Armenian President, Defense Minister on ‘Urgent’ Visit to Karabakh

STEPANAKERT (Combined Sources )–President Serzh Sarkisian and Defense Minister Seyran Ohanian paid apparently urgent visits to the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic on Thursday almost one week after deadly fighting on the Armenian-Azerbaijani Line of Contact, Armenian news agencies reported.

In a move that could fuel more talk of renewed war, Azerbaijan said, meanwhile, that it has conducted one of its biggest-ever military exercises monitored by President Ilham Aliyev.

Official sources in Yerevan said Sarkisian and Ohanian held separate meetings with Karabakh’s political and military leaders in Stepanakert. They gave no details of the talks, RFE/RL reported.

A short statement by the Armenian presidential press office said Sarkisian also inaugurated a new military base in Karabakh and visited soldiers who were wounded in the June 18-19 clash with Azerbaijani forces and are now recuperating in a local military hospital.

Four Armenian and one Azerbaijani soldiers were killed in what the Armenian side says was an overnight Azerbaijani attack on Karabakh defense positions in the republic’s northeast. The fighting occurred the day after Sarkisian and Aliyev met in the Russian city of Saint Petersburg for fresh peace talks.

According to, which cited unnamed ‘reliable’ sources, the Armenian leader traveled to Stepanakert to relay the details of an apparent Russian proposal made during the trilateral talks in Saint Petersburg. The Armenian news website attributed the Azeri attack last week to that proposal, which it said was accepted by Armenia and refused by Azerbaijan.

Sarkisian condemned the incident as an Azerbaijani “provocation” and linked it with the talks hosted by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. He also called for an international condemnation of Baku.

The Azerbaijani military only implicitly denied attacking the Karabakh outpost. Officials in Baku also confirmed that the Azerbaijani serviceman was shot dead in Armenian-controlled territory.

Officials from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe monitored on Thursday the volatile situation near the site of the worst Armenian-Azerbaijani ceasefire violation in two years from both sides of the frontline. Ambassador Andrzej Kasprzyk, the OSCE’s longtime top field representative in the conflict zone, reportedly led the monitoring from Azerbaijani army positions, RFE/RL reported.

The Foreign Ministry of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic said Karabakh officers at the scene briefed OSCE monitors on “details of the insidious attack by an Azerbaijani sabotage unit.”

In a separate statement, the Karabakh Defense Army reported continuing skirmishes with Azerbaijani soldiers along various sections of the heavily fortified Line of Contact. There was no word on casualties.

In what looked like a related development, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry said it has completed large-scale military exercises involving thousands of troops, 100 tanks, 125 artillery pieces and about two dozen warplanes. A ministry statement cited by Azerbaijani news agencies said they simulated a response to a “military aggression against Azerbaijan” resulting in the restoration of the country’s territorial integrity.

The statement added that Aliyev watched the “main phase” of the hitherto unpublicized exercises which it said started on Monday. It did not specify where they took place.


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  1. Tigran jr said:

    The war will occur, the US either wants stability (protocols) or mayhem (war) in order to have control of that area, they already own Georgia and Azerbaijan. If the US can get an oil pipeline from Turkmenistan, and azerbaijan at our expense they will do it. Also by isolating Iran further, it is a win-win for the US and Europe.

  2. F.Munoz CL said:

    The war is coming soon, and Armenia and NKR must begin military trainings and ‘preparing the area’ to receive the AZ military with a ”warm reception”. I think that some Western Europe countries will send ”undercover assistance” to achieve an azeri victory, because that could be the best for some ‘oil capitalists” that wants at all costs to stabilize the caucasus under azeri rule, to begin new investments in Azerbaijan’s oil bussiness.

    • Tigran jr said:

      luckily for us the Azeri’s only have 20 yrs of oil and gas left, then they will only be a transit country like Georgia. The Russians are smart wanting to buy all Azeri gas, by purchasing and selling the competitions reserves they preserve their own, and can jack up the price in the long term. The Russians have more gas and oil in the arctic as well.

