Clinton To Press For Karabakh Settlement in Azerbaijan, Armenia

YEREVAN (RFE/RL)–U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will press Armenia and Azerbaijan to cut a framework peace deal on Nagorno-Karabakh during her upcoming trips to the two South Caucasus states, a senior U.S. official said late on Tuesday.

Assistant Secretary of State Philip Gordon said she will “underscore” a peace message contained in a joint statement issued by the presidents of the United States, France and Russia over the weekend.

Clinton is due to arrive in Baku and proceed to Yerevan on Sunday on a five-nation tour of Eastern Europe and the South Caucasus. She will become the first U.S. secretary of state to visit Armenia in over 18 years.

The Armenian Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday that Clinton’s talks with President Serzh Sarkisian and Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian will focus on “a broad range of issues pertaining to the development and deepening of the friendly Armenian-American partnership.” “Regional and international issues of mutual interest will also be discussed,” read a ministry statement.

According to Gordon, the unresolved Karabakh conflict will be high on the agenda of Clinton’s talks in the Armenian and Azerbaijani capitals. “I think we’ve seen in some of the violence that has appeared in the region lately that we can’t take stability for granted, and Armenia and Azerbaijan would both benefit from moving forward in the [OSCE] Minsk Group process,” he told journalists in Washington. “And the Secretary will have a chance in both countries to underscore what the [U.S., Russian and French] presidents said in Toronto the other day.”

Gordon said Washington is “very concerned” about the latest upsurge in ceasefire violations around Karabakh and thinks they highlight the need for a speedy resolution of the conflict. “And that is the purpose of the Secretary’s — one of the purposes of the Secretary’s trip to talk to both parties about how to move that process forward,” he said.

In their joint statement, Presidents Barack Obama, Dmitry Medvedev and Nicolas Sarkozy urged their Armenian and Azerbaijani counterparts “complete the work on the Basic Principles” of a Karabakh settlement proposed by the three mediating powers. They said the peace framework must also be based on the OSCE’s “Helsinki Principles,” which include territorial integrity of states, peoples’ right to self-determination and non-use of force.

In Gordon’s words, Clinton will seek reassurances that Baku and Yerevan support these principles. “We’ll look to them to reiterate their commitment to all of the Helsinki Principles as part of this process,” he said.

The U.S. official added that Clinton will also discuss with Sarkisian Armenia’s U.S.-backed normalization process with Turkey that all but collapsed earlier this year. “So this will be a chance for the Secretary to speak to President Sarkisian and the Armenians about how they see that situation,” he said.

In that context, Gordon reaffirmed Washington’s support for an unconditional ratification of the Turkish-Armenian protocols that were signed in Zurich last October. Sarkisian froze the process of their ratification by the Armenian parliament in April because of Ankara’s refusal to drop a series of preconditions that demanded Yerevan settle the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and drop international genocide recognition efforts.

The State Department praised the Armenian leader afterwards for not scrapping the protocols altogether. It said the deal may still be put into effect “over the long term.”


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  1. manooshag said:

    Hye, based upon Hillary’s actions with the road map/protocols… her USA State Department and the White House leadership have shown themselves intent upon discriminating against the Armenian nation – certainly not what the citizens of the USA would want for Armenia’s future. What Hillary’s leadership deigns for Armenia’s future-or no future-for Armenia,shall be?
    Armenian’s recovering from the Turkish Genocides of the Armenians, (1890s-2010) and the seventy (70) years repressed as a republic of the communist USSR government… today just 20 years old, has to contend with highpowered bullies… from all directions. And to this add the USA stance…
    Armenia today is more in touch with the civilized nations of the world than either a Turkey or the Azeri.
    Armenia shares whatever advances its citizens develop with the world. Turkey and Azeri only share, with all the world, threats of wars, genocides and destruction of nations… and bullying!
    Hillary’s stance will be as it has been – anti-Armenian, actually bullying the leadership of this fledgling nation of Armenia – Hillary, representing the American people, today is allied with the nations out to destroy and eliminate the Armenian nation – destruction of an ancient and advanced people – worthy of owning their own lands, their own culture, their own democracy, their own destiny… the American way, not ala the Turks.

  2. Norin Radd said:

    Careful fellow Armenians worldwide, something wicked this way comes. We must monitor this latest development in Canada with the G8 statements regarding our Arstakh as well as put Ms. Hillary “Ten Faced” Clinton under a microscope while she is in Armenia. Funny how for 18 years this issue has not been a “big deal” for the U.S. state department until recently when Ghengis Khan’s whore’s progeny, the Azeris, discovered they could sell oil.

