Media Unfairly Bashes All Armenians Because of Alleged Crimes of a Few


The first problem with the widely circulated reports that several Armenians have defrauded Medicare out of millions of dollars is that these individuals are innocent until proven guilty. Only after a court establishes their guilt, they can be labeled as crooks or criminals.

It is even more outrageous that the good name of all Armenians is being tarnished by sweeping media generalizations, bringing intense feelings of shame to millions of law-abiding Armenians who are overly sensitive about their reputation. Last week’s sensational headlines referring to an “Armenian crime syndicate” or “Armenian criminals” completely traumatized the Armenian-American community. Exploiting the media hype, all sorts of racists, Armenian-haters, and naturally, some Turks have come out of the woodwork to post vicious anti-Armenian comments on various internet sites.

One of the most insulting references to these arrests was made on the radio/internet show called “The Young Turks.” As if the name of the show was not offensive enough to Armenians, the co-hosts, Ana Kasparian, an Armenian-American, and Cenk Uygur, a Turkish American, last week repeatedly bashed the accused as well as all Armenians.

The fact that Kasparian is an Armenian makes her comments even more offensive. Trying to be funny or entertaining does not give her a license to hurl insults at individuals who have been merely accused, but not convicted of any crimes, and the community at large for the alleged crimes of a few! Here are excerpts of the co-hosts’ disgraceful remarks:

Kasparian: “Dozens of Armenians throughout the United States have recently got arrested for Medicare fraud. Now this is an age-old trick of Armenians. This is what Armenians do. OK. And that’s a gross generalization. And a large majority of these offenders lived in Glendale, California. I am not kidding. That’s a fact.

Uygur: That’s literally true! [Chuckling]. By the way, I am amused by the Armenian community Medicare fraud in Glendale. [Imitating an Armenian accent]: “You do Medical fraud? Of course. Who doesn’t do Medicare fraud? Come now!” Is that close to an Armenian accent?

Kasparian: It’s close. So, what these individuals would do is, they would steal the identities of doctors, identities of hundreds of thousands of individuals in the United States and they would make false claims. They would create these phantom health care clinics that don’t even really exist and then bill Medicare for treatments that never happened and then Medicare would send this money to these fake doctors or these doctors that have their identities stolen….

Uygur: Let me give you a little detail how it works. It’s kind of interesting. So, they steal a list of doctors’ names….

Kasparian: …There is shame on two different sides here. Shame on the Armenians and shame on the government for not realizing it until now — until these Armenians stole $163 million from Medicare [The correct figure is $35 million].

Uygur: You know what? That is a pretty good scam. You gotta give it up to them. They are working up in Glendale. [Chuckling].

Kasparian: And it wasn’t just in Glendale. These are Armenians throughout the country. Like, we got Armenians in New York City, we got Armenians in California, a couple in Ohio, some in New Mexico, some in Florida, all over the place. It’s a massive operation. They’re all connected. They all know what they’re doing. It’s insanity. In fact, officials equated this to the mafia. This is like the Armenian mafia operating in the United States. Part of me felt like I should be a little proud of that, because I am kind of a bad ass, but another part of me of course was humiliated. I feel so bad for the people that are victims of this. Because not only the government gets millions of dollars stolen from them, there are people who have their identity stolen. So these Armenians can sit at home, drive their Rolls Royces, and not do anything.

Uygur: I’m gonna take a little controversial view on this. Obviously, they couldn’t be more wrong — busted, go to jail, etc. We are not having any of that conversation. On the other hand, it is a little ingenious…. You know what happens! People get greedy. Once you got that scam going, and you haven’t got caught in a long time, you think let’s churn this thing out. Everyone wants a piece of the action. Next thing you know, everybody in Glendale knows, and they all want their cut in it. Of course, there is an ugly side to this. One of the guys I believe you saw in the picture was “vor.”

Kasparian: By the way, “vor” means “ass.” I’m wondering why all of the news articles refer to him as “vor.”

Uygur: The news articles claim that “vor” means “thief-in-law” which is a bizarre thing….

Violating all legal and journalistic norms, the co-hosts of the show never once use the words “alleged” or “accused” to describe the defendants. If the charges against some of these individuals are dropped, Kasparian and Uygur could be sued for libel.

