Chilling Account of Anti-Armenian Lobbying by Jewish American Groups

WASHINGTON—On June 8, the Washington Times published a revealing article about the deterioration of Jewish-Turkish relation and the role Jewish American organizations played in supporting Turkish interests, killing Armenian genocide legislation, and undermining Armenia’s economic livelihood in the U.S. Congress.

The article by Eli Lake, titled “American Jewish community ends support of Turkish interests on Hill,” begins with a chilling account of how the Armenian Genocide Resolution was killed in 2000:

* In October 2000, the government of Turkey had a problem.

House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert had promised to bring a resolution commemorating the Armenian genocide to the floor for a vote, a move that Ankara said would be a slap in the face to a NATO ally.

* The Turks called up Keith Weissman, a senior researcher from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, and asked him to intervene.
Mr. Weissman said in an interview this week that AIPAC lit up the phones and managed at the last minute — with the help of the State Department — to persuade President Clinton himself to write a letter to Mr. Hastert saying a vote on the resolution would cause strategic damage to U.S. interests.

* The last-minute push worked. Mr. Hastert removed the resolution from the floor, and the full Congress has yet to take up the matter to this day.

According to Barry Jacobs, the American Jewish Committee’s former director of strategic studies in the office of government and international affairs, “The major Jewish organizations decided in 2008 that the question of the Armenian genocide resolution was so sensitive we would no longer take public and private positions to oppose it.”

The article also notes how “In Congress, the Jewish organizations lobbied for an oil pipeline from the Azerbaijani capital of Baku to the Turkish Mediterranean port of Ceyhan, a pipeline that bypasses Turkey’s rival Armenia entirely.”

The author notes that the support for Turkey by Jewish-American organizations is in decline. He quotes Morris Amitay, the former executive director of AIPAC who has also represented Turkey, as saying: “If someone asked me now if I would try to protect Turkey in Congress, my response would be, ‘You’ve got to be kidding.’”


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  1. eddy said:

    Are these the same dishonest people, who used ever and every possible tool and misinformation to kill Armenian Resolutions in UK and US in the past?

    Now Jewish lobby is trying to blackmail Turkey. Till two weeks ago this was the opposite case, when ever there were talks about Armenian genocide in US and UK , Turkey used to blackmail Israel – sorry did a I say Israel – of course I mean U.S and U.K

    I wish Jewish lobby , Israel and above all Jewish Diaspora would have the will and the courage to recognize the Armenian Genocide because its is the truth….. In long term this would be in the interests of world and all humanity, if Turkey faces her bloody past!

  2. sebouh from australia said:

    is this a surprise to anyone?????I hope everyone remembers this when they want to be our friends….but I am sure some wont…the grandchildren the Armenian traitors in 1915 will be declaring their love for this filthy nation and doing their best to stab us true armenians in the back

  3. Roman said:

    jews are jews. There is none you can do about it. Armenians in US should start voting in Armenians to represent us in congress , and not jews, who had and will betrey our people. I rather have turk friend than jew.At least you know what to expect from turk.

  4. Norin Radd said:

    The Washington Post should write about something Armenians already didn’t know for years. This is no surprise to Armenians, we’ve know for a long time that the hypocritical Jews smile at us on the street with “oh we understand your pain, we’ve also been through our Holocaust” then behind close curtains, AIPAC and the ADL led by that rat faced pig Abraham Foxman work day and night to block proper restitution, recognition, and reparation of the Armenian Genocide.

    Armenians worldwide, do not worry, we have survived for thousands of years long before the Jews and the Turks, and we will continue on for thousands more. Those that have assailed us will get what they deserve, this new flotilla mess is only the beginning, our day of Justice will come soon.

  5. Arto said:

    Don’t believe any of this garbage. Israel will never acknowledge the Armenian Genocide and will continue to work secretly to prevent anyone else for doing so even if they pretend to be angry at the Turks. Don’t fall for their games. Very interesting how they are just as aggressive, and in some cases more aggressive than the Turks when it comes to genocide denial. I wonder what they feel they stand to lose if Turkey is accused?? I wonder what they know but won’t tell anyone??

  6. Rita said:

    The Zionists are the scum of the earth. They are the anti Christ. They are anti God.

    Look at these dogs, they have no shame. They use their Holocaust to victimize themselves and justify the inhuman actions of the Zionist entity and make the whole world feel bad for them, and they spit in the face of Armenians. Now all of a sudden because they want to get back at Turkey they think they can use us as political pawns?