    • Arman said:

      There is no need to put Clinton under a microscope, it is obvious that she is going to pressure on Armenia and make sure that Armenian side got the message from the three presidents US, France and Russia. In fact it is clearly said in this article.
      It is really sad to see that Armenian side is totally lost. The leaders of Armenia government and the position are directing this nation to destruction knowingly. Yes I am taking the responsibility to say this.

      • sebouh from australia said:

        Hello Arman,

        I do not disagree with what you asy, but why do you use the word “knowingly”?

  3. Norin Radd said:

    Also, all capable Armenians with weapons should point them at the Azeri oil fields and processing plants with their fingers on the trigger in the next coming months. One inch of Arstakh (formerly known as Nagorno-Karabagh) gets invaded, seceded, or on Armenian’s right to self determination gets violated again, and the EU and US can kiss the Azeri oil industry, pipelines, and fields goodbye.

    The Arstakh Armenians are not alone, the world should remember this, Armenians in the Diaspora are with them as are fellow Armenians in Armenia, and anyone that moves to violate or manipulate our rights again will pay dearly. One Genocide and a war for independents in the face of oppression was more than enough for our people while the rest of the world watched on the sidelines, Armenians will NEVER be violated again, not by the US, not Russia, not EU, not Turkey, and certainly not by a bunch of mangy mutts in Azerbaijan.

    • Garo said:

      I totally agree with you Norin !!!! 1 cm of invasion of Artsakh shall be the reason of the opening of the gates of hell in baku, which will all burn until the last drop of oil.

  4. zohrab said:

    yes diasphora is watching dont trust no one only yourselvesunited we can be in our old glory and next time azeris attack go take their oilfields then see how popular we will become

    • Armanen said:

      Then why don’t you go over there, and others like you in the Diaspor? Since there is ‘no one’ to protect Armenia within the Republic of Armenia/Artsakh.

  5. Kiazer Souze said:

    What Clinton should press for is human rights in Azerbadeljan. Currently, there is a gag rule on the Charlie Rose show imposed by the Turkish government. There was no mention of the blockade to Armenia or the occupation in Cypruss. May the deniers go to Jahenem and quickly.

  6. hovo said:

    Dear Hillary, your big boss (Obama no drama) can not use “G” word, your administration can not recognise either NKR or AG, so what do you want? My vote? If you can not take the heat from my kitchen than you should get out of my kitchen!

  7. Harry rn said:

    Hillary Clinton is not a friend of Armenia. She is a liar, and she has betrayed the Armenian people before. How is she suppose to have any credibility at all. She should not be in public office….because she is not capable of doing any good!

  8. FrankM said:

    Clinton and Obama are the American duo that tried the soccer diplomacy to shaft the Armenian people
    The president of Armenia and Nalbandian are the are the Armenian Duo that tried to shaft their own Armenian people to accept the soccer diplomacy.

    They should leave the Armenian people alone.
    I would suggest that they would change their professions
    Here is an idea
    American duo
    Armenian duo
    team up
    Greatest American Hero – Believe It Or Not

  9. tom said:

    I think this is all about oil! Everything comes down to oil and oil pipelines–Iraq and Afganistan. They want to settle this issue so Azeribaijan will allow a pipeline through Armenia–Georgia has proven to be somewhat unstable for the current pipeline. Georgia has 2 breakaway republics that can always flare up. Armenia is their ONLY option for another pipeline. Therefore Armenia should keep this in mind.
    Oil has reached its peak. Therefore, there is a frenzy for every last bit of oil left in the world.

  10. Felipe Munoz CL said:

    How US and EU has the face to demand human rights and democracy in Tibet (China), while in the other side they are betraying a nation that is a good example of democracy in the Caucasus!?… That’s why US credibility is collapsing piece to piece in the world, because they plays the game of ”Double-Agent”. When they needed to surrender Serbia, they dressed themselves as ”Self-Determination Man” to stole Kosovo from Serbia. And now, when they’re starting to need ”Aliyevstan” to attack Iran, and building a new link to Afghanistan, they wear the costume of ”Territorial Integrity Man”… What a pity to see Obama and Clinton (the last was in the govt. when her husband was wearing as ”Self-Determination Man” against Serbia), who pressumes high knowledge of every issue, to support that kind of plan… Maybe that’s why the world is becoming dangerous, by reason of their lack of truth. ”In God we trust” they say, but ”Is God trusting in this USA?”…

