FBI Busts Crime Syndicate For Defrauding Medicare of $163 Million

NEW YORK-LOS ANGELES (Combined Sources)—Federal law enforcement authorities have announced charges against dozens of members of a vast criminal syndicate that used phantom health care clinics and stolen identities to fraud Medicare out of $163 million, the US Department of Justice said Wednesday in a statement.

Prosecutors in New York and Los Angeles charged 73 people. The investigation, dubbed Diagnosis Dollars, resulted in the arrests of 52 people across the U.S. in what authorities described as “the largest Medicare fraud scheme ever perpetrated by a single criminal enterprise.”

Those arrested are being charged with credit card fraud, identity theft, federal racketeering, immigration fraud, and even distribution of contraband cigarettes and stolen Viagra.

Most of the defendants were captured during raids Wednesday morning in New York City and Los Angeles, but there were also arrests in New Mexico, Georgia and Ohio. In Los Angeles, authorities arrested more than two dozen Glendale-area residents early Wednesday for their alleged roles in the nationwide scheme to defraud Medicare.

The lead prosecutor in the case, U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, Preet Bharara, said the “Mirzoyan-Terdjanian” organization, named after its two alleged leaders, 35-year-old Davit Mirzoyan and 36-year-old Robert Terdjanian, employed threats, intimidation, and violence and operated in a classical mafia style.

The scheme’s scope and sophistication “puts the traditional Mafia to shame,” Bharara said at a Manhattan news conference. “They ran a veritable fraud franchise.”

The syndicate is accused of submitting the fraudulent claims to Medicare from at least 118 phantom medical clinics in 25 states. Investigators say the organization stole the identities of doctors and filed applications to bill Medicare in their names. Mirzoyan-Terdjanian is also alleged to have used stolen identities of approximately 2,900 Medicare patients treated at a New York hospital.

Unlike other cases involving crooked medical clinics bribing people to sign up for unneeded treatments, the operation was “completely notional,” Janice Fedarcyk, head of the FBI’s New York office, said in a statement.

“There were no real medical clinics behind the fraudulent billings, just stolen doctors’ identities. There were no colluding patients signing in at clinics for unneeded treatments, just stolen patient identities. The whole doctor-patient interaction was a mirage. But the money was real, while it lasted,” Fedarcyk said in the statement.

“The reach of this organization stretches clear across the country and well beyond our shores. And so in terms of profitability, geographic scope, and sheer ambition this emerging international organized crime syndicate would be the envy of any traditional mafia family,” Bharara said.

The indictment says most members of the organization were Armenian nationals or immigrants who maintained substantial ties to Armenia. In addition to regularly traveling there, they had criminal connections, transferred criminal proceeds to the country, and bought real estate and businesses with money from their illegal profits.

Kazarian, who immigrated to the United States in 1996, is identified in the indictment as “vor v zakone,” or a “thief in the law-code,” a powerful figure in the criminal underworld of the former Soviet Union.

Bharara said it was the first time a vor, which is “the rough equivalent of a traditional godfather,” had been charged in a U.S. racketeering case.

The indictment also accused Robert Terdjanian, 35, of Brooklyn and others of hatching other schemes involving stolen credit cards, untaxed cigarettes and counterfeit Viagra. It also alleged that during a meeting last year at a Brighton Beach restaurant, Terdjanian pulled a knife on someone who owed him money “and threatened to disembowel the individual if the debt was not paid.”

A judge jailed Terdjanian without bail on Wednesday at a brief hearing. Afterward, his attorney said his client denies the charges.

Kazarian and Mirzoyan were scheduled to appear in court Wednesday in Los Angeles.

Authorities began the New York-based investigation after the information of more than 2,900 Medicare patients at the Orange Regional Medical Center in upstate New York, including Social Security numbers and dates of birth, were reported stolen.

Some of the phony paperwork was a giveaway, investigators said. It showed eye doctors doing bladder tests; ear, nose and throat specialists performing pregnancy ultrasounds; obstetricians testing for skin allergies; and dermatologists billing for heart exams.

If convicted, the defendants face various sentences up to life imprisonment and up to $500,000 fine.

