Professors Call on Israel to Recognize Armenian Genocide

WASHINGTON (–As Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan continues playing the world’s champion of human rights, four professors from Bar Ilan and Georgetown Universities have sent a letter to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu seeking official Israeli recognition of the Armenian genocide and an official call to Turkey to bring an end to its occupation of Cyprus.

Signing the letter are Professors Yossi Katz, David Tzuriel, and Yaakov Katz, all from Bar Ilan and Dr. Ofir Yisraeli from Georgetown.

In the letter, they decry Turkey’s “hypocrisy”, pointing out that despite the many agreements signed between Israel and Turkey, the latter is rapidly become an adversary of Israel.

The academics feel that over the years, Israel has refrained from addressing the Armenian Genocide during World War I and immediately thereafter, opting to place strategic ties with Turkey over doing the correct thing. But now, they say, Israel can indeed adopt a morally commendable position towards compelling Turkey to accept responsibility for its actions.

They are also calling on Turkey to make painful concessions regarding its ongoing occupation of Armenian and Kurdish lands, including autonomy for the Kurds located in southeastern Turkey.

The professors urged the prime minister to adopt their position, implementing the new rules of play as Turkey has done. They point out that such a step is critical towards revealing Turkey’s hypocrisy to the world following the Gaza flotilla incident and Turkey’s self-portrayal as a champion of peace and justice.


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  1. Zareh said:

    I don’t get it at all. How they think they run the genocide recognition campaign. Get Israel recognize it, then five years later, US, maybe ten years later China, and so on and on… how many countries must yet recognize it. There are hundreds of countries with this tempo it will take a century. They must really change the way of doing it. Several times turks asked, why don’t yu go to a court, Hague, you know to Justice. Well yes, what’s the answer to that q?

  2. Zareh said:

    Hey plus this is and old pic. It says 2006, keep abreast of times.

  3. Kiazer Souze said:

    What a bunch of prostitutes. Anything for a buck. Hitler and Stalin killed more non jews than ever aknowledged. Over 25 million people. The Turks were more brutal to Armenians than the Nazis were to the jews. At least the jews got to be shot first or gassed before meeting their end. Jews have the luxury of using old films and archives that were not available for us to exploit. All we have are eye witness accounts and some photographs. So a few million jews are killed and they think they can monopolize the issue of genocide?

    What a sick joke.

  4. Abbe said:

    I don’t think the Genocide is a matter of politics but if ISrael wants to recognize it for political reasons to punish Turkey and give us back our rights thats good. Because a recogniton is a recognition they can’t like take it back or something.
    let’s hope that Israel from now on stands on the Armenian side insted of the Turkish.
    Israel recognize the ARMENIAN GENOCIDE !!

  5. pompoclian said:

    The Jews need to put the shekels aside and do the right thing,

  6. David said:

    Now that Turkey has pissed on Israel, Israel wants to send idiots on a boat and pretend they haven’t been providing Intelligence to the MIT to kill Armenian and Kurdish freedom fighters for 3 decades. Does Israel really think Armenians are that stupid?

  7. harut said:

    Barev Hayer jan mi ban asem eli erkusnel te turke te jhude srank bozer en srank irar het gishernere bozusyun en anum isk serknere irar het en krvum zer karsikov srank irar het piti tshnami darnan ha erkusnel nuyn bozi txerknen mi morasek inch vor piti anenk menk mer zerkov piti anenk, inch zer karsikov ete menk mer XARABAXI hoxeri cheversneyink piti turke kam azerbejansin aseyin arek zer hoxere versrek voch hayer jan, inch anelu enk menk piti anenk, esor amen marth uzuma ira mome vari u amen erkir uzuma ira erkri momere vari dra hamar aveli jisht klini vor menk mer ujere misht patrast pahenk u menk mer werkir momere varenk.

  8. Norin Radd said:

    Haruten shat chisht e asoom. Those naive Armenians that are quick to “jump for joy” now that Israel and Jewry worldwide is making a few off shoot comments about “recognizing the Genocide” should look before you leap. The Armenian Genocide is being reduced to a political card by these scumbags, when they had it good with the Turks it was vis as vis silence. Now that Turkey is spitting in their face, all of a sudden they are dangling the Armenian Genocide carrot to scare Turks and make short sighted Armenians salivate in anticipation.

    Were there Jewish groups that have always stood by doing the morally correct thing by pushing for AG recognition and denouncing the Jewish lobby’s efforts to block US recognition of the AG for so many years? YES, there were such groups, BUT such groups were few and far between both in the US and in Israel, the majority of world Jewry helped hide or deny the issue of the AG in the face of hypocritcal Holocaust citation regarding WWII. In the Knesset only a small handful of parliament members ever championed AG recognition, the rest were fine with helping Turkey deny this crime against humanity for 50+ years.

    So now all of a sudden the pain and suffering of our ancestors is being used as leverage by a group other than Armenians, which is plainly insulting to those that died.This type of politicization of the AG by another ethnic group, namely the Jews is highly unacceptable, the AG should not be recognized on the premise that it would “hurt Turkey” but rather on the premise of recognizing and internation crime committed by a state in direct violation of international laws.

    Chances are Isreal will dangle this carrot long enough to squeeze Turkey into submission then withdraw it as usual and keep it again for another rainy day. If we are to preserve the dignity of those killed in the Armenian Genocide, we should tell Israel and the rest of the Jewry to stop using our own calamity as leverage, they have no right to do so, especially since they have spent millions of dollars and countless of years in helping Turkey deny or hide the truth in the past. Those Armenians drooling at the mouth regarding the recent possibilities of the AG being properly recognized in Israel or US should preserve some dignity and recognize that it demeaning to have it be used as leverage, demeaning both to us in the present and those that died in the past.