  3. Christo said:

    What exactly are you watching Mr. Sargsyan? Instead of holding a pair of binoculars, why don’t you order your troops to blow up a pipeline, and hurt that moron residing in baku where it hurts. Why are you so timid? so aloof? What are you afraid of? Walk away from the negotiations, what can they do to you, force you to attend the next negotiations?

  4. john papazian said:

    If war does breakout you can bet there will be little coverage in the mainstream American media,left or right. Every time the US gets involved they end up biulding another Frankinstien like the Sha,Sadam,or BinLaden. Americas oil intrest have interfered with thier own security as wittnessed by the idiotic decisions made by every President since the end of the cold war,including the current one. If they support the Turks and Azeris,you can bet that it will be another kick in the teeth for America just like Iran in 79 or 9/11.

  5. Gelat said:

    Please dont fool yourself,its not 1992,Armenia is not able to win the war via guerilla fighs with riffles.

    According to official statistics, the population of the Republic of Armenian now stands at 3.2 million. It comes as a surprise to no one that this figure is inflated. Even the RoA Migration Agency, based on conducted studies, confirms that during the past twenty years from 700,000 to 1.3 million people have left Armenia for good (advancing the number of 700,000 evidently serves the country’s authorities’ to continue claiming a current population level of 3.2 million; the number of 1.3 million is closer to reality)
    Based on current official numbers, certain international studies predict that by 2050 Armenia will have a population of 2,334,000. This is a 27-28% drop when compared to the contrived 3.2 million of today. In reality, if current trends continue, one can predict that in forty years, the rate of depopulation will be much higher. Without exaggeration, if current trends continue, one can predict that the population on this territory will be less than one million souls. This would constitute the final stage of the demise of the Armenian state and the Armenian people.
    According to various predictions, Turkey’s population will exceed 100 million by 2050 ( even though 20-35% being Kurds). Iran’s population will top 100 million of which 30-40% will be Azeris living in the proximity of Armenia. By 2050, Azerbaijan is expected to have a population of 10-12 million. In reality this figure might be construed as inflated, because demographic statistics in Azerbaijan, just as in Armenia and Georgia, are highly suspect. Taking the entire picture into account, however, this cannot be seen as any consolation. In the end, the demographic picture of neighboring Georgia in the long-term is just as bleak as Armenia.


    • Ara Ohanjanyan said:

      It is your dream Gelat, but you are dead wrong. Even if your numbers are right and from 700,000 to 1.3 million people have left Armenia, they didn’t disappear – they complemented our Diaspora. And because they are well educated, clever and creative the might of our Diaspora will grow year by year. I don’t think you can imagine what our Diaspora would be able to do in 2050. Just check your ideas with the Jewish situation – small Israel surrounded by huge Arab nation, proportion even worse than Armenian/Turks. And then Jewish Diaspora comes to the picture…

  6. A. Hovanessian said:

    In 1992 a few thousand Armenian fedayi volunteers made a mockery of Azeri national military and sent the “infidel” running for their lives back to Baku by primitive weapons and destroying their infrastructure using tanks captured from dead Azeri agressors. For every brave Armenian soldier giving his life to liberate the homeland five Azeri soldiers were sent to hell to join their barbaric ancestors.

    It is 2010 and almost two decades have gone by since Karabakh (Artsakh) was liberated. Unlike 1992, Artsakh has a national army with sophisticated weapons and thousands upon thousands of brave soldiers ready to march into Baku.