Meanwhile, an Armenia Foreign Ministry spokesman on Thursday said the country’s law enforcement authorities would cooperate with their US counterparts in the investigation


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  1. Jay said:

    Eye doctors doing bladder tests? Ear,nose and throat specialists performing pregnancy ultrasounds? Glad I ain’t sick.

  2. Stephanie said:

    As an Armenian I’m appaluled at what this group of people did! They honestly give us a bad name, specially since most of us have lived, worked, gotten educated and made a decent life for ourselves!

    It’s time we took a good look at ourselves and started taking responsibility for our actions. If as a community we demand higher standards for ourselves, our family and our friends then instead of committing crime these people can go to school, get educated or get an honest job, instead of doing these terrible things and embarrassing us all!

    • Vartan said:

      The unfortunate part is that this people are educated, but greed and love of money is like lust within their souls, after serving the long term they should be deported back to where they came from.

      • ed said:

        We should not act in a way as if thee were no Chinese, Italian, Jewish, Colombian, Mexican, American gangs…..!! All are BAD! I hope these people have US citizenship and can not be deported so easily after there were punished, because Armenian has not the power and specialists (social program) to deal and re-integrate these people in the society…

      • a said:

        What bugs me is why do the media identify them as Armenians? When was the last time you heard criminals identified as Italian or Puerto Rican, or Black, or Jewish?

        • Arsho Sanchez said:

          You hear it all the time it just doesn’t phase you because its not your people, but now that it is you are hearing it loud and clear and being sensitive. They ALWAYS point out ethnicities, especially Black and Mexicans, it’s just rare that its ever Armenian.

        • n said:

          if you lived in the city with the largest population of Armenians in the US, you would understand.

    • Nana said:

      Does anybody remember a single article about Bernard Madoff with his nationality being spelled out?

      • Araxi said:

        You are right. Nobody mentions ethnic backgrounds when it come to Jews, because they will be called anti-semites. What has this world come to.

  3. Mike said:

    The roll of Armenian American community should be education but the organizations have never put education at the top of the agenda. As much as we would deny allegations that Armenians do illegal works in the United States, we all knew that an event like this would happen sooner or later. We as a community need to thank the FBI for the work they did to bust these crooks. Furthermore, we as a community have done so much to shape American Society and these guys get recognition shame.

    • Hove said:

      Mike, I need to mention The United States has one of the world’s most generous immigration policies, BUT it has done too little to help new immigrants fit into society. A report finds that immigrant workers help to build the US economy and bolster institutions such as social security.

    • Maro said:

      I agree, Education is a powerful tool for Armenians, not this kind of crime. Shame on you.

  4. ed said:

    This is indeed a shame for Armenian American community. Armenian world wide Diaspora had never such a crime case! But why do they try to generalize and do write “Armenian Americans”? Do they write “Italian-Americans mafia” ? I can’t remember as a group of Jewish “rabbis” , who were arrested because of dealing with human organs(!) in NY in 2008/2009, the press start writing “Jewish Americans” ..? Maybe I am too sensible and mistaken and parts of media has no bad intention and do not intend to explore these ugly crime!?

  5. Gary said:

    I as an Armenian am happy they got caught! Hopefully this will encourage others to leave doing this!
    I think the problem is due to communism.Generally Armenians who grew up with communism, have become corrupt–like these ones. Armenians who don’t grow up with communism are hard workers and honest.
    Armenians like these stop doing this! The Turks are happy when they see this stuff happens. They can justify their mistreatment of us.

  6. Jack said:

    It’s brilliant how the FBI displays a step-by-step guide to conduct a medical fraud scheme. LOL

  7. Ishkhan said:




  8. ara said:

    Well- having lived there some years ago-they outsmarted us. True democracy is hard to grasp. Unlike my ancestors who came here from there and worked hard to better their lives for us-the new generation-they are burned out. They are still out there-how many more and of other crime natures are there that these guys, these types of guys from there and elsewhere are still winning the profit from us workers? when they are caught-guaranteed we never see 99% of it back in our monies-the CONGRESSIONAL thieves will take it and use it-we should all get rebates-not the dam banks or mortgage companies and wall st schmucks that stolefrom us-white collar thieves that still breath and walk- eh

  9. ashot yerkat said:

    For as long as I can remember Armenians in the U.S. were known as educated, honest, hard working and trustworthy people until the scum of the Soviets gathered in what they refer to as “los” and gave us a bad name. True, we are people and we, too, can have crooks among us just like any other ethnic group, but shame on us. The rest of us do not deserve to be put in the defensive by a handful of “basyaks.”

