Turkey to Take Part in NATO Exercises in Armenia

NATO aerial exercise

ANKARA (Radikal)—Turkish representatives will take part in military and humanitarian training operations organized by NATO which are to be held in September in Armenia.

According to Turkish Radikal, the names of Turkish servicemen have already been added to the list of Alliance soldiers who will come to Armenia to participate in these exercises. In addition, the newspaper says that there are plans to open the Armenian-Turkish border for a limitless passage of servicemen for a time period.

The exercise is expected to involve servicemen from 19 member-states and NATO partners. Azerbaijan has rejected participation in the trainings.

The decision to hold military exercises in Armenia was adopted by NATO member-states, including Turkey. They will be held on from September 11 to 17.

According to diplomatic sources, a temporary opening of the Turkish-Armenian border will ensure the passage of military units for humanitarian purposes, but does not mean that the state border between Turkey and Armenia will be declared open.


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  1. Dave said:

    Another meaningless step toward Turkish – Armenian “reconciliation”, a phony concept that much of the Armenian American press has been slow to understand, if you get my drift.

    I can just hear Stephen Kinzer and other Turkophile lackey “journalists” making a big deal out of Turkish “soldiers” going to Armenia and eating shish kebab and talking about how they all came from eastern Turkey, have the same grandmother, and bathed in the same river, blah blah blah.

    And if a truck rolls over the border from Turkey to Armenian during these phony NATO exercises? You’ll never hear the end of it. I can see the NY Times headlines now: “Turkish Truck Rolls over Closed Border in First Step toward Reconciliation.” Hillary Clinton will later visit the hallowed reconciliation site on her broomstick and lay a wreath on the truck’s tire tracks, all the while silently cackling to herself.

    • steve goldberg said:

      Dave you are one funny guy, i like the part where Hilary will come in the broomstick and lay wreath on the rucks tire :) lol

  2. Araxi said:

    This is politics gone mad. The Sarkisyans should be sacked. This is the reason why Hillary goddam Clinton went to Armenia. It was not a personal visit. She went to open the border with Turkey and let NATO in. What is to become of our dear Motherland!!! God help us. It sounds like the end for Armenia. Our enemies from within have sold our beloved Mair Hayastan. One step forward 100 years back for Armenia. SAD NEWS.

  3. Araxi said:

    Dear Samvel, Putin is not a Christian nor a Muslim. He is of a different faith, one which has been our enemy since biblical times.

    • Araxi said:

      And so are the two sarkisyans running our poor Armenia. This has been in the making for a long long time.

    • Shant Kirmizian said:


      You’re right. I think that Putin is actually a horria.

      • Shant Kirmizian said:

        But I am not for sure….., I know that he is a practicing Russian Orthodox.

  4. Random Armenian said:

    There should not be any Turkish troops taking part in NATO exercises in Armenia as long as Turkey is blockading Armenia with a closed border. Closing the border was an unfriendly act and yet they will take part in the exercises on Armenian soil? Does that make sense?

  5. steve goldberg said:

    Samvel if you really have PhD you should talk about peace instead of killing a person no matter how it is.

  6. john papazian said:

    Look at all that American made hardware. Yes sir we can sure count on the US right? Thanxs HiC.

  7. Shant Kirmizian said:

    This means that either Azerbaijan is going to attack Armenia (hence the humanitarian training), or that Turkey is looking to see what Armenia has behind the boarder. This should not happen!

  8. Kalust said:

    Very disappointed,
    Turkish border blockade is still continuing, yet they will be allowed with their Military exercise with made in good old USA hardware, put together by no other then Madam Hilary Clinton which will be the next Democratic Presidential candidate, and accepted and digested by no other then wonderful visionary Baron Sarigisyan.
    Sargisyan Aperr jannnn Eshhh erun jagad en hamburezirrr Maladez aperr.