    According to world statistics primitive Moslem population, Turkish Mongol mutts in particular, have no concept of family planning and reproduce like wild dogs produce litter. On the average, they have less than 3rd grade education with annual income equal to feeding 2 pigs. By the year 2050 more than 50% of these illiterate useless populations will move into various European countries giving birth to anchor babies, becoming 2nd class citizens in their own filthy ghettos, draining the resources of their host countries while living on welfare.
    Also according to world predictions, Armenia, an ancient country with kingdoms going as far back as 3000 years, despite countless wars and Genocide, is once again on the rise. This ancient country not only outlasted all the ancient kingdoms of its previous era but it has also become a modern day thorn in the eyes of the genocidal Turkish Mongol mutts which occupy its historic territories in Asia Minor a.k.a. present day Anatolia. While this ancient kingdom, modern republic, was creating literature, arts and music, their Turkish Mongoloid occupiers were grazing goats in Central Asia and the Far East.
    It is estimated well before the year 2050 this proud, tenacious, resilient, brave nation will acquire nuclear weapons and settle the score with the Turkish horde once and for all by wiping them off the face of the earth.

    • Nairian said:

      Ստեղտագործ, խելացի եւ յամառ Հայու ազնիւ հոգին ընկրկում չէ ճանչցած դարերէ իվեր եւ մինչեւ օրս ալ չի ճանչնար: Հայը համառօրէն ապրիլ գիտէ բայց ո’չ մահ: ՄԱՀ ԿԱՄ ԱԶԱՏՈՒԹԻՒՆ – այս է Հայ մարդուն նշանաբանը:

  7. GARIK said:


  8. F.Munoz CL said:

    What a joke… Strategically, the only thing that Artsakh must do is ”inviting” Aliyev troops and it’s weapons to the highlands, where airborne incursions can encounter major danger from anti-aircraft systems. Besides, MBTs (and similar armoured vehicles) movements becomes more restricted, due to terrain conditions. And at the same time, those heavy vehicles are more vulnerable to mines, traps, and ambushes. In other words, the most probably lasting resourse are the infantry, and support artillery. The last fact is interesting, because historically the azeris had shown their weakness as army, when invading the highlands. Is not funny to say that in the past Baku needed turkish or soviet assistance to establish sovereignty in western regions (Karabakh)?… Or that their combat performance historically was weak in NKR area?… That’s because azeris doesn’t know Artsakh geografy very well (obviously, they are the invaders), and -in fact- the turkish-ethnic soldiers historically were weak fighting in highlands, just look that Turkey still having struggles in S.E. regions, as like a century ago.
    Finally, an army can have the most modern weapons possible, but if they have lack of morale, will of fighting, or confidence in the reasons of their war and for what they’re fighting; they will be easy to surrender, and/or prefering to run away at any moment… we’ll see if Aliyev/Abiyev were successful modifying the failures of their army, when facing Artsakh forces in an eventual new war.

    • Nairian said:

      Yes F.Munoz, exactly!!!! Lets look back in May 28, 1918, the willingness to fight for Armenians’ anscestral homeland that made May 28 a complete success, as well as the know how of their own lands. Armenians are mountaineers, they have complete knowledge of their own highlands and they have the will to survive and to keep their own soil. Both the turks and the “azeris” lack the knowledge of the land, the willingness – the wanting to keep the land, the keen know how of fighting techniques/intelligence such as the Armenians.

  9. Gelat said:

    Ara Ohanjanyan
    Its not my dream,its outcome of Armenian newspaper( was written by Armenian authors.You really think that they left the country because they are well-educated and creative?ohh come onn…There are 30 million Mexican immigrants in the USA,they left their country because they are well-educated and creative??There are thousands of Armenian immigrants in Turkey(your so called enemy),what is your point about this issue?There are millions of Turkish immigrants in Europe,because they are well-educated?…

    • Ara Ohanjanyan said:

      Complete rubbish. I didn’t say they left the country because they are well educated. Try to appear more intelligent.

      • Gelat said:

        well the question is here:Why the amount of people in the diaspora increasing day by day?Come onn,open your eyes,there will be nobody left in Armenia in 20 years if your borders are closed with your 2 neigbours.

        • Ara Ohanjanyan said:

          I’m sorry Gelat, it isn’t worth to argue with you – I’ve got the impression that your IQ is too low. There is an advice to people like yourself: better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.