    This is just sickening

  7. Nairian said:

    Dear Rita jan, Not to worry my dear, every dog has it’s day as the saying goes in English. Every dog has it’s day. They had their day, one day our day will come as well.

  8. eddy said:

    US Human right groups should bring a law suit against former President Bill Clinton and White House. White House and the President being guided by lobbyist in pay roll of Turkish government did use fake arguments for blackmailing and to mislead US lawmakers and US public…. I am referring to the letter written by Clinton to former House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert in order to blackmail US Congress

  9. Alex Postallian said:

    The jews and turks,like two snakes in a septic tank !!

  10. Barkev Asadourian said:


  11. Avery said:

    Dear Friends:

    Let’s not go overboard lumping all Jews together. Let’s not forget Jews who have helped and continue helping our cause.

    Collective ‘punishment’ is wrong and evil: remember, we, Armenians, have been on the receiving end of it throughout our history.
    Let’s not forget the likes of Andrew Tarsy (Jew), former regional director at ADL, who was fired by the repugnant Foxman for breaking with ADL policy of denying the Armenian Genocide: how many people do you know that will risk their job for truth and righteousness ?

    Let’s not forget the likes of Rep. Adam Schiff and Rep. Brad Sherman (Jews), who are at the spearhead of Congressional efforts to recognize the Genocide. Let’s not forget the likes of Amb. Henry Morgenthau and author Franz Werfel (Jews). I could list pages and pages of Jewish friends who stand shoulder to shoulder with us in our struggle. Let’s learn to separate the actions of the State of Israel, the Likudniks, the Neocons and their lot from the rest of the Jews.

    Yes, I know all about the conspiracy theories regarding Jews and the Genocide, about Talat, Enver and Kemal (allegedly) being crypto-Jews. But that’s all they are: conspiracy theories. It was Turk soldiers under leadership of Turk officers that murdered Armenians – keep repeating that to yourselves: they were neither Jews nor Israelis. Neither Jews nor Israelis murdered Hrant Dink: remember that. The Turk officer who was proudly photographed with the arrested murderer of Dink was neither Jewish nor Israeli: remember that.

    OK, let’s say some of them had Jewish roots: so what ? does that condemn every other Jew in the world ? Armenian Chekists (NKVD/KGB) murdered, rounded up, exiled 1000s of their fellow Armenians, and other nationalities during Stalin’s rein of terror: does that mean we have to collectively punish ourselves now ? Stalin was an ethnic Georgian: are all Georgians responsible for this one psychopath ?

    Yes, I also know all about Israeli ties with Azerbaijan and Turkey: what do you expect in the world of State politics ? Israel steals military technology from their one true ally, the United States, the one country in the world that unquestionably ensures the survival of Israel – and sells them to our (U.S.) competitors and enemies.

    Russia helps Iran one day, and the next day votes for U.N. sanctions against Iran. U.S. Government screams about human rights, genocides, war crimes – but works diligently to deny the Armenian Genocide, and doesn’t say one word of condemnation about the Israeli killing of 9 Turkish civilians on a Turkish ship in International waters. World Politics is a very dirty business: best we get comfortable with it and learn to play it well, instead of foaming at the mouth at the injustice of it all.

    We have one – and only one – enemy: the State of Turkey, their ideology of Pan-Turanism, and their continuing efforts to exterminate Armenia and Armenians. We have no issue with the people of Turkey: only those that are anti-Armenian. We know of and appreciate the efforts of righteous Turks like Orhan Panuk and Taner Akcam: we know all Turks are not evil.

    Let’s focus on the real enemy, and not get distracted with stuff like “zionist entity”, Anti-Christ, and all that other nonsense that generates a lot of heat and useless discussion – yet does nothing to help Armenia or our cause.

    Yes, let’s be aware of the entire political landscape, the shifting alliances, the dirty politics, backstabbing that goes on in the world, but concentrate on the real goal.

    We don’t have unlimited resources: let’s use what little we have efficiently.

