World Holds Baku Responsible For Karabakh Fighting, Says Nalbandian

YEREVAN (RFE/RL)–The international community holds Azerbaijan primarily responsible for the latest upsurge in ceasefire violations around Nagorno-Karabakh, Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian claimed on Friday.

The U.S., Russian and French mediators acting under the aegis of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and the European Union deplored last week’s deadly fighting in northeastern Karabakh.

Yet neither the mediators, nor the EU explicitly blamed Azerbaijan for provoking the most serious armed incident on the Armenian-Azerbaijani Line of Contact reported in over two years. They urged both sides to exercise restraint and seek a peaceful solution to the Karabakh dispute.

Nalbandian insisted, however, that these statements are “primarily addressed to Azerbaijan.” “In contacts with us, those making such statements, especially after the latest incident, are telling us, ‘You can clearly see to whom our statements are addressed,’” he told a joint news conference with Austria’s visiting Foreign Minister Michael Spindeleger

“Because clearly it’s not Armenia that makes bellicose statements, calls for war,” said Nalbandian. “It’s not Armenia that organized that provocation on the border and inside the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic’s territory. It’s not Armenia that rejected a proposal to reinforce the ceasefire regime which was made by the OSCE Minsk Group.”

Nalbandian stressed at the same time that Yerevan expects a more “clear-cut stance” from the international community on the Karabakh clash as well as Azerbaijan’s regular threats to resolve the conflict by force. Both he and President Serzh Sarkisian demanded an explicit international condemnation of Baku in the immediate aftermath of the incident.

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev again warned on Thursday that his troops will try to take control of the Karabakh Republic and the liberated Armenian territories surrounding it if the long-running peace talks with the Armenians do not yield an agreement acceptable to Baku. “The entire people of Azerbaijan will be mobilized,” he said in a speech reported by Azerbaijani news agencies the next day. “All armed units will be mobilized. A coordination work must be conducted within the Armed Forces for that purpose.”

Aliyev reportedly spoke before Azerbaijani soldiers at the at the end of what the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry said were large-scale military exercises held in an undisclosed location on June 21-24.

Aliyev described the war games, which were reported by the ministry on Thursday evening, as “very successful.” “The main purpose of these exercises is to enable us to liberate our lands from the occupiers with our joint efforts,” he said.


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  1. FrankM said:

    I dont know military hardware but that looks like something to detect a plane

    • Arman said:

      These are ATGMs (anti tank guided missiles). The olive green weapon in the background is a Russian made AT-4, NATO Codename “Spigot” anti tank missile. It is particularly popular in Eastern Europe, the CIS and other countries around the world, and was widely used by both sides in the Artsakh war. Many tanks from both sides were destroyed by the AT-4.

  2. Paul said:


  3. FrankM said:

    Everything from hardware to software to training the soldiers
    Made in Israel
    Next thing you know they will come to us for a favor
    something like
    can you destroy Iran for us
    They have to no character
    They are like the Turks

  4. Nairian said:

    Dear FrankM: Do not forget that out of jealousy and wanting and also to create Israel, more than two million Armenians were annihilated and uprooted from our homeland from 1915 through 1923; and I’ll give you one guess who was the mastermind of the Armenian Genocide: Talaat, Enver and Gemal Pashas, with the help of belligerent German generals (the likes of Hitler), and where did they come from Talaat, Enver and Gemal? From the Zionist Jewish Masonry in Istanbul, Turkey – they were Doenme Jews. They were the mastermind of the Armenian Genocide.

  5. FrankM said:

    Hi Nairian
    You are right about that
    There is all kinds of proof regarding all of that.
    They are also doing things in an underhanded way
    For example
    In Julfa, Nakhchivan
    who is so close with these azeris and who is so against the Cross and who has lots of power in the UN

    You guessed it

  6. Nairian said:

    Dear Frank: Isn’t it true that we have been and are still living amidst belligerent beasts. What a shame for a peaceful, hard working, intelligent and civilized nationality such as the Armenians to go through what we have gone through through the centuries and we still have to endure; but we shall overcome these hurdles too friend, we shall overcome and we shall survive. We are resilient and we have the will to survive.

