Georgia Approves Sale of Pipeline Delivering Russian Gas To Armenia

TBILISI (Oil & Gas Eurasia)–The Georgian parliament has approved the sale of a trunk gas pipeline which pumps Russian gas across Georgia to Armenia. eighty-eight members of parliament favored the law, while five voted against the measure.

Despite the law being passed by parliament, the Georgian opposition does not share the majority’s enthusiasm for the sale which they say will be “an energy and economic threat to Georgia”, RBK reports.

Parliament members of the opposition suggest that instead Georgia should retain a 51 per cent stake in the pipeline and remain the pipeline operator. The majority however, deemed the “Russian threat” exaggerated and passed the law. Another argument used in favor of the sale was the fact Tbilisi believes “private companies are more effective in managing such sites than the government”.

The trunk pipeline was built in the 1970s. it has not been upgraded since 1980.


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  1. Arn. SWEDEN. said:

    The Georgian and Armenian Peoples are – TWO GERMAN BROTHER PEOPLE – and ought to stand togheter.

    Askenas(Osgrusia – asgouzei – askenas) and Togarmah – thus –

    Genesis chapter 10 vers –

    3And the sons of Gomer: Ashkenaz and Riphath and Togarmah.

    “Asgouzei ” (the Skytians(Gotic) – the Skolots), is the Persian name of the people they waged war against,
    in todays Ukraina in 5th Céntury B.C.

    ( Grosia – Gosia – Gouzai – Goetsia – Gotia ).