  11. manooshag said:

    Serge, Edward,
    Armenians, the whole world over, will be watching your meeting with a Hillary whose anti-Armenian stance is obvious and clear.. You, today, have the destiny of our Haiastan in your hands. Today, knowing the Hillary’s USA State Department and the White House as well, aligned against Armenia, you having done your best until now, step down and allow more politically experienced Armenians take the helm of our Haiastan – step down today. Manooshag

    • CHRISTO said:

      Are you for real, what you are demanding is for these idiots (wannabe mafiosos) to give up billions of dollars of income! It’s going to take martyrdom, it’s going to take the population of RoA to sacrifice a few thousand martyrs in order to bring change!
      Here is an anecdote, a recent immigrant from RoA told me the other day.
      They asked Ilham, your country is has a population of 8 million, and NKR has a population of around 120,000, what’s the problem, you outnumber them, just attack and take over the territory. Ilham answered, you’re right, however, 2 of them took over all of RoA!

  12. Caesium said:

    How pathetic are you? Peoples of the Diaspora? I am the Diaspora. You think it is so easy for Armenia to stand up and fight against the superpowers of the world? Information, Resources, and Want. That is what every human being wants and needs. We will continue to argue and to continue to be angry with each other, we continue to spill this hate against the people that wronged us. I was wronged, I ended up country-less. Armenia couldn’t feed me, keep me warm, keep me fed. We talk so high and mighty about ourselves but we need to be more humble and smart. Make the right friends and use the right resources for our wants. However, people have greed and they destroyed my Armenia. Leave it alone the way it is, safe and sound and quit spitting our hatred and rage. We don’t want hell rain, if we continue we will have it. And none of you will be there to fight. That is why I call you all pathetic.

    • Arman said:

      And if that government doesn’t know how to protect Armenia, than they have to step down and let the others step up. People like you who destroy Armenia and Armenian pride.

  13. CHRISTO said:

    To Caesium, yeah it is easy for Armenia to stand up and fight against the superpowers, if we had intellectuals fighting for our rights and governing our country. However, in our history we have many cowards and vasaks, best for you to go on with your merry life in the diaspora and leave us “the real diaspora” Armenians to criticize our government and the oligarchs. Since, Armenia couldn’t feed you, maybe the CIA in the diaspora can pork you up!

  14. CHRISTO said:

    By the way Caesium, If the RoA “couldn’t feed you, and keep you warm, and kept you fed” You could have joined the armed forces of Artsakh they could have fed you and kept you warm, instead, you preferred to leave your supposed homeland and fled like a coward! Why do you even waste your time on Armenian news sites. I suggest you watch the foodnetwork maybe, you can make up for the years of hunger you “suffered” while living in Armenia!

  15. CHRISTO said:

    Hillary, what’s your point of visiting RoA? Unlike Tansu Ciller who presented your husband with an tastless neck tie, maybe, the best memory you’ll have is our hospitality. Then again, who cares about hospitality when you’ll be soaking on all that Oil in Baku. Then you and your boss criticized W. and the Republicans of Oil diplomacy what a hypocirte you and your party are. However, your better off staying in Baku, maybe Hayder Babayev, could help Chelsea with her wedding expenses, just like he helped your employee Matthew Mohammed Bryza. Maybe, maybe, they could convince you to convert to Islam!

  16. Caesium said:

    I was born in hell, and for a child of 5 years holding a rifle would make Armenia look like Africa, is that what you are suggesting Christo? For our children to stand up and fill their eyes with horror? I have children now, and this is not what I would want them to see. I still call you pathetic diaspora. You are right though, we do need intellectuals, but most of them live with me in the pathetic diaspora. Intelligentsia is dead in Armenia and the diaspora intelligentsia does not support Armenian policy. Armenians are great people dont get me wrong. However, Armenians fight too much against each other and set themselves up for failure. This pride you talk about is like a drug that affects us all, I was there a few years ago Christo. But what I realize now is that rather than make our country better we let pride rule our judgment. We need to build infrastructure, build weapons, build factories that can produce weapons, goods, and things we can export but we rely too much on Russia, and we always think that USA will help us financially. I think not, what is 3 million people to 320 million that want to fill up their wants?

    • sebouh from australia said:

      Chill out Christo…didnt you learn by now, people who occupy postions in Armenian political parties, all poitical parties, are bullies who play the man, not the ball?????