  10. AJ said:

    Did they really think they could do this and get away? We came to this country for a better and brighter future and instead of taking advantage of the opportunities to get educated they steal and fraud the government. I am truely ashamed to be an armenian. Spending the rest of their life in jail is to good for them. The governement should make them work to repay every single cent.

    • sebouh from australia said:

      that wont happen…whats the bet that alot of Armenian politicians shared in the proceeds…hell, they would sell their mothers for not a dollar, but a quarter, these low life huyustansi dogs

      • Haykuhi said:

        hey!!!! watch your language!!!! they were extremely bed ppl, but you ahve no right to call tem hayastanci dogs!!! most of us are from Hayastan!!! & i`m tooo proud of it!

      • Araxi said:

        Hold your tongue sebouh from Australia. Amot qez ko khoskeri hamar. Hay@ hayin shoon chi anvani.

    • Irena said:

      Best answer, they should work 24/7 and pay back what they stole, because these people they don’t know how to make money by hard work and honesty. They want to get rich and live lavishly without hard work.
      P.S. After paying back they should be sentenced for life in jail. They shouldn’t be deported back to Armenia, because they’ll do harm to other people and take advantage of the poor and the unemployed.

    • Jay said:

      ‘Work to repay?’ The only work these crooks know is how to rip off the government. Let’s exercise another option.

  11. Ara said:

    Where is the outrage from our community leaders? What are our political or religeous leaders doing about this? I will tell you. They are doing NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

    As a community, we spend millions of dollars each year to help Armenian causes all around the world, but we do nothing about scumbags like these who come to this country and take advantage of the freedoms that this country offers. It is time for those of us who want to make a positive change in our community to unite and stand up to these scums and turn them in. We need to notify authorities anytime we see fraud happening. We need to clean ourselves from inside-out.

  12. Anna said:

    As a Armenian none of us should feel ashamed of our race because of other people actions that is the most uneducated statement a person can make. We should feel proud to be an Armenian. Every race has it’s criminals every race has it’s rapest every race has it’s fraudsters coming from a person that is in the banking industry I see alot of races committing these types of fraud but no one of them are mentioned in any articles or news across the nation because Armenians are targeted for this type of crime. I am not making them seem innocent or claiming they shouldn’t be blamed or punished but there is no reason to mention a whole race because of a few peoples actions. Never put ur race down or be ashamed of who you are because or others actions!!!! Think about it!!

  13. Avery said:

    Before anyone starts going overboard with feelings of guilt as an Armenian for the actions of these criminals, remember the following facts:

    As Americans of Armenian descent, neither you nor I are responsible for the actions of criminals who happen to have Armenian surnames.
    No more responsible than Jews are for the actions of (Jewish) Bernie Madoff, who stole about $50 Billion from mainly Jewish victims.
    (compare that to the $160 million or so these guys allegedly have stolen)
    No more responsible than Italian-Americans are/were for the crimes of the Italian Mafia.
    No more responsible than Irish-Americans were for the crimes of the Irish Mobs.
    No more responsible than Jews and Italians were for the crimes Jewish and Italian mobsters in Las Vegas.
    No more responsible than Chinese-Americans are for the crimes of Chinese criminals.
    No more responsible than Hispanic-Americans are for the crimes of Hispanic criminals.
    No more responsible than African-Americans are for the crimes of Black criminals.

    You want to talk about looting ? let’s talk about the mainly AngloSaxon banksters, who engineered a so-called bank crises in the Fall of 2008 and legally looted more than $1 Trillion (with a big T) from the taxpayers. Since the theft was approved by the US Congress, it must be OK, right ?

    You want to talk about stealing ? let’s talk about the AngloSaxon Bush&Cheney gang who got us involved in an illegal war of choice in Iraq, so that their buddies at Halliburton Co and their cohorts can legally steal billions of taxpayer dollars . Read about how 10s of billions of US taxpayer dollars have simply disappeared in Iraq, and the Pentagon cannot account for it: poof, gone – and nobody got charge, much less comvicted.

