Museum at Ancient Ruins of Tigranakert Opens in Nagorno-Karabakh

STEPANAKERT (–An archeological museum dedicated to the study and preservation of the excavated ruins of an ancient Armenian city opened its doors Tuesday in liberated Aghdam. The museum marks a milestone achievement in ongoing efforts to uncover the city of Tigranakert, one of the many built throughout the Armenian plateau by Armenian King Tigranes the Great in the 1st century B.C.

At the museum’s opening ceremony, Karabakh’s head of tourism, Sergey Shahverdyan, hailed the event as renewed confirmation of the “historical truth.” “Tigranakert is our homeland, like Van, Mush, Kars and Ardahan,” he exclaimed, adding that he was confident the excavated city would “become one of the largest tourism centers of the country.”

Tigranakert was among four cities founded by Armenian King Tigranes the Great, who expanded the Armenian Kingdom beyond its traditional boundaries, transforming it into an empire and the strongest state east of Rome.

According to Armenian archaeologists, the city was founded sometime in the 80s B.C. and survived through the 15th century. The excavated area around Tigranakert features artifacts and ruins from both Armenia’s Hellenic and Christian eras. Among the findings are two main walls and the towers of the Hellenic styled city and an Armenian church built sometime between the 5th and 7th centuries, in which was found a clay, dish-like item with an engraving that reads “My, Vache, the slave of God.”

In related news, efforts are underway in Armenia to officially designate a national holiday in honor of Tigranes the Great. Legislation drafted by the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, commemorating the 2150th anniversary of the Armenian emperor, was submitted to Parliament on Tuesday for consideration.

Speaking to the National Assembly, ARF Deputy Ruzanna Arakelyan urged her colleagues to support the resolution, which she said was important in ensuring Armenian generations continue to remember and celebrate their heroes and history.


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  1. Nairian said:

    This is great news. Fedayi hero Monte Melkonian used to say that there are many ancient Churches and archeological sites in most areas of Artsakh that surely reminds us that the land was indeed an Armenian land and Armenians lived and created there. As far as I am concerned, after winning the war against the “azeri” vermins in 1994 Artsakh has always been ours and it shall remain ours until the end of times. I am very happy that my brothers and sisters in Artsakh are continuing to preserve our anscestral monuments and archeological buildings that will make us proud for generations to come.

  2. Satenik said:

    This is wonderful news. Armenians have always left beautiful monuments wherever they’ve been and Artsak’s history is deeply embedded in that creative legacy that is so very Armenian. It would be quite apt to designate a national holiday in honour of Tigranes the Great…….after all the King of Kings has been waiting for this very day for over 2000 years! Long Live Armenia! Long Live Artsakh!

  3. Arman said:

    Yeah, Tigranakert is found in Agdam; a region that serjogly thinks is not Armenia. I can’t understand how all these traitors are becoming presidents.

  4. Nairian said:

    Arman jan, I am so glad that they found our Tikranakert and in Agdam; especially after serjogly thought that it is not Armenia. I also wonder and ask why and why those traitors “tavajans” one after another are being able to take the highest seats in Armenia and getting away with murder. A.R.F. must do great propaganda in AR and win. It has to be done.

  5. Avetis said:

    As soon as “davajan” Serjik hears about this terrible news, I am sure he will immediately run over there and smash the place to bits with a Turkish sledgehammer!!! And after he gets done destroying Armenia’s ancient heritage, he will go to Baku and sell Artsakh and Armenia to the Azeris for a million dollars. He will then quietly return to his palace in Yerevan, pack up his stuff and leave for Las Vegas, only to loose all the money he made from the sale on slot machines and sleazy chicks…

    Trust me, I have be an ARF member for many years, I knowing politics very good. This will happen!!!

  6. Oshin said:

    hahaha very well said Avetis, enker jan. I’m tired of hearing this poison come out of the mouths of Arman and his like. They have been crying for years now that Serzh Sargsyan and Robert Kocharian (or “Serzhik” and “Rubo” as they call them, which shows what kind of low mentality these people have) will sell Artsakh but time has taught us otherwise. Not only have they not sold Artsakh but they have added territories these last couple of years (in the year 2008 the Artsakh army liberated some territories in the north-east and south-east areas). They forgot the reason why Levon was ousted from power because it was him who wanted to sell Artsakh to the azeri’s, it was him who got all mad when he heard the news about the liberation of ancient Shushi!! I have the deepest respect for the people who work in the current government. I’m not saying they are all angels, and of course a lot of things have to change, but still it has to be on of the most ungrateful jobs in the world….I wish we will overcome this complex soon. We need some healthy opposition and not just some power hungry fools whose only party “programme” is “The current government has to resign and we have to gain power! After that everything will be OK!” sure….

  7. Hayk said:

    These people who, Believes that Serj is davajan are out of there minds.I am sure they never been in karabax.
    Serj Was fighter fidayi for god sake.
    That was Levon who was davajan who’s wife is hria and him too,
    Who tried to divide the Armenian nation calling karabax people turks ,Levon who, never been in Artcax and who uses Jewish and western money to get Armenia under his control and you know what could happen?could sell Armenia to solev all regional problems.

  8. Observer said:

    This is to everyone who calls Serj ‘davajan’. He is from Karabakh and he played a big role during the Karabakh war, so clearly.. you have not checked your facts! That said, I am not a fan of current government, Armenia needs a Dashnak government. Period.

  9. AS said:

    Guys, the current President of Armenia is from Karabakh and fought for Karabakh, so please understand that this is also his homeland and that he would never give it up. Take your heads out of the politics and understand what is in his blood and that he would never give it up.

  10. Abbe said:

    Let’s hope they will dig up more fantastic buildings that are from these times.
    Very nice that the city is in a pretty good mood too !
    Always good with monuments because that brings more tourism amd more turism = more money !!

  11. Avetis said:

    Oshin jan, the main problem with well meaning peasants like Aram and others here is the “doom and gloom” protocols. Did you know that the “protocols” is sooooooooooo dangerous for Armenia that even Turkey won’t approve of it??? It appears that Ankara fears Armenia might just blow up if it opens its borders!!!

    Anyway, please read there funny nonsense regarding the dreaded “Foreign Language Schools” in Armenia as well…

  12. Araxi said:

    To AS:
    The current president is Գորիսեցի-from Goris not from Karabagh. You are honouring him by saying he is from Karabagh.
    Միջնադարում շատ հրյաներ եկան Հայաստան և բնակություն հաստատեցին Գորիսի շրջանում:

  13. Avetis said:

    Araxi, when you pull your head out of your ass you will find out that Serik is “fully” honored, loved and trusted by Artsakhtis. In other words, he don’t need your approval, girl. The only Jew I see here is those trying to blackmail/sabotage our president.


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