ARF Bureau Calls on All Armenians to Participate in Armenia Fund Telethon

YEREVAN (ARF Press Office)—The Bureau of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation issued a communiqué Tuesday urging all Armenians to take part in the upcoming Thanksgiving day Armenia Fund Telethon.

Below is the translated text of the communiqué:

The fundraising activities of the Hayastan All Armenia fund have already begun and will conclude with the annual Armenia Fund telethon, which will take place on November 25 in the United States.

The goal of the fundraising effort remains the same: to take part in the development and economic advancement of Artsakh, and more specifically, this time take part in the water distribution infrastructure of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic.

Artsakh was liberated through the brave freedom-seeking Armenians of Artsakh and the solidarity and support demonstrated by the entire Armenian nation to the liberation struggle. Today, the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic is a reality and it deserves to remain the focus and be cherished by the Armenian people.

We are ready to do the possible and the impossible for the people of Artsakh. We must build and defend the biggest victory of the last several centuries. It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to stand by the people of Artsakh, especially now that the political resolution of the Artsakh issue is the subject of difficult negotiations.

Thus, any financial contribution to Artsakh has moral value in the political sense. It is the expression of the continued pan-national support for the liberation Artsakh.

Artsakh will become decisively free when it takes its rightful place in the international community as an independent state. In order to achieve this goal, it is important for the
entire nation to proactively place all capabilities toward this effort.

It is for this very reason that aside from the collected funds during this effort, the number of participants is more important to demonstrate the collective will of the Armenian nation.

As such, we call on all to take part generously in this fundraising effort.

Armenian Revolutionary Federation


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  1. via hayastan said:

    During Telethon better to broadcaster some of fascist statements made by new Turkish Azerbaijani rulers..
    We have to support our hayrenik by ever mean, even though there are so many wrongdoings and ill guided officials and so called “oppositionists .. I like to hear and see that there are people in RA who have the courage to speak about problems too .. see pls the video«Սփյուռքահայերին սկսեցին կովի պես կթե՞լ»»!

  2. ed said:

    Armenia Fund Telethon should have an ambitious content!

    1- Unfortunately. I must admit that the culture part of telethon is becoming worse and worse – simply of low level. Instead of a low level culture program (inviting singers, who can’t sing at all) better to bring clips about different celebrations of year celebrated in different parts f Armenia or even in diasproa communities- such as Areni wine festival or donkey race/runing in a Karbakhi village an dos so

    2- This is not useful to have an interview with members of board of Hayatsn all Armenian fund, while the conversational partner is sitting like a “macho” , feet outstretched, behind a table and trying in an arrogant way, to praise the activities of all Armenian fund an dos on !

    3- While Armenian Disapora was and is fighting different kinds of anti Armenian fascism, the opposition and ruling elite in RA are still fighting each other and are in no way concern about lack of political culture in the country and so on.. This is simply another issue.. now, at least the president of country has realized that anti Armenian fascism is getting momentum … Better to use the telethon and bring clips about anti Armenian fascism, without giving to the clips a religious colour :

    a- Better use the program and try to inform the viewers: how Azerbaijani president is promoting and exporting anti Armenian fascism by claming Armenia is being established on “historical Azerbaijani land”, this an dthat is “historical Azerbaijani” .. There is a lot of speeches… Like the Young criminal Regime of Ottoman Turkey the current Azerbaijani regime tries to build a “national state” and shape a “Azerbaijani identity” on expenses of Armenians and by promoting anti Armenian fascism …

    b- How Turkish fascist get within hours the permission to hold a “Namaz” in ruins of Ani, while it took Turkish government 90 years to turn Akthmar to a “museum”, making money , renting it once a year for political reasons to dissidents of Armenian Genocide and preventing Armenian youths to sing in the church “Ter Vogohrmia”
    c- Better bring clips how Azerbaijani president, while claiming Armenian churchs in Karabakh being “historically Azerbaijani” the same “former Christina-Avgahan Azerbaijan” did destroy in so called “historic Azerbaijani land” within 2 days thousand of the more than 1000 years old cross stone in Julfa

    4- Better inform the viewers, how Azerbaijani fascism being exported by high ranking Azerbaijani officials is inspiring a part of Azerbaijanis living outside Azerbaijan to burn Armenian man or kill 14 school child and os on and the way which Turkish fascisms and government is using /capitalizing “Azerbaijani element” for there own programs!