS NO VOTE because the Zionists took it off the table right away. It has nothing to do with Turkey. Lebanon did not have an issue with Turkey when they recognized the Armenian Genocide. It has everything to do with Jews victimizing themselves and not wanting ANYONE else to be a victim. It is the Jews in Washington who are lobbying against Genocide recognition.

    Why dont you come to Palestine and “Israel” and see who teaches about the genocide. Every Palestinian knows the Armenian Genocide. But barely any Israeli know it. I can tell you this for fact because I am Armenian Palestinian.

    Lebanese officials Sunni Shia Christian ALL speak openly about the Armenian Genocide. You really have no idea what you are talking about. Shun hryaneroun voreh mderes..

    For how much power the Jews have in the world, tell me what they have EVER done for Armenians. NOTHING except for deny the genocide, steal our church property, and deport Armenian Palestinians from the Holy Land.

    Tell me- when the Turks exiled us, who opened their doors to us? It was the Arabs. Unlike the few of you on here, the rest of us Armenians are NOT an ungrateful race. The Arabs did not have to let massive amounts of Armenians in their countries, give us representation in their governments, but they DID.

    Have some loyalty and self respect.

    And btw, there were plenty of Turkish Jews in the Young Turks

  28. sebouh from australia said:

    Rita and Satenig—God bless you!!!!I was raised in Australia with a small Armenian community but my honourable parents taught me all the old Armenian values which I strive for each living day-badvavor usk enk menk…but we dont support each other….even on a simple obvious con man job by the Jews like this , we still have imbeciles and traitors in our Armenian race….the batstardised grandchildren of the ones that sold out Serop Pasha many years ago… they are anchors on the feet of Armenian Success

  29. APO-kurd said:

    I don’t understand Israel will always take side with Turkey against Kurds & Kurdistan both diplomatic & military ways still..!!!
    if Israel really believe relation with Kurds and they think we are friend 1-STOP all military & diplomatic relation 2-RECOGNISE KURDISH GENOCIDE ANFAL & HALLABJA WORLD WIDE.
    3-be great full and have some self respect and STOP hypocrite with Kurds and taking side with our enemies. 4-GIVE OR SELL MILITARY EQUIPMENT TO KURDS.