Armenia Asks Turkey to Take Steps Towards Normalization

President Serzh Sarkisian

YEREVAN (Combined Sources)—Armenia has asked Turkey to fulfill its responsibilities in the Turkish-Armenian reconciliation process, claiming it has already demonstrated its own political will to live up to its obligations in their rapprochement.  

“Armenia demonstrated political will towards normalization of ties with Turkey and expects Turkey to take a step in return,” Armenian President Serzh Sarkisian said on Wednesday during a meeting with Armenian diaspora youth, members of the Miasin movement and the Return Home program, Armenian news portal reported.

Turkey and Armenia signed historic twin protocols in October of last year with the hope of bury their century-long animosity while establishing diplomatic relations and opening their long-shut border. Turkey has kept the doors closed since 1993 as a sign of solidarity with its Turkic brethren in Azerbaijan during the war over Nagorno-Karabakh.

Pointing to international pressure on Turkey to ratify the protocols—currently at a standstill after Turkey pegged its ratification to the solution of the Nagorno-Karabakh dispute—Sarkisian said the whole world is urging Turkey to demonstrate political will in ratifying the protocols. “Ankara is turning a deaf ear,” Sarkisian said, “calling on Armenia to show political will.”

The most sensitive issue for Turkey within the protocols is the opening of the borders with the impoverished South Caucasian country, which was at war with Turkey’s ally Azerbaijan in the early 1990s. Azerbaijan stridently opposing the opening of the border further complicated the process.

“Despite statements by Turkish authorities, Armenia is ready to accept any expression of friendship,” Sarkisian said.


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  1. Ghazaros said:

    Serzh has no shame. He’s been given his marching papers by Hillary, and is carrying them out. Who is Armenia to beg Turkey for normalization? How would the non-elite people of Armenia and Diaspora benefit from it?

  2. harut said:

    Arachi hertin uzum em sheshtel mer Presidenti aras gorsere arachin orvansi ev voxchunel.
    Paron President Serj Sarkisian menk bolores haskanumenk vor duk uzum ek amen inch anel hanun mer hay azgi hamar , bays Turkeri het nstele haskanum em politica ka mejtexe bays Turker i het nstel helnele hens zer hamar glxasave nrank jur cecox azg en ev mer jamanake tange vor menk drans het glux glxi dnenk.

  3. Stepan said:

    Very good press for Sarkisian and Armenia. To a large extent, this is a press war for the support of the third parties. Keeping Turkey on the defensive and maintaining Armenia as a “take the high road” willing party is slowing turning the public perception. This makes all the brokers look good and wins friendship. Of most importance, I beleive taking a clear and consistent position , but maintaining an open door will continue to build the respect inventory for Armenia. Given our geo-political position, we need to do this.

  4. Cristina said:

    Armenia has nothing to ask from those two-faced wolves!
    I do not understand why we keep asking to kiss their behinds…

  5. Krikor said:

    Hwo trusts Turkey whos’sognature is not worth the paper it is written on

  6. Berge said:

    We must be crazy to put up with all this bull shit…..!
    The Russians screwed us before and they are poised to do so again,,,The Americans don’t care due to academic and general intelligence failure, Europe is just playing with us…

    • Egreb said:

      Give me a reason why should Russia, USA, or Europe take Armenia’s side? How supporting Armenia, and at the same time opposing oil-rich Azerbaijan and a regional-leader Turkey will benefit Russia, USA, or Europe socially and economically?