    Read about the Savings&Loan crises in the 1980s, which cost the US taxpayers several hundred BILLION in today’s dollars: how many of the perps that were arrested or convicted you think were of Armenian descent ? None.

    So, yes, I am glad these criminals were rounded up and put out business. But when it comes to crime and stealing, these guys are pikers compared to the real gangsters that are legally stealing from us, the people of United States, billions of dollars every year – year in, year out.

    When every other ethnic group – Jewish, Russian, Hispanic, Black, AngloSaxon, Chinese, Italian, whatever – achieves 100% rating in being totally criminal-activity-free, then I might feel guilty that some Armenian surnamed guys commit crimes. Until then, I am having a cold beer and worrying about the Economy, how high Gold will go, how low Mortgage rates will fall, how long unemployment will remain at (real) 20%, and other important stuff.

    It is also interesting that all the news media outlets are breathlessly reporting about the ‘Armenian Mob’, but not a word about mobsters with Russian, Jewish and Anglo surnames listed on the FBI website. There are two indictments listed there:

    [Defendants in U.S. v. Armen Kazarian, et al.]
    25 Armenian surnamed defendants
    2 Russian/Jewish surnamed defendants.

    [Defendants in U.S. v. Aron Chervin, et al.]
    1 Armenian surnamed defendant.
    17 Russian, Jewish, Anglo surnamed defendants.

    Does the news media have an agenda ? does the Earth revolve around the Sun ?

  14. mike said:

    Armenians in general are hard working people and i am one of them. I came to this great country, went to College studying and working for four years straight. After graduation i worked as a Resaerch Chemist. I sincerley hope that my fellow Armenian brothers and sisters will follow my way rather than racketeer’s way.
    Stealing does not pay. Sooner or later you are going to run out of luck and get your ass in jail. Good Luck

  15. Norin Radd said:

    I love how fellow Armenians are pouncing like lions at this incidence with your grandiose self righteous blanket statements. The media is already sensationalizing this just like every other hot topic of the day, and of course, some Armenians will quickly jump on the brown nosing bandwagon to add fuel to the fire. You can be assured that the 100,000 licensed and “educated” physicians and dentists in this country are committing insurance fraud on a scale that dwarfs the 179 million dollars these 50 clowns pulled off.

    Physicians and Dentists in EVERY community whether it be Jewish, Asian, Armenian, White, Black, Yellow, or Pink are over treating, over charging, and performing unnecessary procedures that are on equal footing with what these crooks have been convicted with. In some respect, at least these guys advertise themselves as crooks rather than health care “professionals”.

    Second, not every Hye that has immigrated from the ex Soviet union is “Scum” my dear Ashot. Believe it or not, there are crooked Armenians from Syria and Lebanon as well, not all arevmetahyes are saints and not all arevelahyes are sinners, don’t make stupid blanket statements, no single sub group of Hyes is better than the rest.

    Stephanie, just because a bunch of lowlifes have committed a crime, it’s not a cue for your crass statements about Armenian “standards” and us “taking responsibility”. Our standards and sense of responsibility is just fine, better than most I’ve come across, thank you. For every Armenian that turns to crime, there are a couple thousand that earn a living through hard work and education as we have always done for several thousand years. Keep your gross generalizations to yourself. You sound like one of those self-loathing Armenians.

    Last, all of these guys should be put into jail for not only disgracing our community but simply for the crimes they have committed. Don’t make this out to be more than it is, certainly other ethnic groups have their own criminals and grand crimes to worry about, some that make this one look like a drop in the bucket. Bernard Madoff – 50 billion , Michael Mastromarino – Selling dead body parts (and a Surgeon to boot!), John Gotti – mob boss, and the countless of hispanic and african american gangs that have terrorized the streets of the US for decades. WHAT group of people these criminals belonged to are irrelevant and should not be made to be associated with their respective ethnic groups, instead what is important is that all of them are criminals that hurt society and belong in jail.

    Shouting “shame” and “ahmot” isn’t going to win any of us applause or impress anyone, so all of you relax with your “holier than thou” attitudes. It’s not going to win you browny points with anyone, we may be Armenian but we are also allowed to be human, one news worthy crime per decade isn’t anything for the rest of you to get drawn to like sharks to blood.