  12. George said:

    It’s just sad how Israel, or especially Jewish-American organizations now realize that you can’t make bonds with a muslim Turkey while cynically supporting their denial of Armenian Genocide. It’s like, no matter how much you train and care for a wild animal baby, such as a bear, sooner or later it might turn against you, and Turkey is that example. ( Their animal instinct kicked in :/ )

  13. Christo said:

    Avery, I see a lot of flaws and inconsistencies in your commentary, that makes me suspect that you are not an Armenian but a Jew. You could even be a Jew from Armenia.
    You inserted in parenthesis the word alleged after the triumvate and kemal is interesting. However, its not alleged, it is a fact. The only ethnic group that was envious of the Armenians living under the Ottoman Empire were the jews, and the only group aside from some turks that has reaped the benefits of the Armenian genocide within RoT are the jews.
    Yes, there are many people who would risk their life, and careers especially if the end justifies the means and the end is for the benefit of the State of Israel.
    Jews no matter where they are born, regardless of how many generations that have lived within a designated country, they will do everything in their powers for Eretz Israel.
    Those righteous and righteous persons you are referring to I will sum it up like this.
    Dennis Prager vs. Rush Limbaugh, this is the oldest jewish game plan; lead both ends of an issue and divide the gentiles.
    What do you know about the intentions of people like Orhan Pamuk or Taner Akcam, or Elif Shafak or the others. Don’t you find it strange that Elif Shafak supposed acknowledgement of the Armenian genocide delivered her child in Istanbul last summer but wasn’t slapped with article 301?
    Maybe, you missed the part in Amb. Morgenthau’s accounts of the Armenian genocide, where a jew representing the German government wanted to have the jews relocate in the area of Van, Vaspouragan instead of Israel,but kept asking Amb. Morgenthau to let the Armenians perish.
    Or, maybe you missed the Zionist “conspiracy” where, they were able to intercept aid from the United States at Gibraltar. Do you think it’s possible that these same Zionists are depopulating Armenia today, in order to eradicate the Armenians in the caucasus and claim that they are the decendents of Noah?
    By the way, the only reason these righteous jews care about the Darfur genocide, is not from a humanitarian need, but the crude oil in Darfur, which the State of Israel needs.

  14. Christo said:

    How do you explain the turkish army chief of staff, Ilker Basbug, a supposed muslim turk, who is photographed praying at the wailing wall a couple of years ago? What muslim on this planet would pray at the wailing wall? Or a photograph of him next to his ultra orthodox jewish family residing in Israel? Yasar Buyukanit the prior chief of staff, who is also photograped praying at the wailing wall, I wonder if that’s where talat piled the treasures he looted and that’s why these proto jews are flocking to the wailing wall to get a glimpse of the treasures. I guess these a conspiracies too right?

  15. Rita said:

    Avery looks like you are just a crypto jew as well..

    no we do not have one enemy. we have many enemies.. turkey azerbaijan israel..

    the problem with you is you have no respect and no loyalty.. you are willing to sell and exploit yourself for political gain

    some of us here have values.. and lets not forget about palestinian-armenians like myself and many others who have been ethnically cleansed twice, once by turkey and once by israel

    the suffering of our palestinian brothers is the same as the suffering of the armenians.. we are both told that “we had no state in the first place”, we are both deported in mass numbers, we are both called “terrorists” for defending our homeland, we both have lost our historic villages and they have been renamed and repopulated by turks and jews, we both have not seen justice after so many decades..

    we will not sell out the palestinians or we are equivalant to those who stood back during the armenian genocide for their own political gain. we have values and we know that right is right and wrong is wrong…

    so yes i curse the turkish nationalist entity and i curse the zionist entity because they are both enemies of God and enemies of humanity.

  16. Fred said:

    My dear compatriots. I grew up being told that a great injustice was done to us by Turkey. But slowly through learning more and more about AG story and the world politics and the way powerful countries treated us I began to think why is the world against us. All these threads finally began to weave a picture. We have a powerful enemy with influence in powerful countries. I think we have to wake up to this fact and work ultra actively against this enemy. You see, their power is gained by influencing people, so together it is possible to turn the table on them and show their true nature to the rest of the world simply by showing how they have treated us. I am talking about the powerful lobby of Jewish German industrialists who were able to convince the German Kisser to organize the AG. I am talking about the Jewish Bolsheviks who made sure we didn’t get our land’s back in the second world war, when it would have been as easy as eating a pie. I am talking about Jewish Western media moguls that have successfully stifled the AG from the news, and off course the Jewish lobby in America which we are all too aware of.

  17. eddy said:

    I would not make generalisations in that way… This would help nobody… politic is an “art” for itself and has no moral .. .thee there are Jewish organisations which are indeed ashamed of Israeli denial of Armenian genocide …. I have for my own reasons to believe that sraelis. Germans and Turks have much common, when it comes to the Armenian question!