  9. john papazian said:

    “Jump for joy”, not this Armenian.Squeeze Turkey? Isreal caved in over a couch.Besides I don’t like carrots.Talk about expoitatin,remember”freinds don’t let freinds get away with genocide”.So lets revue,emenant attack by Isreal on Iranian nuke sights,Iranian responds with Turkish missles,Americans die,Obama cowers,more Americans die,and the Turks might just try to finish what they started 95 years ago.

  10. Gelat said:

    There is one major thing that needs addressing when it comes to Armenians and their “genocide”. Whenever we ask you about the events that led to the outcome,you become completely quiet all of a sudden or jump into different topics. Turks are telling the entire world that it was war time, Turks had all of their resources depleted, all the men were deployed fighting at many fronts against multiple enemy forces. They explain how Armenians tried to take advantage, sided with Russians which were the enemy of Turks at the time, started massacring Turks. Armenians raped women and killed children when the men were at warfields. They miscalculated the Turks’ weakness and their power, Turks were able to react and take them into collection camps to kick them out of their borders. The whole war was a consequence of Armenian attacks, Turks’ reaction only followed. Armenians try to completely ignore this, not talk about how it was their choice to break peace and get into a war with Turks, and just try to talk about the outcome. As with any war, the outcome was not pleasant for the losing side. But you need to really grow up and move on, winning sides of wars are not genocide committers, losing sides of wars are not genocide victims. You caused a ton of Turkish casualties too, you need to be convicted for what happened back then, and you need to apologize to Turks. You also need to apologize to foreign nations for fooling them and taking their time trying to pass your bogus genocide resolutions in their parliaments using their politicians, wasting their tax money, just so that you can punish Turks and claim soil and money. Nobody benefits from your actions and behaviour, you have to stop your lies and work towards positive.

  11. Ara said:

    You make a good point, Zareh. It has been 95 years since the outset of the Genocide. And to this date, it is the cause and affect of which political alliance is going to be beneficial, which bedfellow one country picks over another. Let’s have the nations of the world stick with the historical truth and the moral viewpoint if they’re going to officially recognize the Armenian Genocide.

  12. john papazian said:

    Are you one of Errdogons lackies? “Prove it” he says.How about thousands of photographs,eye wittness accounts from American,German,Brittish,and yes even Turks. Even Hitler sighted historical presidents and he did’nt even lie about his intentions.Hey at least the Indians got reservations and casinos.Turkishness? How about owning up to history,or are the Turks that shameless and full of bloodlust?Like a death sentence for writing a book or believing in Christ our Lord.You Turks trowl out the same old argument that Turkey did not have the resources to wage genocide but still able to wage war on several fronts,or that Armenians were just so brutal to Turks that Turkey had no choice but to burn my great grand parrents alive in a church. Pictures are worth a thousnd words and theres no denying what took place in what is now Turkey.So come on.OWN UP.Besides it’s not like anybody gives a damn,except us.

  13. Ara said:

    Wow, Gelat. Go and demand a refund from your Turkish school teachers because they are teaching you a great deal of nonsense. My grandparents and great grandparents had nothing to gain politically to motivate them to tell any lies. You’re basically saying it was our own fault for being in the way of your barbaric ancestors’ sword?
    Face it,Gelat, your people have been savages, barbarians, murderers with hostility running through their blood almost instinctively. Ask ANY eastern European country/culture.

  14. Satenik said:

    Why has it taken several decades for the Israelis and Jews to “wake up” to the first genocide of the last century? Please don’t tell me that they have just “found” the tragic historical truth about the Armenian Genocide. Let me tell you this ( not that those who are familiar with these issues do not know already), more than any other race or nation , Isarael should know and does know about the AG. It is indeed highly insulting when Jews only remember the AG when their “friendly” relationship with their best buddy Turkey takes a slight plunge……Besides appearing to be too politically obvious a move by the Jews, it discreditrs the entire issue and I wholeheartedly agree with Norrin Radd that it tarnishes the memory of the victims of the AG. If the Jews want to recognise the Armenian Genocide, ( It’s a bad bloody time that they did anyway) well why don’t they JUST GET ON WITH IT, instead of these “tantalising” tabloid worthy news splashed from time to time in various newspapers since the upset they had with the Turks.If jews think that they can play “clever” with the Armenians ,they should do well to remember that Armenians are quite an ancient people and their survival up to now has not been because of the help or sympathy that they received from the Jewish people but IN SPITE OF IT!

  15. Abbe said:

    John don’t waste your time explaning for someone that don’t even read what you are writing. Both me and you know that he knows the trouth and he is so uncomfortable with it that he dosn’t know what to do.

  16. ՍՈՆԱ ԱՐՇՈՒՆԵՑԻ said:

