Turkish Court Rejects Demand To Stop Showing Genocide Denial Film in Schools

ISTANBUL (Hurriyet)—The demand of the International Hrant Dink Foundation to stop the presentation of a controversial documentary movie about the events which took place in 1915 Turkish in schools was rejected by a local administrative court last month.

The movie, titled “Blonde Bride—The Inner Face of the Armenian Problem Documentary,” known as Sari Gelin, prepared by the Turkish General Staff, was distributed to education institutions as a supplementary educational material to schools on June 19, 2008. It depicts Armenian gangs killing and torturing people and setting fires after raiding Turkish villages in 1915, according to the daily Radikal.

The International Hrant Dink Foundation sued the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Education, saying the DVD’s content did not comply with the goals of education, which are fostering a culture of democracy, tolerance and responsibility.

The foundation also said the scenes could negatively affect the psychological and intellectual development of primary school students. Later, the foundation made a request to the Istanbul Administrative Court for the process’s cancellation.

“When the content of the documentary is examined, it can be seen that it possesses a content which ratchets up hostility instead of peace,” said Fethiye Cetin, lawyer for the foundation.

“Armenians are especially demonstrated as negative figures and the content of the documentary creates a grudge and hatred toward them. Moreover, the pictures illustrating skulls, sliced heads, and corpses could influence the physical and mental development of children,” said Cetin.

“We opened a case, stating that we do not find the utilization of such materials that ratchet up hostility instead of contributing to peace and democracy within educational institutions to be correct,” said Cetin.

With the decision it made on June 25, the 9th Istanbul Administrative Court rejected the demand, ruling that there was no definite process that needed to be conducted on the matter.

Shot by director Ismail Umac, the documentary was prepared after conducting a detailed study in 15 national research centers and research in the archives of 11 countries abroad, as well as the acquisition of 10 thousand archival documents, according to the official website of the Blonde Bride Documentary.


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  1. harut said:

    De arten tesnum ek hayer jan de vonsen turkere patrastum irens apaga erexanerin atelutyunov mer hayeri dimas dra hamar el jamanakne arten zartnen mer xekavarnere u imanan vor turki het sexan nstele avelnort jur sesela aysinkn turki het sexan natele is bunch of bullshit to begin with, esor turke amen inch anuma u heta berum ottoman gaxapare ir joxovrti mech isk da incha nshanakum da nshanakuma noranor atelutyunner ev noranor Genocidner zartnek gone te che vaxe shat ush klini u arten ereg er ush.

  2. Minas said:

    Does the term Blonde Bride refer to the lighter skinned non-Turkish women that Turks traditionally raped but preferred to call “marriage”? It brings to mind the myth that Turks “saved” women and girls during the genocide. The Turks raped them. That is not what I would call “saving” them.

  3. Garo said:

    What do you expect from turks? to tell their children we committed genocide and burned down anything that is Armenian? They shall brainwash their little monkeys and more hatred shall rise. It wouldnt take a genius to understand who is the guilty side, afterall, we lost all our cities, churches, schools and left our beloved ancient Armenia by force, what did the turks lose?

  4. Rammy said:

    And who is going to believe them as long as they are living on the lands of the Armenians they killed brutaly ?

  5. ashot baghdasaryan said:

    The turks will always remain the same Genocidal and barbarian Turks.

  6. Satenik said:

    Well, that’s Turkey for you my dear….I don’t think anyone who knows the Turks is in the least surpised .By falsifying history in this typically Turkish way though, makes Turkey look even more comical in the eyes of the world and yet another big nail in the coffin of ever joining the EU. Turks can dream of joining the EU but this is a dream that they are going to take it to their graves. It ain’t going to happen!