    • Van said:

      You are blind. Yes we are resilient but so are most humans. I wouldn’t say that we are especially intelligent or civilized. Just look at our leadership EVERYWHERE!!!. Our church, our diasporan parties, and the Gov. of Armenia. – Intelligent and civilized, hard working and peaceful…. GIVE ME A BREAK!!!

  7. eddy said:

    Let us do not try to fool ourselves and try to see and understand the enemy as criminal as it is and could be.

    I would say:

    Today the Emir of Baku or simply “Saddam of Baku” is for the West the regime as Saddam Hussein regime was in late 1970´s and the beginning of 1980´s …

    RA and NKR have to negotiate with Saddam of Baku (Aliyev´s regime) without taking the “negations” as serious one or agree to any compromise which later could jeopardize the security of RA and NKR.

    Overconfidence of Saddam of Baku and his ability to us even chemical weapon shouldn’t be ignored or underestimated by RA and NKR. Armenia nation in the whole should be afraid of Saddam of Baku but see the danger to act united against this danger as Jews are united! To make any kind of unilateral concession to enemy would be absolutely wrong, concession wouldn’t make out of a war criminal – murder of 4 solders of NKR defence army by the order of Aliyev/Saddam of Baku – an angel or change anything!!! We don’t have to forgot that Saddam of Baku has promised his folk not only Nagorno-Karabakh but Yerevan too. Remember: Saddam Hussein did promise his folk not only South of Iran but Kuwait too and even more the leadership of “Arabic world” . Beside this Saddam of Baku is for the West even a more useful tool against Iran as Saddam Hussein ever was or could had been…

    Better do not lose time and resources and to look for more practical and effective ways to defend the interests of RA and NKR, to strength our army and society, till the regime of Saddam of Baku receives the same destiny as Saddam Hussein’s regime

  8. eddy said:

    i mean ” Armenia nation in the whole should NOT be afraid of Saddam of Baku”

  9. Vacheh said:

    Dear Nairian and Eddy,

    I agree to your points that in order to confront the Emir of Baku and his operatives, we need to strengthen the military and economy of Armenia and NKR first. However, to achieve these two internal goals, we have two major pre-requisites:

    1)- The oligarchs and oligarch-based economy should be eliminated in order to provide an opportunity to the hard working people of homeland to make headways in their living standard.

    2)- For too long the government of Armenia has marginalized and disenfranchised the Armenians of Diaspora from direct participation in the progress of our country. There are thousands of Armenian experts and technocrats all around of world who would volunteer to work for free at their personal expense, if they are given a chance to contribute. Instead, all they hear is the following: “Give us your money and you stay away. Armenia belongs to the Armenians who live inside Armenia. You the Armenians of Diaspora are nobody in essence”.

    Dear Eddy: How would you suggest correcting the above two issues?

  10. eddy said:

    Dear Vacheh,

    I can understand you, since i am very disappointed by the authorities in RA and the way the country is being governed… It is not a pleasure any more to travel to Hayastan . The reason is the way which opposition (Levon & Co) and the authorities including Dashnaks are acting…

    First of all Diaspora organisations and communities should find a common approach to the most critical issues. But how should they do this, when Diaspora in USA is not able to build a Genocide Museum to mourn our victims together and to celebrate at least the Sardarbat battle together??? I mean at least twice in the year to forget all kind of disagreements and “enmities” and be together and speak to each other ! Let Diaspora change itself and be a good example for Levon, Serzh and all other political forces in Hayastan

    I the past there were so called “Diaspora conferences “ with chosen people- not able to speak short comming sopenly ….Diaspora should build a united front and sit with authorities and opposition on the round table and discuss openly important short comings (again and again). As long as Diaspora is acting the way, as it is acting today, nobody in RA will take Diaspora seriously. Diaspora had an uinque chance: Diaspora FAILD to prevent the events of March 1 . WORSE: Diaspora didn’t even try to negotiate with authorities and radical opposition… , e.g. by sending people like Kirk Krikorian ,Azanour and so on (and son) to cool down the hot heads and find a peacefull solution.. the events of March 1 are still dividing the society! …

    We should be aware of the fact that Emir of Baku by passing an anti Armenian and anti NKR military doctoring has made a finall decision which is: “everything belongs to Azerbaijan and Azerbaijan is ready to pay the ever highest price to make sure that AZ will get everything” therefore for Emir of Baku the questions is not “everything or nothing” but simply “everything”!