    ՄԵՆՔ մեր Արցախ աշխարհն ենք ազատագրել, այսինքն ‘ ոչ ամբողջովին ու դեռ տարածքներ ունենք ազատագրելու: Իսկ Աղդամում հայտնաբերած “Տիգրանակերտը”
    խոսում է այն մասին, որ այն հայկական է, իսկ ինչը հայկական է չի զիջվելու:
    Միշտ ասել եմ ու կասեմ. սխալի հիմքը դրվեց 1994թ զինադադարի պահից սկսած:
    Այսօրվա թնջուկը գալիս է Լևոնի դիվանագիտական սնանկ կարողությունից:
    Արցախը հենց զինադադարի պահին պետք է հռչակվեր Հայաստանի մաս.
    այսինքն վերամիավորվեր մայր հայրենիքին: Աշխարհի պրակտիկայում աննախադեպ
    նման զինարադար երևի միայն Արցախյանն է.
    Հետո ամենակարևոր հանգամանքը, որը միշտ շրջանցվում է բանակցությունների ընթացքում. Ադրբեջանը իրեն փախստականների հարցը համայն աշխարհի ուշադրության կենտրոնում է պահում, իսկ մերոնք լեզուները կուլ տված չեն մտածում մեր հայ փախստականների վերադարձի հարցը դնել բանակցային սեղանին.
    սկսած Սումգայիթից, Բաքվից, Կրրովաբադից, Շահումյանից, Գետաշենից… անգամ , եթե լավ դիվանագետներ լինեին հայերը, պետք է Արցախի ազատագրման ու կարգավիճակի հարցը սերտ կապերով կապեն Նախիջևանի հայաթափմանը ու համանախագահներին
    ապացուցեն ու պնդեն, որ նույն բախտին պետք է արժանանար Ղարաբաղը.
    Ղարաբաղի ազատագրումը պետք է ներկայացնել Նախիջևանի հայաթափման համատեքստում: Այս երկու հայկական տարածքների ճակատագրերը մեկ օրգանական կապերով պետք է կապել. նույն ճակատագրի կրողները. հայաթափում ու բռնազավթում. լավ դիվանագետը պետք է այս բանակցություններում չշրջանցի Նոր Ջուղայի հազարամյա մեր խաչքարերի
    վանդալիզմը ադրբեջանի կողմից, որը փաստում է, որ Ադրբեջանցին ոչնչացնում է
    այն ամենը, որը հիշեցնում է հայ մարդու հազարամյա ոտնահետքն այդ տարածքներում: Անգամ հայ տառի ու բառի հետ նրանք խնդիր ունեն …
    ինչ մնում է Թուրքիայի միջամտությանը, նախ Թուրքիան թող բարի լինի մեզ մեր տարածքային վեճերին պատասխան տա, Կիպրոսի զավթմանն ու նոր թող փորձի թիկունք կանգնել իր եղբայր Ադրբեջանին:
    Հազար փառք ու խոնհարում իրենց կյանքը հանուն հայրենի հողի ազատագրման համար զոհած մեր հայորդիներին, այլապես Նախիջևանի բախտին էր արժանանալու նաև Ղարաբաղը:
    Իսկ ինչ մնում է միջազգային այս կառույցի’ Մինսկի համանախագահների միջամտություններին ու շտապողականությանը, թող գնան նախ Կիպրոսի խնդիրը արագացված լուծեն, թե՞ գիտեն որ Թուրքի ձեռքից հնարավոր չէ հող խլել:
    Մի բան գիտեմ, որ Հայաստանը պիտի վարի շատ կոշտ դիվանագիտություն. նախ
    Սումգայիթում ու Բաքվում կատարվածը որպես ցեղասպանություն ներկայացնել աշխարհին հիմնավորված ու պահանջել հայ փախստականների վերադարձ:
    Եթե մերոնք հետևողականորեն բարձրացնեն հայ փախստականների վերադարձը, հաստատ համոզված եմ, որ Ադրբեջանը ընդհանրապես կմոռանա իր փախստականների մասին հիշեցնել համանախագահներին, քանի որ երբեք չի կամենա հայ մարդու վերադարձը Բաքու, Սումգայիթ, Կիրովաբադ…, Բա մենք ինչու՞
    պիտի ազերիներին գրկաբաց ընդունենք: Ի սկզբանե սխալ դիվանագիտության արդյունքում անտեսվել է հայ փախստականների վերադարձը ինչպես հարկն է
    պնդել ու պահանջել, որից շատ բան է կախված:
    Կարծում եմ Սերժը պետք է կարծր դիրք գրավի ու կոնկրետ ասի որ
    Արյունով վերցրած հողը հետ չի վերադարձվում. սա եկել էն գլխից.
    Այստեղ են ասել. մեկից կտրել ու կապել ու ինչ լինելու է թող լինի…,
    եթե պատերազմի Ադրբեջանը, ուրեմն այդ պատերազմը աշխարհի կողմից կընկալվի պատերազմ իր ժողովրդի դեմ (եթե Ղարաբաղը իրենն է համարում Ադրբեջանը ) ինչպես մեկ անգամ արդեն պատերազմել է ու պարտվել:

  17. john papazian said:

    Why? They don’t like to share thats why.Don’t believe me? Just ask the Palistinians.Jews will use us as political fodder just like the 50/50 bar did in election 08.As to being insulted by the Jews,I quoted Hitler and won a fist fight against a Jew and then was almost charged with a hate crime! Besides they,the Jews and Turks,don’t have any real sence of humanity.Jews not unlike thier Islamic countrparts are bloodlust to the core.

  18. Edward said:

    Well well well, we hadnt heard from Robbert for a long time ,thought AIDS had taken its toll, but hell-no,he has just changed his name-and what an unfortunate choice for a name.Please,someone look at your dictionary and tell the man, excuse me-the turk what is the meaning of the word `gelat`Dearest GELAT djan, arslanim,caplanim,it all started in the 15th century when a bunch of barbarian gay camels from mongolia invaded Europe,killed millions of people,plundered their wealth and finally sold their pest-ridden a_ _es to the european bankers, because dearest gelat,thats what your joke of country is-a function of the european and now the world banks-money lenders,interest takers and other assorted citizens of hell.Do you know what will happen,dear gelat when your pezevenk state will have to pay back the billions of $$$ the proud turks have taken so far,and pay back for its crimes against Humanity.We all know,gelat that you will burn in hell forever,and all armenians /except avedis/ will pray for your wayward soul-although we dont know if your are a camel or even worse-a turk,so wise up and do something meaningful in your miserable life – renounce your false prophet and convert to CHRISTIANITY.Until then please post your comments to mongol or camel post@talk turkey.

  19. Arto said:

    Its getting really tiring to hear the same old Turkish propaganda that Armenians were treasonous, back-stabbin and trying to take over Turkey when Turkey was at war. Your description of history sounds very rehearsed and memorized from a government pamphlet. The truth is that the Armenians were very loyal citizens. During WW1 there were 250,000 Armenian men volunteering to fight for Turkey on the front lines in Galipoli. They war all eventually disarmed, used as slave labor to build the German railway and then shot. Armenians controlled nearly 100% of Turkish trade causing Turkey to be a very prosperous country. Infact they helped bank-roll the Ottoman empire out of debt many time. The reason there was an Ottoman empire was because of the financial and intellectual muscle of the loyal Armenians. Please read some history other than the Turkish government pamphlets and have some courage to dig deeper before talking crap. As far as I’m concerned, Israel and Turkey are a perfect match made in hell. Israel will NEVER recognize the Armenian Genocide even if Turkey does because they have just as much dirt to hide.

