LETTER: Kay Mouradian on Medicare Fraud

Recently the FBI arrested 52 in an Armenian crime syndicate that stole nearly $160 million in fake claims to Medicare and I could feel my blood beginning to boil…for two reasons:

First, these kinds of actions increase endangering the stability of the Medicare program that is vital in maintaining the health of senior citizens who otherwise could not afford health insurance and second, that Armenians, my brethren, would dare put this kind of a stain on the Armenian community.

I often wonder why Armenians, probably one of the most ancient of peoples, survived through the ages while other ancient ethnic groups have not. I suspect the reasons for our survival are nobler than for us to embrace the worst of human qualities. I wonder how our ancestors who were forced from their homes in 1915, in whatever plane they now are, look upon those who carry our strong Armenian genes and wonder if they cringe as they “watch” these dreadful actions by descendants of that horrific genocide during World War I.

I think of those helpless Armenians on that cruel march and dare to ask those Medicare perpetrators…was the 1915 sacrifice of family, culture, and country in vain?
How different it would be for the memory of our ancestors who suffered so tragically if our Armenian intelligence and nobility instead was used to create better ways to help humanity. The depth of intelligence needed to perpetuate this expansive crime syndicate is as if they had created their own corporation with a brilliant CEO. Energy is energy and a tremendous amount of energy was needed to perpetuate the stealing of millions and millions of dollars. Just imagine if that same vital energy was used to develop a legitimate corporation giving legitimate jobs to their Armenian compatriots and developing useful products that could become the finest in the marketplace.

I wonder if we Armenians really understand the power of our ancestral genes and why some choose to use it by bathing in piles of dung.

Kay Mouradian


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  1. Seervart said:

    Dear Kay Mouradian,

    While most Armenians use their good genes for productive and useful endeavors; however in every family and nationality there will be a few black sheeps. Let us not forget that unfortunately, the Bolshevik regime for 70 years did so much harm to the character of some or a few in our society. In some instances it created monsters out of them who used their good minds and their “energy” as you well put it to do bad instead of good. Bolshevism did great harm to our people and changed some or a few to be bad seeds. And although 20 years has passed; but unfortunately the bad trend continued within a few individuals. Thanks to Bolshevism, our people were not allowed to go to Church, pray and maintain their Christian and ethical faith. We survived for a thousand years from the killings, the rapes and the stealings from the Turkish government and their people; and now we shall overcome from the 70 years of the destructive Bolshevik regime that destroyed the good character of some of our people. We are resilient, we are believers of our faith and we will produce again 100 percent good charactered people!!! It is important however, to condemn such wrongdoings and to punish severely the destructiveness in peoples’ behaviours. Thus the guilty must be punished at all times.

  2. ed said:

    Well, they did ugly things. Things just happen. I hope there were engaged in research work to develop new medicine to help the mankind an dos on… Turkish/Azerbaijani nationalist and Neo Nazi organisation US , trying to exploit the criminal actions of this gang for anti Armenian propaganda. This is not suddenly, when Turkish government all of sudden arresting an “Armenian madam (married to Turkish man)” in Turkish Trabizon. Apparently, Armenian government was for years after her…, but Turkish government didn’t act, till three days ago.. . As all these were not enough for Diaspora communities.. NOW; The worst thing is, that the so called radical opposition in Armenia as well the party of power too, both are trying to get Armenia current or former government (in some way the whole Armenian nation) involved in the actions of this gang, by accusing each other having connection to this or other individuals of this gang and so on … there are people who have lost the red line and have in no way respect for our nation an dour national interests ! ..

  3. sebouh from australia said:

    If you refer to these scum as Armenian, then I renounce being Armenian…they are scum, pure and simple!!

  4. Berj said:

    For every Armenian fraud perpetrator in the Medicare system there are over 1000 honest and professional Armenians you should be proud of. Why do you people worry about the actions of the few greedy and ethically challenged ones. $160 million is peanuts compared to what is being stolen from your own pockets and other Americans every day by “legalized” crooks, WAKE UP and smell the roses.
    Medicare fraud is not perpetrated exclusively by Armenians; they come from all walks of life, nationalities and colors. Most of all, stop painting all Armenians with the same brush that the turks are using, we are noble and so is our cause. You should direct your anger at all those trying to taint our national character, not these perpetrators who surely have known what punishment is waiting for them.
    I hope you don’t believe all white Americans are serial killers just because 300 out of 400 serial killers in the US for the last 60 years have been white Americans.

  5. Herbert Molano said:

    Names lost in the desert – Lives we can’t forget

    What is it like? How does it feel to be stranded in the desert hungry, weak, and injured with two young children looking up to you for sustenance and comfort where there is none to give except the shade you provide them from the sun?

    The ground is hot under your feet. Your lips are blistered and your mouth parched. You try to extract a few consoling words to your young children, Armine and Garo, but instead you cough out phlegm and sand. “Where is momma?” Armine asks. She looks around at the hundreds of ragged people staggering aimlessly near the rail road tracks hundreds of miles from the nearest village. There is no food in sight. No water. No mother to whom to reach out. As she turns to embrace you she hears a loud thud near her. She looks back. An elderly man has just fallen face first into the sand. He is not moving. She stares waiting for him to regain his strength and pull himself up to breathe. He doesn’t move.

    Armine reaches out instead to embrace her smaller brother and cover his eyes. She doesn’t want him to see the inevitable fate that awaits them. She’s taken the role of comforter. She is eight years old, but in the past few weeks she’s become a surrogate mother to Garo. She’s seen more horror and cruelty in the last few weeks of her young childhood than anyone deserves to see in a lifetime.

    You feel as if in a daze. Your mind drifts back to the days when you told them funny stories and their innocent laughs filled your soul with the purest essence of life. Who will remember them? Who could comprehend the anguish of a grandparent watching his grandchild collapse and die in his arms. Who could bear the sorrow of a father too weak to bury his child in the cruel dry desert heat?

    Who will remember the lives that were so vibrant once, or think of a future that would never be fulfilled? If only we can grasp the magnitude of the atrocity, it could motivate us into action.

    Genocide – Never again.

    Herbert Molano

  6. Albert Nercessian said:

    I have heard that this criminal gang who stole the money were actually a group of Azeri-Armenians .It is quite interesting that Azeri-Armenians had very high rates of intermarriage with Azeri muslims so they are Turkified Armenians and this explains their propensity for criminal activity. Go study criminal activity among Turks and you will see that they control the entire opium trade in Europe and run the entire human trafficking network selling Ukrainian and Moldovan woman into prostitution in European brothels run by the Turkish mafia.

    • Iwatis Nersey said:

      This may very well be the truth Albert. I wonder if we could investigate in depth or and find out who this clans members really are.