So far tens of thousands of viewers have seen this particular episode on various internet sites. Thousands more have heard it on radio. Over 800 viewers have posted comments on YouTube alone. You can watch the show and post a comment by clicking on:


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  1. ed said:

    Thank You HARUT!

    Armenian American getting “moral support” from home land too !? Unfortunately, some irresponsible so called political forces within Armenia – above all Levon´s ANC- trying to capitalize the criminal actions of this gang and there detention by FBI for there own games and purposes … During Armenia kingdoms such people would had sent messages to Roman or Persian imperators, and ask for military support to take the power and promising being a loyal “allay”…!

    There is a lack of rule in RA and many, many shortcomings…still, I would say if Levon´s HhsH were still on power, the fate of Matendarn museum in Yerevan would had been the same as the fate of Armenian Airline! How could our “first president” organize rallies and start abusing the action of this criminal gang for there own purposes?

    • Hayk said:

      I am with you and
      Some one should be reTard to go to this rally.
      Funny thing is this retards at the rally call him president
      Levon Ter- Petrosyan, is ain’t it ridicules.
      Levon does not have any new platform how can he be a leader?
      I suggest him to go to France and live there in his house that he built with stolen money, just like Vano siradegkyan did.
      Levon sings old song over and over again “paykar paykar minchev verch”but he never bin in Karabagk or in Gumri or many other places in Armenia! because simply he just do not care about Armenia and Armenians.How can this people at the rally forget dark years of Levon in Armenia 1990es?

  2. Joe Derderian said:

    You are correct. It sounds like s setup targeting Armenians in a very large medical community.

    I owned a medical and hospital billing company in the 1970 – 1980. It seems like this is a “too stupid” a crime for Armenian’s. In the seventy’s, this was a very common crime, mostly tried by foreign Dr.’s who were not Armenian and were not Christians. Many of these were prosecuted and convicted all over the U.S. There was a lot of media coverage by the FBI and the Department of Justice. Like I said none of my Armenian or Iranian Doctors were involved in the crimes and both groups were the finest people I have ever known.
    The primary sources of the crime back then were billing Medicaid and not Medicare. Most or many of the patients were drug addicts or alchy’s. Many sources were also out of state national crime families from New York.

    Once again I am surprised that a large group Armenians of any status would commit crimes that were almost sure to be picked up by the Fed.s as the safeguards were put into place in the 1970’s.

  3. Aram said:

    There is no excuse for these criminals, but the media bias was there because they are just criminals PERIOD. But, one got an impression that that these few represented the millions of law-abiding, productive Armenians who have enriched the United States in all kinds of ways starting with the first Armenian (Martin the Armenian) who was in the Americas in early 1600s – even before the Pilgrims got there.

    If the media loves to focus and target ethnicity in a racist manner then they could constantly mention – for example – someone like Berny Maddoff – stealing countless BILLIONS dollars in a “ponzy scheme” fraud along with a host of other colleague “bankers” who happened to be Jewish. They could just constantly run the story mentioning that Maddoff and many such “investors” happened to be Jewish who ran a “Jewish criminal syndicate.” But they did NOT do that, yet somehow in this case they ARE doing just that. Of course had they done it or what they are doing now (giving the impression of attaching a whole ethnicity to a crime) is WRONG, because like the above Maddoff does not represent the Jewish community in general, just like these few DO NOT represent the majority of Armenians whose immense scientific and industrial contribution to the world presently and historically by far outweighs the wrongs and shortcomings made by few who never have, and never will, represent the Armenian people.

  4. Joe Derderian said:

    Mr. SASSOUNIAN, thank you also:

    Kasparian: “Dozens of Armenians throughout the United States have recently got arrested for Medicare fraud. Now this is an age-old trick of Armenians. This is what Armenians do. OK. And that’s a gross generalization. And a large majority of these offenders lived in Glendale, California. I am not kidding. That’s a fact.

