Russia Reports Progress in Armenian-Azeri Talks

ST. PETERSBURG (Combined Sources)—The presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan narrowed their differences on the existing international plan to end the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict in fresh talks hosted by their Russian counterpart Dmitry Medvedev, the Kremlin said late on Thursday, RFE/RL reported Friday.

Medvedev and Presidents Serzh Sarkisian and Ilham Aliyev met in the Russian city of Saint-Petersburg earlier in the day on the margins of an international economic forum. Following the talks, the three leaders had, what the Kremlin called, a “working dinner.”

A statement by the Russian president’s press service said the talks focused on “pivotal problems” hampering a Karabakh settlement proposed by Russia, the United States and France. “There was observed a convergence of positions on several contentious provisions of the text of the basic principles of the settlement,” it said.

“The presidents of Azerbaijan and Armenia confirmed their readiness to continue the dialogue aimed at completing the work on this document under the mediation of Russia, the USA and France,” the statement added without elaboration.

Aliyev’s and Sarkisian’s offices did not report further progress towards Karabakh peace in short press releases on the Saint-Petersburg meeting.

Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian called the talks “an important milestone in the Karabakh negotiating process,” but was also vague about their results. “The process continues. This meeting was constructive and very useful,” Nablandian said.

He told journalists that that Aliyev and Sarkisian “took note of what they have achieved as a result of their meetings so far” and instructed their foreign ministers to “continue contacts.”

“Meetings involving President Medvedev enable the parties to bring their positions closer to each other and to further clarify their approaches to those issues that have not been agreed upon, which allows them to continue negotiations and move forward,” Nalbandian said.

The Armenian and Azerbaijani presidents were also due to hold separate consultations on Thursday with the Russian, U.S. and French diplomats co-chairing the OSCE Minsk Group. According to Nalbandian, the three co-chairs will visit Armenia and Azerbaijan “in early July.”


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  1. john papazian said:

    This is a perfect example of the US watching from the side lines.Contributing,somewhat,but not really getting in the game.The Russians are taking the lead while HiC trys to deal with the Turkey/Ireal spat.A much more important issue for America than weather two little countrys can come to terms with one another.I cringe at the thought of a Russian peace deal that would ultimately favor the Azeries.

  2. Grish Begian said:

    The only thing is missing on this table, Russian made AK-47 vodka..

  3. Armanen said:


    Russia has been, is and will continue to be more pro Armenian than the u.s. They will not sell out their only ally in the Caucasus.

    • john papazian said:

      Trust Russia? A little maybe,but only to a certain point.

  4. Alex Postallian said:

    I see three people sitting at the table,one elephant and two lambs.One lamb has a powerful country behind him;the other a small country.Is the Armenian President going to be intimadated by the glowering displaced turk elephant.I hope not!!!!!

  5. Hye-phenated said:

    Azeri president’s official reason for the trip was to participate in the international economic forum. However, he left St. Petersburg right after the talks. And after he left we see an invasion of Azeri troops into Artsakh with four Artsakh soldiers killed. Next time this spoiled father of the future president of Azerbaijan feels like talking about Artsakh he should be told go there himself and have a meet & greet with the families of the fallen heroes.

  6. eddy said:

    Have our generals and army commanders become to fat, gammy and inflexible to prevent such attacks by the enemy? Azerbaijani military is advancing once again with more then 20 people in NKR, doing what they want and leaving NKR as they were in NKR to make “picnic” a “trip” to NKR!

  7. James Sahagian said:

    If Russia didn’t sell out Armenia and Karabagh in the first place, we wouldn’t be fighting for Karabagh’s independence. And we would also have Nakhichevan and a lands in present-day Turkey as well (Kars … etc.)

  8. Random Armenian said:


    This is not about being pro-Armenian. It’s about what’s good for the Kremlin. Two little neighbors at each other’s throats is good for Russia.

  9. eddy said:

    NKR and Armenian military should find effect ways to prevent Aliyev`s killer commandos… Aliyev and his regime is acting more and more like Suddam ( international community needs more time to get the true face of Aliyev & Co.) … Therefore Armenia has to reconsider his position … what is needed is a tough approach, since the regime in Baku is speaking in the language of blackmail , threats and sending its killer commandos to NKR …

    • john papazian said:

      I agree,like military training here in the US,or some of that Yankee hardware.Niether of wich is going to happen enough to help. Armenia needs to arm herself and soon,China would be a great place to go shopping if the US refuses to help because of our freindship with Iran.