Azeris Burn Armenian Alive in Russia

VOLOGRAD, Russia (Hetq)–Two Azerbaijani men have been arrested in the Russian city of Volgorad for the brutal murder of an Armenian national who they burned alive, the Pervaya Gazeta newspaper reported on Friday.

According to Pervaya, the alleged murderers,  first savagely beat and then set fire to a 33 year-old Armenian by dousing him with gasoline.

According to Prosecutor Mikhayil Fomenko, the victim met the two Azerbaijanis when they approached him for cigarettes. Later, they suggested he join them for drinks by Volga river. An argument erupted while by the river and the two men brutally beat the victim, doused him with gasoline and set him on fire.

Fomenko said the suspects told investigators that they could not remember what sparked the argument.

Passersby found the body of the victim, burnt but still alive. He was rushed to a nearby burn center where he died.

The two alleged killers have been arrested and face up to 12 years imprisonment if found guilty.


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    • Sylvia Simonian said:

      Only twelve years what a joke
      That poor Sheppard to be burned on the cross ,these criminals must die the same way burning them with the gasoline only twelve years makes me sick to my stomach
      Dead penalty
      You see why the world hates them i don’t have enough curse to pour on these Azeris may you be burning on earth and in hell .

  1. Jacqueline Hanna Youssef said:

    OMG! so barbaric,
    Facing only 12 years imprisonment, they should be killed

  2. andrew said:

    it is time armenia stands and respects its citizens.armenia must have an axtradition treaty with russia and extradite the 2 azeris to armenia for trial we must show once and for all our citizen are valuable everyone of them no matter who they are

  3. Masis said:

    It just shows that Karabakh cannot operate under any part of Azerbaijan. In the 21 century these barbarian still resort to the methods of their ancestors Genghis Khan. But let them not rejoice at their brutality. Once Armenians have had enough, they will respond in greater ferocity and brutality. First we behave as humans; but if we feel we are dealing with a wild animal, we will outdo that animal in savagery.

    Let’s ask the west—what part of the protocols, national law, and Minsk agreement does this crime fall into?

  4. Ed said:

    What is this photograph?? Is it a real photo of this horrible murder or an another photo? In either case I think it is completely unacceptable to have this photograph – if it is fake, then it’s irrelevant, if it is the real photo then it is too gruesome to be shown outside court room!

    • Hratch Tchaghatzbanian said:

      Of course it is not a photo of this incident. The photo is of a stunt-man wearing full black fire-protective gear. Nevertheless, I agree about the photo being unneccessary.

  5. George Apelian said:

    Bravo azeri turks. You have done a very “nice” job. Pure turkishness!
    What will mr. Alyev have to say about this? Will he still extend his offer of “High self rule” to Gharapagh?
    Asdouads hokit lousavore hek 33-amia hergizial hayorti!

  6. Mike said:

    Jesus said if some one slaps your face, turn the other side of your face , But Jesus didn’t mention what will hit your face = What comes around goes around very big ft——!

  7. Z said:

    12 years and not lifetime?
    Boy you can say they get away with it. If armenian groups out there don’t set the record straight, then they get away with it.
    I get the impression that these azeris are gettin ahead of armos in terms of killing each other lately. No good. Shouldn’t it be the other way around..

  8. Tatiana A. Kostanian said:

    If this is how peoples think, then cast them out of any and all parts of society.We need no one like this to be amongst us. They belong in mental institutions to stay and live for life. Actually, my first response was, how on earth could any mother give birth to two such savage monsters calling themselves, men?

    Senseless, brutality, beyond words. May God judge them and take them from this earth quickly!
    They do not belong with any part of human kind anywhere. They are devils and belong in Hell.

    12 Year sentence for this brutal crime?
    Where on earth is the real sense of Justice in metting out such a short sentence as this?

    These murderers need to be given the death penalty! Even here, i can see where stones thrown by the peoples would be a more just and fitting sentence.
    Yea,indeed, an eye for an eye.
    God rest the poor victim’s soul.