    Seems to me this Kasparian has gone out of her way to not only falsely insult Armenian individuals, but the entire National Armenian U.S Diaspora.She sounds like a smart “A” Tokyo Rose, if anyone knows who that is, and at least a traitor to Armenia and the Diaspora. It does not sound like her association with the Turks on this program, has helped to find common ground.

  5. Nshan said:

    Ms. Kasparian says: “By the way, “vor” means “ass.” In reality it’s a Russian name for “thief”. Definitely this sold out lady does not understand what she talks about and she discloses what part of her body she uses to express her thoughts instead of a brain if any. I read guests’ comments in LA Times and my impression was that for all EDUCATED people this was a story of a crime and ALL criminals regardless of their ethnicity, race, gender, age, religious and sexual orientation MUST go to jail. Let’s forget for a while about journalistic norms (we all know how media industry works – the more you scream the more attention you get). If we believe as Mr. Sassounian suggests that Kasparian and Uygur violated legal norms then we as a law-abiding community have to think about starting a legal process against these individuals and their radio station/programm if they are based in this country. Next time it will help them to think twice before making hateful comments on a public show.

  6. makrui kassabian said:

    to miss kasparian shame on her to mock the armenian she is armenian by the name only the rest is garbage and to the despicable turq you and all the muslim they have all the hand full of blood of 1,500000 inocent armenian and also 5000,00 greeks and dont forget 3,000 american so why is he laugh at garbage
    we will not forget i will not forget all the armenians will not forget shame like the saying in turqish allah berayah

  7. Samuel said:

    List of NON-Armenians Indicted:

    Official U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) press release for Los Angeles:
    (… )

    Nicolae Candu, 24
    Vitalina Shcherbyak, 24
    Nikolay Agishev, 24

    Official U.S. DOJ press releases for New York:
    (… )

    ARON CHERVIN 7/18/1947 North Brunscwick, NY
    VYACHESLAV DOBRER 3/22/1960 Dingman’s Ferry, PA
    HAROLD PINA 2/8/1969 Valley Stream, NY
    ROSS KUFLIK 1/19/1958 DelRay Beach, FL
    MICHAEL LAMOND 4/21/1970 Long Island City, NY
    VADIM CHERVIN 3/22/1960 North Brunswick, NY
    GALINA VOVK 3/19/1976 Brooklyn, NY
    VALIANTSINA LAHUN 9/4/1965 Brooklyn, NY
    LYNN BRAUNSTEIN 10/17/1961 Belle Harbor, NY
    YURI ZELINSKY 6/17/1948 Brooklyn, NY
    LUBA GODIN 8/1/1978 Brooklyn, NY
    JUDSON DARIO JUST 5/3/1962 Brooklyn, NY
    BEAGY FRANCOIS 11/16/1955 Dacula, GA
    NATAN PEYSAKOV 1/30/1970 Brooklyn, NY
    MARTA ROMAN 8/11/1970 Merrick, NY
    MILANA NIKHMAN 12/23/1957 Staten Island, NY
    ANNA ZAICHIK 2/28/1956 Brooklyn, NY
    MICHAEL DOBRUSHIN 2/22/1957 Brooklyn, NY

    U.S. DOJ Albuquerque Official Press release:
    (… )

    Igor Ostronin
    Sergei Ivanov
    Artur Nabiyev
    Yvgeny Grinev
    Tatiana Bolshakova

    That is 27 likely NON-Armenians

    Grisha Sayadyan, 59,
    Allen Sayadyan, 30,
    Vachagan Dishchian, 34,
    Vahe Dischian, 36,
    Andranik Satamyan, 20,
    Haroutyoun Dischian, 62,
    ARMEN KAZARIAN 4/26/1964
    DAVIT MIRZOYAN 10/25/1975
    ROBERT TERDJANIAN 11/14/1974
    POGOS SATAMYAN 12/3/1978
    VAGAN STEPANIAN 10/31/1957
    VARUJAN AMROYAN 9/16/1960
    JACOB POGOSIAN 9/11/1975
    KAREN SIMONIAN 6/19/1977
    ARTUR MANASARIAN 9/15/1962
    LIANA SOGHOYAN 6/23/1970
    TIKRAN TAKVORYAN 4/23/1966
    GAGIK KYURKCHYAN 10/7/1972
    ANNA ZAICHIK 2/28/1956
    KAREN AHARONIAN 5/29/1977
    ARMEN GRIGORIAN 1016/1970
    KAREN MARKOSIAN 3/5/1973
    SAMVEL HAKOPYAN 10/24/1974
    Karen Chilyan, age 25,
    Eduard Oganesyan, age 34,
    Lilit Galstyan, age 47,
    Gyulbudakyan, age 30
    Julieta Ghazaryan, age 48,
    Marine Movsisyan, age 43
    Rita Petrosyan
    Khoren Gasparian