  20. tom said:

    To Gelat,
    If what you are saying, why were ALL the Christians killed? The Greeks and Assryians, and Armenians? What did the Assryians do to have genocide against them?
    Why was there the Adana Massacre against Armenians in 1909? Russia and Turkey weren’t at war?
    Why were Christians persecuted such as paying high taxes, confisication of land? Why are the murderers of armanians, greeks and assryians HONORED in turkie?Talaat Pasha Blvd!

  21. A. Hovanessian said:


    First of all, take your nonsense elsewhere there are no buyers here. Go feed your state-sponsored fabricated lies to the more familiar audience whom you have been bribing and blackmailing for decades.

    You are not the first to utter such nonsense. We have heard the same tune over and over again from very many just like you. All you denialists with empty prides sing the same futile sorry tune. It has not worked. Perhaps it is time to reinvent yourselves and come up with new lame excuses.

    The state-sponsored mass killings of Armenians did not start in 1915 under the cover of WWI. It started 25 years earlier when sultan Abdul Hamid II wiped out 300 thousand Armenians. What followed 25 years later in 1915 was not only the continuation of genocidal policy that started quarter century prior to that but it was also the final solution to the Armenian problem. The only way to get rid of the Armenian problem was to get rid of them.

    Buried in all this was the Pan-Turanist ideology of your genocidal ancestors. The Pan-Turanist ideology meant the unification of all Turkic people from Central Asia to Europe. Guess who was in the way of this ideology coming into realization? That’s right ARMENIA.

    The corrupt and failed Turkish Empire headed by the Sultans and the Young Turks (Enver, Talaat, etc.) was dragged into many wars for their Pan-Turanist ideology causing massive loses on your population. It is so disgusting to read fools like you glorifying your war-mongering genocidal ancestors and blaming their failures on others. Stop scapegoating Armenians and others for the failed actions of the ‘midget’ Enver and stop acting like sheeps to your denialist fascist government.

    You disgust me when you say Armenians took advantage of this and that, did this and that, therefore the consequence. When Armenian conscripts were fighting in the Ottoman army their families were secretly being dragged out and murdered. Brainwashed illiterate mongoloid goat herders such as yourself are worthless idiots taking up space.

    Lastly, there is only one way I can reply to a brainwashed hateful fool like you when you say Armenians must apologize to the Turks, the day I as an Armenian will apologize to Turks is when there are NO Turks.

  22. Gelat said:

    Edward– i dont know who is Robert. as i mention,you just changed the topic from genocide to religion.But i am confident,i am not gonna discuss religion here but if you study little bit,you gonna find out that at least 30,000 christians converts to islam every year in EU.
    John Papazian-you are trying to turn the table around. You are trying to push your version of history, your fabricated memories, onto others. A genocide did not take place. Just because you say it did, nobody has to cave in and accept it. And it is very appropriate to use the terminology “bogus”, “non-existent”, and “so-called” for a genocide that is made up. Stop trying to pressurize people, history can’t be rewritten. All you have as “proof” is documents and photos from the wars that took place. The rest of the terminology you quoted are from the statesman and other credible sources as posted, I didn’t word those. You don’t like anything that doesn’t serve to your purpose so it’s very natural that you will oppose to such quotes.

    Get your facts straight. You come up with an accusation against Turks, you start the whole thing, you are the provocateur. Then you can’t get offended when the Turks defend themselves and call them provocateurs. What is wrong with you? All that Turks do is respond to your lies and false propaganda.

  23. Arman said:


    Your fairytale doesn’t justify committing genocide. Genocide is a crime against the humanity. Thus, turks are against humans, they must be non humans.

  24. Randy said:

    There will not be peace….without justice.

    Israel and Turkey are both wrong. Israel for committing genocide against the Palestinians and Turks for the Armenians/Assyrians/[fill in the blank]/etc.

  25. Satenik said:

    Now let me think… according to the Turkish current or indeed previous “logic” , Armenians, Assyrians, Bulgarians, Romanians, Greeks, Serbs and to some extend Arabs were all killed because they took up arms against the “holy” Ottoman Empire. Now if that’s the case, ask your retard brain, why the hell all these Christians and even Arabs who were living so “happily” under the Ottoman yoke had to take up arms ( or some of them at least) against their ” whiter than white rulers? And why indeed Turks have so much problems with their “mountain Turks” oops I mean the Kurds….over 20 million of them living in Turkey but are not allowed to say that they are Kurds…..slap slap slap…oh dear, am I upsetting your “turkishness?”Watch this space when Israel is going to rattle Turkey’s cage again…….I’ll be watching it with “amuzement”.

  26. Phantom said:

    Israeli to Turk from 1948 – 2009 – Ahh, we love each other! What Armenian Genocide? Never happened.

    Israeli to Turk in 2010 – We hate you Muslim hypocrits! You committed the Armenian Genocide.

    The whole thing is rather sick. Maybe it’s this lack of moral standing that has led the western world to hate both the Turks and the Israelis lately.

  27. hovo said:

    Guys, I mean nobility, and tolerant, sorry it is hard to drive and type specially with BlackBerry, what we put, Google takes…

  28. Arman Z. said:

    Israelis and Jews are using the Armenian genocide to strike back at Turkey. All well and good. But how long can it last? Israel and Turkey are still buddies under the surface.
    Sad that American Jewish groups put themselves at the service of Turkey for so long and now Turkey turns around and slaps their yarmulkes off their heads.