  9. justice for the Genocide said:

    Now say to to me who commit massacers in Karabakh against who?
    Azeris u Mongol-Tatars u will never change!!! criminal, evil and brutal animals!

  10. Mane said:

    12 years of imprisonment??? that’s it? I mean who does that?? this world has become so cruel… I can’t stand this… all this racial national hatred going on is just intolerable…

  11. Aram said:

    I don’t get it. Why would an Armenian man join two Azeris in Volgograd for drinks? Azeris are Muslims and Muslims don’t generally consume alcohol.

    • Hratch Tchaghatzbanian said:

      The whole thing was a setup, clearly. They scouted out an Armenian victim, invited him for drinks and arranged for this act of terror. This was planned, and they thought they could get away with it. (After all, an Armenian wouldn’t go for drinks with an Azeri unless they are a real communist).

  12. In love with an Armenian Girl said:

    This is unfair … only 12 years!!! and “IF” found guilty!!? What do they need more?!?

    Does it need Hung the victim while burning him and thin tear him into pieces so in order to be considered “premeditation killing”?!!!??

    • tsoler said:

      sure it’s unfair…i can’t believe it only 12 years God what the you said is right totally right.

  13. ed said:

    What could we and the humanity in the wohle else expect from these “young Azerbaijani” when there leaders have become menatly sick at home….
    I would say Presidnet Sarkisian mentioned interesting facts in his latest speech while meeting a group of jurnalists..

    Indeed, anti-Armenian fascism is getting momentum in Azerbaijan; it is being executed purposefully and on the highest level. It is not about individual crooks or sick persons suffering from nationalism who can be neglected. We are speaking about the state ideology, according to which “contemporary Armenia was created on historical Azeri land.” That is to say, not only Artsakh but also Yerevan, Sevan, Saint Echmiadzin are “historical Azeri lands.” Hence, according to this logic and in this context, Artsakh becomes a part of so called “historical Azerbaijani lands.” Last time, we ‘learned’ about it yesterday, from the President of Azerbaijan himself.

    Why this extreme jingoistic position has been articulated particularly now? Azerbaijan is staggered and infuriated that the international community and the Presidents of the Co-Chair states publicly recognize the right of the people of Artsakh for self-determination. Moreover, free expression of will of the people of Artsakh regarding the political status of Nagorno Karabakh and its results must have binding legal consequences for all parties. This is the very reason for Azerbaijan’s desperate convulsions. They have not prepared their own people for such outcome, and judging from their rhetoric, are not going to.

    It is quite clear that the resolution of Artsakh’s problem must be found exclusively through peaceful negotiations. Today, the entire world rules out military solutions, and only Azerbaijan, according to their own words, “does not exclude military solution of the problem.” Is this assertion for internal use only? Probably. But what good does it make to the internal consumers of this assertion, i.e. to the people of Azerbaijan or foreign investors? In Azerbaijan academic humanitarian sciences have become the generators of bellicose proclamations. It’s hard to tell where science ends and puppet show starts.

    In case of Artsakh, the “argument” is set forth that some of local toponyms are Azerbaijani (they could at least say ‘Turkish’ or ‘Persian’) and not Armenian. How a settlement could have an Azerbaijani name 200-300 years ago? An entire generation, which tomorrow “shall heroically liberate historical Azerbaijani land”, was educated on this kind of ‘scientific arguments’. That generation will not be allowed to learn that the Armenian toponym for the region—Artsakh was evidenced back in VIII century BC, evidenced by Sarduri II, the son of the founder of Yerevan King Argishti I; and that in I century BC, it was known to the foreign geographers, as Strabon puts it, as “Artsakh province of Armenia,” which had the largest cavalry forces; and that modern Stepanakert was built on the grounds of the Armenian settlement Varakan established in the V century; and that it is a genuine Armenian name which means “Squirmy brook”; and that for centuries the population of the area was homogeneous, populated exclusively by Armenians, which is confirmed also by the 18th century official Turkish sources. Only in the second half of the 18th century, negligible amount of Turkic Muslim nomadic tribes settled here, whose total number at the beginning of the last century hardly reached five percent of the entire population. That generation will never learn that in thousands historical manuscripts, which narrate about Artsakh and its courageous people, word “Azerbaijan” does not exist, couldn’t exist. That word appeared for the first time ever only a hundred years ago, I repeat—only a hundred years ago.

