Rep. Mark Kirk Condemns Azeri Assault on Karabakh

WASHINGTON—U.S. Rep. Mark Kirk, Co-Chair of the Congressional Caucus on Armenian Issues and member of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on State and Foreign Operations, released a statement Thursday condemning Azerbaijan’s armed forces for attacking a Karabakh defense outpost last week.

“I condemn the unprovoked attacks by Azerbaijan’s armed forces on NKR troops and deeply regret the loss of life that occurred,” Kirk said.

Four Armenian soldiers were killed in the late night assault on June 18, described as the worst outbreak of fighting on the border in more than two years.

“I am concerned that such destabilizing actions by the Azeri side, combined with Azerbaijan’s military build-up and provocative statements by Azerbaijan’s leadership, gravely undermine the OSCE-led Minsk Process,” he added.

Kirk described the incident as “irresponsible behavior” that “reiterates the need to restrict U.S. military funding for Azerbaijan, and for the Administration to consult with Congress before exercising the waiver authority granted under Section 907 of the FREEDOM Support Act.”


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  1. F.Munoz CL said:

    It’s good to see that some americans doesn’t evaluate the problem of NKR just to keep safe the oil bussiness in ‘Aliyevstan’. The current US administration should understand that some ethnic conflicts can’t being resolved giving more importance to the oil and money. Resolving them considering the protection of menaced ethnic groups, and their history, guarantees (in long terms) trully peace; because can create a new basis of mutual respect (respecting history and culture) that can create new ways of future development and confidence. But obviously that will never occur if there isn’t mutual disposition to face -and resolve- all possible divergences regarding conflicts, crimes, different historic concepts, and similars.

  2. ermeni said:

    doesn’t it seem like there is more news about azerbaijan/turkey on asbarez than there is news about armenia? why can’t we read more about what is going on in armenia or armenia related issues with less turkey/azerbaijan.

    • sebouh from australia said:

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  3. john papazian said:

    This is one of only a few places to read up on whats happening. You honnestly don’t expect to hear about this on FOX or CNN do you? Don’t worry all you little Turks out there your lobby has a pretty good hold on the media bias and the Jews are taking care of the entertainment sector for you to.

  4. manooshag said:

    Turkeys’ and Azeris’ and their inhumanity continue – ongoing, one ploy after another, another, another, and the lies that you perpetrate, and you yourselves have come to believe, are amazing! Humans seeking to eliminate humans – Turkish and Azeri style cannot be hidden… the more inhumanity you dispense, the more there is to publish about your mentality. Your own actions make you of interest to the rest of the world… what next will these two allies, Turks/Azeris, concoct next… inhumanely.

  5. Caesium said:

    On noooo!!! He condemns! Some lonely representative… Hes got no power, hes no senator.