  18. MihranK said:

    I strongly believe that there are many decent jews who do care about the Armenian genocide, our problem is the Zionist org which directs agenda and policy of the jews world wide and hence the position of all Israeli governments which has been against the Armenian genocide, also org’s like ADL and AIPAC in the US take their direction from Zionist org.The ordinary jew be it in US or Israel has no say in the decisions of Zionist leadership.

    Please lets be more selective in what we say.

  19. Satenik said:

    Israel should stop this pervert cat and mouse game with Turkey and idirectly therefore with Armenia. The sympathetic jews who have any moral fibre left in them sould put pressure on their organisations to recognise the Armenian genocide, although I would not hold my breath……Also there are virtually thousands of Jews worldwide in very prestigious and sensitive positions and posts who are easily able to bring the AG to international attention . Where there is a will ,there is a way and by God there are a million and one ways at least to do that but is there a genuine WILL on behalf of the Jews and Israelis or are they as most suspect and have proved to be correct obsessed with looking after number one ? Jews have to make their minds up quickly, it’s later than they think and stop dithering around like some fools!

  20. eddy said:

    “Generalisation” has become a bad habit for most of us .. Such an approached is harmful!

  21. Gelat said:

    what do you expect from Turk?Be honest,did you see any negative attitude towards you from any Turk in your life?You can see hundred of Turks arround you,go talk them,and then go talk to Greek,Bulgarian,Romanian,Serbian(Those whom you consider them as your brothers) and compare the resulst,see who will behave more friendly,or other example,ask the Armenians whom live in Greece and ask the Armenians whom live in Turkey and again compare the results who is happier…or go to any Turkish cafe(for example,Masal Cafe in Brooklyn/NY),and then go to any Greek,German,American,Russian,Serbian,French(whom you consider as civilized nations) ,again compare the result which one will see you as a second class human and see which one will see you as a part of them and will ask “how is the life in Armenia?”…Greek will never able to find Armenia on the map,while you shared your happines and greif with Turks thousands of years…close neighbour is better than far friend.

  22. Fred said:

    This is not a generalization. I am not talking about the average Jew in the street. I am talking about a handful of powerful influential people which form a network, governing political, media, educational, scientific, industrial, banking sectors of the world. Come on we are talking about a well oiled machine. We are talking about schmoks who think they are cleaver and better than the rest of the world. Hitler was wrong. Ahmadynejad is wrong. You can not talk about exterminating them, you have to play them in their own game to show them they are not that cleaver after all.

  23. vatche said:

    We Armenians need to understand the real ROOTS to our problems. Just blaming others left and right serves no purpose.
    Our History is clouded by misinformation.

  24. Fred said:

    I agree with you. We must unite. But we must realize that 60,000 Jews living in Armenia are throwing rocks at our unification efforts. Dashnaktsochoon should have been in government by now. We must identify the enemy within, deal with it and go forward. I can not believe Ter Petrosian who insisted on using the Jewish Tarot to swear into government was allowed to become president and allowed to destroy the country. I mean I am not blaming the Jews, I am blaming us for letting them do this to us, time after time after time.

  25. Nairian said:

    60,000 Jews living in Armenia and they are throwing rocks at our unification efforts? Thank you Fred for that piece of information, I didn’t know it. If these Jews are our demise then shouldn’t they be thrown out of the country???? I don’t understand this. We know by now that Levon Der Bedrossian was more a Jewish guy than an Armenian one. What is our heads of State doing about this???? Isn’t it enough that the Zionist Jews headed by Talaat Pasha, Enver Pasha and Jelal Pasha and Jeadin Beshir were the source that we were annihilated? The Turks alone didn’t do it, the Zionist Jews headed by Talaat Pasha did it. Isn’t it possible that that’s the reason why Israel doesn’t want to recognize the Armenian Genocide and are pushing the Western and the US lobbyists to do the dirty job for them? Why can’t we clear our little Armenia from UNIT-ARMENIAN people and see to it that Armenian lover and Armenian people really floorish in this day and age? Haven’t we had enough of our destructive and killer enemies already? Do you hear me Armenian people in Armenia???? Hear me well and act upon it please for the sake of our sovereignty and our lovinig people.

  26. Nairian said:

    Armenian Government; clear our country from UNTI-ARMENIAN people and let our country and our sovereignty floorish!