  11. eddy said:

    Last but not least: Nothing good can be expected any more from Emir/Saddam of Baku and his fascist regime. Most probably Emir – like Saddam Husseinused to do – himself was on the front – or even the commander of killer group- as four soldiers being executed …!

  12. Vacheh said:

    Dear Eddy,

    Thank you for your reply. Based on your comments, I assume that you live in Armenia (I might be wrong). Nevertheless let me comment on your suggestions.

    You speak as if the Diaspora can unite fast and present a single front to correct the shortcomings of our government in Armenia or to eliminate the oligarchs. I doubt if this could ever happen. Here is one of the reasons.

    What makes me feel disgusted in Diaspora is the behaviour of the Ramkavar Party, Armenian Assembly, AGBU, their followers, etc., which I have witnessed personally in several communities in Western Europe and in North America. First of all these people consider themselves as more Armenian and more educated than any other non-Ramkavar Armenian. When I asked them why? The reply was that the rest of us are either worker class or middle class villagers who can barely keep our head above the water. My observation has been that Ramkavars are in general rich and less educated than the rest of us in Diaspora. Some of them are 3rd or 4th generation Armenians who don’t even speak Armenian, while we (the worker class villager people) have much higher level university degrees, speak only Armenian at home, are far more knowledgeable about our history, and we read more Armenian books than them.

    Ramkavar people generally control most of our churches in Diaspora (through financial mechanisms) and for that reason they never celebrate Sardarapat and independence day of our first repulic. They say Sardarapat is a Dashnak event, thus unworthy of celebration. In fact Sardarapat to my opinion is as important as the Armenian Genocide, since our failure in Sardarapat would have meant the complete wipe off of Armenians from the map of the world. The Sardarapat victories were achieved by our entire nationand just ARF. ARF was a major organizer of those victories (Aram Manookian, Zoravar Dro, Garegin Njdeh, ect. ) and they should be recognized and not black-faced as some short-sighted people wish.

    Another observation is that Ramkavars have been claiming that whatever system is Armenia (after sovietization) is the best and for Diaspora there is nothing else to do except for praising the government in Armenia. This was the case during the Soviet era, where they claimed that we have no “Azgayin Azadagrakan Paykar” and no claims from anybody (Turks or Azeries). It turned out the Soviet system wasn’t the best and collapsed, thus leaving our country 50 years back in time. When Levon Ter-Petrosian (LTP) became the first President, they claimed that LTP was the best that Armenian could have ever asked for. Seven years later LTP was removed and his created mess came to surface for Kocharian to clean up.

    I am not surprised to see the government of Armenia having very good relationship with Ramkavars, since they act as a rubberstamp in Diaspora. Furthermore, oligarchs in Armenia use it as a propoganda tool to say that Armenians of Diaspora have no unity, thus are unable to care much about our homeland. I have read articles that even Turks praise the Ramkavar as one of the Diaspora entities that they can have dialog (TARC-1 was an example).

    With all due respect, I see our Paykar far more difficult to advance. I hope that one day you live in Diaspora for an extended period to see the issues which I have addressed above. You and I will celebrate Sardarapat and invite whoever wishes to join us.

    • sebouh from australia said:

      This is so true my Armenian brother Vache, and dont forget that alot of law enforcement “intelleigence” is provided by these stoolies on the ARF in the diaspora…they actively inform based on their imaginary suspicion of ARF activities….it is absolutley ridiculous the way theses animals act towards their fellow Armenians!!!!!!!!!!! An Australian policemen asked me if I was a “Dish-Ng” when I asked him what that was , he responded the “troublesome Armenians”(Dashnag) when enquired further, he said”Dont worry about the Turks, your own people hate you “Dish-Nigs” more!!!!!!!!!

  13. Vacheh said:

    Dear Eddy,

    Please let me correct my typo error in the 4-th paragraph.

