Wexler Criticizes Turkey for Sanctions ‘No’ Vote

ANKARA (Hurriyet)—A leading Armenian Genocide Denier, former congressman Robert Wexler criticized Turkey Wednesday for its support of Iran in a deepening row surrounding a UN Security Council vote on June 10 to sanction the Islamic Republic over its nuclear program. Wexler, who once chaired the Turkish Caucus in Congress, said Turkey’s vote against the renewed sanctions 10 was a “no” vote against the US Administration.

Wexler was quoted by the Turkish Hurriyet Daily as describing the Obama administration’s approach as the “best course of action against Iran’s disputed nuclear program.” This strategy, he added, was deployed at the United Nations Security Council and “Turkey’s vote against that strategy was a significant rebuke of those united efforts to contain Iran.”

Turkey’s “no” vote against the U.N. sanctions on Iran is a dramatic example of Ankara enacting foreign policy contrary to the U.S.’s core interests and the dismay in Washington should not be underestimated,” he told Hurriyet in an interview Wednesday. “The no vote was a vote against the Obama administration’s efforts to isolate Iran and prevent it from obtaining nuclear weapons.”

“Most importantly, it was a vote against holding Iran to its international obligations under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty,” he said. “I agree with the Obama administration that the best course of action was the path taken by the U.S. at the U.N. Security Council and Turkey’s vote against that strategy was a significant rebuke of those united efforts to contain Iran,” he said.

Late last month, Turkey and Brazil, both non-permanent members of the Security Council, brokered a nuclear swap deal with Iran in which Tehran would hand over half its enriched uranium stockpile to Turkey in exchange for fuel that can be used only to run a reactor that produces medical isotopes. Russia and China backed the deal, which Iran reported to the IAEA.

Wexler said he believed Turkey and Brazil voted against sanctions to “ensure the validity” of the nuclear swap deal. According to him, the swap deal, however, failed to address Iran’s continuing enrichment of uranium and did not take into account new levels of uranium possessed by Iran, “so it was, in effect, dead in the water to begin with.”

Washington’s dismay should not be “underestimated,” he stressed.

Asked if he was expecting any crisis in Turkish-U.S. relations, Wexler said he did not.

“On the other hand,” he said, “the bipartisan dismay and bewilderment in Washington with respect to Turkey’s ‘no’ vote at the U.N. should not be underestimated. Also, what must not be underestimated is that both the U.S. and Turkey are best served when our nations cooperate and collaborate rather than work in a contradictory manner.”

The former congressman suggested that his “Turkish friends” play a leading and prominent role in their region, interacting with all of their neighbors, while maintaining a close and mutually beneficial relationship with the U.S. “The American-Turkish relationship is too precious and too important to not fight hard to preserve,” he said.

Wexler also shared his views regarding the debates over Turkey’s East-West orientation and shifting axis rekindled by Turkey’s stance toward the U.N. Security Council sanctions resolution.

“No, I am not convinced Turkey is turning to the East,” he said. “The question of East versus West is too simplistic an equation to analyze Turkish foreign policy.”

Wexler stressed that America respects the role Turkey plays in the Middle East. “What is confusing at times, however, is the inflammatory nature of the political discourse emanating from Ankara,” he said. “Allies can disagree on policies and tactics, but why must relations be inflamed to the point where hysteria rather than reason prevails?”


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  1. Norin Radd said:

    Screw you Congressman Wexler, you sniveling good for nothing rat. I hope you die one day in a pool of your own feces you Armenian Genocide denying Turkophile scumbag.

  2. john papazian said:

    Wexlers opinion doesn’t cary any wieght.As for wishing death and disintary or name calling I think we can do a little better than that.Besides he probobly has a problem remembering what side of any given issue to be on anyway.I once haerd an American politician say “Romanian genocide of 1915″,so lets not take little Wex so seriously.

  3. Grish Begian said:

    Somebody should tell this double header snake, that Armenian Genocide is not for sale again!! There are some morons like him, who hopes to bring Turks into negotiation table, as long new attractive “contracts” is given to those Turkish criminals..

  4. Edward Mouradian said:

    Dear haidarag eshuzavag moderator ,many thanks but no,thanks for censoring my replies.Dashnag big brother is watching you.

  5. David said:

    So Wexler the genocide denier and all-around unprincipled shmuck bet on Turkey and lost. Serves him right.

  6. sebouh from australia said:

    Norrin- well said- and theyre just his good points!!!!!!!!!

  7. Nairian said:

    I also agree with you Norin. This Wexler has sided with a denialist Turkey and it is politicians like him who give the name a bad name. He totally lacks morality when he sides with a denialist genocidal Turkey who also sides with a belligerent Omar, president of Sudan who annihilated 800,000 innocent souls in Darfur and is getting away with murder. It was Turkey who accepted him in Turkey, simply because Omar is Muslim.

  8. eddy said:

    An ugly Turkophile worm!

    Turkish lead genocide of Armenian people will be used for other countries in the region as a template … Thanks to people scumbags…. The same Turkey will soon or later reproduces the Armenian genocide and give Turkey a new taste of genocide .

    • john papazian said:

      The Turks have already killed thousands of Kurds and the American media has done little next to nothing to report on that.As an Armenian I could never kill women,children,and old folks.I just do not poesess the bloodlust that Turks and other Muslums are capable of.Thank God.

      • a said:

        John, don’t link “other Muslums” (which, by the way is not spelled correctly) with the Turks. The Turks committed the genocide. Other Muslims took in our survivors and gave them safe harbor. The genocide had nothing to do with religion.

  9. Alex Postallian said:

    Maybe the poll parrot stooge is looking for his turkish bribe(backseesh) I like the ex congressman,but the sad part he will be a liability on the government welfare rolls for years.

  10. Christo said:

    You were asked if you were expecting a crisis in turkey-US relations and you answered NO, so why did you crawl out of your hole and complain? Who cares about your opinion? You and the rest of you turcophiles still don’t get it!