  29. Roman said:

    jews and turks are the same. Dont think that all this circus is for real. Non of them care about Armenian genocide. Dont be fools people. It will never happen. jews or turkey will never admit to each others mestakes.This all been made by jews so that muslims including arabs belive that turkey is one of thier own. and start moving thier prioreties from Iran and Egypt to turkey. It is a freakin politics manuver.And polisteinians will be naive fools to belive turkey. EVERY BODY SHOULD UNDERSTAND turkey IS A turkey and it will not be anybodies ally.

  30. harut said:

    Joxovurt jan aysor jhudnere ev myus haka hayakakan erkrnere Hayos jarte-AG sarkel en pox lvanalu mexhanism kani turke irans poxa talis irank haka en AG entunelun hens turke pox chi talis vazum en mer koxme aysor maenajishte na klini vo rmenk aveli mer jankere ev mer luman ogktagorsenk mievnuyn jamanak
    Javaxki hayutyane pahenk Javaxkum che vor da mer hoxne ,che vor menk asum enk unesel ays ev ayn de vor unesel enk u het enk uzum daq miayn klini mek zevov karsum im xoskeres kartasoxe imanuma vons ayo miayn zenkov esor voch vor mezi voch mi ban arsati potnosi mech chi dnelu u asi hamesek Hayer jan es el zer hoxere menk piti patrast linenk myus mes paterazmin vore shutov klini turk kurd mes paterazme u es im xoskeres lav hishek ay et orvan piti patrast linenk vor menk el mer hoxere het versnenk savok srti Marshal Baxramyane en jamank piti versras liner bays de inch asem ansavgnas et jamanake.

  31. sebouh from australia said:

    Fellow Armenians,

    why are you wasting time responding to a filfthy oresbi cugik Turk…..he is only writing comments in between collecting money in a brothel while his mother works…dont waste your time….do you honestly thinks he is going to have a conscience and repent??????

  32. A. Hovanessian said:


    Ոչ թուրքերին վստահեք ոչ էլ հրիաներին. Երկուսն էլ սրիկա ժողովուրդ են ու երբէք լաւը չպիտի ուզենան մեր հայութեան համար.

    Թուրքը չի ուզի Հայռց Ցեղասպանութիւնը ճանաչւի որովհետեւ շատ մեծ կռրռւստ պիտի ստանա հողային ու դրամակամ.

    Իսկ Հրիան չի ուզի Հայռց Ցեղասպանութիւնը ճանաչւի որովհետեւ միշտ միավ ճանաչւած ցեղասպանւած ազգը լինելռվ պիտի շարունակ շահագործի.

    Այս երկու սրիկա ժողովրդի միչեւ թշնամութիւնը պիտի ծառայի մեր հայութեան.

    Հայեր միացէք, միացէք Հայեր

  33. Nairian said:

    Հարգարժան եւ սիրելի Սոնա:

    Դարձեալ ես համացայն եմ քու վերեւի խորագրիդ պարբերութեանը, թէ մենք զիջելու ոչինչ չունենք: Ես ալ քեզ նման քանիցս ըսած եմ գրեթէ նոյն բաները որ նշած ես քու գրութեանդ մէջ Սոնա ճան, թէ շնորհիւ Լեւոն Տէր Պետրոսեանի սնանկ դիւանագիտութեան, այսօր մեր Արցախի հարցը այս բերուշան վիճակին մէջ չէր լինի, ու շատոնց Արցախը պէտք էր արդէն լրիւ մաս կազմէր Հայաստանի: Ես ըսած եմ նաեւ հոս կամ ուրիշ Հայկական «ուէպսայդներ» թէ շնորհիւ դադարներու մարդասպանութիւններուն այսօր Նախիջեւանի մէջ եւ ո’չ մէկ Հայ կը գտնես. եւ սակայն դադար զինւորականներու վատ արարքով անոնք քանդեցին մեր Յ,ՕՕՕ Խաչքարերը որ ծածկուի Հայ մարդու ոտքնահետքն այդ հողերուն վրայ, Հայաստանի կարաւարութիւնը այդ ժամանակ թերեւս կրնար պատերազմ հռչակել դադարներուն դէմ մեր Նախիջեւանի հողերը ետ առնելու միտումով: Ինչպէս որ նշեցիր, մեր նախարարները (այսինքն Սերժն ու Նալպանտեանը) պէտք է շատ աւելի զոռաւորօրէն եւ կոշտօրէն վարուին մեր բոլոր հարցերուն շուրջ, որովհետեւ մենք բաձարցակապէս իրաւունք ունինք ամէն մարզի մէջ եւ արդար ու իրաւացի պահանջքներ ունինք մեր թշնամիներէն, ինչպիսին են Թուրքերը եւ Դադարները մեր հողերու արդար պահանջքով: Գալով Նախիջեւանի հարցով, այո ճիշդ է թէ մեր նախարարները պէտք է կրկին ու կրկին յիշեցնեն յամանախագահներուն թէ որպէսզի Արցախն ալ բոլորովին չի պարպուի Հայերէ ինչպիսին եղած էր Նախիջեւանը, շատ կարեւոր է մեր ինքնուրոյնութեան յարատեւման համար որ Արցախը ամպայման մաս կազմէ Հայաստանի եւ ընդունուի իբրեւ ազատ անկախ Արցախ որպէսզի Նախիջեւանի դժբախտութիւնը չի կրկնուի:

    Նայիրեան – Սիրվարդ

  34. Mir Ali said:

    US recognition of a bogus genocide and thus legislating falsified version of history into law, to appease well-oiled Armenian lobby and to secure future votes and dollars from Armenians, while expedient, would be a travesty of justice, fairness, honesty, scholarship, critical thinking, and free speech. But just as gravely, it would make a mockery of the U.S. Congress’ own records, as the following among many other such documents, clearly refute Armenian claims once and for all:

    a- “American Military Mission to Armenia” (General Harbord) Report 1920 and the Annex Report Nat. Archives 184.021/175 –which does not mention any “race extermination” but, on the contrary, refers to “…refinements of cruelty by Armenians to Muslims…”

    b- Joint U.S. CONGRESS RESOLUTION NO. 192, APRIL 22, 1922 relative to the activities of Near East Relief ending 31 December 1921 which has unanimously resolved that a total of 1,414,000 Armenians were alive (which makes killing of 1.5 million Armenians an impossibility, since the total Armenian population was around 1.5 million at the time.)

