ARF Hosts Socialist International Committee in Yerevan

YEREVAN—The Socialist International Committee for the CIS, the Caucasus and the Black Sea met in Yerevan, Armenia, on June 11-12, with 32 participants representing 15 parties from 13 countries, as well as the Socialist International and the Party of European Socialists (PES).

The committee meeting, the first ever in Yerevan, brought together representatives of socialist and social-democratic parties from all over the region, including Georgia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Greece, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Sweden and Palestine, and was hosted by the Armenian Revolutionary Federation.

The meeting held discussions on a number of topics, including important recent developments in the region. The agenda for the meeting covered (1) Brief reports from countries of the region; (2) Working towards a peaceful resolution to regional conflicts; (3) Ensuring and consolidating the progress of democracy and its institutions in the region; and (4) Advancing the social democratic platform in the countries of the CIS, the Caucasus and the Black Sea.

The meeting was held at the Erebuni Business Center and was chaired by Mario Nalbandian (ARF Bureau member) and Alexandra Dobolyi (MSzP, Hungary), co-chairs of the committee. Also attending the meeting were SI secretary general Luis Ayala, SI vice-president Maria Titizian (ARF, Armenia) and vice-chair of the Committee Tadeusz Iwinski (SLD, Poland).

On June 11, ARF Bureau Chairman Hrant Margaryan delivered welcoming remarks. On June 12, ARF Supreme Council of Armenia chairman Armen Rustamyan presented the report on Armenia.

On June 10, the first press conference was organized at the ARF Bureau headquarters. On June 12, the second press conference was held to inform the media on the deliberations and conclusions of the committee meeting.

The Socialist International is the worldwide organization of social democratic, socialist and labor parties. It currently brings together 170 political parties and organizations from all continents.

The ARF rejoined the Socialist International in September 1996, which it had originally joined in 1907. In 2003, the ARF became a full member of the Socialist International, thus becoming the only party in the CIS with such a status.

During the XXIII Congress of the Socialist International in Athens, June 2008, ARF representative Maria Titizian was elected vice-president of the organization.

The SI Council in Mexico, November 2008, elected ARF-D Bureau member Mario Nalbandian as co-chair of the SI Committee for the CIS, the Caucasus and the Black Sea.

The ARF Women’s Group is a member of the SIW (Socialist International Women) and the youth organization of the ARF, the Armenian Youth Federation, is a full member of the IUSY (International Union of Socialist Youth) and an observer member of the ECOSY (European Community Organization of Socialist Youth).


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  1. john papazian said:

    This is great,we’re socialist now.As maligned as Armenia is in the western media we should do well to remember that life under Sovoit domination was no picinic.

  2. Edward Mouradian said:

    Quite right,John and socialism-formerly communism-was not the worst system in the world,what comes after `socialism` is 10 times worst-it will take centuries before the`communist` nuclear fallout disperses to a safe level.And our biggest &most vocal party is socialist!!!Socialism just doesnt work-in England they say Labour doesnt work.I wonder if any of our patriots will ask any bulgarian `socialist` about their pro-azeri reports in the EU regarding Artsakh.I also wonder what are the views of our azeri socialist comrades on current political subjects and most of all I wonder if the armenan `socialist` or communist or whatever the bastards call themselves is part of this new Comintern!!Maybe comrade Arman will oblige with an answer??Long live the revolution,Workers from all over the world,Unite!!!Please pass me the vodka!!!Venseremos-victory will be ours!!!Mmmmmm,the selyodka is delicious,too!!!Now if we had some free tripe it would be socialist revolution all over the world,but then we`ll all die from hunger as there would be no one to work except socialist comrade Avedis but we know he like all socialists can produce only garbage ,so lets stick to bad old capitalism-bad as it is theres nothing better.

  3. Arman said:


    Socialism doesn’t equal communism, you seem to always get them confused. I guess this is because of the lack of knowledge. There are many successful European countries that are socialist (Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, and Great Britain). This tells me that you are wrong about socialism. To tell you the truth, I do not much care about if the country is socialist or capitalist unless it works. For example I can’t say that the bastard capitalist oligarchs in Armenia are good for Armenia, can you? Maybe you would since the idea in here is to protect the capitalism for you, isn’t it? For me, my nations future is more important than individual’s. Can you see where we differ? I prefer my nation’s interest in whole, you prefer individual interest. Individual interest always conflict with nation’s interests; this is a fact.
    What I find here interesting is the similarity between you and Avetis. Both of you concerned someone else’s interests instead of Armenian. Avetis fights for russenized Armenia and you fight for americnized Armenia. None of you worry about “Armenian Armenia”. It is very funny to say “Armenian Armenia” but according to your logic this is the language we need to have to be able to talk to you guys.