    That is 41 individuals possibly of Armenian Ethnicity
    And 27 Non-Armenians.

    Additionally, various sources such as the Armenian State Prosecutor’s Office have commented that only nationals of the Republic of Armenia make up a “small percentage.” These are Largely U.S. Citizens, a U.S. criminal enterprise, and a product not of the Republic of Armenia but the U.S. culture of corruption and fraud. So lets stop placing blame on Armenia. (see Radio Free Europe;

    This information is per official Department of Justice press releases.

    I will leave you with what was written at the end of the press release:

    “Charges in indictments and complaints are only accusations. All criminal defendants are presumed innocent unless proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.”
    (Department of Justice Press Release, Oct. 13, 2010.… )

    I don’t justify the actions of any of these people, nonetheless the media has placed a definite anti Armenian twist on this. Scott Glover from the LA times was one of the first to do this and the funny thing is that the DOJ press release for California (the place where he would have gotten the information from), does not use the word ‘Armenia or Armenian’ even once in labling those indicted.

    • meg yergu yerek said:

      Thank you for the information…
      Two names in the “list of Armenian names” do not appear to be Armenian at all
      #1) ANNA ZAICHICK 2/28/1956 and
      #2) MICHAEL DOBRUSHIN 2/22/1957
      This will make the number of non- Armenians 29.

  8. Satenik said:

    The media has been very anti Armenian and one should look at agendas here. This should have been like a routine news but they have made sure that it’s blown out of al proportions. Next thing ,they’ll be blaming Obamas’s health care failures on the American Armenian community. This is going to be old news soon, in fact, it’s already an old news. There are far more serious issues to be concerned with but some clever Alec thought that they’ll create mass hysteria by this news. As for Ana Kasparian, ganging up with Young Turks trying to demean her people, she should change her surnmame to Koroghloo and satisfy as many Turk’s appetites as she wants to. Rats like her should be named and shamed with their pictures being displayed as traitors to the nation so she won’t have a cosy reception when she enters any Armenian community. I’m absolutely disgusted by this “woman”, I can’t believe that an Armenian woman gave birth to such a trash as hers. Just imagine her horrid role as a traitor to Armenians, if she was around in 1915! Why does she not give up her Armenian identity all together? She is a STAIN!!!!!!!!!


    I think this Ana Kaparian is just as much as a disgrace to Armenians as these stupid criminals..There is a saying, ” it’s better to be a turk than to become a turk,” this Ana should really think about the path she has chosen to take..

  10. Sirvart said:

    Dear Harut, Thank you for pointing out these Armenian name and character bashing media talks and I should think that this matter must immediately be brought to our heads of political parties and we Armenians together must ask for an apology from both these people and from the US Media immediately. If not, then they should pay up to all Armenians for their injustice talks against all Armenians by unjustly throwing mud on the Armenian nationality, character and to the Armenian name. As a nation we have always been role models in all nationalities as very good citizens in our ethics, mores, with our ingenious minds and our hard works. The US media must extend their sincere apology to all Armenians for this.

  11. Puzant said:

    I am not sure who to detest, the aleged criminals or two feebleminded scums (Kasparian/ uygur).