    c- George Montgomery, a member of the U.S. delegation at the Paris Conference, had presented a detailed tabulation in 1919, showing a total of 1,104,000 Armenians alive, apart from those who had already immigrated to other countries.

    d- 29 March 1919 report of the Paris Conference subcommittee on atrocities, chaired by the U.S. secretary of State Lansing, lists Armenian losses as “…more than 200,000…” Even this number is exaggerated as they got their information from the Armenian church, not exactly an impartial source. The Turkish Historical Society documented the deaths of 53,000 Armenians using Ottoman police reports field on site, of which number only about 8,400 are reported as victims of massacres. The paragraphs a, b, and c jointly point to the THIS number being closer to reality.

    Who, then may have jacked this number of Armenian casualties from the original 54,000 first to 200,000 in March 1919, 600,000 in May 1919 (in a poster created by Armenians) to the current 1.5 million?

    Take a guess!

  35. sebouh from australia said:

    Dear Mir Ali,

    Now I know why you dumb ass Turks dont eat pigs-Cause you would be cannibals-your sqealing like one now you Mongolian half bred-go to hell oresbi cugic-the truth never dies no matter how many historians palms you grease you scumbag-there was a genocide-whether the Jews state it or not….what a truly filthy race of people you are…..ORESBI CUGIC BOK YI

  36. Granddaughter of a survivor of the Armenian genocide said:

    @ GELAT:

    I don’t blame u Gelat, this is what you have been hearing for decades…. this Turkish propoganda which starts at schools…..its really sad….

    Whetheter you like it or not Turkey committed the Genocide, there is enough proof, although I don’t think we have to convince you. I suggest u read ”Armenian genocide, a reconstruction” written by Taner Akcam for a start.

    The Genocide will be recognized eventually, unfortunatelly only when it will suit the great powers, they have a stake in your region, the region once invaded. This is reality. An example, Incirlik Air Base, how ironic, the same place you slaughtered thousands of innocent women and children….just because they were ”ermeni”….now used as an insult….

    It was delibarate and systematic distruction, you cannot change it. Just not convenient to recognize it, imagine the consequences for Turkey??

    Now enjoy our grandfathers lands and houses you took, after 1,5 mil. Armenians were slaughtered, while u can….There will be justice.

    One thing your Pashas didn’t count on planning a massdestruction is the fact that there are always survivors after a Genocide, so start reading that book I suggested, you might actually get to know your real history!!!!

  37. Theo said:

    Well, You are speak about Armenian Genocide, Cyprus, Kurds… I want to remind that genocide is an old turkish hobby. Ask the Balcan people: romanians, bulgarians, serbs, greeks etc. For hundreds of years the turks invaded their countries killing hundreds of thousand of people, violating women and robbering these contries.

    The balcan nations had to pay yearly “protection” money to the Ottpman Empire for stopping the turks. In money of today – hundreds of billions of Euros. Istanbul and other flourishing turkish towns were built on the money of these poor countries.

    An apologize has to be required by the balcanic countries from Turkey for these crimes against humanity and of course they should be compensate for the huge turkish spoliation they suffered during such a long time.

  38. Nairian said:

    Harkeli Sebouh jan

    Please do not pay mind to a denialist lower than earth Turk such as Mir Ali oghli. He is paid by his fascist denialist Turkish government and for 95 years they fed their people with grand dose lies, denying the Armenian Genocide and more lies. You can’t expect any better from such Mongolian tribes who came from Mongolia to our Western Armenian Highlands with their ‘yataghans’ almost a thousand years ago; but unfortunately their mentality is still the same tribal backward mentality. Mind you, it’s not the people, but mostly it is their sick government who is responsible to feed their people en masse all these crazy lies.

    Հայրենակից, թող այսպիսի կեղտոտ ստախոս ցած թուրքեր քու մաքուր ու զտարիւն Հայկական արիւնը չխանքարեն Սեպուհ ջան:


  39. Gelat said:

    You again jumped to start another topic when i ask you WHY YOU DONT TAKE TURKEY TO INTERNATIONAL COURT…telling mongolian or cursing on me reveals how impotent you are.Romanians,Greeks,Serbs dont have any problem with us,if yes you dont have to talk behalf of them.They have mouth and tongue.They can do whatever is necessary.Why do you think that you never hear of Turks attacking their neighbours although they are the regional power with the strongest army in the area? Anything bad you hear of Turks doing is the outcome with the events leading to their response completely being ignored. Cyprus is used a lot. Greek Cypriots started massacring Turks on the island while they wanted to turn it into a Greek island, Turks reacted and invaded one third of the island as a guarantor state (UK, Greece, Turkey) which has the right to do so, and provided safety for Turks. The events that led to the Turkish response get ignored and Turks get criticized. Same thing with the bogus Armenian genocide. Armenians side with enemy and start massacring Turks during WWI when all the Turkish resources were deployed at many fronts fighting with multiple nations, Turks react and decide to kick them all out of their borders. The events that led to the Turkish response get ignored and Turks get criticized. Kurds are another story. A Kurdish terrorist group formed in southeastern Turkey, which is recognized as a terrorist organization by USA and EU too by the way. They killed over 30K civilians. Turks have been fighting that group for decades. But some also try to ignore the facts and try to criticize Turks for their response. Enough with it all, they live in a troubled neighbourhood. The police of Los Angeles or New York can’t sit as idle as that of Seattle or Portland, it’s not their choice to make. Turks live in a troubled neighbourhood and they take action when it is necessary to protect themselves and their country. Nobody that doesn’t ask for trouble received it for no reason