        • A. Hovanessian said:

          My neighbor’s retarded dog has higher IQ than this fool. I have NO doubt this idiot has never read a single chapter from any book dealing with anything being discussed here. If you talk about apples this retard will talk about oranges and try to relate the two with twisted logic but of course to no avail.

          Ignorant fool take out a magnifying glass and read over and over again what I am about to write and let’s see if you can comprehend something a kindergarten pre-school kid will have no trouble comprehending:

          What is it to you if the Diaspora Armenian population is increasing day by day and that there will be no one left in Armenia in 20 years according to your well-recognized stupidity? Are you a statistician trying to warn us with the statistics you come up with by pulling a number out of your rear end? Have you considered a career in the magic industry in Las Vegas? You will be very successful in such a lucrative industry and will have no trouble pulling out rabbits and doing hat tricks to a mentally-challenged audience.

          If by any chance you are trying to communicate to us in your shrewd under-handed retarded way that all your problems with Armenians will come to an end in 20 years because there won’t be any left to give you problems then what are you doing here copy and pasting nonsense from sources you have neither read nor have any idea about?

          What you fail to realize is that if Armenians did not take up arms 20 years ago against the true aggressors, the Azeris, to liberate Karabakh then indeed that place would have been devoid of Armenians today just like the Nakhichevan enclave was emptied of majority Armenians and their sacred cemeteries violated and plundered as if to put a stamp of approval that they never existed there.

          The two so-called neighbors, one fake the other built upon genocide as I see it, trying to force our people out by blockading us from both sides have failed for the last 15 years and will fail for the next 150 years. Armenians live and work in every corner of the world, courtesy of the Turkish Genocide, but make no mistake about it, not only we are here to stay but we are yet to teach the aggressors and occupiers a lesson.

    • joe said:

      I agree with Are. it’s the usual nonsense from you. learn some logic before opening you claptrap.

  10. Mike said:

    Some of us are better educated some not. But the problem of Armenians leaving Armenia lies in blockade issue. People can’t live in blockade forever without future. Instead of accusing Armenia of its shadow economy or human rights violations those brave guards of “Democracy” need to open their eyes and see BLOCKADE that surrounds Armenia. How do you expect people to maintain perfect social order in situation like that? During WWII St. Petersburg was in blockade for several months. People there had to eat cats and dogs and even dead people to survive. No one accused them of wrongdoings because it was a blockade. So, if west demand ideal type of social order in Armenia while aggressively ignoring that it’s impossible during blockade which lasting for many years than they just mucking us, cooperating or conspiring to destroy our national image and existence.

  11. Nairian said:

    My dear Armenian patriots. Here’s the scoop. Aliyev and the azeris have committed war crimes against the people of Artsakh. Therefore do go and organize a rallye as soon as possible everywhere. In California, in the east coast and in Canada. Let the world know and AS SOON AS POSSIBLE ORGANIZE THIS RALLYE for the sake of Artsakh, Armenia and our sacred cause.


    • Gelat said:

      “… Sometimes we happened to march on dead bodies. In order to cross a swamp near Dashbulag, we have paved a road composed of dead bodies. I refused to march on dead bodies. Then colonel Oganyan ordered me not to scare. It is one of military laws. I have pressed my one foot onto the breast of a wounded girl aged 9 or 10 years and marched…

      My legs, my photo camera were in blood…”

      Daud Kheyriyan, “For the sake of Cross…”, page 62 and 63:

  12. Nairian said:

    Gelat: The dead bodies that you were walking on were Armenian civilian innocent bodies that your “azeri” vermin beasts ate our people alive like lower than earth beastly acts. Your “azeri” vermins cannot produce better. They are lower than beasts, need I say more???? Your stupid government’s propaganda is war rhetoric every since we won the war in Artsakh in 1994. Now go eat up your stupid words and go back to your “azeri” and or Turkish sites and papers.

    • Gelat said:

      lol,jump another topic when you cannot find to describe Daud Kheyriyan’s text.

