Balakian Calls on Israel to Rethink Genocide Denial Policy

On October 19, Tablet Magazine published an article by Prof. Peter Balakian on the importance of Israel’s recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

In the article, titled “State of Denial: It’s time for Israel to rethink its rejection of the Armenian Genocide,” Balakian notes the irony of the collusion between Turkey and Israeli and Jewish diasporan groups in genocide denial.

Balakian writes:

“Given this long-standing record of Jewish engagement and intellectual achievement concerning the Armenian Genocide, and the deep ties between the two cultures—it would seem an organic thing for Israel to finally say: The game is over. The truth of history, the meaning of genocide, the importance of ethical memory is a defining part of Jewish intellectual tradition and identity. And, in the Armenian case, the two genocidal histories commingle in deep and historical ways…”

“The Israeli government could recognize the Armenian Genocide by honoring the words of the great founding genocide scholar Lemkin—a Holocaust survivor who lost 49 members of his own family to the Nazis. In August 1950, Lemkin wrote to a colleague: ‘Let us not forget that the heat of this month is less unbearable to us than the heat of the ovens of Auschwitz and Dachau and more lenient than the murderous heat in the desert of Aleppo which burned to death the bodies of hundreds of thousands of Christian Armenian victims of genocide in 1915.’”

Read the entire article here at Table Mag


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  1. ed said:

    Thank you to Prof. Peter Balakian!


    I got nice letters form former advisers to Israeli Prime Minster and other Israeli politicians ( in the heart and in the fact they all do believe that Armenian Genocide happened) To be honest I ma not interests if failed Israel government/state or an failed politician and noble price inner like S. Press does recognised Armenian Genocide or not! Simple because Armenian genocide indeed happened. This is proven by a lot of facts! We Armenians should become and act more convinced!! Turkish nationalist are misleading the world community. if they think Holocaust was proven by “Nürnberg trails”!. They are wrong! The trail of Nazi bigs in Nürnberg was not about, if Holocaust did happen or not. The ”Nürnber tarils were about war crimes and not about Jewish Holocaust! !. Holocaust was proven later by facts and the same doses apply to Armenian Genocide! To be exact and correct Turkish is trying to mislead Armenians and world historians..! Contrary to Jewish Holocaust there are many court materials about crimes committed against Armenians (e.g. Istanbul court materials) as well pre genocide treaties of Ottoman Turks signed with the international comminute to protect and implement reforms regarding Turkish Armenia, which were threatened by annihilation!

    I am annoyed and disappointed that our historian have forgotten that Turkish government did promise to implement reforms for Western Armenia ( 6 well known Turkish vilayats in 1914! ) What happened to this promised reforms and security guarantees given during “Berliner conference” and more important later in 1914!!) ? Where can we find documents of these international agreed and Turkish promised reforms of 1915? Why doesn’t´ Armenian government demonstrate the courage and does apply to or ask governments like Norway or Sweden (Norway was one of those two European government which had to supervise the implementing of Turkish promised reform in West Armenia in 1914) and demand a report about the outcome and end result of promised reforms an dos on ??

    Unfortunately, Israeli President Shimon Press being borne to deny the fact of Armenian Genocide! I would suggest that Armenian historian and Diaspora to look for ways and possibilities, how to eliminate the outcome of the Turkish lade Genocide of Armenian Genocide. People/ genocide deniers like S. Peres or Ex US congressman Wexler of Foxmen ALL do belong to the dustbin of history!? . Armenian Genocide is a fact..Even a genocide denier like Shimon Press is well aware of this facts, else he and his followers (foxmens) wouldn’t be able to regard Armenian Genocide as a article of trade and start selling the dead bodies of Armenian people again and aging and again to Turks!!!

    PS: Even some Turkish politicians would acknowledge the fact that they are paying a high price to Israeli and politicians like S Press or Foxmens and even to White House, in order to buy the dead bodies of Armenian people died in Armenian Genocide!

  2. Gary said:

    Like other governments, Israel will continue to blackmail Turkey with genocide. Turkey knows this. When Turkey doesn’t comply, genocide will be recognized. It has become NOT a moral tool, but a political tool.

  3. mike said:

    Anonymous October 20, 2010 6:07 pm (Pacific time)

    I support Israel 100% as do the majority of Americans. The muslims are the enemy and must be removed from all of Western Civilization. Hopefully Iran is nuked real soon.”

    Its not going to be easy to clean the world from Muslim but, will be easier to clean-up Jews not just the western civilization but from all over the world.

    Now, I am easily understanding why Hitler want to kill all Jews which he was %100 right.

  4. David Boyajian said:

    Just so you know what this “Tablet” magazine may really be up to, I twice posted the following under Peter Balakian’s article, but Tablet magazine would NOT allow it to appear.

    Here is my post verbatim:

    1. David Boyajian says:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Oct 19, 2010 at 8:55 PM
    Fortunately, there has been progress in calling attention to the hypocrisy of groups such as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).
    3 years ago, Armenian Americans called on the ADL to stop denying the Armenian genocide and to stop working with Turkey to defeat Armenian genocide resolutions in the US Congress. As a result, the ADL’s
    denials became international news, and caused a great deal of tension between Turkey and Israel.
    In Massachusetts, more than a dozen cities, citing the ADL’s unacceptable stance, severed ties with the ADL’s so-called “No Place for Hate” (NPFH) program. The MMA (Massachusetts Municipal Association), which had co-sponsored NPFH, did the same.
    This website documents most of the campaign:
    The ADL has still not acknowledged the Armenian genocide. Its statement of August 21, 2007 was actually a denial of the Armenian genocide because it implied that the genocide was not intentional on the part of Turkey. That is, the ADL statement contravened Article II of the UN Genocide Treaty of 1948 which requires
    “intent” by the perpetrator.
    Please read the following documented record of certain other groups such as the AJC and others in their Armenian genocide denials (many of these articles are from Jewish media):
    I could say a lot more but since my previous post was not accepted, I will now censor myself and leave things there.

  5. Satenik said:

    Unfortunately Israel is only obsessed with her own tragedy and nothing and no one else matter.

  6. facts said:

    For jewish organistaion like ADLs/JINSA/AJC , moral and justice do not exist and is not allow to exist , when it comes to Armenians!

    Namik Tan, Ex Turkish Ambassador to Israel, described this special relationship/pact with “Jewish World” in September 2007 as follow: “The Turkish People make no differentiation between Israel and the Jews of the world. To us, you are all one. We have no pact with Israel, but rather with the whole Jewish world. If the Jewish lobby disappears, Israel loses its importance to us. Therefore, Israel takes the responsibility when a Jewish organization speaks of Genocide.”

    The relationship between the Jewish People and the Turkish is based on lies and the denial of the Armenian Genocide

    The denial of Jewish Holocaust by some Iranian officials is purely propaganda game and not a denial based on conviction! Which differs from denial of Armenian genocide by Turkey? Well, Armenia has good relation with Iran but this is not based of denial of Jewish Holocaust, Till now not a single Iranian official has ever denied the fact of Jewish Holocaust on Armenian territory, simply because Iranian officials are well aware of the fact of Armenian genocide therefore they are more caution with there statements in this regard!. I think Armenia is the only country in the world so far, where Iranian President Dr. Ahmadinejad has travelled without making statements to deny the Jewish Holocaust!