  12. meg erkgu yerek said:

    Thank you Harout…
    I personally won’t be surprised if all this bru-haha is somehow connected to the Mathew Briza’s nomination hold/ defeat in the US congress, (The US ambassador designate for Azerbijan).
    Every time the Armenian American lobby goes against an administration position, a new campaign to tarnish good name of the whole Armenian-American community gets anleashed. (Remember when Armenia and Armenian nationals appeared on the list of countries/ foreign nationals requiring added scrutiny to enter the US?) .
    As far as the whole fraud, charges, and arrests, and if true , I really think that the Armenian community, the vast majority of low abiding American citizens of Armenian origin are the double and real victims of all this. We all pay taxes for the government to protect our rights, freedoms, safety and to spend our taxes wisely. We finance all the low enforcement bodies to protect and safeguard these rights/ interests. Is it possible that some haven’t done what they suppose to, and now look for escape goats? Everyone knows that system is broken and broken fundamentally. Look at the state of the whole economy. Who cheated the American people out of their American dream? Out of trillions of dollars? Out of their life and retirement savings? And who paid with their jobs and foreclosed homes, with their lives for the sorry policies of those who govern and the supper elite financial institutions? The answer is clear, the American people. Does it take 6 years of investigation, allegedly offices in some 25 states in order to stop this? No matter what ethnicity the alleged criminals are. Or, this sort of pubic bashing is performed when there is political need?

    • Jay said:

      Oh Please, meg erku quit yer gettin wishy-washy. I had more RIGHTS,FREEDOM and SAFETY in Lebanon even those horrible times during the civil war. Please spare me with your HOGWASH. And all of you on this board making noise, Grow up and Face the Truth.

      • meg yergu yerek said:


        The Truth you need to Face is that you are now living in the USA and not in Lebanon With now its famous lawlessness and chronic disorder my dear Rebel without a cause …

  13. amb said:

    it’s an interesting fact that, as Joe Derderian says, this is an offense prevalent in the 70’s committed by other criminals and people from other countries. So a group of Armenian criminals also discovered the same method of cheating Medicare out of money and they did it. They are criminals, if convicted as Harut Sassounian says, and that’s that. We should not take it so personally that they have ruined the reputation of all Armenians, and dismiss and disregard all the talk about being ashamed for Armenians everywhree because a handful of us are engaged in criminal activity. If that was the case, white Americans must have all committed suicide by now from the shame of all the white Americans who commit crime.

    The media will make fun, that’s what they do to all people of nationalities, races, colors, heights, etc. Armenians are not exempt from that. Why should we be? Our community leaders should reiterate that these are bunch of criminals who happen to be Armenians and they have to prosecuted and charged according to the law and leave it at that.

    • meg yergu yerek said:

      I agree whole heartedly. A few months back it was reported that the FBI caught/ charged 70-80 people in Boston AND the New York area with financial and tax related crimes. Most if not all were American Jewish nationals. Many were high ranking leaders in the Jewish local community, many were even Rabbis. It was reported that some in this where charged in body parts / kidney trafficking in between the USA and Israel. No one took it personally and/or blamed the Jewish community. From time to time similar crimes are reported and involve other Americans of different ethnic origin and backgrounds. Criminals give up and forfeit their place in any nationality when they commit crimes. We, I think should not take this personally and demand that all involved face their day in court and are punished if proven guilty. At the same time we should protest any and all generalizations and stereotypes by the mass media that are assassinating the character of the whole community.

  14. Levon said:

    Chicago lawyer admits to tax fraud that cost the government billions

    His name is Edwin Mayer. I can guess what his ethnic/religious background is but I don’t know for sure because there’s NO MENTION of it in the article. Nor is there any mention of his clients’ ethnic/religious backgrounds.

    I’d also like to point out that the $3.9 billion he and his cohorts allegedly stole from the government is 11,142% more than the $35 million allegedly stolen by the medicare fraudsters. Moral of the story: I guess the media takes pains to focus on your ethnicity only when your crimes are relatively small. If you don’t want to have your ethnic/religious background aired in public, focus on bigger crimes.

  15. Armenian said:

    Too bad Ms. Kasparian is too stupid to see that she is a pawn in that Turk’s game. He’s using her to give legitimacy to his generalizing and baseless claim that all Armenians are thieves, by pointing to one [Kasparian] and insinuating that she would support his idiocy. She’s helping dig her own grave, one that Cenk provided the shovel for. I’m surprised she hasn’t changed her last name- what a buffoon. Let’s not fool ourselves, though. It’s not like Kasparian would naturally be on the side of her own people, and try to stop such shameless generalizations from spreading. It’s obvious why she’s there to begin with; why would any self-respecting Armenian want to work for a program called “The Young Turks”? That’s like a Jewish boy signing up for a camp called the Hitler Youth.

