The Audacity of Obama: Thoughts on Reclaiming the Promised Hope


During his campaign, President Obama pledged to work “for a lasting and durable settlement of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict that is agreeable to all parties, and based upon America’s founding commitment to the principles of democracy and self determination.”

Somehow, for Obama, “America’s founding commitment to the principles of democracy and self determination” now translate into forcing Armenia into a corner to make concessions on the Karabakh conflict, and most importantly, ignore the will—self-determination—of the people of Karabakh, hence promoting a process that is solely advantageous to Azerbaijan, where the US greed for energy, coupled with the pursuit of a failed agenda in Afghanistan, supersedes all else.

By co-signing a statement on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict with his Russian and French counterparts Demitry Medvedev and Nicolas Sarkozy, Obama showed, once again, that his version of the so-called American dream does not include a commitment to justice and human rights, but rather an adamant insistence to pursue the failed policies of his predecessors.

The statement was another reiteration of the sides’ commitment to the thus-failed OSCE Minsk Group’s so-called Madrid Principles. But, the silence by the three leaders on last week’s fatal violation, by Azeri forces, of the cease fire distinguishes this statement from all those that came before it. Effectively, President Obama has signed his name to a document that condones the oft-condemned bellicose rhetoric by Azerbaijan and green-lights future such attacks, which were Azerbaijan’s way to reinforce its dangerous and violent position on the peace process.

Now, he’s sending Secretary of State Clinton to the region, who, no doubt, will use the same zeal that she did during the signing of the failed Armenia-Turkey protocols to threaten, bully and arm twist Armenia into another hasty agreement that will endanger the national security of Armenia and the Armenian nation.

What supports this misguided effort by the US is official Yerevan’s immediate and fervent approval of the statement, the rationalization for which provided by Foreign Minister Eduard Nalbandian, once again, calls into question the ability of the Sarkisian administration to traverse complex diplomatic issues in favor of Armenia’s—and Armenians’—interest.

How ironic that Clinton is expected to spend the July 4 holiday weekend strong-arming Caucasus’ leaders to follow a path that is so far divorced from what our forefathers set out to accomplish in 1776.

Medvedev’s and Sarkozy’s participation in this effort is also dubious. These two leaders who have been so vocal on their opposition to the US mission in Iraq, as well as most of the US-led post 9/11 efforts, were quick to turn a blind eye to last week’s Azeri attacks and support an initiative that has failed to bring peace to the region.

What clearly has also failed is Obama’s audacious effort—hope—to adhere to inalienable rights and principles in his pursuit of the now so-illusive change.

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  1. john papazian said:

    Obama once said “Americas inlightend self intrest” .Armenia is not part of that intrest.So we have to ask ourselves whats worse,being dismissed by the self rightous right or condesended to by the hypocritical left? Or just plain relize American selfishness rules. I bet if I punched Obama in the shoulder hard enough he would cry,really.

  2. Nairian said:

    I am so abhorred by all these self centered, demoral, unethical world leaders acting the same way since WWI era. Nothinig has changed. They were dispecable then and they are dispecable now. Our only solace is ourselves. We have to see that Sarkisian either acts strongly and manly, with a deep interest for his country’s behalf or else step down and hopefully some other worthy person will rule the country.

    «Հայ ժողովուրդ քո միակ բրկութիւնը քո հաւաքական ուժի մէջ է» –
    Հայ ժողովուրդ վստահ եղիր դուն քու վրադ, հենիր քու անձնական մտքիդ եւ ուժիդ զորավորութեանը վրայ չհաւատալով եւ հաւաստիք չընծայելով եւ ո’չ մէկ ազգի ու անոնց ծուռ խօսքերուն վրայ. սիրէ ու պաշտէ քու հայրենիքդ յաւիտեան եւ մինչեւ մահ:


  3. Dave said:

    I would like to see Obama, Hillary, and Samantha Power go to Turkey, and starting from an old Armenian village walk south in bare feet in the scorching sun accompanied by a giggling, smirking Erodgan, and cross the Syrian border until they reach Der Zor.

  4. Zareh S. said:

    We, collectively have to take some blame for the situation. Armenia’s complete failure to tackle corruption and general regression of democracy, makes it easy to be left out of “America’s enlightened self interest.” Diaspora’s failure to apply sufficient (if any) pressure on the rulers in Yerevan to limit the epidemic of corruption (both political and economic) completes the circle and leaves Armenia voiceless and helpless in the international arena.

  5. George Apelian said:

    In the US policy, inspite of every thing declared, claimed and taught to every body, dictatorial regimes are most welcome, as long as such regimes serve US interests. That’s why neither Azeri attacks nor Israeli exagerations can be condemned by Mr. Obama. Then about Russia, our “strategic ally”? We never need an enemy, as long as we have such an ally!!!

  6. Harout said:

    Our Armenian “leaders” and “academics” have dropped their pants and bent over for the US, Turkey and Russia for a very long time. And where did prostituting Hayastan and Artsakh get us? Is our homeland better off? When will our leading “thinkers” stop selling our sons and daughters to the equivalent of rough riders who tear them to shreds, give them the clap and sterilize them for good? Tavajan compatriots: our bodies, minds, dignity, lands and culture are NOT for sale!

  7. Hovik said:

    Why am I not surprised? This is unremarkable. We are on our own in this matter.