    The Sardarapat victories were achieved by our entire nation and and NOT just ARF. ARF was a major organizer of those victories (Aram Manookian, Zoravar Dro, Garegin Njdeh, ect. ) and they should be recognized and not black-faced as some short-sighted people wish.

  14. MountArarat said:

    I hope that our people have hardware that is similar to that and better.
    These people have lots of money and they have purchased the best equipment.
    Our plan better be good and that we inflict as much damage as we can to these bastards.

  15. Zareh said:

    Another pathetic political conclusion by a political midget called “Nalbandian”. What a disaster this guy is to Armenian diplomacy. Instead of bashing foreign countries for not giving a proper political assessment to the latest Azeri aggression, he is playing a spin doctor to the cowardly OSCE stance on the issue. Nalbandian Logic: since we all know who started the attack, since they left a dead soldier on our territory, since this and since that, the OSCE saying simply “violence is unacceptable” to Nalbandian means condemnation of Azerbaijan. What a monkey!!

  16. Դրօ said:

    Vacheh, that was a great explanation you wrote there. I would like to add that even within the Ramkavar party there are divisions. I think there are, like, 8 different kinds of Ramkavars now (I don’t know the exact number).

  17. Vacheh said:

    Dear Dro,

    Thanks for your feedback. Our fellow countrymen in Armenia should know as what is going on in Diaspora and they should not look at every Diasporan Armenian as a Ramkavar. We are not and we will never be. Our homeland and our brothers and sisters who live in Armenia are sacred and very dear to us. We do care about them.

    • Van said:

      So when are you moving there… or are you working from the outside for the homeland… BS

  18. Garo Avedis said:

    ws shall shove this miltary hardware in Aliyev’s behind.

  19. Nairian said:

    Dear Vacheh,

    You wrote exactly what I very well know, how true it all is and thank you. True that if after the Armenian Genocide Armenians did not fight as one body and one soul against the enemy the Turks in Sardarabad, Pashaparan and Gharakiliseh, we were to be wiped out as a nation for once and for all. We had no army like the Turkish army, but with the direct organization of the A.R.F. Aram Manoogian, Armenians fought with the will to survive; because they knew that in 1918 May 28, right after the Armenian Genocide, if they didn’t fight against our number one enemy the Turks, we were to be annihilated again and thus wiped out completely from the face of the earth. What happened then, it was the miracle of miracles that we won the war when we were much weaker than the enemy, being the heirs of their homeland doubled with the will to survive was how Armenians were able to win over the enemy the Turks.
    It is the sick mentality of the Ramgavar Azadagan Miyoutyoun that through 70 years of the Soviet regime, they sided with the soviets, saying that it’s Armenia’s government and plus they were extremely jealous of Tashnagtsoutyoun the A.R.F and they were constantly against them and fought them. For many years, the Ramgavars considered our tri-color flag as A.R.F. flag and they never let our tri-color flag (that was and still is Armenia’s flag) to be arisen in any hantes or in any of their clubs or within the Armenian schools. They just like to fight fight and fight against the A.R.F. with a sickly mentality and out of jealousy against Tashnagtsoutyoun. I thought that all that was over, but it is still going on and it is truly very stupid, and against our cause to continue this wrong plight against Tashnagtsoutyoun by siding now with the bad oligarchs in Armenia that are actually stealing the people’s monies and standing against the progress of the Armenia and Armenians. The oligarchs are acting very much against the will of the people and staying against progress within the people of Armenia. It’s very disheartening and actually the word “TAVAJAN” is the only appropriate word for them. They will create the demise of Armenia and probably Artsakh too if the A.R.F. and people within Armenia with the right mind and the right souls do not come forth and as quickly as possible to throw out all the oligarchs from our homeland. All the oligarchs must leave Armenia and hopefully very soon, otherwise Armenia and Artsakh will be in a terrible shape and we will lose our sovereighnty. A newer government must reign in Armenia, who do not think of themselves first, but for the people’s behalf and our sacred cause.