    Moreover, in one of his statements, the President of Azerbaijan says that toponym Stepankert exists only because of the name of the “bandit” Stepan Shahumian. One day, the generation which is going “to liberate Azerbaijani land” will turn to its leaders and ask – shouldn’t the student of one of the most prestigious Moscow Universities have been aware of the fact that at the same time the leader of Azerbaijan Heidar Alieyv, accompanied by the storm of applause, voiced the following thought that “the noble personality of Stepan Shahumian is an inspiring example for all generations of Azerbaijani workers”, “And today we state proudly and lovingly (the then leader of Azerbaijan was speaking on behalf of the people of Azerbaijan) that Stepan Shahumian is also the son of the Azerbaijani people.” That’s what Heidar Alieyv said.

    Sick fantasies resulted in claiming that Christian churches of Artsakh – Amaras, Gandzasar, are Azerbaijani. Furthermore, they were the first in the world to adopt Christianity. To Turkey they present their new slogan “One nation, two states”, i.e. the Turks and the Azeris are the same people living in two states. Five minutes later, Azeris claim that they are not Turks, or rather were not Turks: used to be Aghvans, used to write books which didn’t reach present days because all those manuscripts were burned by the Armenians; they were Aghvans and built masterpieces of Christian architecture that were expropriated by the Armenians, and finally they changed their language and became Turks. Later, world’s first Christian-Aghvan-Azeris changed their faith and became the most faithful Muslims of the world. Simultaneously, they are promoting the idea that they are direct descendants of the Mar people, who spoke Persian, and are lawful owners of Iran’s Atrpatakan region.

    Switch of languages, nationalities and beliefs is their own business; but manifestations of anti-Armenian fascism are our business.

    Azerbaijan unleashed the war, and was defeated in that war; Azerbaijan asked for truce (including from the Commander of Karabakh’s forces) and later started to sob about the dire repercussions of that war. As if wars ever bring pleasant repercussions. And on top of that, Azerbaijan adopted conceited stance and started to make demands as if anywhere in the world defeated aggressors are ever allowed to make demands.

    To save their faces, Azeris are resorting to quasi-rhetoric that the Armenians won the war with the assistance of another country. No surprise here, how else can they explain the crushing defeat from a small number of Armenians? But they still have no guts to state officially what country or countries they talk about. Spell it. Spell it, so that it can be proved by the facts that you’re lying. What keeps you silent? Now they have decided that Armenia cannot exist on her own and has no future. They feed themselves with these fairytales and got really stunned that the world has quite a different view on a number of issues.

    In conclusion, I would like to share with you results of a study recently conducted by the scientists. A large group of genetics and linguists, all of them non-Armenians, has conducted an intricate and lengthy research. According to the latest results, the Armenian language is at least 8000 years old. It means that as a nation we have been around for the last 8000 years. During those 8000 years many have been trying to teach us things from the position of a larger territory, a larger population, and a larger purse. It’s true that at some points they were able to weaken us, but today the absolute majority of them are extinct; they left the stage of history. As for us, we continue our way, calm and confident because we have things to do for the next 8000 years at least.

    Thank you, and welcome to Motherland.

  14. Simon said:

    What 12 years imprisonment , they should burn them alive , an eye for an eye.No Forgive No Forget

    • rwb61 said:

      Very christian attitude indeed !!
      Surely we Armenians are proud of being the 1st nation to accept christianity officially, but look how we are interpreting God’s commandments and applying them to our lives. No surprise we have decended so much.
      I’m sure those revenge seekers have never opened the Bible put aside reading it.