    I recommend you to read this article to get at least some idea what the socialism is so that when you talk about it you know what you are talking about.

  4. Hye-phenated said:

    The vast majority of people who lived in USSR didn’t get anything out of the switch to “capitalism.” I wonder if these who lived on the other side got any benefit, material or otherwise? Is your life better now? Do you get to enjoy more stuff, better health care, improved education for your children? The statistics says no, people in the US have to work more, rest less, lost health care benefits and can’t afford education for their children that would be competitive in the global market. What does it mean if a huge amount of goods and services was taken from one part of the world and not delivered to the other? Where did this stuff go? Who benefited and why wouldn’t they share? How would you explain to the masses that after so many years of fighting the Cold War and winning they got nothing?

  5. Arman said:


    “How would you explain to the masses that after so many years of fighting the Cold War and winning they got nothing?”

    By giving them the idea of “American Dream” 😀

  6. Hye-phenated said:


    After the housing market collapse the idea of “American Dream” doesn’t sell anymore. The masses want panem et circenses: cheap fast food, TV and drugs.

  7. Edward Mouradian said:

    Arman,you have never answered any of my specific questions & you take me for a very naive&un-armenian when my views differ from yours.My`lack of knowledge` -I have a degree in`Scientific communism`-something which exsted in the empty heads of pseudo-communist red demagogues in former communist block countries but was forced as a compulsory exam on all university students.I have also passed exams on political economy,history of the communist party,communist social theories,marxist-leninist philosophy &many other like-wise blah blah blahs too numerous to mention here.The propagandist site of the EU`socialist` “party“ you referred me to is aimed at the common US or Western European teenager, which I am not.Do you know the proverb:Those who are not communists until they reach 20 years of age dont have a heart, those who are still communists after they reach that age dont have a brain.Arman, Austria,Denmark,Norway,France,Britain,Germany ARE NOT SOCIALIST COUNTRIES-they are CAPITALIST NATO countries ruled by right-wing parties applying some socialist policies-that doesnt make them `socialist`.The bastard capitalist oligarchs in Armenia are the same as the those in Russia &any other post soviet-block country-they are former communists now calling themselves socialists and after 60 years of killing capitalists and fighting capitalism they say they dont care about communism but for the common good-just as you-being a socialist say you dont care about socialism or capitalism -but for the good of Armenia-meaning the good of the party.You are right, HYE-PHENATED-the masses want bread and circuses ,that`s a 20 century old proverb true today and it`ll be true 20 centuries from now if humanity still exists-that`s why I prefer the individual`s RIGHTS,not interests as Arman claims.And I am not fighting for capitalism or socialism or any given ideas- I would like anybody to have the right to choose freely what to think or do without any armchair socialist telling him what to think or do.Do you know what`s common between all of you who criticize &try to teach me?-you have never lived in a`socialist` country and you never will.YOU HAVE CHOSEN TO LIVE IN A CAPITALIST USA TO TEACH OTHERS SOCIALISM???OWN UP,MY FRIENDS!!!LOVE AMERICA OR LEAVE IT!!! You can go to free Artsakh to teach socialism to the free people there -their capital is named after a communist bandit who fought for world `socialism` against your ARF.Armenian polls show 70% of armenians would leave `their` country for good if they had the chance -now where would they go-to Avedis` mother russia or democratic arabistan or the bloody bad old filthy capitalist USA.You have had that chance and choice -dont deny it to others.

  8. Grish Begian said:

    Dear Edward,
    Come to Canada and you won’t feel differences between Americans and Canadians way of life…but officially Canada is a socialist country, I found there is more democracy in Canada than US..I found everybody has medical coverage, and nobody die of hunger!!

  9. Edward said:

    Dear Grish, Thanks for the invitation,do you know the procedure for granting a canadian visa? You must show a bank guarantee proving you have enough means to support the person you invite,and he/she must sign a document he/she will not rely on state benefits,and then there is an interview,and then if you are lucky and can afford 3 or 4 months` salary for a ticket….Canadians will be a minority in Canada if all people from the former soviet bloc countries are allowed to go there – 70% of all armenians would emigrate if they had the chance to.Grish,do you think the state should care for people who dont care for themselves.Grish,show me a man who has died of hunger in the USA &I`ll show you a moron.The most common cause of death in USA is heart failiure from too much eating drinking &fooling around-in Russia more than 150 000 die each year from alcohol poisoning and the population decreases by 800 000 each year-this is after a century of socialism in the richest in natural resourses country in the world.And,Grish, Canada is not socialist its never been and it will never be.If it was, the bears,the wolves or whatever animals you have there ,save socialists,would have eaten the humans as in Orwell`s Animal Farm,which,in fact Russia still is.