    • sebouh from australia said:

      Dont forget their informer status on the Tashnags to foreign law enforcement Vacheh

      • Van said:

        Note taken…. There we go again with “menk” and “miusnere”. The turks are rejoicing yet again…

  20. Samuel D said:

    Nalbandian ciaims that world community find out Azaris are responsible, for military offence, (even they didnot condemn this violation). is it producing slightest benefit for Armenia? is it acceptable answer
    to the parrents of fallen soldgers?is this his reaction, wants Armenian peaple to know, he supose to be a
    smart person,& initiate political offence,he misseed to protest EU for unwisly demanding Armenians remove
    there soldgers from Artsakh, provoking Azaris gang to endanger Artsakhis population securities, prepare
    Artsakhis participation on direct talk, they know ther problem & solutions, start to initiate Artsakh
    Repuplic recognition universaly, demand from Turkey involve direct talk Artsakhis Representatives, if they
    bellievve Artsakhis are Azaris, otherwise do not insert theselves to intensify problem (Void your unnessesary
    notorious protocoles). The political sufering & failures are very ordinary, Armenian people want their authorties respect them & represent Armenian nation to the world the way they deserve.

    • Nairian said:

      1918 Մայիս 28ի համար,

      Ու երեսուն տարի կուտակւող ըմփոստացումի արիութիւնը Ղարաքիլիսայի ցորում, Սարտարապատի դաշտում եւ Արարայի ճակատամարտերում ընդուըզած, վիշապի պէս ծառացաւ ու մռնչեց. չե’ս անցնի, այստեղ մեր հոգին պարիսպ է կրանիտի. ի՞նչ գրոհ, ի՞նչ խիզախութիւն. Ղարաքիլիսայում չորս հազար ընտիրներ իրենց մահով Թուրք հորթաների գորոզութիւնը փշրեցին. իսկ Սարտարապատում, ուր Արաքսի կոհակների միջից հազար ու հազար դարեր էին նայում, Հայ կամաւորը հինավուրց ոսոխին ծունկի բերեց. եւ Արարայում, մի փուրն Հայ անցնուրացներ օտար ու երախտամօր ազգերի զարմանքը շարժեցին:

      Ղարաքիլիսա, Սարտարապ ու Արարա կը մնան որպէս անխորտակելի կոթողներ, ուր վիրաւոր ու անգիտուած Հայ ցեղը տիեզերական պատմութեան մեծ գրքին մէջ իր ռազմական հինավուրց առաքինութեան անջնջելի դրոշմը դրեց վերստին:


  21. Nairian said:

    Վերեւի արցակ գրութիւնը ես կուզէի առանցինն գրել ու նշել, սակայն սխալմամբ կցուած եղաւ Սամուէլի գրութեանը: Նաեւ ի պատասխան իմ սիրելի եղբօրս Վաչէի վերեվի գրութեանը եւ հիշեցման մեր աննախընթաց 1918 Մայիս 28ի մէչբերումով:


  22. MihranK said:

    Israel has found a very lucrative ams market in Azerbaijan, the leaders in Israel don’t care one bit if hundreds of Armenians were killed with their arms,so much for their morality.

    • Van said:

      And the morality of our Church? (mostly immoral and un-Christian) The Armenian government? (bandits, murderers… )The Diasporan week-end parties (specialist in New Years parties, Lahmajoon Nights and third rate cultural events) more than anything else.. In essence cleaning our OWN house will change the attitude of others towards us…if that in itself is so important to us.

  23. Nairian said:

    Yes MihranK, we know all about it for a while now. They are arming the “azeri” vermins, I don’t know if it’s against Iran or us too. It’s a demoral state of affairs on the part of Israel.

    • Van said:

      Hmmm I seem to remember Hitler use the word vermin…. Are you happy to be in his company? Be smart and don’t write comments like a Nazi would or a Talaat would. That is degrading to the Armenia nation and to yourself.