      • vahe said:

        ya make up names gelat lol…if your going to make up names atleast use armenian ones bwhahahahahahahhahahah daud ? what the fuck was he half fuckin uzbek or some sheep fucking goat herder turk like you ?

  13. vahe said:

    Ok Gelat you make yourself sound so stupid, what you say is such bullshit that it’s simply funny. There was no daud kheyriyan as daud is not an armenian name. 2. armenia existed on todays turkish lands 3000 years ago and are mentioned in babyloanian clay tablets, inscriptions, etc. You can erase our holy khatchkar crosses in nakhijevan and try to erase our 4000 year presence in your stolen turkish lands, but the truth shall always prevail. Do you know how many greek, iranian and other people have travelled through armenia and written about it you stupid bitch ? Im talking thousands of years ago-and they mention that everything from erzurum to caspian sea is armenian. So, go fucking kill yourself because your country will FAIL sooner or later, youve fucked over too many people. Not just armenians, greeks, bulgarians, assyrians, kurds, syrians, most arabs, most european countries HATE you. You will always remain the ignorant animal race as you always have been. Armenians have invented things your disgusting filthy race can only dream of and this was AFTER the genocide-look it up yourself you stupid bitch. What have turks invented ? and there’s how many of you ? LOL. So again gelat, ARMENIANS AROUND THE WORLD HAVE SUCCEEDED IN EVERYTHING WHILE YOUR IGNORANT FILTHY RACE REMAINS THE SAME GARBAGE YOU WERE HUNDREDS OF YEARS AGO. HAVE KIDS LIKE RATS, BUT DO NO GOOD FOR THIS WORLD. LOOK UP YOURSELF WHAT ARMENIANS HAVE INVENTED AND HAVE DONE FOR THEIR HOST COUNTRIES FROM IRAN, AMERICA, LATIN AMERICA, UZBEKISTAN’S NATIONAL DANCE TEAM FOR F**K SAKES WAS RUN BY AN ARMENIAN LADY LOL, AND THEIR TURKIC RATS LIKE YOU GELAT :) WEVE INVENTED THINGS AFTER YOU TRIED TO KILL OUR RACE. AND YOU NOTHING OF IMPORTANCE ! SO OFCOURSE US ARMENIANS UNDERSTAND WHY 21 YEAR OLD LOSER TURKISH BITCHES COME TO OUR WEBSITES AND TALK NONSENSE. YOU WERE JEALOUS OF US HUNDREDS OF YEARS AGO AS YOU ARE NOW. ALL YOUR COMMENTS MAKE EDUCATED TURKS, THE FEW THAT ARE OUT THERE REALLY EMBERASSED. I HAVE TURKISH FRIENDS WHO HAVE HEARD THE STORIES FROM THEIR OWN PARENTS/GRANDPARENTS OF WHAT THEY HAVE DONE TO OUR PEOPLE. AND THEY APOLOGIZE TO ME FOR HAVING SUCH STUPID PEOPLE IN THEIR RACE LIKE YOU GELAT.

  14. vatche said:

    Do not get carried away with emotions, the situation needs clear heads.

  15. vahe said:

    fuck you vatche-how exactly are you clear-headed ? and yes i do get carried away with emotions as it’s kind of hard not to, especially when there’s ignorant people like you and gelat. Now, get your fat ass to go over to this website and learn of the thing armenians were doing 7000 years ago- share with friend’s please :)

    • vatche said:

      No need to be rude, I am on your side.
      BUT We Arrmenians are faced with a difficult situation which requires clear thinking.
      I am NOT saying you are not thinking clearly., just pointing out that pragmatic solutions are needed.

  16. vahe said:

    and what im not clear-headed because i know of things your stupid ass doesnt ? vatche i can smell your real turkishness from here. you already hate that im mentioning things your stupid ass did not know-therefore you feel ashamed and humilated-kill yourself.

    • vatche said:

      My comment was to all Armenians, not just you.Over emotional attitudes have made us vulnerable in the past, and they make us vulnerable today.