    • Your answer back said:

      Dear Norin, the fact is that majority of criminals in our community are from the former soviet union. This is not to say that they are all bad and that everyone else is good. I am not making a blanket statement. However, it’s a fact no matter how you look at it, a large part of Armenians from the fromer Soviet Union are invoilved with credit card fraud, banktuptcies, medical/medicare fraud, counterfeiting to name a few.

      We as Armenians need to stop feeling like victims and stop pointing our fingures at others. We should not care about the Madoffs, the bankes or the Chinese mafia. We need to care about ourselves and the image that we are portraying to the outside world and right now, I can tell you that we are failing miserably.

  16. bobken safarian said:

    stalin was gerorgian and committed agtriicities, hitler was german and caused the death of 45 million people, Americans were the first who dropped A bomb on Japan. I can go on forever. There is not nation without blemish. Iidentity theft and medicare fraud is New. Americans have the highest budget deficit, becuase their leader have stolen public money in dfferent ways. We all “sinners” one way or other. I will not allow to blam the enire Armenian nation because of those Madia Bastards. Do not allow Turkey and her bastad allies use those news agianst Armenian Identity. Americans are quick to use any information against any nation like. America Like Soviet are full of criminals. In Fact America is the land Crime.I can go on forever, but I have to stop here, Long Live Armenian Nation. Down with our Enemy including Criminals

  17. Hratch said:

    It is about time our community accepts our short comings. Hopefully by exposing and confronting this kind of scum, we can start the process of regaining our good name.

  18. KO said:

    We are one who is to blame. As long as we and our parents and grand parents patronize these scums, this will continue. The truth is there are hundreds more of these shameless Armenians out there.

  19. Vatche Dakessian said:

    Crime syndicates exist evrywhere, they come from many nationalities and countries. This particular one got caught and just happened to be Armenian. Their alleged actions do not reflect the ethics, integrity or moral upbringing of the vast majority of Armenians all over the world. So let us keep things in their proper perspective and not blow them out of proportion.

  20. Sako said:

    Stop hating whats this nonsense of “being ashamed of being Armenian”… it takes mad skills and big balls to pull something like this… given the chance most of you basher’s would take the opportunity in a heartbeat… and for the “educated ones” think back in your college years, im sure you cheated or even bribed your way through some of them hard classes..puts u in the same category… Ya what they did is wrong, I don’t like it but props to them for doing it… They did the crime now they will do the time, that’s life… peace

    • Fred said:

      I Agree with U Sako. I am happy the media is running with the Armenian angle. Let them know that we are not the same poor people that were slaghtered like lambs by Turks. Yes we are angry, we have attitude, we are smart and should be taken seriously. Enough is enough, let’s see if they try to brush us under the carpet again.

    • Your answer back said:

      Sako, after reading your blog, I can tell you are not one of the “educated ones”

  21. Hovik said:

    Shame is on United State’s governments for using Armenians immigrants to uncover and recognize their weak and exploitable spots in their rotten and deposing system!

  22. Captain said:

    It’s a shame that they did such an act while USA gives them a place to live and opportunities to grow.

    Maybe they did this because USA did not do enough to recognize the Armenian Genocide. It’s not a way to get back at USA but maybe that was their aim.

    These mafias should be stopped completely. Too many people get hurt for a few people to get rich.

  23. Hovaness said:


    Interesting how a medical fraud bust was made about 5 months ago around the east coast involving a group of Hispanics and Russians costing the government about 251 MILLION DOLLARS (about double the amount of the recent Los Angeles bust); however not once was nationality ever mentioned … There is too much implied resentment towards the Armenian community within these articles, it’s ridiculous how race is emphasized in most of the reports. Hell I opened the NYT to a fat bold title screaming “ARMENIAN FRAUD” this morning…. why not “MEDICARE FRAUD” or “MAFIA STYLE CRIME SYNDICATE” or what have you.

    It’s disgusting. I’m not defending the criminals in any way, but the way the articles are written is degrading to the Armenian diaspora.

    • a said:

      Russian? I doubt very much they were ethnic Russians in the east coast bust. You are 200% correct. That was my point above. How dare they identify them as Armenians?

    • Mariam said:

      You ask why Hovhanes,because the Jewish crooks control the American media,maybe our crooks should copy that from them too.