  40. Grish Begian said:

    Dear Mir Ali
    If Turks are smart people first thing they should have done open the book of their origin and talk openly with their population…
    Compare your Turkic background to to you neighbors like Persians, Armenians, Georgians, Greeks, Kurds and Russians..they all have been there way before Mongolian Turks..your beloved country was occupied by well civilized and advanced Christian nations, such as Greek and Armenians and Assyrians..then came those terrible wild Turks from central Asia..the only way they could have created a room for living and have harems in Asia Minor, to kill and kill and rape women as much as they could…this was the only way, that they could have get respected, so killing and raping of none believers become routine habit..just like a deadly viruses you people carried for 500 years of your beloved civilizations, where still is well alive and operatable…now that world have changed and you feel that world do not respect the killers and “Genocide lovers” some of you jump to politics and talking about humanities…just like your phony Islamist AK Party leaders, where they deny that Genocide ever occurred..not because they are not telling the truth, because they doubt about their Turkishness, they love to fool people like you and bribe those Turks lovers who accept money to forge the truth of “Christian Genocide” of Turkey…
    I wonder when that morning will come to you dear Mir Ali, when you will ask yourself in the mirror,
    “why you do not look like a mongol, but your brain work like them!!!..I am sure you will blame those deadly viruses, released into your body by those terrible Turks…

  41. Don't waste your breath talking logic to a Turk said:

    Isn’t there a verse in The Bible about “…throwing pearls before the swine” ?
    Why are we wasting our time with Gelat ?
    Heck, we’re talking about “people” who aren’t even smart enough to boil water.
    His great grandfather killed my great grandfather and, after washing the blood off his hands, said, “Gelat, my boy, it was HIS fault. He backed into my knife…. 15 times.”
    To some degree he’s right. The Young Turks did use the Armenians as an excuse for everything and anything that was wrong or could have potentially threatened the nationalist sentiment in Turkey.
    But isn’t that what Hitler did with the Jews in Germany, Austria, Poland…?
    The Turks took over our lands; they usurped our academic and cultural contributions to their nation, then they tried to exterminate our population, tried to terminate our history from even making it into the 1920’s.
    I never heard my great grandmother speak a single Armenian word. She had a nervous breakdown when the Turks brought her husband’s dead body back to her house. My grandmother and great uncles watched in horror as their father’s murderers walked away without recourse.
    His wife only spoke Turkish from that day on, trying to protect herself, her 3 kids and her unborn son. Even when they fled ….
    Truly a sad story. Not politics, Gelat. FACTS. If there’s any hint of an organ vaguely resembling a heart somewhere in your chest cavity, maybe you’ll overlook propaganda and try checking out the facts.

  42. john papazian said:

    The article is about the Jews sharing the lime light.remember? And they won’t.I’ve called out Jews before including a co-worker who had his grand parrents’ number tatooed on his arm.He was so dismissive and condisending that I couldn’t help my self,we faught,I won,kind of.Life in America is different out in the sticks than it is in a little Armenia in LA.I could count all the people i’ve met on 4 fingers that knew any thing at all about Armenia.They were all teenagers and System of a Down fans.Armenians need to get out into the real America at least once in a while.Oh yeah,Isral acknowledge the Turkish attempt at GENOCIDE against the Armenians,I’m not holding my breath.

  43. Edward said:

    Gelat,`every year 30 000 people turn to islam in the EU`, if you say so this means the real number is around 30.Also every year about 60 000 people in the EU go crazy, about 120 000 commit suicide,but thats in the EU, my dear gelat and your pezeveng whore cold turkey will NEVER be admitted there as long as there are such wankers like you gelat djan as your place will never be in Europe its in the mongolian steppes-that is if the mongols accept you. Gelat, we are still waiting to hear the translation of yer name in english,please!!!

  44. Gelat said:

    Edward,i already toldy you.My name is Sevda,21 years of Turkish girl living in LA,you know the meaning of my are brainwashed,closing you eyes and opening your mounth,donno what you talking about. add me to fbook,i will teach you what you should know.

  45. sebouh from australia said:


    I didnt know the Turkish Governement was recruiting oresbi-whores-as propagandists- are they that desperate now????why dont you go back to your customer sitting in the reception area of the brothel-I think he will pay extra for the service only Turks can provide….hahahahaha…(Hint: it involves bending over)

  46. Grish Begian said:

    If your beloved Turkey stop killing those Christian priests and stop persecution of those “secret Christian societies” and stop harassing to those Turks who really interested about their ancestral roots, then you will see within few years, how your beloved 70 millions will be cut in half and you will see how those mosques, where Christians blood covered on the walls will turn into Greek, Armenian, Assyrian, Catholic and Orthodox will see how Hagia Sophia will turn into biggest Christian Church of the world..yes dear galat, there is more in Turkey, even you have never heard about even your regular history classroom teacher, avoided to teach you about the truth, she perhaps afraid of secret Ergenekons… and when you are out of country you become like “Alice in wonderland”..

    Afterall you will get full of surprise to hear names that you have never heard in your life about Turkey, then you have all the rights to call 30 thousand conversions in Europe into Islam..but don’t worry about Europe…they are learning hardest way..there is some bad news for people like you, who are interested in Islam please go ahead and read this article..there will be more article like this in the future, for Muslims..

  47. Grish Begian said:

    Above URL taken away hope this one will be on ..

    Anti-Islam party surges in Netherlands

  48. Grish Begian said:

    Galat you are out of subject and you are just brain washed like rest of you.. go to Islambull and visit your beloved hero’s bathhouse Ata Turk for a good massage… Iranians never kill Christians and there is nothing wrong with them…don’t mix bloody Turks with civilized and cultural people like Persians…and remember Persians and Armenians are belong to the same family group and they have a history of civilization.. they have been forced by Arabs to change their religion and they know that ….and of course you have to look into Ottoman and Persian wars in the past…Persians always believe that Turks made of “donkeys” and still it is a puzzle to me, why Persians call Turks “donkeys” do you have an answer for that??