    • Edo said:

      She thinks she can become famous by doing the easiest thing she can as what appears to me as a “self hating Armenian” that she seems to be inside…………dragging her own kind unjustly through the mud and who has illusions of being trendy and controversial by siding with an anti Armenian Turkish show using her Armenian knowledge as asset, knowing all the while how much damage she can cause that even the well lubricated Turkish propaganda machine can only dream about. She can qualify as a “Gray Wolf”.

      Wolf Hunter

  16. Araxi said:

    The media role in each and every ensuing case and during the hearings should be seen as ‘Obstruction of Justice”.
    As Mr. Sassounian says “They are innocent, until found guilty by the courts.”

  17. Tamar said:

    Unless someone knows Ana Kasparian in person, has the tought ever occured that this is a dumb Turkish ploy to create the impression of self hating Armenians and turn us against ourselves.
    It worked during the Armenian Genocide when Turks turned Greeks against Armenians, Assyrians against other minorities, pushed the Kurds to do their dirty work, and on and on.
    Let us not fall prey to these age old dirty tricks, Turks do not have the smarts (conniving definitely) and do’nt know any better as they have been living in the trashbin of history since their last raki sipping bloody sultan got the boot.

    • john said:

      I AGREE. need to look out for their dirty little games. it happen sall the time in the “media” nothinh is to be trusted in the american “free media”.

  18. Armenian said:

    Somebody should have put him in his place. Since they were on theme of generalizing an entire group of people based on the actions of a few, someone should have called in and asked him how many Armenians did his ancestors personally slaughter. Maybe then he’d get a dose of his own medicine.

  19. meg yergu yerek said:

    Good morning friends.
    I don’t know who is going over the submitted reader comments before posting, In short who is deciding what’s get posted or not, but I will defiantly complain to the editor of Asbarez Mr. Poghikian on this, as you do not encourage free opinion and debate and are censuring beyond any reasonable norm.
    Even the Turkish papers like Huriet and Today’s zaman do not censure as much as you do. And, I’m sure that’s one of the reasons that our community stays in mental stagnation. You are doing a great disservice to the Armenian cause and community with this draconian and illogical practice. Please review your policy.

    • john said:

      they do it all the time. they constantly publish turkish propaganda, and insults. et they sensor Armenian comments!!

    • Daron said:

      I feel your pain, only two percent of my posts to through. There should be no surprise here, the editors of Asbarez come from ARF’s old school, the real “tashnagtsagans”.

      • Admin said:

        Daron and others. If posts do not appear in the comment section its for one of a few reasons:

        1. The post contains racist commentary, derogatory remarks, or offensive material.
        2. The post does not foster dialogue but rather insults or demeans and/or is off topic.
        3. Your post is made at off-business hours, in which case a moderator is unable to approve it until the next day.

        Please understand that we are not in the business of censorship. However, we will not tolerate offensive language, racism or derogatory remarks that pollute the conversation. This may not be the case with your post, however, your recent remark can fall under the above criteria. You make a very strong character assassination of the ARF for allegedly censoring your posts. This is something you do not substantiate with facts.

        • sebouh from australia said:

          I have no problems with your policy….but if you dont want me to be offensive, dont post comments by provocative Turks or non tashnags

          • Admin said:

            @Sebou being a Tashnag is not a requirement for having the privilege to comment on I would advise you to refrain from placing “non-tashnags” and Turks in the same category, as a majority of the Armenian people are not Tashnag and as such will take great offense to you categorizing them with Turks and saying they do not have a right to post comments.