  27. FrankM said:

    We Armenians have known for a long time that the mastermind behind the Turkish massacre was the Jews.
    Now this is coming out to the public and it looks like the Jews will have to face the music just like Turks.
    Armenians are far wiser than the Turks and the Jews
    We know that there are good Jews and bad Jews and the same goes for the Turks.
    I guess how they will handle themselves in trying to find a solution to this problem will separate the good Jews and
    Turks from the bad

  28. phillip said:

    Past is past, dont look a gift horse in the mouth. Alot of this stuff was because of the cold war and the great game Russia vs. england and visa versa

  29. Hal Bass said:

    Please don’t put all Jews or, for that matter, any other people into one basket. I am Jewish and pro-Israel, but like Rep. Adam Schiff and Brad Sherman, I was in favor of recognizing the Genocide years before Turkey became Hamas’s fair weather friend. Both Democratic and Republican administrations have consistently been in Turkey’s corner on the Genocide because of Turkey’s “strategic importance” and NATO membership. That won’t change until Ankara decides to come clean a century after their ancestors, the Ottoman Turks, committed those unspeakable crimes against humanity.

  30. vatche said:


    “Lock your door well so that you won’t find your neighbor stealing.” Traditional Armenian saying.

    I have an inkling that we Armenians did not lock our doors well , so our vulnarable position became our enemy.

    I am putting putting it in simple terms.
    We must be critical of our own mistakes, otherwise we will just keep repeating the same mistakes.

  31. john papazian said:

    It’s nice to see the Jews come around.But if they need to be reminded,”After all who remembers or even speaks of the extermination of the Armenians?”.Adolph Hitler 1939,about e week before invading Poland. Oh yeah and Turkey was allied with Germany during both world wars.

  32. Edward said:

    John Papazian,turkey was neutral-on paper-durring the WWII.There was even some talk about giving back the armenians some of their land occupied by turkey,but it didnt happen because it was soviet Armenia & nobody trusted good old Uncle Joe anymore.Vatche, youre 100%right!

  33. john papazian said:

    Nice piese of historical trivia Edward,thanks.I’ld bet any amount of money you want that a vast majority of Americans didn’t know that either.Jews to for that matter.

  34. Armen said:

    I am absolutely appalled by some of the drivel that is posted on here about Jews and Israel. I am 100% Armenian and it disgusts me when my own people, people who have been lumped together and persecuted based on their ethnicity and success (sort of like the Jews), regurgitate some of the same propaganda as Goebbels. The Turks are not our friends. The Arabs are not our friends. The Palestinians are not our friends. We are infidels to them (and no I am not a bible-thumper either). Trying to protect their interests is silly and self-defeating. The truth is that every action that Israel takes or has taken to protect itself, Armenia would have as well. Before you cast stones, try to understand the real similarities between Armenians and the people living in Israel, Palestine and the Arabic countries. Look in the mirror.

  35. john papazian said:

    After doing the sharpest 180 degree turn around in political history the Isreal gov(cow) thinks every thing is just fine.Realy? Are you kiddin? When I look in a mirror I see me,not sort of a Jew.I wonder if the Hollywood types,you know,would make a movie about us? Unlike the way we are protrayed on some TV shows, The Shield for example.Anyway I don’t feel a kin to the Jews.

  36. tom said:

    You shouldn’t lump all Jews together. Morganthau, Lemkin (man who created the word genocide), Schiff, etc are ALL Jewish. There are bad Jews and good Jews just like any race.
    It was more than the 3 Pashas who killed the Armenians. There were many Muslim Turks in the administration who supported them! The genocide wouldn’t have happened with the popular support of the Muslim Turks.
    You know who ALSO jumped to the SAME wrong conclusions about lumping all people together? The Turks! They thought we were ALL “traitors.”
    The Jews defended Turkey because that is there ONLY Muslim friend–not anymore. Every country uses other countries for their OWN interests. THe US uses Turkey for its own interests–no genocide recognition. Russia uses Armenia for its own interests–leverage with Azerbaijan. Iran uses Armenia for its own interests (Iran supports us because it doesn’t want to see the Turks and Azeris link up).

  37. Van said:

    Enough of the anti-Jewish rhetoric people. I am ashamed of your attitude towards Jews and how you ignorantly put them all in one category. God knows there are idiots in all races, look at our own imbeciles in leadership positions in our churches, diasporan <>, the Government of Armenia, and the worse-than-a-turk Armenian mafia in Armenia… Grow up Armenians and get rid of your racist comments.