  8. Garo Sernaz said:

    If I read Mr Sarkozy, Medvedev and Obama decaration correctly even though they don’t singulary condemn latest military incident to Azerbaijan the decaratioin disporve the war as a solution and in addition…there is recognition of self-determination of people (of Karabagh).

  9. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    “The Photo of Obama: Son of Ann, says a lot
    Who printed above there, he is a real artful Armenian dear”


    Whatever Harvardian qualifications, he got.
    He can peruse the way he wants.
    He is bewildered with his uncommitted sins.
    His tongue is modified to all colors … filled with ulcers…healed with scars
    Infected from every where, when he opens his dry lips you can feel.

    Can’t utter truth any more
    Can’t carry messages of his planned mind… forte.
    He is surrounded by scavengers
    Want to eat even his black skin
    To get his post.

    Please never blame him
    He has problems more than any honest brain can bear.
    Leave him, as he can’t ingest more
    He lost all his weight
    He will never gain more.

    We will remain Armenians resolving our problems
    By our wills
    Even god lost his way to find us
    As we’re surrounded with real merciless enemies.
    So why to blame Obama who can’t resolve problems of dihonest earth?

    Medvedev is nearer and has Armenian genes,
    Also playing with our enemies
    Sarkosy already well known playboy.

    So leave honest Obama to think
    To see where he would end
    As they closed even his white house roads
    He live fenced
    We are still Free
    We can Think…!

  10. Herosoohi Vesmadian said:

    Obama needs more than a hard punch on his shoulder. He needs to be concerned with Armenia’s action and we have to consider those nations like Kurds, Jews & Iranians who have given some thoughts about us in past and now are ready to spill the beans. Enough is enough to consider us a land locked country with minor population. We have to combine our forces (diasporan & hyreniq) to become stronger and heard louder. Alas, before it was Russia, France & few other countries that needed us so they took care of us but being comfortable now means they don’t worry about Armenia but we have others who would chip in & lend a hand to us even if it means for their own benefit. Let us use this opportunity & stir USA a bit so at least they will reconsider. We should condemn these nations who do not punish Turkey or Azarbaijan for their actions. Geopolitical or not, we must pursue and continue to scream & shout till justice is done. We should be heard every single minute and act every single second. After all we are a nation too, survived over 2500 years, and will survive another 2500 years and glorifiy.

  11. Lusik said:

    We have to forget about Obama having any problem with selling his “promises”.

    Now let us also think pragmatically. Suppose the following scenario: US in a preparation to leave Iraq is supporting creation of a TPC – Turkish Petroleum Company (historical note: in 1912 Gulbenkian was the brain behind the creation of the (TPC)—a consortium of the largest European oil companies aimed at cooperatively procuring oil exploration and development rights in the Ottoman Empire territory of Iraq, which later became under British protectorate).
    This explains BP’s problems in Louisiana, this explains Turkey-Israel tensions.
    All three countries – France, Russia, US, would like to deal with a single consortium handling petroleum business.

  12. Vahe stepanian said:

    Capitalism is the historic evolution of PRIVATE PROPERTY RELATIONSHIP of ALIENATION, EXPLOITATION and SUFFERING of humanity in a modality of COMMODITY PRODUCTION FOR PROFIT . A politically manipulated MARKET SYSTEM of artificial scarcity and manipulation, perpetuating the conditions of servitude and bondage of the WORKING CLASS in the interest of the OWNING/RULING CLASS. The WAGE SLAVERY OF IMMENSE HUMANITY in a monetary web of control,exploitation and deception is the template of the Tyranny of Capitalism no matter whether its Corporate dominated or State dictated .We need to create a Majority Democratic movement of no Leaders no Followers UNITY for a WORLD OF COOPERATION FOR OUR COMMON NEEDS AND WELL BEING in harmony within and without. A moneyless, classless, stateless communities of humanity expressing multitude of creative energies in freedom of BEING.
    We have all the means for a world of plenty in harmony. Capitalism is organised suffering.

  13. Vahe stepanian said:

    The presidential reality show is long over, Obama is on board of USA plc. Promises are made to be broken,passive followers and leader worshipers are there for emotional manipulation by Corporate America for Corporate Profit. The political circus is the disneyland roller coaster of lies and distortions and the Leadership of the Armenians, just the purveyor of compliance and servitude in their self serving political gain and class interest.

  14. Vazken said:

    10 favorite ancient Armenian proverbs
    • Behind every able man, there are always other able men.
    • Teacher opens the door, but you must enter by yourself.
    • A wise man makes his own decisions, an ignorant man follows the public opinion.
    • He who cannot agree with his enemies is controlled by them.
    • If your strength is small, don’t carry heavy burdens. If your words are worthless, don’t give advice.
    • A flawed diamond is better than a common stone that is perfect.
    • Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.
    • If you are planning for a year, sow wheat; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, teach people.
    • You cannot prevent the birds of sorrow from flying over your head, but you can prevent them from building nests in your hair.
    • He who turns in his own, shall dig two graves.

  15. Louise Kiffer said:

    We have friends (not only Armenians) all over the world in all the countries, even in Turkey and in Azebaidjan, but
    they are less numerous than our ennemies.
    So I say as Nairian: «Հայ ժողովուրդ քո միակ բրկութիւնը քո հաւաքական ուժի մէջ է»