          • sebouh from australia said:

            Sorry, wrong phrase…I meant anti tashnag’s…people who hate tashags, not non tashags…sorry for the inonvenience and trouble caused

  20. Samuel Darbinian said:

    Stealing patients money & medication funds, living them in painful situation must be condemned & punished
    the media actualy supports & energize those armenians,commited crimme inducing insult & dishonor for
    all armenian nation, the media themselve well injected with turkish corruopt money, we can truck the turkish
    such interest, interweing tukish representative with Anna Kasparian, nothing is secret they will boost corruption & shower with money the most retard dumbest self alieneted armenian versus those who working
    hard by intention of destabalizng, & dividing armenians.Why these media kept silence dident publish the
    torturing, beating of 20 year old poor Zarouhi Petrosian, for 2years on the hands of witch mother in law &
    bastard husband & murdered her because the media themselves are corroupt,or brutality of armenian police
    & killing people never been in the news, the media virtualy supported armenian criminals, but unjustly insulted
    armenian nation for self serving political agenda in mind.

  21. pkk is the best said:

    what abaout turks that they steal not only milions or billion but trelion mony from europ.the new turkish bisnes is changing the 2 eruos whit the turkish 50 cent because thye are like each ather

  22. Hayaserforeveer said:


    • Admin said:

      Hayaserforeveer, you are right. your comment was censored as we reserve the right to remove divisive, racist, insulting and incendiary commentary from our web site. Portraying Armenians from the Diaspora, Western Armenians in particular, as fake Armenians and Armenians from Armenia as real Armenians, as you did in your post is false and insulting to many of our readers. Just as commentary accusing everyone from Armenia as being a thief so was yours. We would appreciate it if you did not cheapen the level of discourse on our website. Thank you.

  23. Masis said:

    Well said Mr. Sassounian. What I take away from reading all of the above is as follows:

    1. Although the US media is largely described as “liberal,” it can be narrow-minded. All it does is try to stir energy, be it positive or negative. Had these people not been described as Armenian, the news wouldn’t get as much attention. Such a description adds fuel to the fire of Armenian-haters and bigots. Those who know Armenians throughout the years know that these alleged criminals do not represent Armenians, many who have come here since World War I and through legal, arduous efforts, succeeded in this country, achieving the American Dream.

    2. The Turks waste a tremendous amount of energy denigrating Armenians. Our message to them should be clear: Whatever we do or not do will not compare in immorality to the Christian Genocide they committed during World War I, to their persecution of the Kurdish population today, to the cover ups and fraud that their legal system operates under. Let The Young Turks address the trial in Hrant Dink’s murder or Turkey laws against “Turkishness.”

    3. There will always be Armenians who will supplant perks over principle and sycophancy over strength and sell us out. It happened during the times of Vartan Mamikonian with Vasak, during Stalin, and now with this “Armenian” reporter. What in the world is she doing on a show called “The Young Turks?” If her desire is to establish dialogue, it should be done in a setting that provides neutral terms. What “The Young Turks” have done is get someone with some sex appeal, is weak in character, and represents the other side to come and sit with them.

    4. I am pleased that Asbarez finally censors comments that are just plain thrash. There are so many idle Turks (perhaps not so idle as they get funded through their government) who get on Armenian sites and mock our comments and people. Once censored they misconstrue the first amendment. Finally these people have to go and post their comments elsewhere.

  24. Shakeh said:

    I guess anna received more money from turks, then Armenians from medicare fraud.
    anna kasparova one day vor will come out from there and teach you Russian so you never ever in your life call people ass you stupid turk . Go jump from the bridge or find a turk boyfriend cause i dont thik you have to bring more jerks like you to this world calling yourself as an Armenian.

  25. Madlen said:

    I don’t think, that this so-called Ana Kasparian is an armenian. She is a turkish fake.
    They simulated an interview for the turkish and american (the few they have) audience to agitate against the armenian diaspora in US.
    Already the name of the radio is nothing else than a provocation, but that’s all, what they have to offer?
    Poor turks.

  26. Arsho said:

    Hold on a second! How do we know that this Ana Kasparian is really an Armenian? I doubt that an Armenian woman would team up with the turks. Maybe she is not Armenian at all, and it is turkish propoganda to make Armenians look bad. Has anyone checked the identity of the person calling herself Ana Kasparian?

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  28. Melanie said:

    i’m on team kasparian. those armenian’s DO know what they’re doing. just like the ones in australia know what they’re doing.

    btw, i’m armenian :)