  24. ZZZ said:

    Don’t be so quick to blame.
    This incident is like a waterdrop in an ocean and is peanuts comparing to the several billions US companies milk out of the fed gov.

    See “The Shock Doctrin” of naomi klein who shows how several companies like Halliburton get several-billion$$ worth contracts to build Iraq (for instance), but never do the job.

    With officials like dick cheney, donald rumsfield… on board and the headquarters in dubai they have less fears that fbi will bust them early in the morning. So this is very relative.

    They pretend they caught big time criminals, but the real big crimes go without punishment, see Goldman Sachs and all.. what a joke.

    • Satenik said:

      I agree with what you say and Levon’e comment here makes a lot of sense too. Though I am in no way proud of what some Armenians have got up to, but since when do we pick up on a specific ethnicity of an inncident of such nature. Bankers are one of the worst fraudsters in history and yet we never hear about their ethnicity. I thoght that to point fingers on Armenian this way was highly patronising. When Armenians do well in any field, newspapers normally play down on their ethnicity. Gary Gasparov is still referred to an Azerbaijani and yet when an Armenian who was born in Baku gets up to mischief with the law, suddenly he is Armenian! This will be an old news in no time so think positive! Think all the marvellous contributions that Armenians have made to every and any society that they have lived in!!!!!!

  25. Levon said:

    What’s ridiculous is why the media needs to mention that the criminals are Armenian-Americans? I’d bet there isn’t one article in the news that referred to Madoff as a Jewish-American criminal. I’d also bet that there won’t be one article in the news that would refer to David J. Stern as a Jewish-American attorney unjustly foreclosing on people’s homes. The ANCA needs to take action on this. Why does the media pick and choose to not only mention, but emphasize the Armenianness of certain criminals but fails to even mention the ethnic religious background of criminals whose frauds are exponentially bigger than this.

    • Satenik said:

      Absolutely! Before we get ourselves in mass hysteria, we have to get these kind of incidence into some sort of perspectivity. Unpleasant news as it is, when was the last time we had the Rothschilds, Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs and countless of others as Jewish? There are criminla elements in every nationality and religion. Have we all forgotten that only last year a number of Jewish rabbis involved in drug selling and all sorts of vice activities. Does it mean all the jewish people should be judged by the action of those few? Stop picking on Armenians!!!!!!!

  26. STEVE said:

    Does anyone ask why it took so long to investigate and bust these people? It would not have been 163 million if they had arrested them after a year or so.

  27. Arsen said:

    I am armenian and I am not ashamed of it like some of us on this blog. Jewish people were not ashamed to be jews after Maddoff ponze scheme of $50 billion. The other guy said it right. These crooks have “Soviet” mentality which is to steal from goverment any way you can. I am glad they got caught so soon.

  28. Chris Manougian said:

    This is the results of the corrupt people that we have unfortunately and the bad face giving the out world about us .Armenians have never been involved in a crime of such proportions, the Diaspora always worked hard for its establishment and for shaping its good name so the world knows who is an Armenian, how good and hard working, loyal ,trustworthy people we are.
    Such corrupt and greedy people can be found also in other communities, and not only among the Armenians. I would say America is so big and so Dollar lover ,that everyone enters that place thinks how to make money ,and to become richer. It seems that its easy for these kinds of illegal organizations to form in the United States.
    Is it that the United States is too weak to control her inside problems, is it because of too much democracy,or is it because she brings in the unwanted immigrants from their counties ? The Armenian Government should take more responsibility over its people’s behavior inside and outside, and try to give better education to its future generations .

    • Mariam said:

      Chris ,please read Norin’s and Avery’s comments.Don’t forget the mayflower , I live in Houston and almost in every college or a university in Texas, I meet an Armenian professor from Armenia teaching math, physics,and political science.

    • Your answer back said:

      The Armenian government does not care about its people. The only thing it cares about is filling their own pockets. The country is run by a bunch of mafia bosses and that’s about it. The only way Armenia can escape these blood sucking animals is if we get a benevolent dictator that will line up all the corrupt figures, put bullets in their heads and start all over.

