ANCA Endorses Senator Barbara Boxer


WASHINGTON, DC – In recognition of her decades of Congressional service championing issues of special concern to California’s ArmenianAmerican community, the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) today announced its endorsement of U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer for re-election to the U.S. Senate from the Golden State.

“The ANCA joins with Armenian Americans throughout California in enthusiastically endorsing Barbara Boxer for re-election to the U.S. Senate,” said ANCA Board member Aida Dimejian.  “Senator Boxer has been a rock-solid champion of the views and values of the Armenian American community since her days in the U.S. House and throughout her service in the Senate.  She has always been there for us, every step of the way, and we’ll be there for her on Election Day.  Vote Boxer on November 2nd!”

The ANCA is working alongside “Armenian Americans for Barbara Boxer” to expand upon the broad bipartisan support that the Senator enjoys due to her three decades of work on issues close to the hearts of all Armenian Americans.  Armenian Americans throughout California have mobilized to support Senator Boxer in this highly competitive race, the outcome of which will likely impact our community’s civic advocacy for years to come. For more information, please visit

Boxer: A Record of Principled Leadership

Senator Boxer has been a consummate advocate for fundamental human rights concerns, including U.S. affirmation of the Armenian Genocide. Since her election to the U.S. House in 1982,  she has been a consistent cosponsor of Armenian Genocide legislation and honored victims and survivors of that crime on an annual basis through statements and, often times, participation in community gatherings marking the tragedy.

“Genocide is only possible when people avert their eyes,” explained Senator Boxer in a Senate statement in 2009.  “Any effort to deal with genocide –in the past, present or future–must begin with the truth. By acknowledging the truth of the Armenian Genocide, we can end the phony debates and strengthen our ability to stand up against mass killing today.”

In 1991, she was among the first legislators to visit a newly independent Armenia, learning first hand of challenges facing the fledgling democracy and becoming a powerful voice against subsequent blockades and aggression by neighboring Turkey and Azerbaijan.  To that end, she has been a tireless advocate of Section 907 restrictions on U.S. assistance to Azerbaijan, standing up to the powerful oil interests and State Department pressure to repeal the measure.

In 1999, when Section 907 came under attack from the Clinton Administration, the Azerbaijani lobby, and the oil industry, she fought back against efforts to weaken or repeal this much-needed law. Sen. Boxer was adamant: “We believe that Section 907 made sense when it was enacted and that it continues to make sense today. To waive it in the absence of any progress toward a lifting of the blockade would reward the Government of Azerbaijan for its intransigence and remove a major incentive for good-faith negotiation from one side in the conflict.”

Learning of the Azerbaijani destruction of the 1300-year old Armenian cemetery in Djulfa, in 2006, Sen. Boxer pressed then U.S. Ambassador to Azerbaijan nominee Anne Derse on the topic and U.S. Ambassador to Azerbaijan, Reno Harnish, for not visiting the site of the destruction despite efforts by the European Union to address this matter.

In 2006, Senator Boxer extensively questioned Richard Hoagland, who had been nominated to replace Ambassador John Evans, whose service as Ambassador to Armenia had been cut short after speaking honestly about the Armenian Genocide.   She noted, at the time, referencing Ambassador John Evans’ statement in February 2005 properly characterizing the Armenian Genocide as “genocide,” that: “I agree with Ambassador Evans’ statement. Not only should we not play word games with a matter as serious as genocide, we should also not play political games with issues of genocide.” The ultimate failure of the Hoagland nomination was due, in large part, to the probing and thoughtful questioning by Senator Boxer that revealed Hoagland’s denial of the Armenian Genocide and the Administration’s complicity in its denial.  Senator Boxer voted against Mr. Hoagland’s nomination, which was eventually the subject of two “holds” by Senator Menendez (D-NJ) and later withdrawn by President Bush.

Similarly, in successive nomination hearings for U.S. Ambassador to Turkey nominees James Jeffery,  as well as U.S. Ambassador to Armenia nominees Dick Hoagland and Marie Yovanovitch – Senator Boxer consistently took her Senate oversight responsibilities seriously – asking tough questions about U.S. policy on the Armenian Genocide and Turkey’s blockade of Armenia.

Most recently, concerned about U.S. Ambassador to Azerbaijan designate Matthew Bryza’s effectiveness in promoting peace in the South Caucasusregion, Sen. Boxer questioned the nominee on his inaction in the face of the Djulfa destruction, and his reticence to publicly and unequivocally condemn Azerbaijani aggression against Nagorno Karabakh.  Frustrated with evasive responses both in verbal and several rounds of written questioning, Senator Boxer and Senator Menendez took the unusual step of opposing President Obama’s nominee and then placing a “hold” on Mr. Bryza’s confirmation, preventing this flawed nomination from moving forward.

“I don’t believe he is the right person for this position,” explained Senator Boxer. “What concerns me is that Mr. Bryza has demonstrated a pattern of unwillingness to speak out forcefully in the face of increasing Azerbaijani aggression against Nagorno Karabakh.”

