Turkish Education Minister Visits Armenian School Graduations in Istanbul

ISTANBUL (Hurriyet)–Turkish Education Minister Nimet Cubukcu attended a collective graduation ceremony of 20 Armenian schools in Istanbul on Thursday, reported the private Turkish news channel NTV.

“Our ministry is in cooperation with school directorates. We will do our best to provide textbooks in [different] mother tongues for free and to fill vacant positions for teachers,” Cubukcu said. Students during the ceremony sang the folk song Sari Gelin, which has a place in both Turkish and Armenian traditions.

During the ceremony, a group of parents were holding a demonstration, demanding to meet with the minister. The protestors were removed from the hall.


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  1. Armenian4life said:

    In Iran, the mullah look over everything that is taught in the Armenian schools. In many of the Armenian – Iranian schools the headmaster is Iranian.
    I have no doubt they control all the content that is taught to the Armenian children, including the horrific events of their ancestors in 1915. These children more than likely can only learn the truth at home.

  2. Robert said:

    There are 20 collective Armenian schools in Istanbul alone! How many Turkish schools are there in Armenia? The answer is, was, and always will be ZERO!!!! That’s how Armenia attained a purity rate of 98% (one of the largest in the world)…via ETHNIC CLEANSING!!!

  3. Samvel said:

    2 Robert :
    No , You are dead wrong … There’s thousands of Turkish schools in Armenia … in occupied part of Armenia (‘western” Armenia , “Turkish” Armenia etc.) . Unfortunately there is no Armenian schools on that territory , which is 90 % of Armenian territory … And there is no Armenian aloud to say that he (she) is Armenian …
    Well , whatever part of territory is left after 1920 for modern day Republic of Armenia and Republic of Artcakh is a version of concentrated camp , designated for Armenians only to … die . Designed by turks and their affiliates of any color and ideology …
    What about Istanbul , then I have to tell You , that Turks in order to loose their last portion of the empire , should try to close those schools ASAP and then go back to their ancestral steppes and Altai mountains themselves to open turkish schools ONLY and of course , Armenians will never complain that there in Altai , there’s no Armenian schools …

  4. john papazian said:

    Robert your back.Still off your medication it seems.Well maybe we can get you that frontal labotomy you so despratly need.I know,you can get treatment in Isreal,they’re your freinds right?Next floatilla to Isreal,OK?

  5. Alex Postallian said:

    I wonder if the turkish education minister is one of the 70% turkish illiterates