‘We Frankly Don’t Care About…Peace in Karabakh,’ Says US Intelligence Officer

“We frankly don’t care about human rights or democracy-building, or Israel and Turkey, or peace in Karabakh or Georgia, or even Azerbaijani energy. There is only one thing we really care about right now, and that is Afghanistan,” said a US intelligence official in Azerbaijan to Thomas Goltz, who is the author of Azerbaijan Diary and other books. He teaches in the political science department at Montana State University in Bozeman.
Goltz revealed this conversation with the unnamed US official in an article published in the Foreign Policy, entitled “Bad Blood in Baku.”
Editor’s Note: While the piece, which can be read here,  has an exclusively pro-Azeri slant, we are offering it to our readers to introduce yet another foreign policy approach that demonstrates Washington’s real interests in the Caucasus and how detrimental those interests could be to Armenia.


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  1. john papazian said:

    Someones loosing thier job.I’m sure that opinion about forign policy is not going to go over very well at all.

  2. Edward Mouradian said:

    Yes,John, the garbage collector at the Pentagon will dismissed and Robert Gates will be severely punished too-he wll be banned of drinking alcohol for 48 hours,pity the poor man.

  3. Grish Begian said:

    US intelligence officer is telling the media, US political engagement in South Caucasus is not Obama’s foreign policy priorities, therefor Aliyev should look for new ally some where else rather than US!!

    US has enough problems with Muslim world, and Azerbaijan can not drag US into another Afghanistan..
    Azeri’s 90 peace keeping soldiers in Afghanistan is not good enough for US to get involved with KKR problems..

  4. David said:

    The US cares very, very much about Karabagh as a matter of fact.

    Without a solution to Karabagh, borders will remain closed and the US will have to depend on unstable Georgia as the US and Europe’s sole way into and out of (for pipelines) the Caspian region.

    A lot of Armenians do not realize this. They think that Armenia has no geopolitical importance. They are wrong, but the Armenian media does not inform them properly of what is really going on, thus breeding weakness and demoralization among Armenians (in Armenia and in the Diaspora).

    Armenia serves a vital role both for Russia and the US, as does the Caucasus as a whole. Too bad the majority of Armenians don’t realize that.

  5. Alex Postallian said:

    If this statement is true,with the press you never know,This unintelligence officer should be chastised and fired.Maybe he is married to a turk, like Byzra,or stupid,or both.

  6. Nareg Seferian said:

    There are too many typos in this short piece. It is an article in “Foreign Policy” (not “Foreign Policy Journal”, which is a separate publication), by Thomas Goltz (not “Glotz”), who met the US intelligence officer over a few beers (not “bears”).

    I hope that Asbarez is taking this article seriously. It is worth reading as it outlines quite well the diplomatic tensions current between Baku and Washington, which is helpful to know. Mr. Goltz may have a pro-Azerbaijani reputation, but that does not undermine the facts of what he is presenting.

  7. Zareh said:

    Well I think it’s ture. Why would they give sh!t? I think it’s more in the interest of Russia. What belongs to Armenia, belongs to Russia too, so if Karabach is in Armenian, it’s also Russia. They might want to keep that.

  8. jorge said:

    i didn’t know there were honest people in the us intellegence services. he should get promoted.