  15. Baron's Life said:

    I am not surprised at the Azeris behavior…they are just not , never were ad never will be a civilized nation or race….you just can’t reason with animals.

  16. Vrej said:

    The punishment does not fit the crime, here is another example why we must be prepared to defend our people on the four corners of the earth.

  17. Vrej said:

    Always be alert and ready. This poor young Armenian man paid dearly for making the mistake of not being alert. Never assume that a turk can be trusted period…..
    May he rest in heaven and I hope the the wild animals that killed him will join their forefathers in hell….

  18. Nairian said:

    First of all, I am appaled with the barbarity of these two azeris towards an innocent Armenian 33 year old young passerby. I am also appaled that only a 12 year sentence was to be given to these two de-human barbaric monsters. And secondly, I most certainly agree with some of the comments above that indeed these two monsters must be handed over to Armenia, and the Armenian government must exercise the right to give the just sentence to these monsters. After all, these two azeris killed a citizen of Armenia. A citizen of Armenia must not be taken lightly and must be well protected by Armenia at all times. Anyone killing an Armenian citizen must be severely dealt by Armenia herself.

    Dear Ed, I was in the motherland just recently and as Strabon puts it; in the province of Armenia “Artsakh” for the first time in my life. I have been in the Republic of Armenia before; but Artsakh was the first time for me, and it was gorgeous. Most importantly, the scenery was breathtaking and the food; the best. I have read previously all of the things that you have mentioned above about our historical existence through thousands and thousands of years and I am happy that you have mentioned it in here as well that our existence go as early as 8,000 years. As a matter of fact, today’s Azeris or rather the Tatars never existed 100 years ago, it is a true statement. They occuped our lands and until Baku only 100 years ago and thanks to Stalin, who gave our Artsakh and Naikhichevan to the Tatars to appease Kemal Ataturk of Turkey. The Azeris stole the name Azerbaijan from the Persians as Azerbaijan was a province of north-western Persia or today’s Iran. They do indeed live in barbarity, character and mentality; thus they constantly speak from both ends of their mounhts by distorting truths. The only thing that they have today is the Caspian oil that has been feeding them with a good deal of money.

  19. Fred said:

    No NO NO No. This will not do. We as a nation have to start taking the Azeries seriously. Just ignoring them is not working. We need to exhert powerfull international effort to crush these missfits and put them in their place. They must fear us. That is the only answer.

  20. Gary said:

    12 years of living hell in a Russian prison. If that doesn’t destroy them, the TB which they’ll get will.

  21. Adilsinglescruz said:

    Any Armenian who has a drink with a turk or breaks bread with a turk or enjoys turkish culture especially turkish music should spontaneously combust.

  22. Abbas said:

    i guess it is not correct to judge one situation with whole conflict. If two Azeris burned an Armenian, it doesn’t means that every Azeri is evil. Each nation has their evil people… Russians have them, Azeris have them, Armenians and Americans have them… whoever.. so i guess it is VERY STUPID to judge ALL NATION..

    i see one stupid comment “Azeris u won’t change”.. well, possible that person won’t change.. whatever.. from my point of view also 12 years is not enough. As Azeri, i say that this people should be in prison more.. Not because of Armenian was murdered. No.. bcz it was an animal act. and there is no connection with our – Azeri nature.

    • rwb61 said:

      Regretfully this “barbarian” Azeri’s reply is more sensible and thaughtfull than all “civilized” & “christian” Armenian’s replies.

  23. Sam said:

    12 years??? thats all??? is this what century we live, Those two animals needs to spend rest of their lives in zoo.

  24. Hratch Tchaghatzbanian said:

    This is a clear example of organized Azerbejiani Terrorism. Azerbejiani terrorists are causing trouble everywhere and doing it in disguise. The international community should recognize these acts of terror, label them as terrorism and respond accordingly. We are living in a post-9/11 world and it’s time Azeris realize that they can not engage in terrorism and expect to get away with it.