  24. Vacheh said:

    Dear Nairian,

    Your writing is 100% correct. I was in Sadarapat very recently. I stood near the 12 bell tower. I saw the current Turkish border looking both towards south and towards west. Masis sar was on the east and Aragats was on the north. I felt how our heroes there lead by Generals Movses Silikian, Daniel Bek Piroomian, Boghos Bek Piroomian, and Kristapor Araratian smashed and distroyed the several thousand “Osmaloo Asgars” of Yakub Pasha and their accompanying 1500 Kurdish cavalries. “Nrank prtetsin shnerin oo vomank el vor voghj mnatsin nabasdakneri bes hed pakhan debi Gyumri”. For the first time I felt what does it mean to be Armenian and how much we owe to our Azg yev Hayrenik. If you haven’t been there, I hope you visit the place soon.

    • Nairian said:

      Dear Vacheh,

      I have been there a while back when I was a very young girl and I went from Canada then for three weeks. It was the soviet regime then, but I didn’t go back ever since, at least not yet. I am hoping to go there again one of these days. I know things would look so different to me now. I understand that the oligarchs are ruling Yerevan and there’s a certain radius that the riches prevail, thanks to the oligarchs; but the rest of the country is more or less in a deplorable state of affairs. I often said to myself, why go? I will only see the injustices, the poor state of my beloved people while the “tavajans” rule with an iron fist, and that will make me cry in my heart. It’s truly sad, and if you send any monies to them, you can’t because it’ll go in the wrong hands. The only way I was able to send to the orphans for years and any extra monies was through the Archbishop in here and the “Arachnortaran”, otherwise forget it. It’s sad very sad that the soviet regime made some of my people in there to be thieves and thugs like that and to the demise of our beloved people, our beloved country and our sacred cause. I am hoping earnestly for things to get better in there, Vacheh jan. I hope and pray that the A.R.F. will be in control very soon and turn around the whole regime in there for our people’s and our country’s sake.

      • Van said:

        1) “I am hoping to go there again one of these days”‘ I have heard that so often from diasporan Armenians… perhaps after your trip to Cuba or Mexico?

        2) So you are send your monies through a reliable source you think?… I am in Armenia and misteriously enough the priests here travel in BMW’s and Mercedes. The church here is basically running a business and not involved in any pertinent moral issues here.

        3) I wouldn’t count on the ARF either, considering their minimal accomplishments in the Diaspora and their participation in the destruction of the church and division of our communities and the way they handled defeat in the first elections in post-Soviet Armenia ( like cry-babies). Don’t get me wrong the other parties are even worse… The ramgavars are a Baklava/Lahmajoon/Bingo club and the Hunchaks don’t even exist….

  25. MihranK said:

    After all these years of experience with the Azeris the Armenian armed forces should have been ready for this and followed it with an immediate counter strike as this is not expectable .
    The casualty ratio should be minimum 6 to 1 in our favour which isn’t so far, or else its doesn’t become telling on the Azeris,they will keep doing it all the time, the cost must be heavy for them to stop it.

  26. Nairian said:

    Dear Vacheh,

    Doesn’t those times of Sardarapat and that era makes you real proud of our people? It should to every Armenian alive that when the knife goes deep into the bone then Armenians will rise and then beware enemy for we shall fight with all our might and we shall win. Because we don’t fight for the sake of fighting or for the sake of stealing other people’s and nation’s lands; but OUR OWN LANDS that it belonged to us for many thousands of years and we shall win again. We shall have our homeland from sea to sea one more time.


  27. ahmet said:

    you dumbass cowards. your end is coming. you are a threat to the stability of the region. I am so looking forward for the war.

    • Ara Ohanjanyan said:

      So, I take it you are a fighter for the stability of the region and you are not a dumbass – how amazing.

      • GARIK said:

        well fuck u gayazeries up u just wait and see yur end is coming pray u son of a biches yur dead

      • GARIK said:


    • Vacheh said:

      Seljuk Ahmet,

      You have shown your ugly face on this web site again. There are females reading and writing here. Hasn’t your mother taught you to have some respect for women? Are you so backward and uncivilized? Perhaps this is the way you treat women in your so called modern country. Go back to whoever has ordered you to visit this web site.