  49. Gelat said:

    as far as i know that Iranians support us on any subject.but as far as i know that armenains are called “sheeps” in Russia and “Cavemen” in LA….
    i respect Armenia and Armenian nation,thats why i am here.but truth to truth right?
    Is Armenians civilized nation?I didnt know that,i knew that Armenians always lived under several empires and never had their own state(so called armenian kingdom) did you check my link?

    • johny mason said:

      You are some thing my new friend, so can I ask what country your form ?I hope it’s a country older then Armenia because if your not you must be suffering from a something. Armenians are the first Christians in the world, there wars have fight wan and lost butt every one recognized Armenians every where in world as hard working people and people you do not want to fuk with.

  50. Grish Begian said:

    Galat, this is exactly what you wrote in this forum compare what you wrote on top….you be the judge and…
    don’t respond “you are what your friends are” you carry the same deadly viruses left over from Mongolian Turks..

    Gelat says:
    June 11, 2010 at 12:17 pm
    Itan has to be punished,their products should be banned.

    Now I know why Persians call Turks “donkeys”…….

  51. Gelat said:

    Begian ,personally i hate Iran and persian nation regardles their religion,but it doesnt mean Iran nation hates Turks all right?

    Who is a liar? You get carried away with making things up. You are here accusing Turks with something they didn’t do, with hopes of monetary outcome. Armenians are the ones planning to file insurance claims, and ask for monetary and land from Turkey. Turks are here only to defend themselves against your lies and false propaganda.

    Your great grandfathers were far from being innocent. They betrayed the nation they lived in peacefully for centuries, they backstabbed Turks by siding with Russians during WWI when Turks were at their weakest state fighting at many different fronts with multiple nations, when their resources were fully deployed. They thought that they can win, they miscalculated and suffered the consequences of breaking peace. They lost the war, losing sides of wars are not genocide victims. You cost a lot of Turks their lives as well along with yourselves, you deserved it as starters of it all, but Turks didn’t. You need to apologize, get a lesson from history, and work towards positive. You are still moving with greed and acting hostile, you will not benefit from it this time either. Change your attitudes

  52. Grish Begian said:

    You are brainwashed “Turcochick”, who can use HATE words like your Mongolian masters…those killed one were human and they were not in politics they were living in their ancestral land for 3000 years like Persians..
    I wonder why you hate Persians and other neighbor of yours…so Persians were right to call Turks “donkeys”..I bet Persians don’t hate Turks…they just call them “donkeys”.. well Europeans learn from Persians and they are calling Turks Mongolian donkeys….

  53. Gelat said:

    I though the only retarded person here is Edward,but i guess he has friend like you…,are you better race than mongolians?xaxaxa,at least they had Great Mongol Empire all the way to Germany,and they are enjoying for having Cengiz Khan in their history,but Armenians?You were nothing but just ethnic minorities during ruling empires…when you have diffuculties to answer my questions,you jump another topinc and accusing Turks like “mongols”,brainwashed”,”murderers” etc..Is this the level you will drag this argument down to? Can you Armenians do anything constructive? Can you argue in a civilized way? It seems to me that you are only good at coming up with lies, accusations, threatening others to accept your version of everything, burning flags. Those are middle eastern tactics which are bound to fail in the western world

  54. Grish Begian said:

    Now that you want me talk in a civilized way, my dear Gelat….read this message below……


  55. Gelat said:

    Thats good,pretty simple but not accurate
    This is the right way:Ottoman Armenians got slapped on their both face when they tried to unify with Russians to break the regions of the empire.

  56. Grish Begian said:

    Dear Gelat…

    see this beautiful clip about historical truth..

    The Last Days of Europe

  57. John Ahmaranian said:

    Mr Gelat,
    Forget Armenian, French or Brithish sources. Read what the Germans and Autrians, your allies, said about the genocide.
    Read my book about the Turkish Media (Alemdar, Vakit, Tejuman, Yeni Gune, Seoz, and 102 Turkish newspapers) who admitted the occurence of the Armenian said.
    My book is on Google, search: Kezfez

  58. Ara said:,muslim-converts-to-christianity-face-upto-3-year-jail

    Poor Gelat,
    You don’t have freedom of religion in Turkey- See above link. You guys are so brainwashed from your government that you cannot tell the truth even if you wanted. Nobody in Turkey used to talk about what happened to their peaceful Armenian neighbours. At the Universuty here in the USA I had a Turkish classmate who thought like you exactly. But after I told him the story he researched and found out the truth. Besides the historical archives all over the world we know about the Genocide from our own parents who told us what happened to them – what how the Turks tried to exterminate our people.

  59. Edward said:

    Gelatin Gelat,Gel Burda, retarded Edward asks you for the umpteenth time:tell the bloody armenian dashnaks the meaning of your sweet name &the etymology of the idioms `talking Turkey` – that`s what you`re doing and `cold Turkey`-that`s the state you`re in.And please gelataturk ,stop the self-abuse for a second &try to learn the english language & grammar before you make a turk,excuse me, afool of yourself with your illiterate half- witted gibberish.You`re not talking to brainless morons like you &yer gray-wolf scum. We all know how you were sexually abused by all the goats in yer herd, but that doesnt justify yer puking on web-sites.You will die drowned in your own womit and all the camels &goats in yer MIT herd will be very sad for you as they wont ever find another gelanaturk like you. Abdi Ipekci

  60. Grish Begian said:

    Dear Edward,
    Just don’t bother with this 21 years old Turkochic…she is send by her AK Party “Oglus’ in order to hack her eggs in Los Angles ….may Allah give her will power to overcome with her disabilities……….

  61. johny mason said:

    Armenians are good people, have strong politics, sport men, musicians, don’t get me wrong modern Turkey has nothing to do what the grandfathers did to the Armenians, Asoris , Greeks and etc, but this is for shore Israel cantrols American land