  25. ed said:

    By the order of criminal Azerbaijani authorities a 22 year old Armenian shepherd was kidnapped and hanged in Baku, after he was forced to give an “interview” .. What else we can or should we expect from the junior Azerbaijani fascists?

    Ex president of Azerbaijan Haydar Aliyev was the head of Mafia in ex Soviet Azerbaijan.. now his son is his successor and his wife, Mehriban Aliyeva , issuing the checks for committing such crimes

  26. Vahan Nersisyan said:

    Wow!! Let’s hope in those 12 years the armo prisoners will take care of them!!! Life isn’t enough for those Turks!! I prefer the same thing done to them, beat, wounded n then burned!!!!!

  27. Karekin said:

    Let’s face it – this is not the first time an Armenian has been a victim in Russia. There is a viciously anti-Armenian culture and mindset in Russia. Armenians, along w/ Azeris and others are victims of Russian racism regularly. It is horrible, yet actively encouraged by a larger society of white supremacists.

  28. Christo said:

    On January 21, 2009 Lt. Colonel Gurgen Margaryan was beheaded in his sleep, with an ax, by a coward azeri who couldn’t face him. On September 09, 2010, Eduard Margaryan was beaten and killed by an azeri who also was drunk who was 2 years younger than him. Then it was an Armenian student who got his ass kicked by 12 Azeris in London, because he was dating an azeri parlimentarian’s daughter. This is a pattern, where an azeri in order to have the balls to kill or attempt to kill an armenian MUST always be intoxicated. WAKE UP they are not your friends anymore, not like the good old days when you would drive to azerbaijan with whatever you could steal from your government shops and sell it to the azeri’s because, the azeri police did not demand as much “gashard” as the dreaded Armenian police. get it through your thick “I KNOW IT ALL” skulls they are NOT YOUR FRIENDS!!! THE DIASPORA ARMENIANS ARE ALWAYS RIGHT WE KNOW THE TURKS BETTER THAN THE ARMENIANS IN ARMENIA, BECAUSE DURING ALL THOSE SOVIET YEARS THE ARMENIANS IN ARMENIA WERE FORCED TO FORGET THE PAST AND MAKE AMENDS WITH THEIR SOVIET BRETHERN.

  29. ZA said:

    this is so barbaric 12 years only? we should do the same thing to them . This way they will not have the
    nerve to do it again.

    • Lala said:

      No, I don’t think we should do the same, we should not go down to their level.
      I think that the story might even be false, the poor guy is not alive to tell his side of the story, how do we know that he went to drink w/the Azeris? How can some of you blame him for getting this animal act? Even if he did, he must have been so pure to not think of the consequences.
      There is a God up there and those two animals will get their punishment, one way or an otherm whetehr it’s in prison or on the street getting hit by a speeding car, only God can decide on their faith so let’s leave it to him.

  30. Dikran said:

    pre meditated murder. these guys are not only human haters they are criminals just like the rest of their race.

  31. BerJmaster said:

    If these crimes happened as Christo stated, then there seems to be a pattern. We should also consider the possibility of an Azeri radical groups or government who could be offering & paying cash rewards to the families of the Azeri perpetrators.

  32. Dro said:

    Tired of reading these incidents of Armenians being killed by Azeris, last month a student Azeri killed another Armenian student and now this, WTF is going on, Armenians need to get together and stop this bullshit in the usa Azeris fare afraid to even say they are Azeri , why? Because we have them on a leash because here they are afraid to even walkoutside or pretend they are russians, in reality Armenians would not carryout the acts they have because we are human beings and believe in mercy but my grandfather n his brothers during 1919 raided Tatar villages and massacred their armies, but nowadays our people have become civil but we need to show no mercy to our enemies

    • Viking said:


      because Armenians DON’T think like azeri barberians “seek Azeri, kill Azeri” just doesnt work.
      just bomb Azerbaijan that wouldbe the end of it take all the lands.. F8Ck them