    • sebouh from australia said:

      Funny how a dirty Turk can be so tough behind a computer screen and keyboard!!!!!!The whole world knows what a Turk is…a treachorous backstabbing mongol whose Europeanness is based on the Armenian and Greek women your forefathers raped…….senin unina sicium oresbi cugic..Attakurk was an ass giving fag—-look it up…..the father of your nation was an ass giver and his children came out of his ass……..hahahahahahaha

  28. Lusik said:

    Be alert. I think, that it is important today to eradicate any development, either economical (pipelines and drug trafficking, which are linked) or political (pan-Turanis vs Veliko-Derjavni Chauvinism) which is driven under pretext of “stability of the region”.

    This “O’K” wording assumes that there are no independent states, but one region. It will be a mistake to think that this is a game of words. Since Glasnost (1987), Russian politicians (now powered more by a miserable provocateurs, like Ahmet) used not to spell out separately – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, but “region”. Primakov even expressed explicitly, that the main mistake of bolsheviks was to give a status of republics to these “gubernia”-s.

  29. Nairian said:

    You know Ara jan, the minute the degrading “protocols” were signed, those turks and the “azeri” vermins started claiming that they will soon get our Sevana Lidge. That’s what the looser turks and the looser “azeris” dream of…. Armenia and Artsakh. But they will not get it, on the other hand one of these days we’re going to get our Naxichevan, our Javaxhk and our Wilsonian Armenia. “Asdvads peranes lese”.


  30. Lusik said:


    Mtastum em erb kardum em: Naev antsel em ayd ameni mijov:

  31. GARIK said:


  32. the sad truth! said:

    Forget Israel and criminal domone Jews of Turkey /Turkish army) – they and there drones have done there job! Help Karbabajk to fight back!- The four young soldiers of NKR defence army being killed tanks to the help of Israeli and US highs Tec weapons !

  33. eddy said:

    dear Vacheh
    I didn’t mention any party or organisation. For all are the same. I mean we are tired of the ill behaviour of the three traditional parties and organisations related to them )

    The rich Armenian community of Iran was controlled by Dashnaks – most of them own big house in CA and the rest of money is being spent else where – but certainly not in RA or NKR

    There are still enough patriotic people in Armenian; else we wouldn’t have this Hayastana and NKR . You are absolutely wrong .Sardarbat was and remains a pan Armenian victory like the battle of Shushi! – what remains an nation- the ARMENIAN NATION and the parties!!! !- “The behaviour of the Ramkavar Party, Armenian Assembly, AGBU, their followers, etc., ” as well the behaviour of Datshna help the criminals to establish a oligarchy system in RA. I have respect for our first president but still Leovn´s movement (HSH or ANC for me was and remains a fifth column! But the ruling elite and the tradition parties including Dashnaks have contributed to this fifth column- LET just be fair!

  34. hovo said:

    Aliyev is the number one enemy of Azerbaijan, he will destroy his country by armenians’ hands We will fight no problem anhati mah£ mah e miacial mah£ anmahutjun

  35. FrankM said:

    Hi Friends!
    If we think that we can be friends with Israel then we are dreaming in Technicolor.
    Anything that happens with those people will be like a fake friendship.
    For one thing they know that they are a part of that trio that tried to bring an end to our existence
    Turk-Jew-German collaboration
    We are going to go after them for this
    They can see this and this makes them very uncomfortable with us
    They think they can fool us by saying that it was a conspiracy theory.
    Armenians are the greatest people in the world.
    We are good to our friends and
    Those people that are not good to us ,we teach them a lesson they never forget

    • Van said:

      Frank… frankly, are you joking? “we are going after them for this”- sounds like racism to me…

      Armenians are the greatest people in the world.????

      Guess what nationality the leaders of Armenia are who is robbing our country dry?
      Guess what nationality the leaders of Armenia are who is allowing allowing Armenian women to go to Turkey as prostitutes?
      Guess what nationality the leaders of Armenia are who is allowing a ridiculous amount of deaths happen in our hospitals, highways, streets, and homes due to the corrupt behaviour of our police, doctors and home building standards.

      These Armenians equal to Talaat, Enver and the like – and worse.

      Be more educated in your comments and not so ignorant and bigoted. Racism should have no place here!!! We are Armenians, we have in our people the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, like all other nations including turks -( Orhan Pamuk is good) Jews (Jesus is good), Germans (Beethoven is good)