For her decades of principled leadership and respect for Armenian American constituent concerns, Boxer has consistently received an “A” rating by the ANCA and the endorsements that have gone with it.  For a complete review of Senator Boxer’s record on Armenian American concerns, visit:


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  1. robig said:

    What’s up with all the weird endorsements? I have to say, as an Armenian American, I have to disagree with all of the endorsements lately by ANCA. From Brown to Boxer. What’s next? Pelosi and Reid? Obama? Come on people! As Armenian Americans, our first priority should be for what’s good for America first! Our country is going down.

    • John K. said:

      Do you suggest we vote Republican? I have been Republican for over thirty years and realized that both parties work for AIPAC. Regardless what party you vote for, the end result will be the same. Because they both serve their masters the AIPAC. If you want what’s good for America then get smart vote INDEPENDENT and KICK THE BUMBS OUT.

  2. anahid said:

    You must be kidding me??? you are supporting Boxer for what? Armenian community has been hit hard by Boxer’s anti business sentiment and you still went ahead and endorsed her!!!????

    When will ANC leaders wake up and realize that they should endorse a candidate based on their issues and values that pertains to Armenian Americans not just based on solely their stand on Genocide issue.

    AMOT to our leaders ….

  3. SEERVART said:

    I am most happy of ANCA’s endorsement of Senator Barbara Boxer. She is truly a champion of goodwill and for her most ethical stand of standing up for both the Armenian Genocide recognition and for Artsakh. I most certainly align myself with ANCA’s stand for this great humanitarian Senator, the wonderful Ms. Barbara Boxer. May she serve the American people in the Senate for many years to come.

    • robig said:

      Seervart, “may she serve the American people in the senate for many years to come?”
      what, minchev havidyan? how long has she been in office? She’s been in congress for over a quarter century! don’t you see the longer a person serves the country in ANY government, the more comfortable and devious they become? put them in for 6 years maximum and get rid of them before they start getting paid to do favors for the rich and the corporations. I am tired of having congressmen being in office for life. if they are in it for a few years, they do the work for the people. in it for a long time, doing the work for themselves!

      • Seervart said:

        Hi Robig, I am trying to look from your angle as well; however Senator Boxer has supported our cause for a while now and I am for whoever supports our more precious cause; and that is Artsakh, the Armenian Genocide recognition and against to anyone or any entity who denies it, as well as for the betterment of our motherland Armenia. To me these are ultimately important and they are not for sale.

        • robig said:

          I find it difficult to understand the “arm-chair” Armenians in America. Although you do have a right to your opinion, you are practically 10,000 miles away fighting for a cause. Why don’t we go there and fight for the cause? Worry about representatives in Armenia voting on Armenian policy/diplomacy. Sure, it’s so convenient to be in America with nothing to worry about in our homes; trying to control diplomacy from our living rooms. Anyways, the article above is about the CA senator seat. It represents the interest of Californians. She’s not going to make a drop of difference for Armenia and her future. I’m going to vote for a CA senator. I just don’t think Boxer is a good representative for my ideals/beliefs.

  4. Avery said:

    Senator Boxer having put a hold on the notorious Anti-Armenian Turkophile, U.S. Ambassador to Azerbaijan designate, Matthew Bryza’s nomination is quite sufficient a reason for me – and, in my opinion, for all other Californians of Armenian descent – to vote for Sen. Boxer.

    You are worried about jobs, the U.S. economy: fair enough; we all are. But, do you believe Carly Fiorina will be able to do anything about it ? She is a failed CEO, who drove a great American company, Hewlett Packard, into the ground, fired 1000s of U.S. Engineers, shipped thousands of U.S. jobs overseas – and was herself fired from HP.

    The Financial Crash in the Fall of 2008 happened under Republican watch, last year of George W. Bush’s presidency. Democrats are no bed of roses, but don’t expect Republicans to do anything about the economy, other than some lip service. American manufacturing – the source of wealth creation – has been hollowed out past 30 years or so, due to policies of both Republicans and Democrats: it’s a massive global shift and cosmetic tax cuts will have no effect. Meanwhile, we are spending $ Billions every year on useless wars – money which the country does not have. We are financing these wars by borrowing (from China), and printing dollar bills. We, Americans, have about $14 Trillion in national debt.

    Back to Mr. Bryza.

    When Mr. Bryza stayed silent in the face of the destruction of priceless 1,300 year old Armenian Khachkars in Julfa; when he said nothing in the face of belligerent threats by Mr. Aliev, and Armenian soldiers are regularly killed by Azeris during a cease-fire – you’d vote for someone (Ms. Fiorina) that would approve Mr. Bryza’s nomination in a heartbeat ?

    You are worried about your job, but our brothers and sisters have to worry about being killed by Azeris every day – the choice is a no brainer for me.

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  6. Lilit said:

    I’m a republic, but I truly have to say I will vote for Boxer because she has firm and tactics in supporting the Armenian causes. Lets also not forget that Senator Boxer works closely with the Armenian American community.