  29. teda said:

    Saying that armenians are stealling, killing, robbing in US is racial discrimination. Are the armenians the only ones? I don’t think so. They are little babies compared with others that are masters in corruption, murder , drug traffic etc. I don’t defend these guys that deserve to be punished if they’re guilty, but i defend my nation. Armenians are peaceful and hard working people. This is not going to change if one or two individuals have stolen

  30. teda said:

    Why should us be ashamed in this corrupt and unfair world? Turks have destroyed an entire nation and they are not at ALL ashamed. Moreover their officials state that their nation is clean like the sun. We must be proud as a nation who survived a genocide and manage to live in foreign countries, with foreign people and create a future for their families and children.

  31. Satenik said:

    All those involved were not Armenians by the way. They were all sorts of nationalities involved. Why only mention the Armenians?

  32. Ishkhan said:




  33. Razmik said:

    I think this issue is much bigger than we think and has much deeper roots and reasons. Let me explain: I do not recall in the USA Armenian Community prior to 1990s – Soviet Republics and Armenia’s independence – any large cases of fraud and abuse. I think besides greed, stealing and corruption, these crooks were on a larger mission to discredit the Armenian Community with the general population of the United States to the benefit of their masters’ political gain. We all know that the world major political sphere of influences are Russia and the West.

    These organized crime bosses and soldiers were part of the system helping the old regime. They had their own status and hierarchy. Russia, in order to keep its influence over South Caucasian nations – after losing Georgia – has to create situations that advertise among the US general population – strangely with the help of US media!!! – That “Armenians are pro-Russian”. This creates a negative sentiment among the US population that Armenians can not be trusted. From the viewpoint of the US citizens of Armenian origin this is totally false.

    We need to keep the account of these crooks separate from the regular hard-working Armenians who immigrated to the US for a better life, like many others before them. These criminals are on a mission and are promised to receive money, rewards and luxury life, without perhaps knowing that they are simple tools for a larger objective of their bosses. Now is the time to clean up. The Armenian Community has worked very hard to build its reputation as trustworthy and reliable US citizens. The goodwill of the Armenian Community should not be abused, looted and damaged by bunch of crooks on a destruction mission. Nor, do they should be able to damage the public confidence in our system.

    We need to be vigilant and understanding when we see unusual behaviors and transactions that do not match with American standards of decency and fairness. I believe that FBI is full aware of this situation and they actually made a statement separating crooks from the community. We should be able to explain to our fellow citizens about the crooks and their mission. We all know that the relatively small country of Armenia – surrounded by hostile enemies to its east and west – need Russian security alliance. But it does not mean that the global aspirations of the Armenian nation should be totally handed over to Russians.

    Therefore, let’s be vigilant, to the extent possible, identify and know these folks and their phony unusual behaviors and transactions that do not match the American standards of fairness and decency that have nothing to do with the Armenian Community and its goodwill.

    Thank you FBI for a good job, keep going until the total cleanup.

    Thank you all for reading my comments.

  34. Araxi said:

    What race do all the Bankers on Wall Street belong? The ones that bankrupted the whole of America?
    Are they not the ‘BIGGEST MOB’ who looted all Americans out of their savings, their homes, their jobs, their livelihoods? Did anyone ask about their race?
    The American media is looking for scapegoats. This timely propganda will boost Mr. Obama’s chances in the mid term elections. It may also help with the Health Care reform!
    Հայեր խելք հավաքեք.

  35. Ed said:

    Where r our lowyers what r they thinking about this matter it’s all over discrimination or there’s no money envolved noone is doing anything about it

  36. George callas said:

    These people have certainly shown their true colors since they were granted refugee status and relocated to Glendale at US taxpayers expense. The only fitting punishment would be to arrest, prosecute and imprison those responsible and then ship them back to Armenia as an example to the others living here under our generosity and auspices to refrain from criminal activiy or the same fate will await them. However, with Uncle SAM being the sucker he is, I’m not going to hold my breath.

  37. KIRK said:

    500,000 dollars fine???? they stole 163 million, and thats how much they actually know they stole, and they will get a 500k fine?? IT DIESNT MATTER ANYWAY UNCLE SCAM WILL LET THEM OUT ON BOND AS THEY ALWAYS DO AND EVERYONE OF THEM WILLRUN BACK TO THEIR COUNTRY OF ORIGIN AS THEY ALWAYS DO AND THE TAX PAYER WILL END UP GETTING SCREWED LIKE ALWAYS.

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