WikiLeaks: WikiLeak Reveals Turkish Militant Attacks on US Troops

In an article published on, reporter Spencer Ackerman probes recent information published by WikiLeaks, as part of last Sunday’s leak of 92,000 classified Pentagon documents, and finds that Turkish militants were attacking US troops in Afghanistan near the Pakistani border.

“The presence of Turkish fighters isn’t totally new. You can find sporadic references online… But the WikiLeaks archive provides vivid new detail about the presence of dedicated militants coming from the country of a NATO ally that has contributed troops and money to the mission in Afghanistan,” said Ackerman in his article.

“At Forward Operating Base Bermel in the eastern part of Paktika Province, soldiers reported being scoped out and progressively fired upon with rockets and small arms fire by Turkish militants from the spring to the fall of 2007, the documents show. Troops at the remote outpost responded with artillery and airstrikes, even calling in Predator and Reaper drones to go after the militants. Reports of communications intercepts indicate that the Turkish fighters were supported by the al-Qaeda-aligned Haqqani network and may have operated out of militant safe havens in Pakistan,” added Ackerman in his article.

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  1. Areg Minasyan said:

    Welcome and smell the roses! When is United States, Russia, Europe, Arabs and the entire world going to wake up and once for all realize that the turks will always remain the same back stabber barbarian turk! Never and ever trust a turk!

  2. Aram said:

    imagine so many NATO nations participate in Afghanistan and all they sufferd from Al-qaida except Turkish troops !!! whats the raeson of that ? so many Al-Qaida members are from Turkey and the islamic gov in Ankara supported all islamic terror org around the world and since last years very open against Israel , thats a good supports to the terror org

  3. zohrab said:

    turkey gets benefited from having fighters in afganistan she gets millions in aid then sits back and laughs at the western world wake up u s a wake up europe they are taking u down

  4. Robert said:

    Leave it to the dashnakians to distort everything!! FYI, there are US, British, French, German, Danish, Turkish, Egyptian, etc. militants who are fundimentalists and have either joined up with Al Qaeda or the Taliban, or both to fight the West. THEY ARE NOT TURKISH TROOPS!!! So, by you dashnakians reasoning and continuos love of distortion, the deaths of innocent civilians all throughout the world during the ASALA and other Armenian attacks all throughout the 1970’s-1980’s were attacks against the WEST by Armenian troops! Hey, makes sense to me. Let’s post that as well, shall we! I want to be there when GOD starts metting out your long deserved punishments for all of the evils that you “people” have done to so many! Always remember, what goes around comes around!! You can’t fight Karma! You’ll all get your punishments soon. So, by all means…keep it up!

    • Shant said:

      I think you suffer Tashnagfobia, because the articl is talking about EXTEREMIST RADICAL MILLITANTS, not TURKISH ARMY. If you can’t understand english do not blame the TASHNAGS, Blame your stupid state TURKY.
      Since you are a brainwashed turk you will repeat the same stupid statements.
      Go educate yourselfe before defending a criminal state.

  5. RRR said:

    Isn’t it amazing how the above Turk pontificates about “karma”? All I can do is shake my head and laugh.

  6. aruke said:

    This is absolutely BS:) Prove that Turkish troops attacked US troops and in return I will recognize Karabakh’s independence:)

  7. laura said:

    the fact that this war in afgan is still happening is pathetic and geogre bush eventually got him self out of office to leave o’bama with the big task, of getting these troops home. ofcourse turkish troops are going to help there neighbouring countries. To be honest any country would fight back if, another countrie invaded them. And really what is this war over! its all down to money these days and the sad thing is, innocent people die and their families have to suffer. Geogre bush was just to greedy at the end of the day, and got other countries involved such as england to help out.

  8. Roxanna Mayweather said:

    This whole issue is very illogical. Do we send money to Muslim nations? Do we send troops to defendMuslim people in Muslim nations? Do we bring Muslim refugee’s here from Iraq and Afganistan and othercountries? Do our tax dollars go to support and rebuild Muslim nations? But we tell the Muslims herethey cannot build their mosque. CRAZY